Where do the starters exit the stadium when the game’s over because I’m a groupie for strikeout heavy pitchers, i.e., Grey’s high on a high K/9, i.e., ergo, henceforth, vis-a-vis, I’d own these starters.  Why the hearts on the notebook, Grey? Glad you asked, random italicized voice.  Picture this scenario, your pitcher’s in a jam.  Man on 3rd with one out in the bottom of the 2nd.  Up walks the eight hole hitter. (For this example, let’s assume it’s not the Cards, cuz then it would be the pitcher.)  In this situation, a groundout will probably score the man on third, so the best scenario is a strikeout.  When you have a high K/9 pitcher, that’s a strong possibility.  If you have a guy that pitches more to contact cough Jurrjens cough, then you’re relying on factors out of the pitcher’s control, namely the defense.  Now I didn’t bother listing pitchers that have top K/9’s, like Lincecum and Verlander, because they’re owned and expensive to get in a trade.  Instead, I listed pitchers that have a strong K/9 (above eight) that I could see either being available or being traded for for a reasonable price.  Anyway, here’s some top K/9 fantasy baseball starters:

Jorge de la Rosa – 9.63 K/9 –  He comes with a huge caveat.  He can be absolutely terrible.  Like 8 earned in three innings terrible.  So I’d consider dlR more of a H2H matchup starter when you need to make a risky play for Ks.

Clayton Kershaw – 9.04 K/9 – In his young career, Kershaw seems like he needs to audit Pitch Management 101.  But with his team scoring runs and his ballpark, he’s definitely worth going out and grabbing.

Max Scherzer – 8.96 K/9 – Fittingly, Jobacum and Kershaw are right next to each other.  They are high Ks, walks, bad pitch economy and young.  Two peas in the pod, you two.  Right now, Scherzer has shown better control, but Kershaw’s better team/park make up for that to equalize them like Edward Woodward.

Wandy Rodriguez – 8.38 K/9 – One of the big reasons that I’ve been on The Wandwagon since the preseason.  When you’re rolling with a 8+ K/9, you’re doing enough right for me to extend the rope.

Joe Blanton – 8.28 K/9 – Mentioned in Friday’s Buy/Sell.  Not really sure where this panache for wonderful came from with Blanton, but it’s here and hiding signs of the old Blahton.

Joba Chamberlain – 8.21 K/9 – Joba once lent his name to Scherzer for a nickname, now the student leads the teacher.  However, I imagine Kershaw, Jobacum and Joba will be pitching in All-Star games and collecting awards for many years to come.

Randy Johnson – 8.17 K/9 – Pretty remarkable that he’s still so high on this list at 45 years old.  I just had a funny thought, and not funny funny, but Hmm… funny…  Imagine Randy Johnson reincarnated himself as someone getting by on guile. Can you picture him throwing 75 MPH junkballs?

John Danks – 8.15 K/9 – Danks seems to fall under the radar on even his own team to the capable Floyd, which is slightly odd since Danks has had a better season so far.  Maybe I’ll have to do a Buy/Sell with the headline, “Danks for nothing!”  Hmm… Put scaffolding around that idea, cause it’s under consideration.

  1. Dom says:

    I think K/9 is the best stat of analyzing fantasy pitchers, great post Grey.

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Dom: k/9 is nice as long as it doent bring a 4.50-1.50 line,the real jaba has got to stop walking guys as does hanson and gallardo or your/mine other stats will screw us

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dom: Thanks! I agree with AL. Nice place to look, but other things need to be considered.

  4. airlifting says:

    kershaw and scherzer aren’t gonna touch any awards with little jim jim lincecum in the NL for the forseeable future.

  5. Scott says:

    Unit will have to resort to the junk when he loses his fastball in about 10-12 years.

  6. Scott says:

    @airlifting: Not so fast on Kershaw. Timmy has almost 4 years on him. Kershaw hasn’t given up more than 5 hits in a start since April 26 (11 starts) and has seen his ERA drop from 7.29 to 3.70 in that span. But, I agree he does have a long way to go.

  7. PhillyYorker says:

    What, no love for Jay Z? He’s almost exactly at 9 k/9. Hasn’t allowed more than 2 earned runs in his last 4 starts. Has the pedigree. Can’t argue with Kershaw or Scherzer, but Mr. Z has to be included in that grouping.

