Things change in fantasy baseball. Daily. I could put Hanley Ramirez number one on the top 100 list for the second half of 2008 and he could get injured tomorrow. Or Alex Rodriguez could announce he’s skipping out on all August games to join Madonna on tour for the remake of the Madonna: Truth or Dare movie with Arod playing the part of Warren Beatty. This list may not be relevant two weeks for now. Or it may be completely correct in two months and you’ll want to join the Church of Grey. There’s no membership fees. Sin all you want. Just don’t trade for Ryan Zimmerman. This list is NOT (Caps for emphasis, not aesthetics) where I see guys ending up if you were to take the first half and combine it with the 2nd half of their season. This is simply a list of the top hundred fantasy baseball players if you were to pick them up on the first day of the 2nd half. So while Kouzmanoff did not have a solid first half, he will appear on this list because I like him more for the 2nd half. Anyway, here’s the top 100 for fantasy baseball for the 2nd half. (Also, download Rudy Gamble’s 2nd half fantasy baseball projections for 2008.)

1. Alex Rodriguez – I’d trade my left nut for Arod. In fact, to prove a point, I just did. Are you happy? I’m one-nutted now. You’re welcome.
2. Hanley Ramirez – And there goes my right nut. Now I’m a woman.
3. Jose Reyes – To answer the Bee Gees, my love goes deep, especially for Reyes. He’s on pace for 135/18/70/.300/60. I think he exceeds those steals numbers, which means he does better in the 2nd half.
4. Chase Utley – My only regret this season is not having him on one team. I thought he should go 7th in the beginning of the year and I just never had the right pick.
5. David Wright – His average usually picks up in the 2nd half and he fills every category.
6. Matt Holliday – Think he can chip in ten steals while hitting twenty home runs in the 2nd half. Oh, and a .330 average.
7. Albert Pujols – I’m starting to feel like he’s overrated. .340/17/45 is solid for the 2nd half, but he’s that much better than Teixiera?
8. Lance Berkman – I think he slows down a bit as the season wears on and when he realizes he’s doing it all for nothing. Making the season count out of nothing at all…
9. Johan Santana – No reason why he can’t win 12 games in the second half, even though he only won 8 in the first. Recognize!
10. Ryan Braun – 17/10 in the 2nd half as the Hebrew Hammer does work at the plate on every day but Yom Kippur (<—-forced!).
11. Ryan Howard – Gets to 50/150. You take that with a .250 average and you like it.
12. Prince FielderHey, why do my Tofutti Cuties taste like hamburger? *Yost smiles devilishly*
13. Miguel Cabrera – As I have said before, he’ll have the same numbers at the end of the year he always has.
14. Mark Teixeira – PABST, Post-All-Star Break Stud Teixeira.
15. Grady Sizemore – 15/15/.270 Tastes like Rollins with more power.
16. Jimmy Rollins – Tastes like Sizemore with more steals.
17. Josh Hamilton – First one I don’t feel completely comfortable with, but after his first half I couldn’t drop him any further.
18. Carl Crawford – Strong 2nd half last year. A force in steals, runs and average.
19. Jake Peavy – If the DL-stint this year didn’t worry me, he’d be sitting in first class with Santana.
20. Brandon Webb – His 2nd half last year was insane. I wouldn’t bank on any player to be the same this year as they were last year. It’s not how things work, but I still think he can be excellent.
21. Carlos LeeLisa Gray, who’s funny for a broad, calls him Clank Lee. (A funny girl who knows baseball? You schmohawks should be combing your hair just reading that.)
22. Ichiro Suzuki – I don’t know why I can’t get behind Ichiro. I love sushi. Love! I once dated a Japanese girl, which turned out miserably, but other than my current girlfriend, they all end badly, right? I mean, at some point in every relationship you gotta say, “The sound of your breathing irritates me. Let’s breakup.”
23. Ian Kinsler – He can actually build on his 1st half power, but his average will probably come down.
24. Nick Markakis – On the last day of the season, when Markakis reaches 110/30/110/.315/20, there will be a party at my house called, “My Girlfriend Gets Me Back On The Final Day Of The Season If I Still Have A Girlfriend By Then” Party. Hopefully she gets us a stripper.
25. Brandon Phillips – Every single time I rank him, I always want to drop him further, except if I’m ranking overrated players. For some reason, Phillips always makes me feel like this reporter.
26. CC Sabathia
– I almost moved him above Peavy, that’s how much I like him in the 2nd half.
27. Vladimir Guerrero – Almost 40 points below his career average, I think he gets much closer to it, which would make for a very hot 2nd half.
28. Carlos Beltran – My placement of so many Mets in the top 30 shows I obviously think they’re going to continue their winning ways. I’m not exactly a fan of Willie Randolph, but it’s a shame that Manual will get credit for the Mets’ resurgence. They are just playing how they should’ve been the whole time, which, in this case, is very good.
