The people spoke last week, and the cries for less filling and more great taste have Grey and I ready to give you the tightest podcast since we did that weird latex episode. Halp was hosting then and I had nothing to do with it. Dynasty Halp? More like Fetish Halp, amirite? Okay I made that up, but honestly we run through 50, fity, FIFTY outfielders over the course of this episode. Lots of information this week, and the best part is… we’re not done! We got 50 more for you next week! It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Podcast.

  1. @ralph just curious. What happened to the baseball jingle that used to close the show after each podcast? Hopefully I can go on with my life after finding this out.

  2. Edgar Gonzalez says:

    I am in a 3 keep league standard 5 x 5. Am keeping Yelich, Betts, and my 3rd keeper I am debating between
    Degrom and Mondesi. Degrom looks like the better pick but Mondesi and those SB could win you a league

    • LenFuego says:

      If your other two keepers were Trout/Bellinger/Soto types that could not be counted on for double-digit SBs, yeah, I would probably keep Mondesi over deGrom. But Yelich and Betts ought to be good for about 40 SBs between them, which is more than an ample start, so I would go with deGrom. That will give you more flexibility to pick up SB contributors (guys like Bichette, Edman, Mercado, Laureano, Kingery) who are going for good value – if you started Yelich/Betts/Mondesi, there would be little value for you in that type of player.

  3. Brian Bushman says:

    Man I could listen to Grey talk baseball all day long-dude is so fucking funny and I agree with nearly all of his points. Everyone at razzball slays, keep up the good work everyone. That’s all for now

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