To sorta quote Dead Poets Society, “The players for this league aren’t that different from you.  Same haircuts.  Full of hormones, just like you.  Invincible, just like you feel.  The world is their oyster.  They believe they’re destined for great things, just like many of you, their eyes are full of hope, just like you.  The only difference is they suck at baseball.”  This is the league where you don’t even want the cream of the crap.  You want the crap.  These are the guys that wake up in the morning and say, “Today is gonna be different.  Today, I’m going to amount to something.”  Then fail miserably.  They go 0-for-4 with a hit by pitch and call it a success.  They only throw five innings when the bullpen is too taxed from the night before.  They’re constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering if they’re going to be released.  Maybe I can make it as a real estate agent, that’s what they tell themselves.  Or they tell themselves, maybe if I stand behind Broxton’s ass, Dusty won’t see me.  Or they call Brian L. Hunter for hitting tips.  This is the league where you want a catcher in your utility spot and are damn sure glad Juan Rivera has 1st base eligibility.  In this league, you want the entire Rockies starting staff and wish they played at home for every game.  This is our 6th annual Fantasy Razzball tourney, where the goal is to manage the WORST FANTASY BASEBALL TEAM.   (If you want our regular fantasy baseball leagues, their sign-ups are here.)


  • 10 Team Leagues, MLB universe, uses Yahoo! position eligibility
  • All leagues must be in Yahoo! (to maintain consistent position eligibility rules and IP caps)
  • Set it so that the league can be viewed publicly.
  • Weekly Roster Changes (leaves you time to lavish on your Daily Leagues)
  • C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / CI / MI / 5 OF / 9 P / 5 bench
  • 1,250 innings cap.  No minimum IP.  No AB mins/maxes
  • Leagues will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • 1 team per person per league.
  • Collusion between teams is grounds for disqualification from winning the grand prize.
  • Hitter Stats
    • AB = +2
    • H = -3
    • R = -4
    • HR = -6
    • RBI =  -4
    • K = +2
  • Pitcher Stats
    • IP =  -1
    • HR = +4
    • L = +8
    • K = -1
    • ER = +1.5
    • H+BB = +1

The point structure makes it so that about 2/3 of the league’s hitters as well as just about every pitcher has positive value.  So leaving a roster spot open or filled by a guy who plays once a week will hurt your team.

Find the League ID and Password for a league with open spots to fill (see below grid) and then click here:  Join!  Enter the ID number and Password and click “Join Your League.” Emails are there for some leagues, but you shouldn’t need to email anyone.

Please create a league in Yahoo based on the league rules reference above (note: require a password to avoid non-Razzballers joining) and click here. You will be permissioned shortly so you can add your league info to the Google Doc (the below grid cannot be edited from this page).  On that Google Doc, you will need to enter your name, league link, password and please UPDATE the number of openings as your league fills up.   That’s it.  Oh, and don’t use your bank account password.


An autographed baseball by Grey Albright, Rudy Gamble and a TBD Fantasy Razzball All-Star (last year was Neifi Perez).

  1. 2 Giant rings says:

    In a deep 5×5 league is there any problem with drafting 3 relievers (Balfour, Cook, Doolittle)from the same team?

    • @2 Giant rings: It’s not ideal but those are three solid relievers. Cook has to be handcuffed if you own Balfour and should be a good MR. Doolittle was awesome last year and probably a top 10 MR (no chance at saves division).

      The downside is that you have no Saves upside. So swapping Doolittle for someone with a chance at saves like Jared Burton or a lottery ticket for saves like AJ Ramos (Marlins) or Josh Fields (Astros) is worth it if your team is low on Saves…

  2. DrEasy says:

    I demand my autographed baseball! Although, the one time I got an autographed baseball (last year during Spring Training) all the players who signed it were injured or demoted: Drabek, Snider, Jonathan Diaz. I wouldn’t want bad things to happen to my beloved Razzball bloggers. Or even to Neifi Perez.