29. Aramis Ramirez – I’m still a fan even though I feel like the first half of the year he was giving his owners a dutch pantry. (The first entry, of course. BTW, why is Dutch an adjective that equals kinky shizz dealing with farts? Or you “can go Dutch?” Which is splitting a check. Don’t try and figure this out. You’ll just waste precious man hours.)
30. Justin Morneau – I just went over why I like Morneau.
31. Garrett Atkins – The last two seasons’ second halves have been tremendous. I kinda wanted to push him into the top 30, but his HRs just haven’t been high enough.
32. Chipper Jones – What’s left on the Braves’s season? 67 games. Chipper makes a run at 40 of them, but not a run at .400.
33. Derrek Lee – Mostly a yawn after April. Swapping him for Howard would’ve been the move. But you didn’t do that, did you?
34. B.J. Upton – And, unlike Brandon Phillips, I always wanna move Upton, um, up. Maybe because his initials are BJ. I gotta call my shrink and tell her I’m making progress!
35. Nate McLouth – Tastes like Sizemore but much riskier.
36. Alfonso Soriano – I hope this is the year of the Cubs just so I don’t have to hear how this is the year for the Cubs every year. BTW, Soriano is this low because he has an injured hand. I wouldn’t want to mortgage the farm on a hitter with an injured hand. But he has shown great resiliency in the past so he could be a bargain.
37. Robinson Cano – I’m drunk on my love for Cano. Leave me alone.
38. Adrian Gonzalez – I don’t think he gets above 35 HRs. He’s at 22 HRs. You do the math!
39. Jacoby Ellsbury – 5/30 with a kagillion runs is great. Hopefully his average doesn’t continue to dip.
40. Corey Hart – Just a bit off of Sizemore in terms of production and “getting ladies,” which I guess could be consider production, as well.
41. Josh Beckett – Only a few pitchers moved up in the top 100 from where they appeared in the March top 100.
42. Curtis Granderson – He’s one of the few players that I disliked in March that I actually like more now. Primarily because of his ’07 post-All-Star Break numbers.
43. Cole Hamels – Few pitchers give you 8 Ks even when they have an off game.
44. Bobby Abreu – 10/10 with a chance for a pile of runs and RBIs.
45. Matt Kemp – Power has come on, his Ks are a bit worrisome, but I’m finally buying.
46. Carlos Pena – For those looking for someone who can hit 20 HRs in the 2nd half. Here’s one. I actually like Pena more now than in the beginning of the season. Partly because he can’t have a much worse half than his 1st.
47. Adam Dunn – Here’s another post-All-Star Break twenty home run possibility.
48. Manny Ramirez – The season is long and Manny’s attention span is short. This is the time of year I don’t want Manny.
49. Dan Uggla – If he only hits 10 HRs in the 2nd half with a .240 average, you’ll wish you had Yunel.
50. Roy Halladay – Halladay looks like he’s everything he used to be, but hadn’t been for the past two years. If that makes sense.
51. Jason Bay – I wanted to drop him even further, but when someone’s on pace for 36/10 with respectable peripherals you just can’t do it.
52. Torii Hunter – He’s one hot streak away from a 17/10 2nd half.
53. Carlos Zambrano – One of the few pitchers that’s at even odds for ten wins after the Break.
54. Brian Roberts – Bad three year Post-All-Star Break average and he slows down in the 2nd half.
55. Magglio Ordonez – I don’t feel good about his placement in the rankings because of the injury, but he should be back right after the All-Star Break.
56. Carlos Quentin – I’m worried the average keeps falling, that’s why he’s ranked this low. If you, ya know, were wondering.
57. Michael Young – Two shots of solid, one shot of steady and absolutely no excitement.
58. Shane Victorino – I feel like The Flying Hawaiian is not getting his due. His pace 110/9/55/.280/40. To think some people dropped him in the beginning of the season. Or traded him to Rudy for Matt Capps.
59. John Lackey – Yes, I’m a fetishist for NL pitchers, but I likey Lackey. The problem is the injury in the beginning of the year and his last two starts.
60. Dan Haren – His 2nd half troubles last year are well-documented, I won’t tack on more of the same.
61. Pat Burrell – One of the few players who I would double their stats to this point and say that’s close to what you’re going to get on the season.
62. Brian McCann – Putting up Victor Martinez numbers while V-Mart puts up Jason Kendall numbers. Weird!
63. Geovany Soto – For the search term “Geovany,” this guy used to be on the first page of Google. Nice hat!
64. Justin Verlander – As we said the other day, “Since June 1, 8 starts, 5 Wins, 55 IP, 52 Ks, ERA/WHIP in the 2.70/1.10 area.” And that’s me quoting us!
65. Joe Nathan – Current number one closer in my book. But my book is titled, “I’d Never Draft A Number One Closer.”
66. Jonathan Papelbon – Should be trading these closers sooner rather than later, if you have holes elsewhere.
67. Francisco Rodriguez Just because he closed 38 games in the 1st half doesn’t mean he reaches 55.
68. Mariano Rivera – And the closer run ends.
