We at Razzball realize that exporting our views across the country has damaging consequences on the blogosphere. To help make amends, we are reaching out to leading team blogs and featuring their locally blogged answers to pressing 2011 fantasy baseball questions regarding their team. We feel this approach will be fresher, more sustainable, and require less energy consumption (for us anyway). The 2011 Padres Fantasy Baseball Preview comes courtesy of Gaslamp Ball.

1) I’m going to try and make these questions as positive as possible, which is of course a segue for negativity. Let’s see if I can guess the lineup: Bartlett, Hudson, Headley, Ludwick, Hawpe, Venable, Maybin, Hundley… I wanna say you guys look pretty set for seven hole hitters, but try and instill some optimism in me.

Your lineup looks pretty close. Let’s take that lineup and consider last year’s lineup at the same positions.

The Seven Hole Row
Bartlett > Tejada/Cabrera
Hudson > Eckstein
Headley = Headley
Ludwick = Ludwick
Hawpe < Adrian Gonzalez Venable = Venable Maybin > Gwynn Jr.
Hundley <= Torrealba

Just how much better or worse we’ve gotten at each position can be argued, but by this count, we should improve at three positions, get worse at two (though Hundley may make up a little bit of power over Yorvit) and stay even at the other three (assuming players meet expectations, which admittedly, aren’t particularly great). The one tough thing to figure is the fact that most of the guys in the lineup that are new or coming from off years, but if this were 2007-2009, then we’re looking at a bunch of All-Stars. Also, we’re figuring on Venable and Maybin to have breakout years in 2011 and Headley to (hopefully) progress into the hitter he’s supposed to be.

When you look at it that way and consider that last year was a 90+ win team, then it’s good things in store even if it isn’t an offensive juggernaut.

Glass half empty prediction: We hit .196 at Petco.
Glass half full prediction: The visiting teams hit a consistent .194 at Petco.

2) I’m worried about the amount of innings Mat Latos pitched last year. Are you worried? Can he throw a successful 200 IP this year?

It’s a legitimate concern, but the Padres were really careful with Latos last year. Bud Black kept him under 100 pitches for the majority of his starts and they found creative ways to give him breaks throughout the season. He was used a little bit more than they would have liked because the Padres were in a pennant race but still his highest pitch count was 110 pitches. We’re not worried about him more than we’re worried about any other pitcher. Also, the dude’s a professional athlete getting paid to throw. Let’s get him throwing.

3) I get excited about Kyle Blanks every year it seems and then every year he doesn’t get playing time. Will he see 400 ABs this year?

No way will he get 400 ABs. He’s still rehabbing his arm from Tommy John surgery. He’ll play some games in Spring Training but he’ll definitely be starting in the minors. Brade Hawpe will be the Padres first baseman this year and we might see Blanks towards the end of the season when rosters expand. Even then, Anthony Rizzo (one of the prospects from the Adrian Gonzalez deal) is projecting to be a Major League ready type guy in the next couple of years, so Blanks’ now has a window of expectation to prove his value at first. His big advantage: He is an ogre.

4) Okay, I have a positive for you! Tim Stauffer looks like a break out candidate to me. What kind of year can we expect from him? Wait, I have another positive! I’m also optimistic about Cory Luebke, but will he make the rotation?

Jed Hoyer said that maybe his biggest regret last season was not getting Tim Stauffer into the rotation sooner, when injuries and fatigue started to mount late in the season. We’d be willing to bet some nominal amount of money that Stauffer puts together a more productive year than Chris Young next season. We’re not claiming a big season from him, and we don’t think he’ll perform beyond a number 3 starter, but he’ll leverage good karma and Petco Park to his advantage and finally become a regular starting pitcher this season.

As far as Luebke goes, we’re looking forward to seeing more of him next season, but we don’t see him making the rotation straight away. At best, he’d beat out a 5th starter spot, but a more likely scenario is him acing a AAA staff. With the AAA team a little closer to San Diego, Luebke will likely make some spot starts down the stretch, and will be the first man up if any sort of injury hits the staff. Aaron Harang will be making a run at Comeback Player of the Year, but if that stalls at all, then Luebke will be a really nice fallback for the latter half of the year.

5) It’s still too early to tell how the San Diego Padres fared in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. In retrospect, which San Diego trade is the most regrettable: 1) Ozzie Smith for Garry Templeton. 2) Trading Fred McGriff for Melvin Nieves and some even crappier prospects. 3) The blockbuster trade for a panda that cost the zoo a couple of ligers, a unicorn, and a 6-foot anthropomorphic chicken.