    Not sure if I read it here, but de la Rosa has a sweet schedule for his next few starts: D-Backs(h), Nats(h), SD(a), D-Backs(h), SF(h). The back end of that might get discombobulatedboobulated by the All-Star break, but he seems to have an easy road ahead the next 3 weeks.

  8. Scott says:

    Start which one of these for this week NL only 5×5:

    Carrasco at ATL
    Doug Davis at CIN
    De La Rosa vs ARI (terrible at home by the way)
    Nieve at MIL, at PHI

  9. Scott says:

    @PhillyYorker: Jay Z, nice one. De La Rosa is 1-5 with a 7.97 at home on the season (7 opponents were PHI, SD, FLA, LA, SD, TB, PIT).

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PhillyYorker: Honestly, not sure why he didn’t qualify for league leaders in K/9 when I sorted. He has plenty of innings. But he would’ve been listed had he made the list.

    @Scott: dlR, Nieve and Carrasco, assuming this is a 10 team league or deeper.

  11. Scott says:

    @Grey: Thanks, 10 team NL in which we start 9 pitchers.

  12. PhillyYorker says:

    Good info on de la Rosa, Scott. He is certainly the riskiest of the high K pitchers. Looking at his season log, for the most part, he gets clobbered by good hitting teams, LA, TB, PHI but can fare well against the lighter hitting squads, FL, PITT, OAK. Since Gallardo was part of my package to get Utley, I am closing my eyes, holding my breath and hoping he does well in the next few weeks. I may sit him against SD, even tho the game is in Petco, since they have added an ER in each of the three times they have seen him this year.

  13. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sorry if I’ve asked this already, but you’d go Blanton over Gaudin?

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Eh, it’s coin flip. Probably would go Blanton because of the better team behind him, but his homepark scares me. Actually, by the time I got to the end of typing this, I think I may go Gaudin.

  15. Adam says:

    My league is completely going to hell as some teams are already waving the white flag and playing for next year…will you take a look at these trades that went down in about the span of an hour and tell me if I’m wrong for being pissed?

    (By LM)
    karl traded Brian Roberts, Bal to FUZZ
    karl traded Michael Young, Tex to FUZZ
    karl traded Alex Rios, Tor to FUZZ
    karl traded Chipper Jones, Atl to FUZZ
    karl traded David Price, TB to FUZZ
    karl traded Huston Street, Col to FUZZ
    karl traded Trevor Hoffman, Mil to FUZZ
    karl traded Kevin Millwood, Tex to FUZZ
    FUZZ traded Evan Longoria, TB to karl
    FUZZ traded Cristian Guzman, Was to karl
    FUZZ traded Placido Polanco, Det to karl
    FUZZ traded Grady Sizemore, Cle to karl
    FUZZ traded Willy Taveras, Cin to karl
    FUZZ traded Chris Volstad, Fla to karl
    FUZZ traded Phil Hughes, NYY to karl
    FUZZ traded Clay Buchholz, Bos to karl

    (By LM)
    CONS traded Justin Morneau, Min to FUZZ
    CONS traded Bobby Abreu, LAA to FUZZ
    CONS traded Jermaine Dye, CWS to FUZZ
    CONS traded Matt Capps, Pit to FUZZ
    CONS traded John Lackey, LAA to FUZZ
    CONS traded Max Scherzer, Ari to FUZZ
    FUZZ traded Mike Lowell, Bos to CONS
    FUZZ traded Juan Rivera, LAA to CONS
    FUZZ traded Joey Votto, Cin to CONS
    FUZZ traded Justin Upton, Ari to CONS
    FUZZ traded Vin Mazzaro, Oak to CONS
    FUZZ traded Clayton Kershaw, LAD to CONS

    (By LM)
    RJED dropped Garrett Atkins, Col to W
    RJED traded Mark DeRosa, StL to SIEO
    RJED traded Adam Jones, Bal to SIEO
    RJED traded Brian Fuentes, LAA to SIEO
    SIEO traded Alex Rodriguez, NYY to RJED
    SIEO traded Hunter Pence, Hou to RJED
    SIEO traded Todd Helton, Col to RJED
    SIEO traded Wandy Rodriguez, Hou to RJED

    The FUZZ side of the first two trades would be the league commissioner, only heightening my sketchy signal

  16. SamYo says:

    Tommy Hanson, David Price or Jordan Zimmerman ?

