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The problem you’re having with your innings limit is everyone’s problem with just five weeks to go. The combative strategy against this is to use a familiar SP option for streaming, but this time, use it for RP.  The concept is sound, and is an effective method for leagues without limits, kinda like doctors without borders, but with mitts and jerseys.  So here’s how it goes: find the guys you’re streaming on your roster for SP, but instead, find an effective middle reliever or two or three. Get greedy, as they help in groups, kinda like the non-anime version of Voltron.  These RP stream guys don’t have to be elite names, as most of them are going to be owned already, but if they aren’t, lets start there.  You wanna focus on guys that have a K-rate above 10, which cuts the available guys you want in half. Next, pay attention to their opponent and their teams record… both important. Guys on contenders get used more frequently in better situations. Lastly, and this is important, as soon as they pitch, dump them and pick up a guy who hasn’t pitched that day or the day before to maximize your usable stats. I don’t care how well they did in the game you streamed them in.  He pitched? Now he’s is gone. Forget about em. Pretty simple. No? I’ll draw it in crayon, but put on this helmet so we don’t have any liability issues. (If you pick the right guys that is.)  Stick around for some pretty charts and tidbits of fantasy goodness…

  • I love late season surges, and over the last 30 days, Hector Rondon has been super effective.  He has 10 saves, an allowed 1 ER, and has looked solid for the youthful looking Cubs.  Could be a cheap in-house option if the Cubs don’t bring in a veteran next year, but his stock is definitely rising.
  • I know the Phillies fans are sick of their team and hate the age factor, but their bullpen has some really young bright spots who have started to show out again this past fortnight. Jake Diekman and the dreamboat known as Ken Giles are just K mongers.  Both posting K-rates north 13  during that span.
  • I came into the year pumping Nick Vincent as a guy to watch and, unfortunately, an injury got to him. But now he’s back to let you know he can really hold em down. Awful Dirty Dancing reference, but guess what, me no care.  Vincent, since his return, has allowed zero earned runs a neat 9 K/9 rate and 5 Holds for a team lacking Hold chances.


Player Holds/BS Appearances with Lead In. Runners/IR Scored
Tyler Clippard 30/5 38 3/0
Will Smith 29/5 46 28/6
Brad Ziegler 29/8 39 18/6
Wade Davis 27/2 36 7/3
Tony Watson 27/7 41 11/4
J.P. Howell 25/0 35 34/2
Casey Fien 24/3 34 18/2
Joba Chamberlain 23/4 38 10/1
Darren O’Day 21/4 39 25/6
Jonathan Broxton 20/5 35 12/2
Pat Neshek 20/3 35 28/8
Dellin Betances 19/4 31 39/10
Brett Cecil 19/2 29 37/10
Luke Gregerson 19/7 35 23/10
Yoervis Medina 19/1 28 17/4
Andrew Miller 19/0 23 29/2
Adam Warren 19/2 32 31/10
Brian Wilson 19/3 33 5/3
Kevin Jepsen 18/2 34 36/14
  1. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    But what if I can’t quit Dellin Betances, that guy needs to be owned in all leagues.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Ralph Lifshitz: should I get you guys a disco ball and a tent?

      • Hector says:


        Smokey, I am in a head-to-head league. 14 categories, 8 of them hitting. The pitching categories do not include holds but do include saves (as well as W, CG, WHIP, ERA, and Ks). I am in line for a bye week and I want to come out guns blazing. My strength is hitting as I am in first place in 5 of 8 categories and second in the rest. In pitching I am middle-tier. What do you think of me picking up Davis and Betances (combined they have 13 wins, 210 Ks, ERA at 1.10 and WHIP at 0.80) to help me out in ERA and WHIP? I have starters like Price, Kluber, Arrieta, Shoemaker, Shields, Duffy, Carrasco, and Wacha. I’d drop Perkins and Cody Allen. I am essentially punting saves, a category I have won once in the last 6-7 weeks.


  2. Hondo says:

    Thanks Smokey-good get up to speed info.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hondo: my pleasure

  3. gordon shumway says:

    Thanks as always for the holds info, Smokey. Will Smith, Brad Zeigler and Casey Fein, all at the top of the holds rankings, have been pretty uselss lately… what gives with holds dudes?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @gordon shumway: holds are wonky stat with ebbs and flows. This time of the year for me there are no allegiances go with what will grab you stats. Dynasty formats not with standing.

  4. Fausto

    fausto says:

    Chances soria takes the CL job in Det?
    Is romo now a must own with the committee in SF?.(I have casillia)
    Janssen need a Cecil handcuff too? I’m loading up for playoffs. Appreciate the work.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @fausto: still iffy on soria needs to show healthy. Loading up on all cuffs and young guys that may get a look in sept is the way to pounce

  5. Big League Wood says:

    Who is best options for Holds rest of season?

    Carpenter or Shaw ???

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Big League Wood: tough call shaw pitching better as of late. Carpenter a team with more win capability. Flipping a coin. It was heads. So shaw.

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