Garry Templeton is part of San Diego and so embodies what it is to be a San Diego Padres fan that it is impossible to regret that trade. It’s like a Red Sox fan “regretting” ever selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. It is a defining trait. Fred McGriff was destined to be a journeyman.

I guess that leaves option 3, though we’ve since got the chicken back and I heard the unicorn died.

  1. Merlin says:

    The “Hawpe Gwynn Jr” equation is interesting

  2. Steelers Can't Lose says:

    If any Razz commenter is bored today and/or is kind-hearted and wants to help out a fellow Grey-ite, my league has an auction on ESPN starting at 1PM Eastern and we have an MIA owner. I would *really* prefer that there are no robots in the draft, so I am willing to risk one of you savvy guys (and three girls) building a monster team that will go on to crush me. Please post here if you are willing; I think it should last about 2.5 hours. If nothing else, it’s good practice for auctions, right?

  3. Ryan says:

    Congrats Grey, on finding a Padres blog that is not complete and unabashed homers.

    Oh, wait.

    And Kyle Blanks only as a September callup? Did I miss the part where Brad Hawpe met up with Doc Brown and headed back to 2007? Hawpe isn’t that good anymore, hasn’t been healthy in a while, and is taking his bat from Coors to Petco (ignoring the Tampa thing).

    Hawpe is going to suck at some point this year. It is pretty unreasonable to dismiss Blanks coming up before September.

  4. pubscout says:

    Grey old chap, which eight do I keep?

    Napoli, CSantana, Kinsler, Utley, ARod, Bautista, Ethier, Dread Pirate, Werth, Ubaldo, Price, Oswalt.

  5. Michael Bourne says:

    Grey, this is the closest thing to a post you have mentioned Will Venable. Bud Black has said Venable will lead off, and that with AGon no longer there, the light is green to run. Black also said he wants 40+ SB. (http://tiny.cc/uquz5) Venable is 28 and in his prime with his first full time gig. He could get 80-90 runs, 20 HRs, and 40 SB. That is 3 of the 5 stats Crawford puts up but I can get him in the last round instead of the first round. His RBIs won’t go up if he stays at the lead off, and his average is .250. But even Drew Stubbs is 10-15 rounds early in most drafts.

    So he won’t be the number one OF in 2011 unless he can cut his 1 SO/game in half, but to put up Stubbs numbers from am undrafted fantasy player?

  6. ritzer says:

    First of all thanks for the help.
    Any comments on my team. How worried are you about Liriano and Heyward for this year?

    A new 12 team keeper. 6×6 Standard plus OBP and Quality starts.
    8 bench spots.

    9. (106) Matt Wieters (Bal – C)
    5. (58) Justin Morneau (Min – 1B)
    3. (34) Ian Kinsler (Tex – 2B)
    2. (15) David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    11. (130) Ian Desmond (Was – SS)
    1. (10) Ryan Braun (Mil – OF)
    4. (39) Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    12. (135) Curtis Granderson (NYY – OF)
    13. (154) Aaron Hill (Tor – 2B)
    17. (202) Adam Lind (Tor – 1B,OF)

    20. (231) Ángel Pagán (NYM – OF)
    21. (250) Ryan Raburn (Det – 2B,OF)
    Cuddyer (1B 3B) waivers

    6. (63) Cole Hamels (Phi – SP)
    7. (82) Francisco Liriano (Min – SP)
    8. (87) Roy Oswalt (Phi – SP)
    10. (111) Shaun Marcum (Mil – SP)
    15. (178) Gio González (Oak – SP)
    19. (226) Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
    22. (255) Jordan Zimmermann (Was – SP)
    25. (298) Wade Davis (TB – SP)
    26. (303) Jonathon Niese (NYM – SP)

    14. (159) Chris Pérez (Cle – RP)
    16. (183) Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    18. (207) Fernando Rodney (LAA – RP)
    FA Jake MCGee

  7. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    Fred McGriff was destined to be a journeyman?

    Ahem….dude’s a Hall of Famer.

  8. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    or should be, anyway.

  9. Steelers Can't Lose says:

    @YourMomsBoyfriend: sarcasm detector = broken?

  10. Rhymenoceros says:

    @Steelers Can’t Lose: Did you fill the spot yet? I’m willing to jump in the league if you need another player. What is the name of the league? Do I need an invite? My email address is [email protected].

