Ah, the stretch run and the second to last Holds post of the year.  If your not streaming RP at this point to your advantage, I don’t know what else to tell you but to give me your password, and just get ready for Sunday fundays.  It’s not Sunday is it?  Because I can’t talk about it with it around, because it slowly consumes me, then beats me, steals all my money, and makes me feel like that time at the water park.  Sorry, sidetracked on terrible memories.  So Drew Storen has popped up and taken the reigns until Soriano figures out why seven ate nine.  I have heard that people are questioning why Tyler Clippard isn’t in there trying to win one for the skipper.  It’s easy, but has multiple levels to it.  First, you don’t take your best reliever out of the key spot, and that’s setting up and clinching the game for you. Rhis is documented by Clippard dominating in appearances with the lead over the last 30 days.  The second is– Storen, who will be awfully expensive next year, while pitching effective, is basically being showcased and used to keep Rafael Soriano from getting his guaranteed 15 million doll hairs next year.  You heard me: 15 million.  Which becomes guaranteed at 120 games finished, he currentlly sits at 104.  The moon landing, JFK, and keeping Rafi Soriano from getting duckets. Conspiracy theories or truth, all I can do is type it… hold on, Oliver Stone is on the phone.  Stick around for some snippets of relief pitching lore and a flashy chart made from unicorn tears…


  • Rock La Familia, aka Jeurys, aka the dirty rooster, it’s funny because when you Google his nickname, it is inabsentia like Bueller, Bueller…Bueller.  Jeurys is pacing the holds world the past 14 days with 5.  The Mets are going to have a tough time next year with the abundance of power arms at the tailend of their pen.  That’s a good thing, the bad they are still the Mets.
  • Dudes with glasses, just get my goat, if I was allowed pets in my apartment that is.  Brett Cecil has kinda been up and then down this year, still managing 21 for the year, 2 this period and 1 save.  What jumps out to me is the 13 plus K rate.  He is definitely shining out when Casey is running with ice cream in his boots.  You like ice cream doc?
  • So dumb question, when do the Wade Davis for Cy Young chants start?  That’s a serious question.


Player Holds/BS Appearances with Lead In. Runners/IR Scored
Tyler Clippard  33/6 43 3/0
Will Smith  30/5 47 30/8
Tony Watson  30/7 44 18/8
Wade Davis  29/2 40 9/3
J.P. Howell  26/0 36 35/2
Joba Chamberlain  25/4 41 14/5
Casey Fien  25/4 37 22/6
Pat Neshek  23/3 39  29/9
Darren O’Day  22/4 42 26/6
Jonathan Broxton  21/6 38 14/4
Brett Cecil  21/2 32 41/10
Luke Gregerson  21/7 37 23/10
Yoervis Medina  21/1 31 19/6
Brian Wilson  21/3 35 10/3
Kevin Jepsen  20/2 38 38/14
Adam Ottavino  20/5  36 41/14
Bryan Shaw  20/5 37 35/10
Andrew Miller 20/1 26 37/6
Dellin Betances 19/4 34 40/11
  1. papasmurf says:

    Bar none, Wade Davis is my best draft pick this year (a HLDs league). Without him, I highly doubt my flawed team has a chance to win it this season.

    It’s gotta be one of the best RP seasons of all time.

    Yesterday on the final pitch he throws what seemed like a 91 mph changeup (LOL) to Torii Hunter over the plate and up, and Hunter (musta been sitting on the FB) just kinda hesitated and swung through what should have been quite hittable. (Davis himself looked disgusted with the pitch) That’s what a high 90s FB can do for ya.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @papasmurf: Crazy good. It’s prolly one of the best reliever/non closer years I have ever seen. Might be better than Mariano’s 1996 year and just as valuable as Eck in 1990.

      • The Harrow says:

        @Smokey: mcgee from a few years ago (2), same year wade davis went nuts the first time (they were both on same team), those were pretty good too.

  2. Bob says:

    Do tony sipp or Kirby Yates have closer in their future? Thoughts on the closer situations in Tampa and Houston. Thx

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Bob: Tony Sipp looks like a set up guy to me. Yates is a question mark, the TB rays like to rehash bullpen option and I think McGee is the guy for the forseeably future.

  3. Five-On-One says:

    Can you also offer your closer thoughts on TOR (Janssen / Sanchez) and MIN (Perkins / Burton) and SF (Castilla / Romo) for ROS? May try to load up on closers the last two weeks, but of those I mentioned, only Sanchez, Burton and Romo are available. Thanks.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Five-On-One: Sanchez and Romo are the better options if available sgtream away.

  4. Jack says:

    Great stuff on Storen/Soriano! I haven’t seen that reported anywhere.

    My championship week is next week. Please pick the 3 pitchers that will have the most saves that week (# games in parens): Storen (7), Soriano (7), Janssen (7), Sanchez (7), Benoit (7), Quackenbush (7), Feliz (6), Mujica (6).

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jack: Feliz, Storen and its prolly a mix of Quack and Sanchez as both other guys are hurt struggling.

  5. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    need holds. have smith and walden, walden used to be quite useful, back when ATL ever had leads. drop him for any of shaw/herrera/familia/cecil/n.ramirez?

  6. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    different leagues
    2. boxberger (overall performance here, with holds) or cecil/herrera/gregerson?
    3. perkins is healthyish and still awful. drop him (for saves and overall performance here) for one of cishek/petricka/quackenbush/feliz?

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