So it comes to this, the final countdown.  Cue Lou Gramm and let that blaze through your head as you listen to that classic from Foreigner.  If you read this in tune with that song, it’s almost like the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz experience.  You have to read fast though.   I can’t believe the season is basically over as it seemed to fly by and I guess I missed all the fun.  This week is extended by 3 additional days so basically every pitcher you can think of goes twice during championship week. So there are tons of options and I just pulled my top 15 favorites based on pitching match-up favorability and my general guess work.  So as you read this, pitchers are in order of how they will appear in their first start of the week. Starting with 9/19. Check back mid-week as we will add a contribution for the last couple of games.  Good luck until Thursday.  Questions, comments or rants are greatly accepted.  (Pitchers and matchups will almost certainly occur this week due to teams clinching and whatnot.)

Kevin Millwood (SD vs. Luebke, @Hou vs. Norris) Was the starting pitching version of a pogo stick this year.  Found decent starts finally with his 4th team.  Last 5 starts ERA under 3.20.  Team scores runs, prolly better to score chicks, just my humble opine.

Mike Minor (@Fla vs. Nolasco, @Was vs. Wang) I was trying to get him to jump out of the birthday cake for Grey.  Unfortunately, he has a scheduling conflict.  Jim J. Bullock it is.   Sorry, homey.  Previous 3 starts 3.24 ERA, with some decent strikeout potential.

Jeremy Guthrie (@Bos vs. Lackey, @Det vs. Verlander) Last 5 starts, 2-1 with a 2.53 ERA and 30 K’s.  If his peak value wasn’t before the season started, it may be now when you need him the most. Maybe he was all on board the “Suck for Luck” campaign and forgot that he only plays football.

Jason Vargas (Min vs. Hendriks, Oak vs. McCarthy) Needs the Fister treatment.  No, not that kind of stuff.  Sicko.  A change of scenery makes his numbers look prettier.   Gets beat up once and awhile, but are we scared of the Twins and A’s offensive juggernauts?

Randy Wells (Mil vs. Marcum, @SD vs. Latos) Last 10 starts 6-1 with a 3.15 ERA only downfall is just 38 K’s.  Has pitched a lot better than a lot of sexier names that you prolly already roster over the last 30 days.  Just the facts.  And then Thursday happened and made what I just said irrelevant.

Bud Norris (@Cin vs. Bailey, Col vs. Millwood) I know Morrow gets more love but is 2 more K/9 more important than an uptick of 1.6 in ERA?  Not so much that it would lead to an almost double ownership.  I guess if I played for a loser I would go unnoticed too.

Chris Narveson (@CHC vs. Garza, Pit vs. Ohlendorf)  Starting, bullpen, back to starting.  Brewers will prolly have clinched by his first start.  When you dig deep, is it really horrible to have a pitcher from a winning team as your option?

Dana Eveland (SF vs. Vogelsong, @Ari vs. Hudson)  I could be wrong, but didn’t he star as MacGyver’s bald sidekick?  Getting by on looks, charm and a spoonful of who the heck is this guy? Tiny numbers in first 2 starts, you can roll the dice when I’m done playing click-clack.

Drew Pomeranz (@Hou vs. Myers,  @SF vs. Bumgarner) Features a plus fastball and curve, changeup needs work.  Reminds me a lot of Joe Saunders.  2 decent matchups as he fights for a rotation spot and fantasy formidability next year.

Henderson Alvarez (Ana vs. Santana, @CHW vs. Buehrle) A 3 ERA and a small WHIP from a groundball pitcher is almost as good as Reading Rainbow being back on the air.  Oh, it is.  Righteous.  It’s in a book, so take a look. Sorry got caught up in LeVar Burton’s goodness.

Philip Humber (Cle vs. Gomez, Tor vs. McGowan) Last 2 starts since coming off DL have been better than I expected.  That much needed time off looks like it refueled him for the faux baseball playoffs.

Jake Westbrook (NYM vs. Capuano, @Hou vs. Sosa)  Consistently is a 6 inning 3 ER pitcher, to hope for anything better would be like leaving Santa vegetables instead of cookies and then wonder why all your presents are broken.