  3. Gopher says:

    Keeper League…In a vaccum…..Braun, D. Straily, F. Doubront for

    Longoria, Heyward, Peavy
    J. Hamilton, B.J Upton

    • @Gopher: I’d take Longoria, Heyward, Peavy….no doubt.

  4. scott says:

    10 team keeper, 5×5, can keep a guy up to 3 years, each year draft value goes up 2 rounds
    keep 3, who gets cut? i have the 5th pick in round 1 if i cut cano.

    cano 1st rd
    heyward 5th
    beltran 18
    austin jackson 21
    alex gordon 22
    peavy 23

    • @scott: Gordon and Jackson are the best values on this board. Heyward is pretty good value but three OFs is overkill. It’s b/w Cano and Peavy for #3…

  5. Clyde Prompto says:

    This could be something or it could be nothing, but:

    Anonymous Source: Cano, Granderson, A-Rod and Braun will all be suspended for failing PED test this season. — Joe Bisceglie (@joebisceglie) March 4, 2013

    This from the same guy who first reported Melky Cabrera was going to be suspended.

  6. Pine Tar Incident says:

    Keep Kershaw or Reyes? Seems that pitching is awfully deep (and that post about streaming was awfully eye opening) and SS is awfully shallow. But Kershaw is pretty awesome and much younger (though the hip worries me).

    Other keeps are Miggy, Trout, Kemp.

  7. Hoosier Daddy says:


    If Matt Carpenter gets full time duties at 2B for the Redbirds, where would he rank for you amongst the crap that is 2B (or as I call them, the 2-Tea-Baggers)?

    • @Hoosier Daddy: If he’s playing near every day, his bat makes him MI worthy in shallow leagues. But I’m not terribly convinced he’ll outperform, say, Daniel Murphy.

  8. I'm that Gyorko says:

    Rudy or Grey (or anyone)-

    ESPN 12 team H2H looking to grab me some Adam Jones:

    C- McCann (drafted in round 22, so I took a flyer)
    1B- Goldschmidt
    2B- Murphy (NYM)
    3B- Longo
    SS- Castro
    2B/SS- Rutledge
    1B/3B- Freeman
    IF- Moustakas
    LF- Trumbo
    CF- Harper
    RF- J Upton
    OF- Chris Davis
    OF- Reddick
    DH- Machado
    UTIL- Frazier
    Bench- Markakis, Beckham, Eaton, Gyorko

    SP- Bumgarner
    SP- Chapman
    SP- Samardzija
    SP- Hanson
    SP- Estrada
    SP- Wei-Yin Chen
    RP- Motte
    RP- Reed
    RP- Holland
    Bench- Sergio Santos

    Cats are AVG/R/SB/HR/RBI/K & ERA/WHIP/SV/K/W

    Jones was drafted one pick ahead of me so I grabbed Harper instead. Should I try Harper for Jones straight up, or part ways with one of my 3B because the Jones owner is weak at that position? I like this team, but want to bolster my OF with a solid AVG/HR/RBI guy like Jones because Trumbo/Davis/Reddick all have one or two areas that scare me….Thoughts or should I just stand pat for now?

    On a side note, I feel as though I am constantly drafting teams against players who don’t read the Razz and that is just a shame………

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @I’m that Gyorko: Your team looks solid, I think the pitching staff is a slightly better than it needs to be… You don’t need Bum and Aroldis… Trade Bum for Jones, see what kind of response that gets…. I wouldn’t trade Harper for him….

    • @I’m that Gyorko: I’d prefer Harper to Jones this year for the upside. If they are willing to trade A. Jones for a grab-bag of Trumbo/Davis/Reddick + Frazier or a closer, I’d do it…but it’s doubtful.

