This Thursday is going to be a little nicer to us than last week, bringing us a six game evening slate of games. There are a handful of lefties starting in these games, and as you’ll see from my picks, some definite platoon advantages for you to take advantage of. I also loved the way Alex Cobb looked in his first start of the DL, and I love corn on the cob. I think I love baseball more though, so I’ll be especially rooting for the Alex variety of the Cobb to be the better one tonight.

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Alex Cobb, SP: $6,500 – I remember when I was little and my mother used to cut the corn off the cob into a bowl for me. What a clutch mom.

Ivan Nova, SP: $9,800 – I got a little worried when I saw Nova was the highest priced pitcher here. However, I think that will scare people away, and he has been dealing and gets to face a weak (besides Giuseppe Votto) Reds’ lineup.

Mike Zunino, C: $2,900 –Mike knows hitting lefties.

Chris Carter, 1B: $4,500 – Chris knows hitting lefties. Also, he really just needs to stick his bat out and the ball will soar upon contact.

Rougned Odor, 2B: $5,000 – There aren’t a whole lot of hotter players in baseball right now, and Rougie can help you out with your Fight Club squad… Darn it, I mentioend it.

Maikel Franco, 3B: $3,200 – Just need some extra bases out of a slugger to return value on this price.

Tim Beckham, SS $3,600 – Tim finds his way into the lineup against lefties and I have a hard time not playing him.

Ryan Braun, OF: $4,900 – This guy has had a super quiet season for a guy who is absolutely raking.

Nelson Cruz, OF: $4,800 – Whoa Nelly! He can hit lefites tooo, ya know.

Stephen Piscotty OF: $3,700 –Just ride this guy’s beatufiul swing to glory.

I’m Only Happy When it Rains

Beware of Pittsburgh. They are welcoming Cincinnati to town along with the rain, so be careful with Ivan Nova in your lineups.

Doing Lines in Vegas

None of the listed over/under’s stray from beginning with an 8, so just follow the gut.

That’s all for today… Here’s hoping the NFL season can get off with a bang tonight!