Walker Buehler has been shredding opposing lineups over the last month, posting a 2.70 ERA with 34 strikeouts in 30 innings. He’s got a 3.34 SIERA and a 3.40 Deserved Run Average on the season with a 26.5% K-rate, proving to be a worthwhile starter in his rookie season. After taking down some tough matchups in the Mariners, Rockies (at Coors), and Astros, he shouldn’t have a problem with the Cardinals tonight.

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Freddy Peralta, SP: Peralta has that sweet, sweet upside with a 30.5% K-rate. The Reds lineup is low-key trash right now after losing Votto and a slew of others to injuries. You can grab Peralta pretty late in your draft and still get a chance at a huge start from him.

Nolan Arenado, IF: Arenado at Coors, Arenado at Coors, Arenado at Coors.

Francisco Lindor, IF: The Indians are going to tee off on Brian Johnson at Fenway Park. Lindor and Jose Ramirez are both great plays in an extreme hitter’s park.

Freddie Freeman, IF: It’s not clear why Freeman is buried under so many hitters in projected points on Draft, as he’s batting .355 with a 1.010 OPS in the last 15 days and has a monster 149 wRC+ on the season. Pirates starter Trevor Williams has been significantly outperforming his ERA, as he doesn’t strike anybody out and has a 4.30 FIP.

Bryce Harper, OF: We all wanted Harper to be traded to see the chaos it would cause, but of course the Nats were too afraid to move him. He’ll put up God-like numbers no matter where he plays.

Mookie Betts, OF: Betts has been one of the best players in fantasy and is still projected for only 9.3 points. *thinking emjoi*

Nicholas Castellanos, OF: Nick’s trying to look more sophisticated by going by “Nicholas” this year, and it seems to be paying off at the plate. He’s obliterated lefties to the tune of a 188 wRC+ this season and faces a weak southpaw in Jon Lester.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Thankfully there’s nothing to be concerned about as far as weather goes.

Doing Lines In Vegas

I get that they’re starting David Hess, but I think the Orioles have a shot at +160 against Thomas Pannone.