On this week’s show we’re joined by the world’s foremost English speaking expert on Asian baseball players, Tim McLeod. Tim shares his thoughts on two guy’s who might be coming over from the Orient for the 2020 baseball season: former MLB pitcher Josh Lindblom, who has now dominated the KBO for two full seasons, and 27 year old Japanese slugger Yoshi Tsutsugo. Don’t miss out on some fascinating info on these two possible gems from the far east.

We also discuss two more well know Asian pitchers in Yusei Kikuchi and Shohei Ohtani; find out what McLeod expects from both in 2020. Other topics featured on this show include: Jake Fraley, Aristedes Aquino, buy low prospect targets, Acuna vs. Trout vs. Yelich for 2020, and MLB playoff predictions. Open your ear holes and enjoy the wise Canadian’s knowledge!

  1. Just listened to the entire podcast great job… What kind of stats do you see for Luis Robert in 2020

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:


      I’m extremely bullish on Robert for 2020. I think he’s up early and Tatis type numbers are definitely within the realm of possibilities.

      Let’s call it .270 20/20 in 450 ABs, assuming the ball is still juiced.

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