  17. EJ says:

    General question about fantasy baseball leagues, as this is my first year taking part in a league.

    As I’m sure they vary, what are the most common rules regarding adding and dropping players throughout the year?

    The league I am in has unlimited adds/drops and it seems a bit ridiculous to me. For example, this week I had a nice lead going into Sunday and was winning every pitching category. Planned on sitting Scherzer (as he could only hurt me) until I realized my opponent picked up 2 starters, got 2 wins, dropped his ERA, and then I had to start Scherzer whose defense couldn’t catch a ball.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if the adds counted against his set number of allowed pickups, but since it’s unlimited its been happening every week. I feel like this is an anarchic system in that teams are pretty much using a revolving door of starters. Sure there’s the added risk of a pitcher blowing up, but on the weekends there is typically nothing to lose for these teams when they add a starting pitcher.

    I think the league should either have a limited number of free agent acquisitions, or teams shouldn’t be allowed to add starting pitching after like thursday. Do I have a beef? Or am I just being bitter because I have the least number of adds/drops since I drafted really well?

    Anyways, sorry so long… thanks in advance for the feedback!

  18. Racehorse says:

    Who’s better going forward, Charlie Morton or J.A. Happ?

  19. steamer says:

    Some guy in my league offered me B. Gardner for my M. Garza. Should I laugh all the way to the “reject” button?

  20. Scott says:

    @EJ: Unlimited pickups is a pretty common feature. You don’t really have a beef, but you do know what to look for next year when you join a league.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: I have’t written about this much, but I see no reason why a trade should ever have more than four players going one way or the other. So FUZZ traded away Votto, Sizemore, Upton, Kershaw and Longoria to get some closers, some speed, Scherzer, Lackey, Morneau, Rios, Chipper and Price. I’d prefer to be on the other side, but it doesn’t seem that lopsided. What are you seeing that I’m not?

    @SamYo: Price, but they’re all very close.

    @EJ: What your opponent did is called streaming. It’s perfectly fair in H2H, but some leagues frown on it and in the beginning of the year they put a set number of weekly or yearly adds. But it’s not really something you can do about it in the middle of the season. All you can do is fight fire with fire with your opponent is streaming. Either grab potential starters before them and bench them so no one can start them, or stream yourself.

    @steamer: I’d want Garza by a lot.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Ha! Nice link.

  23. Adam says:

    @Grey: Maybe I’m undervaluing the players he’s giving up, but I don’t think there’s any way there’s anything even close to equal value going both ways here

  24. Maximus says:

    I think K/9 and also K/BB are great ways of analyzing a pitchers power potential and a pitchers control. It translates well for my pitching stats. My squad usually has a low ERA and a very low WHIP at the same time.

    Grey, what do you think about a guy like Jordan Zimmerman? Do you think he will get better or worse than his nearly 9 K/9 and 3.5 K/BB?

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: You don’t think there’s any value to Votto, Sizemore, Upton, Kershaw and Longoria? Or the other way around?

    @Maximus: Zimmermann was just in Friday’s Buy/Sell. He’s solid with little chance for Wins, but you shouldn’t be chasing Wins anyway, so he’s a good Buy. I’m sure the Nats will limit or skip him in Sept though, at least they should.

  26. Nick says:

    So I e-mailed Yahoo regarding the can’t cut list & Jake Peavy…they told me that as of now he is out 4 weeks and the 8-12 week timetable is just speculation. I guess I will have to wait till Tuesday’s re-evaluation to harass them again to change his status as my commish is not cooperating regarding this situation!

  27. Hardcore Midget says:

    Reimold or Scott Hairston in a H2H league, with OPS as a category?

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: That’s lame. They should allow majority votes in a league to make a player droppable.

    @Hardcore Midget: Reimold

  29. brad says:

    @Adam: I’m fine with those trades. The Fuzz ones could easily end up being bad for Fuzz this year and beyond.

  30. Nick says:

    @Grey: Yeah I agree. I don’t know what to do, Jurrjens just hit free agents but I can’t drop Peavy. The bottom of my staff includes Slowey, Bedard, Wainwright, Danks but I think I have to hold all over Jurrjens. Offense I have no droppables whatsoever since Ibanez, Reyes & A Ram are taking up bench spots. I don’t know how I’m surviving with 5 injuries!