  11. Doug Ault says:

    Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar for McGriff and Tony Fernandez, has got to rank right up there in Padre goofs

  12. cubbies299 says:

    I was drafting last night in a 14 team mixed with $300 in salary. I already had Fielder and Howard as 1B’s (the contracts were favorable), but the first name called out was Miggy. He was going for $50, and I had him valued at $75… Without thinking, I dropped $51 and filled my last util spot on the first name of the draft. Miggy love is true love.

    C: Carlos Santana
    1B: Miggy
    2B: A Hill
    SS: Andrus
    3B: McGehee
    OF: Werth
    OF: Heyward
    OF: A Jones
    UT: R Howard
    UT: Fielder
    SP: Scherzer
    SP: Haren
    SP: Hanson
    SP: Greinke
    RP: Broxton
    RP: Axford
    P: Gio Gonz
    P: Gavin Floyd
    P: Shields
    P: Bedard
    BN: Papi
    BN: Raburn
    BN: Moreland
    BN: Berkman

    This is the best team I’ve ever assembled. It makes me cry a little to have peaked in my life.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Merlin: Only Gwynn Jr. is on the Dodgers.

    @Ryan: I think we see Blanks June/July, but maybe I just want to believe.

    @pubscout: Throw back Napoli, Utley, Santana and Price…

    @Michael Bourne: If everything breaks right, sure… Could also hit .240 with 8 homers and steal 15…

    @ritzer: No problem, not worried about Heyward. I imagine your offense is weaker than most teams in your league because you took pitchers for three straight rounds. Team looks competitive though if light on steals.

    @chata: Stephen

    @cubbies299: Team looks kinda insane, especially from the hitting front. Pitching might be a bit of a struggle from time to time.

  14. whodatwhodey says:

    Grey…need keeper help! 12 team 6×6 mixed league w/ 13 keepers. I’m set on Mauer, Uggla, A-Rod, Pence, Ichiro, Kershaw, Weaver, Ubaldo, Scherzer, and Soria. Need 3 out of the following : Grandy, Rasmus, Panda, Victorino, Wandy, & Rivera. Thanks

  15. Jason says:


    This looks like a classic Grey draft. Longoria there is a good buy, got good timing enough to come back and get Howard. Phillips was the last good 2B left, then he snagged two OF that’ll give him power and speed, and finished it off with a Gallardo pick and Andrus who he has ranked high. Looks like Grey to me.

  16. Brandon-who-forgot-a-detail says:

    Grey any thoughts on this 12 team 5×5 roto draft?

    C Kurt Suzuki
    1B Ryan Howard
    2B Dan Uggla
    3B David Wright
    SS Alcides Escobar
    2B/SS Tsuyoshi Nishioka
    1B/3B Aramis Ramirez
    OF Jayson Werth
    OF Alex Rios
    OF Adam Jones
    OF Torii Hunter
    OF Julio Borbon
    UTIL Austin Jackson
    Bench Robot Jones

    P Josh Johnson
    P Roy Oswalt
    P Tim Hudson
    P Joe Nathan
    P Matt Thornton
    P Brad Lidge
    P Edwin Jackson
    P Carlos Zambrano
    P James McDonald

    Bench Chris Sale
    Bench Kyle Farnsworth

  17. Rhymenoceros says:

    @Jason: If you check that sites home page, they have rounds 8-15 posted. I agree, Jason. It is totally a Grey draft, and based on what I was seeing, he definitely has gotten the most value and has a super-competitive team.

  18. Eddy says:

    @Rhymenoceros: @Jason:

    Then you guys should applaud Stephen; he’s the one who is doing the draft. That’s what Grey just answered above. Definitely a good-looking team.

  19. Bravo says:

    Hi Grey,

    Here’s my team:

    C: Jorge Posada (NYY – C)
    1B: Joey Votto (Cin – 1B)
    2B: Neil Walker (Pit – 2B,3B)
    3B: Mark Reynolds (Bal – 3B)
    SS: Jose Reyes (NYM – SS)
    OF: Josh Hamilton (Tex – OF)
    OF: Jayson Werth (Was – OF)
    OF: Chris Young (Ari – OF)
    Util: Shane Victorino (Phi – OF)
    BN: Adam Lind (Tor – 1B,OF)
    BN: Travis Snider (Tor – OF)

    SP: Justin Verlander (Det – SP)
    SP: Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
    RP: John Axford (Mil – RP)
    RP: Joel Hanrahan (Pit – RP)
    P: Chad Billingsley (LAD – SP)
    P: Frank Francisco (Tor – RP)
    P: Ted Lilly (LAD – SP)
    BN: Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
    BN: Johnny Cueto (Cin – SP)
    BN: Koji Uehara (Bal – RP)

    This is an 11 team standard 5×5 roto keeper league. I need a little help in average and saves, but is my team alright? Can I go to battle with this?