69. Tim Lincecum – Innings will begin to pileup and the Giants (if they have any sense in their collective heads) will limit Lincecum in the 2nd half.
70. Kevin Kouzmanoff – So far he’s hit .293 in July. Last year in the 2nd half, he hit .317 with 11 HRs. Maybe this is his thing.
71. Brad Lidge – His Ks can actually make a difference.
72. Chone Figgins – There’s very few players on this list that can impact one category like a healthy Figgins.
73. Derek Jeter – If Jeter starts dating Arod’s ex-wife, I’ll draft him in the first round next year, until that time…
74. Ervin Santana – A decent bet to get to 20 wins and possibly 200 Ks. He’s only ranked this low because he’s never done any of this before.
75. Adrian Beltre – In past years, even when he wasn’t good in the 1st half, he’s been solid in the 2nd half.
76. Mike Jacobs – See no reason why he can’t go .260/15/40 which could be better than Adrian Gonzalez. Cust kayin’.
77. Evan LongoriaHey, Alex Gordon, this is how you don’t let people down.
78. Chris B. Young – I tried to do these rankings for the most part without looking at my top 100 from March. But I peeked in at where I ranked Krispie. In the 90s. So not only did Krispie have an awful 1st half, but he jumped 12 spots up. He’s failing upwards! Well, this is another sign that these rankings are really trying to look forward instead of look back. I don’t like a lot about Krispie, but his splits last year leaned towards the 2nd half of the year and really all we care about is the 2nd half.
79. Alexis Rios – I hope he finishes strong just so I can stop the hate mail over the winter.
80. Troy Tulowitzki – There’s really nothing that points to Tulo being placed this high. He started off miserably, got hurt, came back with limited results then hurt himself again. So why is he ranked here for the 2nd half? Because if I had to choose between Carlos Guillen and a healthy Tulo, I’d try my hand at Tulo.
81. Carlos Guillen – I’m not a huge fan of Guillen to begin with and his 2nd half last season wasn’t good.
82. Jhonny Peralta – Second to only Hanley and Michael Young for shortstop HRs and RBIs respectively.
83. Chad Billingsley – I believesley.
84. Ben Sheets – I kinda wanted to drop him off the list because of injury history and last year’s 2nd half.
85. Russell Martin – I suppose a catcher going 7/7 excites some.
86. David Ortiz – Papi will hold his best for the playoffs and the Sox will be fine with it.
87. Milton Bradley – It’s just a matter of keeping the injuries in check. The talent was always there.
88. James Shields – Notice who he’s ranked just in front of. The significance is deafening.
89. Scott Kazmir – I put him right after Shields to magnify who I like better. Shields. Dur.
90. Jason Giambi – Stumbled a bit into the All-Star Break, but he can have a ten home run month and pile on the RBIs
91. Paul Konerko – Three year post-All-Star Break average is 16/44/.297.
92. Jeff Francoeur – What, you can root for Hamilton to turn his life around, but you can’t root for Frenchy to turn around his season?
93. Alex Gordon – If he can turn it on this 2nd half like he did last year, he’s worth this spot. If he doesn’t, he further infuriates me. You’ve been warned, Gordon!
94. Hunter Pence – Can be a 15/10 guy in the 2nd half. (I’m not sure I believe that myself, but he can go 15/10. Nope, still don’t believe it.)
95. Miguel Tejada – I considered leaving him off and he seems like he won’t be anything but a higher profile name putting up Kelly Johnson-type numbers.
96. Rickie Weeks – Throw him in Krispie’s sidecar as someone who doesn’t deserve to be on the list, but what he can do makes him impossible to leave off. Actually, I could’ve left him off but I didn’t.
97. Mike Lowell – He’s Puerto Rican and only 34. I always find that curious. Anyway, carry on.
98. Kevin Youkilis – I know he has a history of 2nd half swooning, but he wasn’t even good in June and July last year and he has been this year. I’m going to go out on a wild limb here and say he wins the AL MVP with numbers like 115/30/125/.320/5.
99. Edinson Volquez – When rookie pitchers start to accumulate too many innings, struggles turn to rotation spots being skipped. Then again, Management, “Dusty, you need to limit Edinson’s innings.” Cut to: Dusty’s blank stare.
100. Joey Votto – More valuable than Bruce.
101. Erik Bedard – Because no top 100 list is complete without a 101. Liked Bedard coming into the season. Do not like him at all in the 2nd half. His return is a question mark and he may be shutdown come September. He’s on this list because I wanted to say how much I didn’t like him.  “Yo, Point, where you going?” “Home.” “Jump in, I’ll drive you.”
102. Cliff Lee – I didn’t forget him. I just wanted to.
103. Carlos Gomez/Willy Taveras/SAGNOF – If you need steals, you overpay for them. Why? Because it’s now or never.
104. Jonathan Broxton/Damaso Marte/SAGNOF – If you need saves, you… See right above.
105. Whatever Player Gets You The Championship – It’s now or never, people. I cannot stress this enough. Actually, I can and will post about this tomorrow.

