Another week closer to the end.  Well my friends, it is getting to be that time, crunch time.  I wish they sold some kind of crunch machine for this time of the year, as every start becomes more important than the last.   As you are calculating your starts remaining, innings remaining, and most inevitably the trade deadline in your leagues, take a look at where you’re trailing.  It is now the time to do something about it, not yesterday or in 3 days.   This is why we do all that preparation for the draft and read countless blurbs about players.  We want to win or at least look good doing it.  So take this week to make your final push, because it feels better to try and lose then to not care at all.  Good luck and happy fantasy baseballin’.  (Please keep in mind that match-ups and pitchers change.)

Blake Beavan (Tb vs Cobb, Min vs Deduno) Leave it to Beavan, not literally but figuratively. No clue if his mom actually does speak jive.  A Marginer with 2 in the friendly confines of Safeco, too bad that triple A line-up hitting behind sucks the yellow off of a Lemonhead.

Bartolo Colon (@KC vs Guthrie, Cle vs Masterson)  Last three starts, zero earned runs.  I think he may have eaten em. I am not absolutely positive of that, but its safe to assume that he did.

Aaron Harang (@Pit vs Karstens, @Atl vs Minor) Hasn’t looked great.  Sugar coating a box of rocks still makes them rocks, but with a diabetic warning on the side.  Who am I kidding, sugar-coated anything is awesome.

Nate Eovaldi (Phi vs Hamels, @Col vs Chatwood) Let me see if I can make sense of this.  Dodgers are a potential playoff team, he has 1 win in 10 starts; Miami is floundering and he has 2 wins in the last 14 days.  Yeah, I can’t figure it out and now am cross-eyed.

Jose Quintana (@Tor vs Alvarez, @KC vs Guthrie) He and Carlos Villanueva should open up a housing development firm. Because our names mean your home could be their slogan.  Low end guy on a first place team versus 2 decent match-ups — sign up starts around the corner.

Joe Kelly (Ari vs Kennedy, Pit vs Rodriguez) This should be his last appearance on here, as Hi-May is coming off the boo boo list. I can say, Joe, it has been nice, so go out with a bang. And by bang I mean good, not an implosion.

Jeff Karstens (LAD vs Harang, @STL vs Lynn) Although I have a 2-start addiction to Jeff, he has been operating on a good, then bad, schedule.  His last was bad, so pick him up for me or yourself.  Either way we win.

Sam Deduno (Det vs Sanchez, Sea vs Beavan) He kinda looks like Liriano from a right-handed perspective.  For fantasy purposes, we hope the opposite.  I asked Sam for comment recently and I got a energetic “Si”.  Weird getting a Si from a guy named Sam.

Alex Cobb (Sea vs Beavan, @LAA vs Wilson)  In a perfect world, I would pair his first start with Quintana’s second.  Basically forming a 2-start voltron, but with out all the weird cut away anime that was involved.  Oh… and of course no swords, there are no swords in baseball.

Carlos Villanueva (CHW vs Peavy, Tex vs Dempster) I am not liking the match-ups at all, and from the last few starts Chuck seems to be running out of gas.  It’s ok to be wrong once in a while, but I see some stained sheets and angry periphs if added.

  1. Hondo says:

    Colon’s start was moved to today,I guess they figure he can spend all morning fueling up at the Sunday brunch place, eating bacon and sausage omelets and sipping mimosas until game time.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hondo, Buffet is better today

      • Hondo says:

        @Smokey, I meant his start was moved to Sunday-geez,see what happens when you don’t drink on a Friday night?
        You wake up early without a hangover and can’t function normally.

  2. Hector Luna says:

    In a dilemma. Just made a couple of trades for some better pitching. Would you start Johan Santana or Estrada tonight?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hector Luna, Estrada, Santana is on a pitch count

  3. Brian says:

    In an AL Only league, which closer would you roll with for the rest of the year?

    Holland on KC or Jim Johnson on BAL?

    I am thinking JJ just for the fact that BAL is playing for something down the stretch while KC is playing out the string.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Brian, Johnson

      • Brian says:


        Thanks, Smokey.



  4. champion1337 says:

    Should I trade Chase Headley for Dan Haren? If I trade Headley, I’d slide Ryan Zimmerman from my DH spot, and then place Cespedes there. My current pitching is Strasburg, Matt Moore, and a mixture of Colon, Liriano, Lohse, Lester, Medlen, and Billingsley for my final 3 SP spots based on matchups.

    • Adam says:

      @champion1337, heck yeah, Haren has more upside and is on a contending team. Headley is good but might have hit his ceiling. That would give you a solid 4th or even 3rd pitcher depending on how he comes around.

  5. Boombastic says:

    Please pick 2 to start

    Burnett @ ST.L
    Lincecum vs Washimgton
    Straily @ KC


  6. Terrence Mann says:

    Thank you Jeebus that I’m streaming Harang and Samardzija in my competitive leagues and have Dempster and Fiers on my garbage teams.

    Kelly have 2 starts? rotowire says no.

    Nice work.

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