So, I’m biased.  If you’ve been reading me for a while you know I’m a Brewers homer, but that doesn’t make me a sucker in fantasy.  I dumped Yovani Gallardo years ago, rode the Mike Fiers train and exited quickly, and own Carlos Gomez everywhere I could.  Then again, I had John Axford last year in a lot of leagues.  Yikes!

The point I’m trying to get at here, is I think knowing a lot about a particular team can give you great insight, especially in daily leagues like our friends over at DraftKings.  There will be days I choose no Brewers, and days like Friday in our RAZZBALL EXCLUSIVE CAN YOU BEAT RUDY GAMBLE contest where I go homer heavy.  When Bernie Brewer slides down the yellow slide, I’m going to be pretending I see the green face of Benjamin Franklin and not the Brewers logo on the waving flag!

Entry is still $10, up to two entries per player, with the winner getting a ticket into DraftKings’ huge $500,000 Midsummer Classic where the top spot nabs $125 large.  Not only that, but 600 spots will get paid – and paid big – and you can win entry from our $10 contest.  And also another new promo from DraftKings – every first time depositor will also automatically receive a $2 Qualifier ticket (on top of the other $5 Qualifier offer that depositors get) – so if you’re new and deposit for the first time, you’re getting three contests for the price of one!  A fantasy threesome!  Like a homer, steal, and save from the same player.   Ok, so that wouldn’t happen, but don’t tell Skip Schumaker! Spots have been filling quicker and quicker lately, DraftKings has given us a few more spots, but it’s still capped and exclusive through the link above.  Good luck this week and bring Razzball Nation some DraftKings glory!

Running backwards to last week’s picks:

SP – Dillon Gee (0 Pts)

CI – Edwin Encarnacion 2-3  1 HR  2 RBI  1 R  1 BB (21 Pts)

MI – J.J. Hardy 0-4 (0 Pts) 

OF1 – Ichiro Suzuki 0-4 (0 Pts)

OF2 – Adam Jones 1-3  1 RBI  (5 Pts)

UTIL – Zoilo Almonte 1-4  1 SB  (8 Pts)

TOTAL – 34 (Previous weeks’ finishes – 40.15, 47.65, 54.3, 93.85, 76.9, 68.8, 47.7, 67.3, 92.4, 75, 83, 96)

Well, it was certainly a weird week.  A lot of shuffling of starting rotations, as Dillon Gee got moved back a day and subsequently pitched great and got the win.  Then the Yankees moved back David Phelps and threw out CC Sabathia which kept the Orioles/Yankees game lower scoring than I thought.  If Gee had indeed pitched like he was originally scheduled and gotten the 18.1 points he scored on Saturday, it would’ve been a solid week.  Luckily for DraftKings, you can change your line-up at the last minute unlike my article!  Here’s who I like on Friday night:

SP – Madison Bumgarner ($10,000) – Pitching is going to come at a premium this week, with no real under the radar matchups sticking out to me.  As I mentioned on today’s podcast, Cliff Lee is the only real ace out there, so I’ll save a few bucks and go Bumgarner who I like a tad more.  Throwing at home against the Dodgers who he has a career 2.54 ERA and 0.98 WHIP against has me seeing a quality game.

CI – Juan Francisco ($3,500) – Swinging a hot bat right now with 4 homers in the past 6 at the time of this writing (Tuesday afternoon), I love Francisco as a spot play vs. the very inconsistent rook Zack Wheeler.  Just watch LaRoche’s home run off him from Sunday afternoon.  Lefty bats can tee off on Wheeler’s heater when he’s scuffling, and in a hitters’ park like Miller, love Francisco.

MI – Daniel Murphy ($4,000) – Another guy I like hitting in Miller, Murphy has been on a stolen base binge with 5 in his last 9 games.  The Brewers are throwing out question mark prospect John Hellweg who has an ERA almost as high as my age at 20.25.  Ok so I’m 25 and older than that, but the fact it’s close is horrifying.  As we’ve seen from a lot of pitching prospects, holding runners has been an issue plus Murphy has some pop in a hitter friendly away park.  Hitting second always helps as well, giving him a possible extra at-bat than some other options.

OF1 – Carlos Gomez ($3,900) – Look for his price to inflate a bit, but if it stays in the $4,000 range, the league’s second CarGo (but first in my heart!) is going to be a huge value.  As I alluded to with Hellweg, Wheeler has already given up 6 steals along with being very shaky since his debut.  A great shot at power and the speed.

OF2 – Zoilo Almonte ($2,700) – Since I’m spending heavy on pitching, Almonte is a fantastic value if he stays under $3,000 to round out your outfield.  The switch-hitter will almost certainly be out there against Orioles lefty Zack Britton who still hasn’t put it together in the Majors yet.  Almonte is still swinging a hot bat, has a touch of power especially in hitter friendly Yankee Stadium, and speed on the bases.  Great value play.

UTIL – Norichika Aoki ($3,800) – Sticking with the Brewers theme against Wheeler, Aoki is another guy with a little bit of power, great plate discipline against an erratic pitcher and the speed to possibly steal a base.  Plus he hits leadoff which could land him an extra at-bat, a strategy to be mindful of picking your DraftKings lineup.


I’m out of town one last week, this time in DC watching my Brewers take on the Nats today and on the 4th.  I have front row seats in left field for tonight’s game, so look for a ridiculously tall guy in a Brewers jersey, glasses, and a yellow hat if anyone hits a homer over there.  And if you’re going to be at the game, come buy me a beer and talk fantasy!  Good luck this week, shoot your questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!