  1. john says:

    See 1st post in Moment of Clarity…add Francouer to Hafner. One of these two will kick ass in the second half, mark my words..MARK THEM!

  2. Denys says:


    i’m trading for A-Rod… not exactly giving up any anatomy but something like Longoria/Papelbon/Matsuzaka might do the trick.

  3. Traded Pence/Ethier for Taylor Buchholz/Ellsbury.

    I think I made out alright, but Ellsbury’s current slump is starting to concern me.

  4. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Fine, fine work. Sorry to hear about your nuts. Those are good trades, though.

    I see you like Pena for Half 2…. Marte/Scott Baker for Carlos Pena/James Shields?

    I could do Marte for Pena straight up, but I’m reluctant, given it leaves me with only two closers (I’m 1st in saves) and I’ve already got three reclamation projects languishing on the bench (Frenchy, Pence, and Bruce) so Pena would just be added to the pile. Is Shields enough of an upgrade over Baker? (Tried for C-Bills, got turned down.) Or should I stop peeing in my pants and just do the damn Marte/Pena trade already?

  5. James says:

    I’d agree with most except your PABST… I don’t see Tex performing well, wherever he may be. If he goes to a contender, I see him wilting.

  6. Frank Rizzo says:

    I have played on the overabundance and silliness of others. Just traded away Delmon Young and Matt Garza for Nick Markakis. The guy was in desperate need of pitching and was actually starting Carlos Quentin as his RF so Markakis was on his bench. Now I’ve got Markakis and Abreu in RF.

    I’m thinking about offering a guy too much to solidify my team in the 2nd half. I’d give him Abreu/Granderson/JJ Hardy for Pence/Rollins. He needs help in RF and CF and he loves Granderson so I may go for it. That would leave me with Holliday/Markakis/and a Pence-McLouth platoon in CF so I’d be fine. When I lost Furcal for good I grabbe JJ Hardy who was silly good for about 2 weeks. SS could be my weakness in the 2nd half while OF is my strength. I need to even things out.

  7. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Grey you totally left off Rich Harden. Maybe it’s the injury thing, or the West-coast bias, I don’t know. Anyway, a healthy Harden wins 9 games and strikes out 90-100 in 12-13 starts. That’s like Volquez’s 1st half.

    I’m taking out a loan to bid on him in my NL only league.

  8. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: Saying “a healthy Harden wins 9 games” is kind of like saying “a unicorn with wings will fly and look beautiful.”

    Sure, it will, I guess, though it’s hard to say since no one’s ever actually seen it.

  9. Zebo says:

    @Grey: am I the only disappointed that Broxton will start getting saves and stop getting holds? we count holds, and my 2 RP and 2 P spots are occupied by: Mike G, Torres, Broxton, Cordero. I think I have to move a closer, but there is only one team that needs saves, and he won’t do a one for one with Cordero (he is in first place), I am thinking Kazmir + Cordero for his Webb or C.C. Would you do that given Webb’s dead arm?