Eric Surkamp (@Ari vs. Collmenter, Col vs. White) Man, that Barry Zito contract looks awesome right now.  Low K potential and lack of team run support hurts him some.  Any time I don’t have support I get all saggy, that ad brought to you by Spanx.

Felipe Paulino (@CHW vs. Stewart,  @Min vs. Diamond) We come for the Ks, that is all.  Now dance, monkey, as I turn this organ grinder.  In retrospect, it would be awesome if that monkey could do The Dougie.

Brett Myers (Col vs. Pomeranz, STL vs. Carpenter) Really useful right now, until he starts dating your sister and you’re like, “Wait a second,  I don’t want you dating my sister.”  1 ER in each of his last 4 appearances.  Would have liked to see him dealt to a contender, but there’s always next year.

  1. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Smokey:couple of questions….

    10 team 8×8 keeper,championship rd. is going on right now.I’m trying to decide whether or not to start Oswalt today vs STL.I really need IP,K’s and QS(which I hate as a fantasy category even more than I do as a real life baseball category),but Im worried he could do serious damage to my ERA,WHIP and K/9.I rolled the dice on Vogelsong @ Coors this wk and got lucky.What do y’think?

    also,12 team 5×5….I am desperate for W’s and K’s.I may have to p/u all of these SP’s for tommorow,but could you rank them and I’ll eliminate the worst of the worst.

    Moscoso vs DET

    Saunders @SD

    Chen vs CWS

    Lincoln @LAD


  2. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Myers is going tomorrow, and Pomeranz today.

  3. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Oops…yeah I’m dumb. Carry on.

  4. Neil says:

    In my finals with only my acquisition left on the matchup. Who doy ou like the best out of Wells, Vargas, and Millwood? I’m leaning towards Vargas but I do like Millwood’s win potential. I’m a lil worried about Wells history vs. the Brew crew.

  5. is j rollins worth hanging on to at this point? in h2h champ round and need power and ribbies. could use a second pitcher for tomorrow, too…but i can only make one more move this week.

  6. Paul Wilson says:

    Pick two:

    Philip Humber
    Jeanmar Gomez
    Wade Miley


  7. Charles says:

    The Final Countdown is a song by Europe, not Foreigner.

  8. MrHappytime says:

    harang, billingsley, or Myers today?

  9. Charlie says:

    Finals start tomorrow, have to make roster moves for the final week and a half tonight.

    Jemile Weeks or Rickie Weeks
    Dexter Fowler or Nelson Cruz

    Worried that R Weeks and Cruz won’t see much playing time coming off of injuries and with both teams playoff bound.

  10. MrHappytime says:

    Rank who you like on Monday out of Burnett, Narveson, Huff, and Millwood?

  11. Anthony says:

    TEAM EVALUATION NEEDED: Hey whatsup people ? My team has made it to the championship. This is a Pay league BTW so im trying to win this at all costs and ill make any and all moves to prepare my team for next week. With that said Please let me know if you guys think theres someone I should take a look at who might be available on the waiver wire

    My Team
    C. Avila, 1B. Pujols, 2B. J. Weeks, 3B. Pablo S. SS. Furcal OF. Pence, OF. Beltran, OF. BJ Upton, UTIL. D Ortiz | Bench SS J Rollins

    Price, Fister, ESantana, Garza, Shields, Nolasco, Scherzer, RP Cordero, RP Perez, RP Street

    All feedback accepted

  12. FilthyRich says:

    Need two SPs for H2H points league. Points for Wins (10), Inn (3), QS(3), K(.5), BB(-1), L(-5), ER(-1)

    Picking between Minor (@Fla,@Was), Floyd (@Cle, @Ana), Happ (@Cin, Col), Vazquez (ATL), Huff (Sea, Min)

    Leaning towards Minor as one with two winnable games. Huff good schedule but risky. Vazquez only 1 start but hot.

  13. I think Kevin Millwood is best pitcher as he has previously played for the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles.

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