  20. Bad at Fantasy says:

    Found this site via the razzball fantasy basketball site where Adam has helped steer my team to a respectable 9th place finish in a ten team league. That dude can write though! Anywho, what do you think of my team?

    10 team h2h 10 x 10 league with Errors, Walks, 2Bs, 3Bs and Ks and Holds, HRs, BBs, Ls and IP. Yeah, triples… Ugh.

    C Napoli
    1B Fielder
    2B Phillips
    3B Evan Longorrhea
    SS Alexei
    IF Alvarez

    LF Bay
    CF Kemp
    RF Heyward
    OF Snider
    UT Pence

    Ike Davis
    Yunel Escobar
    Jesus Montero

    SP Francisco Liriano
    SP Yovani Gallardo
    Cl Marmol
    CL Thornton
    MR Sale
    MR Aroldis Chapstick
    SP Gio
    P Hanrahan
    P Wand Rod
    P Edwin Jackson
    P League

    Most of this month long draft was done via drunken text message from dive-y bars as I was going through a whirlwind romance / breakup with an attractive improv comedienne pretty much from the second round through my last pick. As you might imagine, I’m just pleased I got someone to fill every position. The problem is, in order to make that happen that meant there were Sunday afternoons when my post-coital brain, drunk on a dozen mimosas, would pick a dreggy player like Yuni Escobar for fear that my roster lacked at that position. Ike Davis was taken in a fit of despondency the morning after the “break up” when I awoke from 3 hours of sleep curled up on my loveseat. My head was pounding and I still wearing shoes and my winter coat.

    My strategy, formulated after the “breakup” / draft when fantasy was back on my mind, was to disregard 3Bs, SBs and errors–since those categories are stupid–and go after power potential, figuring power’s positively correlated with 2Bs, runs, rbis & bbs and only negatively correlated (for fantasy purposes) with Ks. On the pitching side, I want to compete in L, SV, HRs, BBs, HLD, ERA and WHIP by scraping by the 40 IP minimum with my production concentrated in relief innings.

    I’d appreciate some validation, particularly re: my love life. Advice on how to fix my fantasy team so I can love it as much as I wanted to love my wayward bartender / comedienne. I’m hugely impressed with the quality of writing on this site. You’re entertaining, funny and knowledgeable.

  21. Steelers Can't Lose says:


    Thanks a lot for the offer. It looks like we managed to get somebody. I do appreciate it.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @whodatwhodey: @whodatwhodey: Rasmus, Panda, Victorino…

    @Brandon-who-forgot-a-detail: You look low on average and speed and your pitching looks solid.

    @Bravo: You also look light on power and heavy on speed. Not sure why you would follow a Reyes pick with a Victorino one.

    @Bad at Fantasy: Thanks for the kind words and the story, very entertaining. You look light on speed and anything that goes with it in your categories. I’d lose Yunel and grab anyone that is going to get 20+ steals. Your pitching looks solid though, so that’s good.

  23. aj says:

    i can keep three in a 13 person 5×5 rotoleague. who would you keep?
    teixeria, b. phillips, hamilton, longoria, mike stanton, vlad, hart, stubbs, price, jon lester

  24. jim says:

    Must keep your best 3 players in this league. Locked in on: Adrian Gonzalez + Arod. Then need 1 of these: Rollins, Werth, Dunn, Utley

    Categories are R,RBI,HR,SB,BA,OPS

    I guess that’s the order that I have them at the moment but it changes by the second. Have to make them official tonight. Any input from the peanut gallery is greatly appreciated.


  25. herschel says:

    @Grey: 12 team, 5 x 5 roto draft. keeping tulo and cargo and will take a 1b with my first pick (miggy, votto or howard). for second round pick, i think ill have choice between youk and kemp. assuming other top 3b will be gone by this pick. grab youk or take the value in kemp?


  26. mauledbypandas says:

    I like when the guest bloggers have a little sass.

    “Bud Black kept him under 100 pitches for the majority of his starts and they found creative ways to give him breaks throughout the season.”

    Be careful Razballers. sneezes can be deadly.