  10. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Zebo: This is why Holds are a bastard stat. Any time you are sad that your MR became a closer, something has gone terribly wrong.*

    *This message brought to you by the Committee of Bitter Takashi Saito Owners.

  11. Zebo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: coincidentally, the other owner (of Webb and C.C.) is our commissioner, so he included Holds in this league in the first place. I should just blame him.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @J-Bone: Think you should be okay.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I’d trade Marte for Pena yesterday. Not that I don’t like Marte, but Capps is trying to get back for Sept., it’s the Pirates and it’s just saves.

    @James: Tex hasn’t had one good post-All-Star break, his three year average is 20/65/.305.

    @Frank Rizzo: Sounds like you got it figured out.

    @IowaCubs: And I think you’re overrating Harden. ‘Natch! Honestly, I didn’t forget him. I wouldn’t trust him and I think you’re drinking too much of your Cubs Kool-Aid.

  13. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Yes, I suppose I am drinking the Cubs Kool Aid. I imagine that somewhere down the line, the Kool Aid man will bust through the brick walls in the outfield and do a little dance with Jim Edmonds and Yosh Kawano*.

    But remember, I’m also the guy who wrote on this site a while back that I wasn’t the greatest fan of the Harden trade because I’m a Matt Murton lover ever since he singled out my red-headed two year old son and gave him a high five before a game last year in AAA. I’ve been gushing Murton man love ever since then. Remember that Murton rides unicorns to amuse himself and get in shape in the offseason, so the A’s could have gotten a fair deal for Harden with just a Murton straight-up sort of deal. If you don’t believe me, Google Image search for MURTON UNICORN and you’ll see what I mean.

    Fantasy baseball is all about taking chances at this stage in the year. I’m willing to chance the fact that Harden will have a better second half than Volquez or Kazmir. There I said it, but that was actually the Kool-Aid guy typing.

    * do a wikipedia search for Yosh Kawano if you’re not a Cubs fan.

  14. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: @Zebo: In holds leagues, my favorite strategy is to own 3 pitchers from two different teams. I own the closer, the setup man and the #2 setup guy or lefty specialist. For example, in my NL Only league, I own Saito, Broxton and Kuo from the Dodgers, and Fuentes, Corpas and Buchholz for the Rockies. I figure to get a few holds now and again from Kuo and Corpas, but I’m not left holding the bag if Fuentes gets traded or Saito gets old and gassy.

  15. Denys says:

    Ohh! and – 106. Ryan Zimmerman – Can’t go wrong with a guy nicknamed after a memmber of the Wu-Tang Clan. (The Rza).

  16. Doug Ault says:

    Cole Hamels is getting into the outer limits of his innings pitched,I packaged him for Hamilton,I figured my luck could only hold out so long.

  17. BSA says:

    Any word on Lincee’s trip to the hospital pushing him out of a start in week 16?

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: Yosh Kawano for Harden would’ve been fair.

    @Denys: He’s-Toast-Face Killah?

    @Doug Ault: Seems like a decent move, but Hamilton’s no assured thing either. He has been known to be injury-prone in the past.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: ‘cum’s all dried up? He’s being monitored and isn’t scheduled to pitch until Sunday. He can still make it.

  20. BSA says:

    yeah I was thinking they may try and squeeze him in Sunday. I am thinking of gambling on him being pushed out to Tuesday. I can throw a closer into that spot and play the potential saves of Rauch versus the braves or Lincee getting in a game and being effective.

  21. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: All right, I floated Marte/Baker for Pena/C-Bills. He refused and countered with Marte/Pena. I countered with Marte/Baker for Pena/Shields. I know I’m asking too much, but I’m mad at JJ Hardy for sucking so much since I traded Torres for him. If I still had Torres I’d swap Marte for Pena in a second.

    HOWEVER, if he refuses the latest I’ll just do the Pena/Marte trade. With Longo and BJ, I will be so Rays-invested I’ll have to go buy a damn jersey.

    @Doug Ault: First of all, awesome name. Is this a Jays shout-out? Or are you actually Doug Ault, which would be so much better.

    I’m also dangling Cole. I love the boy, don’t get me wrong, but I need a bat and figure he’ll miss some time at some point this season with that twitchy elbow of his. My current fishing expedition: Cole and Pence for Sizemore/Carmona. As yet, no reply.

    I’ll keep you all posted, so you don’t lost any sleep.

  22. Zebo says:

    @Grey: would you move Kazmir + Cordero for C.C. or Webb?

