There are five aces starting today – four of them are projected for over 12 points by Draft, but one was left behind. Shohei Ohtani is projected for just 9.6 points, which means I’ll be taking batters first and waiting to snag him later. Ohtani should have a much better day than Draft projects. He’s got an elite 32.3% K-rate with just an 8.7% walk-rate with just a 2.69 Deserved Run Average. The Tigers have just a .306 wOBA versus right-handed pitching this season, so Ohtani will have no issues with them.

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Alex Reyes, SP: Today is the day! The long-awaited debut of Alex Reyes will take place in Milwaukee, which certainly isn’t an ideal matchup, but I’m excited to see what type of start Reyes will have. He’s got a ton of upside against a lineup that strikes out 24.6% of the time against righties.

Fernando Romero, SP: Romero has been ripping through the majors, putting up a 1.88 ERA through six starts with a 25.0% K-rate. He gets to face one of the easiest lineups in the majors, the Royals, who have a .301 wOBA against righties.

Matt Adams, IF: Adams has caught fire once again, batting .389 with a 1.111 OPS and two homers in the last week. He’ll be batting fourth in Camden Yards, one of the best power parks in the league, against a cupcake in David Hess. Look for him to drive in lots of RBIs.

Francisco Lindor, IF: Leadoff men are particularly valuable in DFS contests, especially when they’re as good as Lindor. He will get lots of plate appearances against Reynaldo Lopez, whose 4.65 FIP suggests that he’s got lots of regression headed his way.

Buster Posey, IF: Most Giants hitters have huge projections because of Coors Field, but they seemingly passed over Posey. I wouldn’t often recommend a catcher for an infield spot, but you can get him late in your drafts for a great return. Coors!

Andrew Benintendi, OF: Benintendi has got to be one of the streakiest players in baseball, and boy is he hot right now. He’s batting .404 with five homers in the last 15 days and is playing in Fenway today.

Michael Conforto, OF: Conforto gets a great matchup in a hitter’s park against Julio Teheran, who has a 5.54 home ERA this year.

Eddie Rosario, OF: The Royals are going with a bullpen game today, so Rosario should see plenty of trash pitchers that he can hit. Rosario’s been an outstanding fantasy outfielder this year, entering Wednesday with a 126 wRC+.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

We need to be careful with two matchups tonight: LAA-DET and NYM-ATL. Both will see their fair share of rain and may be postponed.

Doing Lines In Vegas

I’ll take the Marlins at +114 against the Padres and Clayton Richard.

  1. Roger Anderson says:

    I always check the daily suggestions even though I don’t do DFS. It helps me decide which players to sit. Then the managers must see what I have chosen to do, and they sit the ones I chose to start. Today, no Lindor, no Conforto, and for an extra special treat, Reyes only went 4 (he may be injured). Still, people tell me the Fantasy Baseball is fun. After 8 years, I am still trying to figure out why I keep doing this. 6×6 H2H, down to 8 teams because others have seen the light.

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