  1. The Dredd Pirate says:

    JB I know you watch a lot of the pitcher you think Lincecum might be worth buy into say a small trade its a 12 team roto the K’s and the FIP look good he just seems to be unlucky could there be a big second half? Also do you think Verlander is a buy low right now?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @The Dredd Pirate: Yea I like Lincecum to be bottom end serviceable in 12 team and definitely a good play at home and at Petco. Wouldn’t buy him. For much but you like you said a small trade. I do think Verlander bounces back hopefully this new found flaw in mechanics will get sorted out and we’ll see him touch high 90s at times again

      • The Dredd Pirate says:

        @JB Gilpin: Hey I ended up trading David Freese and Brandon Moss for Arenado and Lincecum small trade but freese and moss were just bench guys for me and Now my Sp is Price, Zimmerman, Ryu, Cole, Erasmos, and now lincecum for spot starts should hopefully help my K/9 which I am terrible in right now plus adding price helps a ton.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @The Dredd Pirate: Nice! Like it yea Cole won’t help K/9 but Lincecum hopefully will even it out

  2. Pacochu says:

    You are right about pitching this week. There really isn’t much of an upside with some of the cheaper guys. You really need to get an average of 20+ points from each of your pitchers to do well in this game.

    Zolio is a great value pick and usually ends up on my teams. He is cheap and a starter that puts out a decent return. I have also been using Clete Thomas a bit of late for a low price, but it looks like it is starting to adjust.

    One tip I can offer is to check out the daily lineups. Look for OF’s that hit at the top of the order that are cheaper. Look specifically at those with good pitching match ups. The previously mentioned Clete Thomas is a good example of this. Often, you can find a starter in the $2,000-$3,200 range to fill out your roster. That increases the amount you can spend on other positions. Backup catchers are great here too. Be sure to check the match-ups, but often these guys can put out a few points for not a lot of dough. A couple grand saved goes a long way to affording a Chris Davis level player. Sure, you have to pay attention closer to game time, but it is worth it in the end.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Yea I’ve been employing that strategy of playing guys hitting earlier too. With no average sink, and extra at bat can be crucial. I was surprised Almonte was so low, I haven’t seen his adjustment yet but think he’ll still be solid at near that price range. About to head to the Brewers Nationals hope the weather stays clear!

    • CramYourCatcherQuestionUpYourCramhole says:

      @Pacochu: No doubt. The contest I won, I was able to use SF’s backup catcher in Colorado. Quiroz? or something….got me 8 points for $2,000.

    • CramYourCatcherQuestionUpYourCramhole says:

      @Pacochu: And Miguel Montero seems to consistently be in the low $3000’s….because he’s sucking. But still, a good hitting catcher in the middle of the lineup you can always take a gamble on.

  3. JK says:

    Hi JP,

    Who do you think is a better DL stash for ROS and/or the home stretch playoff push?
    (H2H 7×7 Categories: Runs/HomeRuns/TotalBases/RBIs/StolenBases/AVG/OBP)

    Adam Eaton or Josh Willingham?

    I need to drop one of them.


    • JK says:

      @JK: JB :)

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @JK: I’ll take the upside on Eaton with J will hurt no. No problem JX! JK* :)

  4. CramYourCatcherQuestionUpYourCramhole says:

    JB, seeing as I already have 1 ticket, can I win another Mid Summer Classic entry if I win a Razzball Friday exclusive?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CramYourCatcherQuestionUpYourCramhole: Definitely! You can win as many as possible, well there probably a cap at some point but a commenter has used multiple entries to a big contest before.

  5. chris says:

    For my 1st rd and 10th rd pick next year, I was offered CC and Cuddyer and 17th,18th rd pick… Would I dare?

    10 team keeper league, only keep 7 players.

    In 3rd place, 3 1/2 out; with 5 weeks left…

    Current team below:

    Rosario, Wilin(C) COL
    Hosmer, Eric(1B) KC
    Carpenter, Matt(1B,2B,3B,OF) STL
    Ramirez, Hanley(3B,SS) LAD
    Zobrist, Ben(2B,OF,SS) TB
    Beltran, Carlos(OF) STL
    Craig, Allen(1B,OF) STL
    Heyward, Jason(OF) ATL
    Rizzo, Anthony(1B) CHC

    Lind, Adam(1B) TOR
    Hill, Aaron(2B) ARI
    Headley, Chase(3B) SD
    McLouth, Nate(OF) BAL
    Rios, Alex(OF) CHW
    Fowler, Dexter(OF) COL

    Active Pitchers
    Griffin, A.J.(SP) OAK
    Kershaw, Clayton(SP) LAD
    Medlen, Kris(RP,SP) ATL
    Strasburg, Stephen(SP) WAS
    Verlander, Justin(SP) DET
    Holland, Greg(RP) KC
    Jansen, Kenley(RP) LAD

    Cashner, Andrew(RP,SP) SD
    Ryu, Hyun-Jin(SP) LAD
    Tillman, Chris(SP) BAL
    Ogando, Alexi(RP,SP) TEX

    • CramYourCatcherQuestionsUpYourCramhole says:

      @chris: I wouldn’t

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @chris: Well those guys probably aren’t gonna be keepers and I don’t think too much an upgrade anywhere I’d probably sand pat

  6. CramYourCatcherQuestionsUpYourCramhole says:

    I hope you don’t commit to these lineups when you actually play. So much can change in two days (SF game pushed back) and some of your guys might not get the nod (Zoilo) not in the lineup.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CramYourCatcherQuestionsUpYourCramhole: Nope and since I’m out of town still I’m not playing this week, but will be back in in the upcoming weeks when I’m back home. Pitfalls of the piece coming out a few days early, I hadn’t had any pitchers pushed back until the past two weeks, but good thing you can change your lineup at the last sec on DraftKings!

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