Roto-Wan’s wild summer continued last week when his appendix decides to swell and cause the weirdest pain I’ve ever felt. It only took until 5AM to get a cat scan and determine an appendectomy was necessary. The American medical system is a well-oiled machine! More of a Pat Burrell machine, but potato/patato. In honor of my impromptu vacation tier’s are summer vacay ranks.

  • We might have a resolution in the Rockies. Jairo Diaz has picked up two saves in the last week for Colorado. It’s far from set in stone but he’s been the lean all along. As long as he’s effective it’s probably his gig.
  • Shaun Anderson was pressed into the ninth for the Giants with Will Smith’s back keeping him on the shelf. The inning started with a 5-0 lead and by the time Anderson entered it was 5-4 with 2 outs. Not your standard save situation. If Smith can’t get back on the mound, Anderson looks like the option Bruce Bochy will turn to.
  • An altercation between Felipe Vasquez and Kyle Crick left Vasquez with a gash on his nose and Crick with a finger injury requiring surgery. The fight reportedly ensued when Crick declined to turn off the music he was playing at his locker. It sounds like Vasquez was being a flat out dick, instigating the fight and throwing the first punch. He also declined to comment on the story, where Crick threw in more than his two cents. Then again, Crick has been in his share of fights this year.
  • The Mets love a two-out Seth Lugo save. That’s great when it goes right. It’s a fair amount of risk to keep putting on him, though.
  • The weird ride that is the Mariners 2019 bullpen continues. Anthony Bass notched the last save over Matt McGill. Meanwhile, Sam Tuivailala keeps on posting clean innings.
  • It sounds like Craig Kimbrel could be back this weekend. He still hasn’t thrown a full-strength bullpen yet. It’s reasonable to be concerned about how effective he can be at any point rest of season.

A Caribean All-Inclusive 

Absolutely the way to go. Your budget stays intact, you’re almost always happy, and you drink your face off.

A Week At The Shore

I’m from Philly. We call it the shore, big whoop. The weather is cooler and you eat your face off.

Your Uncle’s Cabin 

The furniture is from the fifties, there are no amenities, and so many bugs.

Family Road Trip

It’s never a good idea packing humans into a steel box for hours on end. Worse so when they are your kids.