There were some really strange things happening in baseball last week and it’s becoming quite clear that the pitching landscape is a scary place. These pitchers remind me of a mouse being thrown into a snake cage and it’s just a matter of time before they get caught. By the way, I had a fifth-grade teacher who made us watch a snake strangle and eat a mouse and that set quite the impression on me as an 11-year-old. This dude was a nut, he had animals all around the classroom and he traumatized half of us with this nature crap. Anyway, streaming pitchers brought me back to that traumatizing period of my life and I feel like these pitchers are in a similar state. With that said, we’re going to look to finish off the first half strong and give you some dynamite streamers here.  

Two-Start Streamers 

Ross Stripling, LAD (vs. ARI, vs. SD) 

This might be my favorite streamer of the season, as he’s more of a snake than the mouse. I expect this dude to pick up right where he left off last season and run away with this job. In 44 career starts, Stripling is pitching to a 3.46 ERA and 1.21 WHIP, which is pretty close to his season-long numbers from this year and last. That would make him worth starting pretty much anywhere but he gets two home starts in a pitcher’s park like Dodgers Stadium. For his career, Stripling is generating a 2.26 ERA and 1.09 WHIP in 120 innings at home. The Streamonator agrees with this assessment, as it has Stripling projected to provide a 3.31 ERA and 1.04 WHIP while striking out 10.1 batters across 11.2 innings en route to $30.3 worth of value.  

Logan Allen, SD (vs. SF, at LAD) 

The highly touted prospect has been superb in his first few starts and we have to recommend him as a streamer in two pitcher’s parks. Facing San Francisco at home is the real treat here, with the Giants ranking 28th in runs scored, 29th in OPS and 27th in xwOBA. Those ugly numbers are definitely taken into consideration in the Streamonator, with Allen projected to provide $16 worth of value. That start alone makes Allen tough to fade and pitching in Dodgers stadium really isn’t too bad considering it’s one of the lowest-scoring parks in the Majors. Let’s get into Allen though, as his 1.38 ERA and 1.15 WHIP speaks loudly in its own right. That’s backed up by a 1.65 ERA and 1.25 WHIP at Triple-A last season and it’s clear this guy has some nasty stuff from the left side.  

Jeff Samardzija, SF (at SD, vs. STL) 

This is definitely a risky streamer but there’s a lot to like about Shark this week. Many people assume that Samardzija is simply a gas can at this point but he’s actually posted a WHIP below 1.30 in five of his last six seasons. That’s backed up by a career xFIP below 4.00 and that’s all you can ask for from any streamer. The matchups are what puts him in play this week, with San Diego ranking 24th in OBP, 28th in K rate and 23rd in xwOBA while St. Louis sits 29th in runs scored and last in OPS in June. Getting to pitch in Oracle Park and Petco Park is simply the icing on the cake, with those two ballparks being extremely pitcher friendly 

One-Start Streamers 

Trent Thornton, TOR (vs. BAL) 

Thornton is actually the highest projected one-start streamer on the board, as the Streamonator has him projected to provide $18.9 worth of value. What makes it disappointing is that he’s actually a two-start guy, with the first start coming against the Boston Red Sox. That means he’s much riskier in a lineup lock league but I really want to get him in there for this Baltimore outing. The reason for that is because the Orioles currently rank 21st in K rate, 27th in runs scored and 29th in xwOBA. The Blue Jays righty has shown some flashes of brilliance recently too, allowing just two combined runs to the Red Sox and Astros in two of his last three starts, striking out seven batters in each game.  

Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS (at DET) 

There’s a decent chance that Rodriguez is owned in your league but recent results have definitely made some owners drop him and that has to put him in consideration as a streamer. The recent results are not going to make you encouraged but this dude simply has too much talent to be dropped. We’re talking about a guy with a 4.01 career FIP and 24 percent K rate. The reason I anticipate a bounce-back this week is because of his matchup, with the Tigers arguably being the worst offense in baseball. In fact, the Motor City Kitties currently rank 28th in xwOBA, 29th in K rate and last in both runs scored and wOBA. There’s a reason they’re called the Motor City Kitties. The Streamonator isn’t scared of the kitty cats either, with Rodriguez projected to provide $18.4 worth of value.  

Julio Teheran, ATL (vs. MIA) 

Ok, there was no doubt that Teheran had some negative regression headed his way but a start against the Marlins is a good way to snap his nightmare stretch. While the Atlanta righty has allowed 13 combined runs over his last two starts, he was fantastic prior to that. In fact, Teheran pitched to a 2.92 ERA and 1.19 WHIP over his first 15 starts. Now that his xFIP and FIP are more in line with his ERA, we’re likely to see a much stronger performance here against the Marlins. The reason for that is because Miami currently ranks 29th in both wOBA and runs scored while sitting last in xwOBA and OPS. In two starts against Miami this year, Teheran has gone six scoreless innings in each while allowing just seven baserunners in total.  

