To sorta quote Dead Poets Society, “The players for this league aren’t that different from you. Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they’re destined for great things, just like many of you, their eyes are full of hope, just like you. The only difference is they suck at baseball.” This is the league where you don’t even want the cream of the crap. You want the crap. These are the guys that wake up in the morning and say, “Today is gonna be different. Today, I’m going to amount to something.” Then fail miserably. They go 0-for-4 with a hit by pitch and call it a success. They only throw five innings when the bullpen is too taxed from the night before. They’re constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering if they’re going to be released. Maybe I can make it as a real estate agent, that’s what they tell themselves. Or they tell themselves, maybe if I stand behind Broxton’s ass, Dusty won’t see me. Or they call Brian L. Hunter for hitting tips. This is the league where you want a catcher in your utility spot and are damn sure glad Juan Rivera has 1st base eligibility. In this league, you want the entire Rockies starting staff and wish they played at home for every game. This is our 6th annual Fantasy Razzball tourney, where the goal is to manage the WORST FANTASY BASEBALL TEAM. (If you want our regular fantasy baseball leagues, their sign-ups are here.)

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