Going from a powerhouse system like the Braves to this Marlins farm is going to feel a little disappointing. But give Miami credit for making a couple of moves this offseason to quickly add some Top 100 talent. Not only did they sign Victor Victor Mesa out of Cuba, but also made the swap for Sixto Sanchez (and Alfaro to boot). I genuinely like following real teams during a rebuild. Unlike us dynasty owners, they have to worry about other stuff like putting butts in the seats and all that. I mean, I can only speak for myself. Maybe some of you charge admission for people to watch your live scoring feed while drinking an $8.00 Bud Light.

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1. Victor Victor Mesa, OF | Age: 22 | ETA: 2019
Mesa is one of the latest Cuban imports and is probably a better real life player than fantasy one. But he can hit and has plus speed to impact the steals category. The ceiling is an everyday center fielder with 8-12 homers, a .280 average, and somewhere between 20-25 steals. Most project he’ll be up in 2020, but I’m thinking he’ll actually be up later this year once he’s got the rust off…plus he’d be a draw in Miami. With an ADP around 600, he’s really not in the mix for redrafts right now though.

2. Sixto Sanchez, RHP | Age: 20 | ETA: 2020
For obvious reasons, Grey asks me about ETA, and one of the players he asked about was Sixto at the time of the Realmuto trade. Sanchez is very talented, and his ceiling is a frontline starter, but he’s coming off an injury and a season in which he only threw 46 innings. That makes me think we won’t see him at all this year. Could be a really interesting rookie gamble in redrafts this time next season though.

3. Monte Harrison, OF | Age: 23 | ETA: 2020
Of the three Grade A prospects in this system, Harrison might actually have the most fantasy ‘upside’. The thing with these athletic two-sport types is that while they’re really toolsy, it often takes them a bit longer to get comfortable. That’s probably why we’ve been talking about Harrison for going on five years now. If he pans out, it’s a power/speed combo and some 20/20 type seasons…maybe more. There’s a lot of risk to bust though…37% strikeout rate isn’t what you want from a 23-year-old in AA, even if he does hit 14 homers and steals 28 bags.

Grade B

4. Isan Diaz, 2B | Age: 22 | ETA: 2019
Diaz split time between AA and AAA in 2018, hitting a lusty .232…hooray! There’s some pop and speed, and yes he’ll likely be up this year, but here’s another iffy approach – 27% strikeout rate. At least he walked more than Monte (13%). I could see taking a flyer (flier?) in an NL-only league or a deep dyno. Seriously though, how do you spell flyier in this context? I’ve seen it both ways and you know I’m all about me spulling and grammur.

5. Nick Neidert, RHP | Age: 22 | ETA: 2019
I’m sure it’s pronounced Nydert, but I prefer to think of him as Kneedirt. That way – in my head – he’s like this cool cat who really grinds on the diamond and doesn’t play by the rules. Yeah, I’m Nick Kneedirt. It’s not just a name…it’s a lifestyle *takes a drag of banana dreamz vape* So here we have your typical mid-rotation starter type. He threw 150+ innings in AA last year with some success, so I’m thinking by mid-2019 he gets at least a look-see in the Miami rotation.

6. Connor Scott, OF | Age: 19 | ETA: 2022
The 2018 first-round pick for the Fish, Scott is your prototypical center field prospect – good hit tool, below-average power, and plus speed. His debut wasn’t anything to write home about outside of his 11% walk rate, but obviously he’s just getting his feet under him in the pros and dynasty owners will need to exert some patience.

7. Osiris Johnson, SS | Age: 18 | ETA: 2023
Even younger than Scott, Johnson had about 85 plate appearances in A-ball last season. He has the tools to be an MLB regular (maybe not at short) and make an impact in fantasy, but it’ll take some time. The dream is 20/20. The nightmare is a complete bust. Or this. Yeah that’s no good either. Hold me.

Grade C

8. Sandy Alcantara, RHP | Age: 23 | ETA: 2019
Miami has every reason to give Alcantara the chance to work out as a starter, but there is some bullpen risk associated with him in the long run. He has over 400 minor league innings under his belt going all the way back to 2014. But his strikeout numbers aren’t high enough for me to swallow the command issues that I think are going to be his ticket to the pen. You’ll likely see him much higher on traditional lists.

9. Jose Devers, 2B | Age: 19 | ETA: 2022
Devers is a totally different cat than his cousin Rafael. He’s a plus hit/speed infielder with below-average power. He had a cup of coffee in High-A after spending most of 2018 in the Sally. No homers, but a decent average and double-digit steals…plus a nice low strikeout rate. More to monitor than to snag, but an interesting bat down here in the bottom third.

10. Braxton Garrett, LHP | Age: 21 | ETA: 2021
Garrett has really good stuff from the left side, but he’s coming off Tommy John (ew!) and didn’t pitch at all in 2018. He’s a solid buy low because this time next year he could be right back up there with Sixto and the like.

