You know what the best way is to never be wrong about a player? Don’t make rankings. Well, my excuse is now out the window. When creating my rankings, I start with positional ranks and then combine them into an overall. No draft is the same so I kind of hate doing overall rankings, but who am I not to give the people what they want? But really, the positional rankings are where it’s at.

Anyway, here are my rankings for 2023. We just finished going over Grey’s rankings on the podcast, which means it’s the perfect time to release my rankings so he can’t cross-examine mine. If you look at mine vs ECR, you’re going to notice a few things, but those shouldn’t be any surprise to any pod listeners. My pitchers are ranked lower than consensus; my catchers are also ranked lower than consensus; and if you notice anything else that’s way off, maybe I’m just weird.