  23. BSA says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: As long as your talking about fishing expeditions, here are a few whoppers I am waiting on (though not holding my breath)
    Send Harden and get Dunn
    Send Soria get Verlander (the guy has no closers and is struggling)
    trade offer asking for a counter offer I offered Paps for Pujols and want to hear what else he would want, if he would consider moving Pujols.

    If your fishing you may as well go big. Nothing else at least a laugh or a “WTF” during the break.

  24. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: You’re fired for that Lincecum comment. Fired!

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Yup and I like both of those trades.

    @IowaCubs: I’ll turn in my abbreviations at the front desk.

  26. PlainJane says:

    . Alex Rodriguez – I’d trade my left nut for Arod. In fact, to prove a point, I just did. Are you happy? I’m one-nutted now. You’re welcome.

    Uniballs DO make me happy! You’re like Lance Armstrong now! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  27. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @BSA: Today’s fishing trip for me:

    Volquez for Burrell
    Volquez and Broxton for Dunn
    Volquez and Broxton for Soriano
    Ellsbury and Torres for Markakis

    I just can’t move Edinson!

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: If I had Burrell, I’d consider that trade under the right circumstances and I could see the Ellsbury trade if I really needed steals, but the other two trades are asking for too much.

  29. royce! says:

    Desperate for a C (I’ve got Iannetta now, waiting for V-Mart), I’m debating sending Sheets for Soto. I’m also considering Sheets and Beltre for Soto and Javier Vazquez. I feel the latter might be due for a better 2nd half due to his .339 BABIP. I also have little need for Beltre, since I have Wright at 3rd and Teix or Fielder as my IF. The Soto owner also has Martin, so I thought I could get Soto cheap, but he’s banking on the lack of depth in the C spot. Any thoughts?

  30. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I make feelers like this all the time. I’m not expecting someone to accept it. If they’re remotely interested, then they’ll counter.

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Okay, let’s say Iannetta gets 20/8/30/.275. His pace. Now let’s say Soto gets his pace: 32/14/50/.288

    So you are trading Sheets for 12/6/20/.288 or basically a hot week from your utility guy. I don’t trade for Soto, that’s me. Is the trade fair — yup.

  32. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Do you trade Volquez for Kemp?

  33. Cory says:

    No Mauer or Doumit on this list?

    @Iowacubs: No. I just dealt Ervin for Aramis. Aim higher.

  34. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Peavy and Magglio for Johan and Kemp?

  35. Freak says:

    Screw Corey Hart and his noodle arm.

    Harden isn’t any more injury prone than Sheets.

    You just hate the Cubs.


  36. jph says:

    Will Garza have a better second half then Billingsley?

    I was just offered Billingsley/Longoria for Garza/derreck lee. I think Longoria could suck balls in the 2nd half.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jph: I think Billingsley has a better 2nd half, but Derrek Lee is way better than Longoria.

  38. BigFatHippo says:

    Just got offered Benjie and Corpas for Broxton. I’m playing Navarro so do I do this?

    I don’t see Benjie as the answer at C.

    He has Posada too.

  39. Denys says:

    @Grey: Ha ha, well done.

  40. wakeNbake says:

    What happens if Rafael Soriano comes back healthy from his latest DL stint? Who closes in ATL?

  41. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    I was just offered this:

    Russell Martin
    Brad Hawpe
    Matt Garza
    Clay Buchholz


    Ryan Doumit
    Edinson Volquez
    Adam Wainwright

    I think I probably could do better, but want your thoughts?

  42. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: You are getting Martin et al? I like this. But let’s run it through the Reduct-O-Matic.

    Martin > Doumit
    Volquez > Garza
    Wainwright = Buchholz
    Plus you get Hawpe for free!

    Like I said, I like it. So does Reduct-O-Matic.

  43. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks… My thoughts are that I’m a greedy sumbitch. I just countered but added Burrell instead of Hawpe. I highly doubt this Phillies phan will go for it, but I can always re-counter with the original offer.

  44. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: Speaking of Burrell… I like him and all, but I’m curious about Grey’s contention that he’s a reliable bet to double his numbers. Let’s go to the tape:

    Does anyone remember last May when Burrell hit .179 with 5 HRs? Or how about last June, when he hit .129* with 2 HRs and 9 RBIs?** Then made up for it (sort of) with a hellacious July and August?

    My point being, isn’t he the kind of player who can go into extended (i.e. two month) funks? Those kind of players make Uncle Baron nervous, especially as trade targets.***

    *not a misprint
    **9 RBIs. All month.
    ***See also Hardy, JJ.