  31. Mike D. says:

    @Grey and all: You feeling Smoltzie’s 2 starts this week? @BAL, OAK. We have weekly moves, so I have to take both if I start him. Leaning toward yes.

    Also – Grey/anyone know if Slowey is healthy? Rib stuff/sore side go away? He’s got DET at home this week and I’d like to start him. Thankfully benched him for the STL pounding by Albert & Co.

  32. royce! says:

    @Grey: If you were using fangraphs, you gotta click on the “all players” tab in the right hand corner to get out of the group of “qualified only.” I have no idea what it takes to be “qualified,” but it seems to omit a lot of players, such as, relevant to this post, Zimmerman (8.91), Gaudin (9.42) and Paulino (8.17) (used minimum 40 IP).

    If you already knew this, I apologize for being pedantic.

  33. a winner is you says:

    I get Votto, I give up Hawpe. Should I do this?

  34. Teef says:

    Should I drop Russell Martin for Doumit when he comes back? He’s sitting on waivers right now

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Yeah, Peavy should be droppable. Not sure what you can do.

    @Mike D.: I’d start Smoltz. Slowey’s very risky this week. Not sure if he’s 100% healthy.

    @brad: Yeah, heard about that. Considering how bad Snell’s been, I wouldn’t go out on a limb for him.

    @royce!: Yeah, I knew it, but I just figured qualified was 50+, guess it’s 70+, so did miss Gaudin and Zimmermann, but there’s been plenty written on them on this blog in the last week so little harm, I think.

    @a winner is you: I’d want Votto.

    @Teef: When Doumit returns, I’d consider it. But hold Martin for now. Doumit’s the type to have setbacks.

  36. @Doc: Great site!! You just got your morals back! ;o)

  37. Doc says:

    @Boss Hogg: How did you know I had let my morals go?

    From twitter land —

    @NYPost_Mets This doesn’t sound good: Carlos Beltran is in Colorado today to see the inventor of microfracture knee surgery.

  38. Doc says:

    @brad: that is a lot of backward K signs

  39. Steve says:

    @Doc: Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    (Falls to floor face down, thumps fists and feet repeatedly).

  40. @Doc: you posted that you dealt them for Pujols earlier today, very Faustian:

    “I just traded Kemp, Billingsley, & Morals for Pujols “

  41. Doc says:

    @Boss Hogg: That must have been someone else, but I’d easily give up my Morals for Albert!

  42. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    *16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League*

    Looking for some weekly line-up help. Please pick THREE:

    Harden: @PIT (Duke), vsMIL (Looper)
    Lowe: vsPHI (Hamels)
    Marquis: @LA (Bills)
    Smoltz: @BAL (Hill)
    Kawakami: vsPHI (Blanton), @WAS (Olsen)

    All have been shaky of late for one reason or another.

  43. Teef says:

    Rank these free agent pitchers going forward:

    Gavin Floyd
    Randy Wells
    Francisco Liriano
    Kevin Correa
    Chad Gaudin
    Jared Washburn
    Dallas Braden

  44. s221506 says:

    Is the rotoinfo site legit at all? Seems shady. Anyway, they have a rumored list of 103 steroid positive. Seems suspect. Make of it what you will…


  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Harden, Smoltz, would like to punt here, Kawakami….

    @Teef: Floyd, Liriano, Correia, Gaudin, Wells…

    @s221506: They just take content from other sites. So someone else had that list.

  46. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Grey: [email protected]Grey: I guess I know the answer considering the lead of this afternoon’s blog, but I’ll ask it anyway:

    Instead of punting with Kawakami, what about picking up Gaudin off the wire for this week instead?

  47. Steve says:

    @Grey: Gau for it, even.

  48. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: damn you guys are full of piss-n-vinegar(or something)

  49. Doc says:

    Borbon called up for Rangers.

  50. Drev says:

    Ibanez or Beltran for the rest of the year?…and how close are they in value?

  51. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Interesting list you got there, one would think Hanson would qualify for that list……………..next year when he’s not on my team!

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Drev: Ibanez… Beltran’s dealing with a more serious injury from the sounds of it.

  53. knighttown says:

    Somewhat related, I’ve got K’s tied up but I’m a huge fight for WHIP at 1.28. I could gain or lose 7 points with a hundredth of a point of WHIP. My good guys are putting up good WHIP numbers but should I worry about a major regression?