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  1. Malicious Phenoms says:

    There could be some decent fish in this sea of Marlins prospects..

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Yeah it’s not terrible

  2. FANTASY ICON says:

    No love for Yamamoto?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      eh, don’t hate him, but with that fastball velo he’s going to have to finesse the hell out if his arsenal which just makes it that much harder to pan out

  3. Whatever says:

    Hi Mike,

    Not sure if you are still answering questions on this thread but…..

    Can keep 10 minors. Bauers has not reach AB threshold in my league so I can still keep him on my minors. Which ten would you keep out of this bunch? Obviously, Vlad, Senzel, Trammell are no brainers but just wanted to get your opinion. Thanks.

    Collins, Zack
    Varsho, Daulton
    Bauers, Jake
    Spanberger, Chad
    Solak, Nick
    Groshans, Jordan
    Guerrero Jr., Vladimir
    India, Jonathan
    Jones, Nolan
    Riley, Austin
    Senzel, Nick
    Trammell, Taylor
    Straw, Myles
    Baez, Michel
    Perez, Franklin

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Bauers, Vlad, India, Jones, Riley, Senzel, Trammell, Straw, Baez, Groshans…those last three I’m not really as confident in as the others though

      • Whatever says:

        Thanks Mike. By the way, is there one or two names you are hearing in the prospect experts circles that we should be scooping up before they get drafted in MLB? I dont mind drafting guys one or two years early if they are going to be special. i.e. a guy in my league picked up Harper when he was just 16 years old.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          Not really, for two main reasons

          1) I’m not really in the circle(s).

          2) The minute I give you a name or two the landscape will change. Ask me again closer to the draft and I’ll be able to give you a much clearer picture.

          That said, I don’t think you’d kick yourself if you took a flyer on guys like Vaughn or Abrams a little early.

          • Whatever says:

            Thanks Mike

            • Mike

              Mike says:

              Anytime man

  4. TarmanGotHim says:


    I’ve been waiting all offseason for your Marlins Prospect list.

    I may be one of 250 Marlins fans who do not live in South Florida lol.

    I was born and raised in South Florida but moved to Vegas in 1997 when I was 11, the good ole’ days lol. Have stuck by the Fish since day 1.

    I am a diehard Marlins fan and aside from the 2 WS TITLES, it’s rough. Every trade actually makes you mad. I mean, we traded Chris Paddack for Fernando Rodney? We chose Justin Nicolino over Noah Synderguaard? We had a chance to get Clayton Kershaw? The best we can do is Brinson and Harrison for Yelich (I believe Brinson is the real deal, it’s aggravating when a prospect gets written off over a bad cup of coffee and rookie year). When you see teams like the Rangers getting Willie Calhoun for Yu Darvish and you see the head scratching trades the Fish make, you wonder how the league doesn’t veto some of these deals or how Michael Hill has been in his position for so long. How didn’t we demand Hiura for Yelich? When you trade Gordon, Stanton, Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto, etc., and don’t have a top 10+ farm system with having a top 10+ pick EVERY year, it’s extrenely frustrating to be a fan when you as an intelligent person knows you could do a better job than the entire Marlins front office.

    The best decision they made was the new uniforms and logo (and I dig the Sixto and Alfaro trade by the way, but I know we could of got Tucker or Whitley I really do).

    Also, when you see so many guys like Parra and Adam Jones going on Min contracts, if the rebuilding Marlins don’t spend money why couldn’t they get a decent upgrade like a Parra or Jones rather than a Walker or Granderson? I really don’t understand the logic.

    I’m rambling, sorry, but I got to let out my frustration to you Mike cause I know you feel for us Fish Fans. HAHA.

    Anyways, I do have a few questions. What do you think of Caleb Smith and Trevor Rodgers? Smith seems like he has some electric stuff and Rodgers does too. Do you think they could exceed expectations? You think Smith can be rosterable or is he just a streamer?

    Also, do you like the outlook for Victor Mesa Jr.? I know he’s years away, but how do you see him turning out?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I definitely get it. I follow the Phils, and I’m pretty sure we gave up Domingo Santana on like a clerical error. Similarly, I think the Tribe got Clevinger for like Vinnie Pestano or something. It doesn’t make it right or any less frustrating, but it happens. It seems to be even harder for a team like the Marlins, who are a market that can’t just hit the fastforward button on a rebuild with huge free agent signings or bury their financial miscues under more money.

      Victor squared looks solid. As far as Jr. I really have no idea until we some some pro at-bats.

      I’m not too big on Smith but Rogers I can get into. I think he’s a good one to sort of monitor over the next year or so in High-A, Double-A.

      • TarmanGotHim says:

        You’re the man. Thanks for the response and keep up the great work. Gotta. E happy with the Phillies now. They’re looking ridiculously good. I have them potentially winning it all. Their young pitching looks amazing. If Pivettaand Velasquez and all those guys can put it together and stay healthy, watch out!!

        • Mike

          Mike says:


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