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Nah, I wouldn’t do that.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Seems like he’s in one of those “contract year” grooves. Not scientific, but you need to take some gambles. In his ballpark, with that lineup around him, he’s got an outside chance for 20 second half home runs. For as cheap as he comes, I like him. He’s already hit four home runs this month. He hits four more then two months of eight, you’d be surprised? Then considering how cheap he can be had and that he usually hits for a better average in the 2nd half… I like him.

  46. Cowboy says:

    @Grey: My pitching is SP Peavy SP Zambrano RP Rauch RP Broxton/Putz P Billingsley P Bedard P Garza w/ Nolasco, Bucholtz, Bush on the bench. I been in talks of a deal involving either Wright or Braun and Garza for Hamels and either Granderson or Abreu who would help replace the loss of Wright or Braun. As of now Im last in whip and era and so-so in k’s and wins hence my reason to move for some pitching. On the bat side I start Doumit, Pujols, Kinsler, Wright, Hanley, Holliday, Braun, Dunn, Morneau so my offense is stacked. Do I make that move or something like it?

  47. Steve says:

    My R Howard + K Johnson + J Rivera + George for his Utley and Burrell? I have Tex to move from Util to 1B and Hawpe to slot in to Util.

  48. wakeNbake says:

    u see my Q about Soriano Grey?

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cowboy: I don’t like moving Braun or Wright for pitching, but your offense is seriously stacked. So I can understand it, I’d go for Hamels and Abreu and try and sell Braun/Garza.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I want Utley/Burrell, definitely.

    @wakeNbake: Didn’t see it, sorry. Mike G. is the closer for 8 out of ten chances unless he gets hurt.

    EDIT: Cuz

  51. Andrew Summers says:

    There are some pretty bad ones in there. No Joba in the top 100? I think that Franceur, Cliff Lee, Votto, Konerko are all way overranked on your list.

  52. cruisinkc says:

    I get: Kevin Gregg
    I give: Krispie
    I’m currently 2nd in my league in saves but traded away lidge and soria for other pieces. I currently have Marte, Morrow, Zumaya, Bell for RP. Do this trade?

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: Depends how deep your OF/UT is and how close your competitors are in saves, but I wouldn’t do the trade.

  54. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @cruisinkc: I’m looking in my crystal ball right now and it says Gregg is out as closer in Florida by end of August.

    This guy doesn’t strike out anyone, ever. That’s a ticking time bomb, and on the side of the bomb is written “Greetings from Dan Kolb.”

  55. cruisinkc says:

    @Grey: I’m 2nd in saves by 10 so it’ll take a few weeks for them to catch me hopefully but most of the teams trailing me have 4 closers. Maybe I can snag someone off waivers in the next few weeks.
    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah you are probably right about Gregg. The guy that is interested in krispie has nathan, f. cordero, brian wilson, and gregg for closers. I already went after cordero and that was a no, and I don’t like Wilson so I thought about Gregg.

  56. Nice list – although at this point in the season I think the usefulness of an overall Top 100 list is minimal – it’s really about who’s going to move up and who’s going to move down, right?

    Just a few thoughts as to who’s ranked a little high or a little low:

    A little on the high side?

    #13 – Miguel Cabrera
    #14 – Mark Teixeira
    #27 – Vladimir Guerrero
    #34 – B.J. Upton
    #70 – Kevin Kouzmanoff
    #92 – Jeff Francoeur

    A little on the low side?

    #17 – Josh Hamilton
    #26 – CC Sabathia
    #61 – Pat Burrell
    #83 – Chad Billingsley

  57. Cowboy says:

    @Grey: Per my question of my previous post, I was able to move Braun and Nolasco for Hamels and Abreu, given my offensive strengths and the fact that I have Peavy and the Johan owner wouldn’t budge I hope I did ok…

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @RotoAdvantage: @Andrew Summers: I think if you were to give these hundred names to hundred people Arod and Hanley would be the only two that would probably stay the same on more than 50% of the rankings. So yeah, there will be differences of opinions.

    @Cowboy: I think that’s solid.

  59. BKK says:

    1. Derrick Lee/Mauer for Guerrero/Bradley/Pena?
    2. Derrick Lee/Mauer for Guerrero/Bradley/Konerko?
    3. either of the above but sub out Lee for PABST

  60. christopher says:

    Just want to step in and say this site is the fischizzle. Now, if only I could get some guys in my league to hit the trade button!!!

  61. Chet says:

    Where’s the All Star Game MVP?!!!

    I know, I know, don’t respond you sons of biznatches!