    Meyer- 0.81
    Kuroda- 1.00
    E-Jax- 1.04
    Vazquez- 1.06
    Weaver- 1.10
    These guys have crappy WHIPs. Can I expect that to continue?

    Oswalt 1.38
    Scherzer 1.39
    Gaudin 1.39
    Hanson 1.40

    And finally, are there any WHIP studs out there that I could pry away with pure power, say Bruce + Scherzer for WHIP stud?

  54. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Temporary home is just a Tall Boy away now!

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: Jackson and Kuroda might regress a little, but Oswalt and Scherzer could be get slightly better leveling it out. Bruce alone should get you Baker, who’s usually solid for WHIP.

  56. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: ha,you`ll turn it into 2 tall ones,congrats,if i can help ,let me know,ill drive 260 miles there and 260 back to help you,for utley

  57. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Typo right?

    You meant you “or” Utley? Never mind don’t answer that, that’s how I interpreted it. Thanks buddy………..

  58. BigFatHippo says:

    And somewhere a Kiwi flaps his wings and thinks, “I need me some Utley………………….”

  59. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Always open to offers. Problem is a kiwi hasn’t flapped its wings for about 2 million years.

  60. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: @Steve: im getting aramis and josh back real soon,make some offers

  61. royce! says:

    Man, I just discovered that Land Shark Stadium is named after some Jimmy Buffet shizz, not the SNL skit. Way to go, world! Letting me down yet again!

  62. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Might take you awhile to get here then, I’ll take Kelly up on his offer for help :)

  63. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: in the midway leaguei was closer heavy,so i made a few offers,these counter offers came back,,wright ,ortiz and peavy for my adam jones jordan zimmerman and downs,i was going to have to many 3b/1b and be short an outfielder,before i cancelled i looked at my other offer his bruce for my helton and gregg,i took them both,what cha think,still leaves me fuentes,nunez,frasor and c.j wilson

  64. Corey says:

    What is this Jobacum mess about, I’ve never figured that out.

  65. Corey says:

    nvm. I found the glossary page.

  66. BigFatHippo says:

    @Corey: Ha, he’s a hybrid, like Grey’s Prius……..

  67. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    Hi Grey,

    What do you think about trying to acquire David Wright? Do you think he will start hitting for more power, is it a risk worth taking and moving a player like Morneau for him…

    My corner infield situation as it stands:
    1B – Tiexiera
    3B – Ian Stewart
    CI – Morneau
    Util – Kornerko

    Cheers, TQ4M

  68. Adam says:

    Pick two of these three…Clint Barmes, Casey McGehee and Asdrubal? Or keep all three and drop Denard Span, Ryan Madson or Mitch Stetter? (No holds, just use MR for ratios/Ks)

  69. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Adam: drop stetter till mcgee slumps ,can always get a decent mr,or mcgee wont reach power numbers near barmes,drop him

  70. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cheers AL, what do you think about Wright and Metco? Will he turn it around in the second half or will he just get to 20 homers…

    I like Morneau a lot this year, I just have issues with my 3B (I like Stewart but his value is as a 2B)…

  71. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @TheQuestforMerlin: im a bit worried about wrights power,but yeah im hoping for 20+

  72. BigFatHippo says:

    Interesting, I’m sitting on the porch listening to the Cards on radio and watching them simultaneously suck and blow on TV. The TV broadcast is a full 10 seconds behind the radio, usually……………

    But no, not when Mike Shannon is doing the play by play. It takes him a full 10 seconds to spit out the result of the play, thereby synchronizing everything. Think he does that on purpose??????????

  73. BSA says:

    I am sure someone who has DiceK saw this and talked about it earlier. In case you hadn’t I had a good chuckle as I wonder how pitcher can go from 18 wins to a steamy pile of dog doo in a half year –
    “The most surprising thing was Daisuke Matsuzaka’s lack of conditioning, and that he didn’t feel he had to do any of the shoulder strengthening program all Red Sox pitchers are on. According to a major league source, Matsuzaka appeared convinced that a Japanese shoulder is different from an American shoulder. Head-scratcher. In the end, he realized it wasn’t true. One thing the Sox have him convinced of now: He will be on the program next offseason.”