  9. Bristol says:

    12 team keeper POINTS H2H league. Can keep five players. Players can be kept at positions that they were drafted in previously. Pitching goes early as you need 2 aces to win. All past winners have had at least two aces. There will be stud hitteres and pitchers available in first two rounds as people dont keep players who cost that much. Who would you keep from this list (round that they can be kept is next to the name)

    24 man rosters. Start C, 1B, 2B, 3b, SS, Util, 3 OF, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P

    Bumgarner – 4th
    Wright – 6th
    Scherzer -7th
    Sale – 14th
    Jennings – 16th
    Latos – 17th
    Aaron Hill – 18th
    Lawrie -19th
    Bautista – 24th

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Bristol: Scherzer, Latos, Jennings, Bautista, Lawrie…

  10. Jack Full of Hate says:

    You should call this Bizzaro Baseball

      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @Grey: so would taking the advice of the CBS writers be the best strategy to win this thing?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          Hahahaha… Great idea… Read CBS and ESPN…

          • Jack Full of Hate says:

            @Grey: my team name is Berry’s the Boss cause i couldn’t imagine anyone else leading my team to victory

            • Grey

              Grey says:

              I like what Sky calls him, Snafu Larry…

              • Jack Full of Hate says:

                @Grey: damn thats good. I can’t copy that, I respect the razzball copyright. but on the other hand, he does use my name for him ” the artist formerly known as oregon nut cup”

                • Grey

                  Grey says:

                  Stealing is the sincerest form of something something… BTW, there’s a new post from me…

    • Hondo says:

      @Jack Full of Hate:

      Whatever its called,it makes my head hurt.I don’t often come across something twisted enough to faze my jaded self.

      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @Hondo: I hear ya, but i have been watch people suck at this game for years and now I get to role play their style. All the players I refuse to own will now be my fantasy darlings.

  11. Jon says:

    Could I get some mock feedback? Yahoo 12-team. Thanks in advance!

    C Santana
    1B Ike Davis
    2B Kinsler
    3B Miggy
    SS Zobrist
    OF Jones
    OF Choo
    OF Jackson
    UT Frazier
    UT Rutledge
    Bench – Marte

    SP Cain
    SP Scherzer
    SP Samardzijia
    SP Niese
    SP Milone
    SP Miley
    SP Tillman
    SP Cobb

    RP WIlhelmsen
    RP Cishek
    RP Parnell
    RP Pestano

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Jon: Team looks solid… I’d be careful about average with those hitters…

  12. Sideshow says:

    Joe Bisceglie who broke the Melky story last yr is reporting Braun, Cano, Granderson & ARod are going to be suspended for PEDS. Could just be BS rumor.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Sideshow: I think Joe Whatever has himself a good PR person… He broke the Melky story? Really?

  13. Grey

    Grey says:


    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @Grey: I will create a league. If not tonight, then tomorrow.

      I was thinking about doing a jerk/turd/loser league anyway. I figured it would be hard to find participants. Now I won’t have trouble.

      Suffice it to say my league will have a ridiculous name.

      • Grey

        Grey says:


  14. hooydonck says:

    Google Doc not updating for some reason.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @hooydonck: Please make sure leagues are viewable by the public.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Looks all good…

  15. Chris says:

    Creating a league and have some questions. H2H Points or Points only? Should we put a limit on moves per week or not?

    • Chris says:

      @Chris: I also don’t see a H+BB category.

      • VinWins

        VinWins says:

        @Chris: Points only. No limits on moves. Score +1 for Hits and +1 for BB.

        • Chris says:

          @VinWins: Thanks. League created and permission to the doc requested.

          • VinWins

            VinWins says:

            @Chris: Great! Something I forgot from last year, set the “Can’t cut list” to none.

  16. Eddy says:

    I’ve unfortunately capped my league limit at 4 this year so I won’t be participating, but I remember one of the more awkward situations is when you own the same guy in Razzball as in a regular league.

    Kind of a reality check.

    • Chris says:

      @Eddy: Yahoo allows 8 free teams per Yahoo ID.

      • Eddy says:

        @Chris: I meant as a personal cap. In 2011 I did 7 leagues, in 2012 I did 3 and I’m going back to 4 but really don’t want to do more because I know it’s going to consume so much.

        • Chris says:

          @Eddy: Gotcha. Some of the owners in my leagues didn’t know Yahoo increased that limit.

  17. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    Started making a league before, but got sidetracked. Might wait till the weekend to finish it.

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