  62. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @RotoAdvantage: I think most of the rankings — either the high or low — actually do reflect an educated projection on the player’s second-half worth, i.e. who will move up or down.

    I’d be totally surprised if Frenchy is not a top 100 player in the second half. Or Miggy is not in the top 15. I don’t think Hamilton is ranked too low here; in fact, he may be a bit too high.

    And Bee-Jay Upton is going to show up all y’all doubting snitches. I am looking in my crystal ball and it is confirming that this is so. 12 donks minimum for Hummer Upton in the second half; believe that*.

    Also: I believe Chris Davis will hit 15 HRs+ in the second half. I just think he will.

    *Current owner of Upton on 2 teams.

  63. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @BKK: The winner here all depends on catcher need — if you need one, getting Mauer is a plus; if you don’t, I’d say the other side wins.

    I don’t like Bradley at all in the second half, and you definitely want Pena over Konerko. Lee and Tex are more or less a wash; I like Lee a little better than Tex but not much.

    Lee/Mauer for Vlad/Pena seems fair enough.

  64. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: 15HR for Davis in the second half? Where is he going to play? Blalock ain’t going back to 3rd, so unless he or Bradley crap out… Care to expand BVV? ‘Cause I have him and was thinking of selling high.

  65. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @RT: Here’s what I see in the crystal ball:

    The idea of both Bradley and Blalock being healthy simultaneously is like imagining a dog learning how to tap dance. Despite having 35 all-stars, I don’t think Texas stays in the race. Home runs are one of the few things that both fans and managers like, and sluggers, unlike pitchers, don’t need to be pampered, and don’t benefit from facing mediocre opposition, so there’s not much sense in hiding hitters away in Triple A. (Unlike, say, Scherzer or Kershaw. Pitchers can still hone their skills against minor-league hitters. Hitters don’t get much out of beating up on minor-league pitchers.)

    So I think the Rangers will decide to see what they’ve got in Davis. (Ditto Saltalamacchia.) They have a good young nucleus for next year, so why wait for ’09 to test out Davis? Also, Davis is capable of hitting 15 HRs in two months. (He’s got 6 in 60 ABs so far.) So even if he sits for awhile while Blalock re-establishes his uselessness, Davis can still provide power dividends.

    This is assuming, of course, he doesn’t go all Bruce on us and lose his stroke for the next six weeks.

    Nota Bene: I am pulling this out of my azz. Davis could be back in AAA in three weeks.

  66. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Interesting obvservation — one which I actually share… Until, however, I read today that Nolan Ryan is asserting more influence on the team. Much more than GM Jon Daniels who would like to “sell high” on Bradley and continue building. The article said Ryan wants to push for as many wins as possible this year…. I should go find that link, eh?

    “go Bruce on us…”
    Ahhh Jay Bruce. I’ve stashed thee for so long. Can you hit? Or will you continue to block my path to “the money”?

  67. BKK says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks, the great thing about this site is it allows you a venue to get a sober second thought…although it would seem most of you are drunk more often than not…or so you would lead the rest of us to believe.

    Some one want to comment on Ludwick/Garko/Greene for Tejada/Hart. Too lowball?

    I am actually trying to help out a buddy who is in 10th of 11 and currently heading the wrong way. The previous trade proposal was for him too. He is giving up Mauer/Lee. The other guy actually wants Tex, but thought we would propose Lee and then yield to his desire to have Lee so he feels like he got what he wanted.

  68. RT says:

    Ludwick/Garko/Greene for Tejada/Hart??? Perhaps somebody else is drunk – or at least you hope THEY will be :)

  69. BKK says:

    @RT: Ya, your right, I’ll re-jig. It’s getting too late.

  70. BKK says:

    @RT: This was a stab in the dark to get Tejada, the guy has struggled with “The Trials of the Tulo”, all year, he finally dropped him last week, I told him to go get back cause he’s still on WW. So, with some luck his SS dilemma should be solved as Troy’s targeting Monday for a return.

    Maybe a stretch, but I might try Ludwick for Hart. Ludwick had a good first half and Hart was so-so.

  71. Steve says:

    Just offered: His Kinsler and Gagne for my Howard and Rivera.

    I have Tex to play 1st, but Kinsler isn’t enough to make up for the loss of Howard’s RBI and HR is he? And Gagne isn’t even a closer.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: That’s not a good trade for you.

  73. @Baron Von Vulturewins: Good call on Chris Davis – there’s a lot to like there. If I were setting the over/under line on his 2nd half homers I’d have to put it at 13.5.

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