    Truth and Rumors on SI

  74. Adam says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Stetter has been unreal lately though, I think he just broke his streak of K’ing 15 straight batters he faced; is Lidge’s job safe enough now that I can drop Madson?

  75. BSA says:

    Anyone watching the White Sox?

    Why run for Alexei? Where did he get hit?

  76. BigFatHippo says:

    Grand Salami by McHEHE…………..


  77. Adam says:

    Kung Fu Panda > Huff from this point forward, correct? Looking to sell iDonk Nano and get one of those two and a pitcher

  78. Steve says:

    Can someone tell me why I picked up Chris Perez?

  79. big o says:

    i feel your pain .
    my bubble recently burst when i discovered that women don’t actually go into department stores and try on toe rings for size .
    dead serious .
    shoe sales …. the next generation .

  80. Tom says:

    Hey Grey, Lincecum for Rollins and Shields? Which side you want?

    Also, Longoria for Youk and Werth? I’m fairly certain that I want Longoria there for sure, but I’m guessing that you want Rollins and Shields over Lincecum

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Ha!

    @AL KOHOLIC: I like both for you. Well done.

    @BSA: Hadn’t heard about that one. That’s very funny.

    @BSA: Hit by pitch. He seems like he’ll be okay.

    @BigFatHippo: Sweet!

    @Adam: Eh, I’d take Huff for a corner spot. But it’s close. Panda for catcher.

    @Steve: Think Doc talked you into it.

    @big o: Ha!

    @Tom: Lincecum and then the Youk side, but it’s close.

  82. Adam says:

    @BSA: Just saw a replay, he got hit right in the head but walked off under his own power, looked ok

  83. Steve says:

    @Grey: I believe you’re correct. It seems that whenever Doc comments, nothing good comes of it. Is Perez worth holding.

    Elsewhere (in the keeper where I need HR and RBI), I just turned Abreu and JP Howell (both who’ve been on my bench) into Jermain Dye. Good deal?

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Nah, not worth holding onto. Solid deal.

  85. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: good one

  86. BSA says:

    @Steve: Probably the same reason I gave him a sniff. You read that he may be the closer soon. The problem for me was the the path was filled with numbers that made me say, “hmmm, I want that for middle relief.”

    Now I have to go look at what he is up to tonight.

  87. jbatkins says:

    In a HR-heavy league, how do you like the following 3B the rest of the season: Alex Gordon, Edwin Encarnacion, Kevin Kouzmanoff?

  88. BSA says:

    Why the mixed reviews on McGehee?

  89. Doc says:

    @Steve: I did no such thing!

    I thing a review of the play is in order!

  90. Doc says:

    @Doc: or think

  91. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BSA: minor league numbers nothing special at all

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Never showed much pop in the minors.

    @jbatkins: Kouz

  93. BSA says:

    @Grey: He seems to like the majors.

  94. big o says:

    anyone in the room ever have a cortisone shot ?
    i had always thought that you got the shot and were good to go , by that night’s game .
    people , i have spoken to , say that shizz HURTS for 4 or 5 days afterward .
    changes the way i view ailing players .
    add/drops adjusted accordingly .

    lowell says he ain’t getting in the orioles series .
    and francona says that he may go on the DL when the shot wears off .
    they did drain a lot of liquid …. which should provide an immediate lessening of the pain .

  95. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: @Doc: Where Doc goes, nothing grows…………

    The Gunslinger is a barren wasteland. Look what he’s doing to us in the RCL.

  96. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I feel all warm and fuzzy
    (insert sad emoticon!)

  97. Adam says:

    @Grey: What does it take for you to move Reyes in a keeper?

  98. BSA says:

    @big o: The report is getting worse as the days go by.

    Cortizone shots in the knees – feels pretty wild as it goes in, weird to walk away, yet didn’t seem to be a problem the next day.

    The issue is the size of the needle and essentially the consistency of the cortisone mixing with your own body’s normal shtuff.

    “I am not a doctor, or an athlete, but I play one on Razzball” – BSA

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: More than he’s currently going to get you. Unless you can win this year and he’ll fetch something from a team that’s out of it. Maybe a 2nd tier outfielder? Think Dunn or Victorino. Maybe a 2nd tier starter, think F-Her.

  100. Doc says:

    Nunez had to bail out Meyer. I’m dropping Meyer in the wasteland.

