‘Til the Sweat Drips Down (the arm and baseball cap to) MY (base)BALLS

B_Don is joined by special guest host, The Itch (@PartyLikeMayans), host of the Fantasy Futures Baseball Podcast, to look at the Domingo German vs Sean Newcomb matchup and Jose Peraza. Keeping true to his name, The Itch has to scratch at a number of different topics and we chase them down the rabbit hole while Donkey Teeth is off connecting with his inner spirit animal, or something like that.

  1. JJB says:

    I tried to listen to your podcast as I am interested in German &Newcombe. After 7 minutes of nonsense about nothing having to do with baseball, I gave up. What’s with you guys?

    • @JJB: Hey JJB, we did have a guest on this podcast, but we will talk some general, whatever, off the top most of the time. We don’t usually go that long into the show, but if you want to get to the profiles, go ahead and jump to 14:57 in to the show.

      • Donkey Teeth

        Donkey Teeth says:

        @B_Don: I leave for a week and it’s mass chaos!

        I told B underscore Don we need time markers in the description. Not everyone wants to hear about our hopeless personal lives and the feng shui of our moms’ basements.

    • Meckard says:

      Sorry to here that JJB, u really missed out on a great podcast. Personally I enjoy hearing some personal banter at the beginning of podcast. Really gives a sense of who these people really are. That’s what I love about Gray and Ralph’s podcasts- hearing what crazy stories Gray has for us or what kind of weddings Ralph has been going to. But if that’s not for u, I definitely recommend at least skipping ahead for really great analysis.

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