  1. Shitwolf says:

    your picks always make sense to me and have helped me a couple times. My weekly league team has some questionable choices this week. Could I ask what you would do here? I am starting Buhler and Giolito for sure but then my choices have me thinking…

    I have 4 P slots which can go to Clevinger @ KC – Love the matchup but Clevinger makes me scared after the blowup with the Orioles.

    Darvish @ Pittsburgh I want to believe in darvish but i dont know what to make of his season!!! Can i trust!??

    Luis Castillo vs Brewers Scary!!! castillo got rocked both times he has been vs the brew crew

    Gallen @ wash and atlanta maybe if he doesnt get skipped close to allstar break? scary teams though haha

    Mckay vs Yankees – I want to start him but yankees is scary too haha

    Anyway I have 4 Rps also: Hader T rogers Hendricks and martinez. so I could use 2 in those P slots if those matchups are too scary

    who would you choose to fill my P!!!

    Thanks man

    • The Real Joey Bart

      The Real Joey Bart says:

      Thanks for reading man, glad I can help.

      Id definitely go with Clevinger and Darvish. After that, its tough. I think it’s nearly impossible to fade Castillo right now and Id have a hard time benching Hader too.

    • Shitwolf says:

      thanks man! Hader is always start in my RP slot I wanna start the young arms but I think they sit on the bench this week! Cmart just pitched like 40 of em today so I think hes gonna be rested this week! Im gonna go with Buhler Clevinger Hader Taylor Hendricks Darvish Castillo Giolito!

      If Castillo gets nuked by the brew crew and Mckay crushes the Yankees we can laugh about how logical decisions dont matter because baseball!!

      • The Real Joey Bart

        The Real Joey Bart says:

        Exactly man, you got it. Baseball really kicked my ass last week honestly lol but thats just how it goes sometimes

  2. Chucky says:

    I may be wrong but…….Tommy Milone v St Louis is a better option than Nola @ Atl? Dakota Hudson @ SF is a better option then two start Gallen @ Wash @ Atl? Which two SPs would you employ this week from the aforementioned?

    • The Real Joey Bart

      The Real Joey Bart says:

      Gosh, that would be tough to start Milone over Nola. I know hes been better but I probably couldnt do that. Id probably go Hudson too, I want anyone facing SF.

  3. RoarOf84 says:

    Trade help, please!

    I’m in a 10-team league where each team can keep up to 8 players without penalty. Scoring is h2h categories. See below for my current roster. I starred the players that I currently plan on keeping.

    C – Contreras
    1b – Abreu
    2b – Scooter
    3b – Bregman*
    CI – Bryant*
    MI – Machado*
    OF – Acuna*
    OF – Dahl
    OF – Eloy*
    OF – Marte
    U – Ohtani
    Bench bats – McNeil, Yordan
    IL bats – Mondesi*, Correa*

    P – Sale
    P – Flaherty
    P – Tanaka
    P – Woodruff
    P – Greinke
    P – Kimbrel
    P – Holland
    P – Pressly
    Bench arms – Wheeler, Leclerc, Darvish, Marquez, Gant, Luzardo, Stripling
    IL arms – Treinen

    Trade offer is… his Juan Soto and Lucchesi
    for my Eloy, Yordan, and Scooter


    Since I can only keep 1 of Eloy and Jordan, I figured that I could move them for Soto, who I consider to be an upgrade. McNeil has been great and has some versatility, so figured I could roll with him as my 2b, especially when I have Correa and Mondesi in my lineup.

    • The Real Joey Bart

      The Real Joey Bart says:

      Yeah, I actually think this is a very good trade for both sides. I think your going to have to keep Jordan over Eloy but Id pull the trigger here. The one thing I might try to do is add one of your nonkeepers and aim even higher. I dont know if thats a possiblity but its worth checking.

      • RoarOf84 says:

        He’s asking for Scooter too now. I’d be getting Lucchesi back as another piece.

        I could continue playing McNeil at 2b and then have Correa and Mondesi at SS and MI.

        Too much or is it still a good move?

        • The Real Joey Bart

          The Real Joey Bart says:

          That is a lot. I do think its an even trade though, so you need to ask yourself if your comfortable with it. I honestly think its dead even but its your team and what you think is most important because your going to have to love with it. I think if yiur comfortable with your standing, dont do it but if you need to move up, go for it

  4. Harley Earl says:

    About five weeks ago, I streamed Lance Lynn. He had an average night. I decided I liked what I saw and held him for another start. He’s been incredible ever since. At the time, everybody was laughing at him and saying he was an old washed up joke. Nobody is laughing at him or me now.

    Once in a while, you can take a streamer and they turn into full-time Gold. Thank you Lance Lynn!

    • The Real Joey Bart

      The Real Joey Bart says:

      Yes sir. I actually had Lynn in here recently. Thats the beauty of these articles. Domingo German, Brad Peacock, Caleb Smith, Jake Odorizzi and Yonny Chirnos were all in my articles early on and they all became huge pieces to my teams before getting injured. It does suck to drop one of those guys because of streaming so hard but cant complain about the production.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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