  101. BigFatHippo says:

    @big o: Had a penicillin shot once, but that’s a story for a different forum :)

  102. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Lets hope Blake and Orlando swan dive while Lester feels those innings and pitch counts as the Red Sox look for pitchers to shut down to rest up for the stretch run.

  103. martin says:

    blanton or leo nunez? I already have 3 closers though

  104. SRM says:

    Dan Meyer, how I hate thee. I could’ve used that damn save. That may be his last sniff of a save for some time.

  105. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: “…Now I know why her ex-boyfriend Dave
    Calls her Mrs. Microwave
    Cause she was hotter than an oven and I had to learn
    The hard way stay in the microwave too long you get burned”

  106. Grey

    Grey says:

    @martin: Nunez

    @SRM: Yeah, agreed. If he could’ve closed that out, might’ve led to more saves. Very frustrating.

  107. john says:

    @BSA: @big o: I had one in my pitching shoulder once. Like BSA said, it doesn’t really hurt, it’s just weird. When they injected it, I got a cold sensation inside my shoulder which was really weird. But after about 5-10 min, I was used to it and if it wasn’t for the doc’s orders not to do anything, I probably could have gone out throwing that day.

  108. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Ouch – Looks like Lowell is heading for the place I thought when I traded him. I heard he was on the cell phone in the clubhouse talking to his friend Percy.

  109. big o says:

    did i ever tell you that i appreciate your sawx up-dates / info ?

  110. Doc says:

    @BSA: Hope Accardo and Meyer work out!

  111. john says:

    Why was Meyer takin out?..I mean, yea he had two on and just let up a single to Dunn, but come on let the man pitch and more importantly get me a damn save!

  112. BSA says:

    @Doc: Yeah they helped out A LOT tonight. Got a bucket of balls you want to trade for them?

    I do have to admit, I thought Steve had the inside scoop on vulturing, but you are right on so far.

    Now quiet as I head back to the cellar dragged down by Meyer and Accardo.

    @big o:

    Hope it helps some.

    How goes the casino? Back in the pit?

  113. Steve says:

    @BSA: @Doc: All depends on when I get the intell. If it’s a nugget in Grey’s daily round-up, that’s about 7.30pm here and I’ve done the add/drop before sitting down to dinner.

    If it’s in the morning your time (whatever time zone), I’m the last to know.

  114. BSA says:

    @Steve: I don’t think Doc sleeps.

  115. Doc says:

    LHP Antonio Bastardo has been placed on the 15-day DL with a shoulder strain. LHP Sergio Escalona takes his place.

  116. Doc says:

    @BSA: I can write myself prescriptions.

  117. Adam says:

    @Grey: So I take Derrek Lee, Holliday and Bartlett for Reyes and filler and run, correct? I have a pretty sizable lead in the league right now, but the main competitors are all loading up to make a run at me

  118. Steve says:

    Wolfman Jacked.

  119. Jobu's rum says:

    Worth dropping Dotel for Jim Johnson?

  120. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: Yeah, I know.

    @Adam: Yeah, I’d take that.

    @Steve: I look at this before my teams and you always scare me. Not an awful game right now.

    @Jobu’s rum: Sure

    EDIT: Word.

  121. BrianKennedy says:

    Thanks to this post I am going to go after Wandy. What do you think of Wandy Rodriguez/David Price for Ricky Nolasco/Aaron Poreda in a keeper league?

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BrianKennedy: I’d want the Wandy side of that trade.

  123. Steve says:

    @Grey: I was desperate to use the pun.

    Decent enough outing in the end roto-wise, and not a disaster in H2H either.

  124. Steve says:

    @Grey: Lowe at Philly tomorrow has to be a risk, no?

    Especially when I also have Haren, Bills and Joba going too. It’s H2H…

  125. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Don’t start Lowe there.

  126. Mike says:

    Do I give Baker the go against KC tomorrow?

    Also, do I start Luke Scott against Smoltz or Pat Burrell against Richmond?

  127. AL KOHOLIC says:

    hamilton up and running,stole a base and said he feels fine,could come back saturday but that might pushing it

  128. john says:

    start JZ tommorow @Fla?

  129. john says:

    @john: and by tomorrow, i mean Wed

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Start Baker, go with Burrell.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah, heard that.

    @john: I’d start him.

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