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For Harry Potter fans, the Lightning Struck Tower chapter is the end of an era.  For us, it’s the final day of the 2018 Fantasy Baseball Season.  A moment of silence for an incredible season of ups and downs, heroes and goats, legends in the making and fading into the distance….And let us now embark on our final day on the shoulders of the god of lightning himself: Noah Syndergaard.  Thor is striking today against the lowly Miami Marlins, and thanks to his incredible teammate the deGrominator , the Norse Noah will be motivated to put his own indelible stamp on the MLB season.  Not only do the Marlins hit him to a weak .686 OPS, but it’s a day game, and during the warm glow of daytime Syndergaard shines even brighter: 4-1 with a 2.61 ERA.  Other big names are playing for teams that are locked into playoff position so will be on low pitch counts, like Charlie Morton and Carlos Carrasco, or rookies pushing themselves beyond what they’ve ever done, like Walker Buehler.  It’s Noah Syndergaard with a lightening struck bullet as the number one pick today.  Now let’s look at a few more early-, middle- and late-round picks for your Draft…drafts!

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Luis Severino, SP: Middle – Severino seems over his mid season funk and is looking to earn a postseason start if his Yankees get past the A’s in the AL Wildcard game.  He’s facing the Red Sox at Fenway, which normally would be cause for trepidation, but the Red Sox are focused on resting and readying for the playoffs, not winning this particular game.

Matt Shoemaker, SP: Late – As with all late picks, this one is a gamble.  But there are some silver linings here.  The A’s are locked into going to Yankee Stadium for the AL Wildcard game so they have nothing to play for in this game.  Shoemaker is pitching at home, where he has a 3.72 ERA.

Bryce Harper, OF: Early – This could be the final game of Harper’s career in a Washington National uniform.  He has a .913 OPS in September, finally picking it up in a season he would like to forget.  He’s playing in Colorado against the Rockies, where he has hit .377 with a 1.133 OPS in his career.  It’s the last game of the season so a start isn’t guaranteed, but you can plug in Charlie Blackmon and do almost just as well if Harper is on the bench.

Trevor Story, IF: Early – The Rockies will be fighting to win the NL West, thus very motivated to win this game.  Story has been a big part of the story of the Rockies storming the rest of the league these last couple of weeks.  He has a 1.041 OPS at home this year, a 1.077 OPS in September, and a 1.318 OPS in the last week.

David Dahl, OF: Middle – Talk about on fire, Dahl has homered in 5 straight games heading into Saturday. By now you can see this Rockies Nationals game in Coors field is a great and most likely stable place to mine for Sunday.  Most other big names are on teams that have playoff positions set so are highly unlikely to start.  This guy has a 1.043 OPS in September.

D.J. LeMahieu, IF: Middle – These Rockies are incorrigible!  Another hero of the Rockies surge has a .810 OPS in September including 5 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 home runs.  These guys are on a mission!

Victor Robles, OF: Late – This yet another Nationals rookie rewarded us last Sunday with a 2-6 performance, including a triple, a home run, 2 runs scored, and 3 RBI.  It’s iffy whether he will start, thus most likely available in the later rounds, but if he does he’s got to be in your lineup.

Tyler White, IF: Late – Another part time player, but White plays for the Houston Astros, who are locked in to their playoff start and most likely resting the regular lineup.  White can be a good power source and on a feel good team that is the favorite to represent the AL in the World Series.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of rain in Chicago for the Cardinals and Cubs, but otherwise it’s clear sailing.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs scored today are the Nationals (6.05) at the Rockies, the Rockies (5.78) vs the Nationals, and the Twins (4.63) vs the White Sox.

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Astros (-302) at the Orioles, the Mets (-289) vs the Marlins, and the Indians (-262) at the Royals.

  1. Thomas Howland

    WildThing says:

    Tyler White isn’t starting, but Marwin Gonzalez is, batting 4th for the Astros .290 batting average .857 OPS last 15 days,

  2. Richardo

    Richardo says:

    Great opening!! Love the HP reference!!

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