  27. Bravo says:


    Thanks for the reply, Grey. I drafted Victorino in the 9th round. Using the projections on the War room spreadsheet, I would be 7th in steals, but of course those are just projections. So sounds like I should’ve went a little heavier on power and if I happen to need more steals during the year, I’d add them through pick ups?

    Still learning the trade…thanks for your input!

  28. Michael Bourne says:

    Thanks for having an awesome website Grey. I am trying to wedge myself away from having 5 pitchers in the first eight rounds. I am starting to like Kemp and Cruz as possible third rounders after a 1b/3b combo.

    Here is my question: is it really hard to like a shortstop after the first round? If I did the same thing with SS as I might with C and just take some waiver fliers, am I giving up too much offense by having two questionable to flat positions?

  29. Rhymenoceros says:

    @Michael Bourne: I’d be shocked if you can get Kemp in the 3rd round. For my money, I’d target someone like McCutchen or Justin Upton.

  30. chata says:

    @Michael Bourne:

    more than half the owners in your league
    are going to have a shitty ss .

  31. Rhymenoceros says:

    @aj: You must be playing with primates to have that kind of team in a 13 person league. However, I’d keep Longoria, Stanton, and Lester/Price (whoever you feel works best with the rest of your staff).

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @aj: Tex, Longoria, Phillips…

    @jim: Do you have a CI? ow many teams?

    @herschel: Kemp

    @mauledbypandas: Ha

    @Bravo: No problem.

    @Michael Bourne: Thanks for the kind words! I’ve said plenty of times on the site I punt SS too.

  33. jim says:

    Sorry. More info:

    Must keep your best 3 players in this league. Locked in on: Adrian Gonzalez + Arod. Then need 1 of these: Rollins, Werth, Dunn, Utley

    12 teams. C,1B,2B,3B,SS,OFx4,Util. Categories are R,RBI,HR,SB,BA,OPS

    I suspect (according to Razz-rankings) that Andrus/Rollins/maybe Jeter will be best SS unkept. Dunn will be best 1B unkept. Werth will be 3rd or 4th best OF left… and I pick 11th in the first round.


  34. The Dude says:

    Which side?




  35. Gambler says:

    The Padres blog guy makes a good point that the Padres at least kept Mat Latos’s pitch count down despite having thrown so many innings.. Do you think he is more or less of a risk than Josh Johnson?

  36. Brandon says:

    @The Dude: I would def go with Braun + Phillips.

  37. Abe says:

    Grey, I’ve been checking your site for awhile now but I just wanted to give you kudos on how excellent it is.

    Also, if Jay Bruce came up early in an auction ($260) in a keeper league, what’s the most you would spend on him?

  38. Giggles McGehee says:

    @Grey: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The rat part of my brain keeps punting 2B. What’s wrong with punting 2B and picking up the Danny Espinosa’s late? I’d rather go to battle with Elvis & Espinosa than say Drew and Prado.

  39. captain yesterday says:

    In a league that penalizes strikeouts, how valuable is David Wright? His Ks have skyrocketed since 2008, any reason to think that’s not going to continue?

  40. pat says:

    In a 14 team league that favors power over speed, just traded andrus, moustakas, and gavin floyd for hanley. I’ll probably pick up mike minor and a third baseman until youk can fill in. Good deal?

  41. Steve says:

    @Grey: He does it to us every year – Joey Devine shut down after nine pitches.y

  42. Michael Bourne says:

    @Giggles McGehee: Or you could take Hill and an undrafted brignac or Jhonny Tiger and draft better OF and SP

  43. Michael Bourne says:

    @pat: GREAT Deal. Any time you get hanram and trade a SS and average players you win.

  44. Wake Up says:

    Who do you like better for a Util spot this year Billy Butler or Ichiro………….Kidding!
    Seriously though on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love Dallas Braden?
    I keed…super seriously though…I know we all got burnt by AJ, Burnett not Mass, but well everyone’s been burned by Mass, but what I am trying to ask is, do we give Burnett another go this year if he falls late enough, which it is looking like he is, so do we?

  45. Wake Up says:

    @Gambler: more

  46. Wake Up says:

    @The Dude: Braun + Phillips…Werth was not that good on the road and goes to a less favorable Nat-Dome(yes I know it is not a dome…is it a dome?)

  47. Bobbo says:

    you should see the new ESPN mock draft. AJ Mass wrote the article. his first seven picks: Albert Pujols, Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, Jayson Werth, Justin Verlander, Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Carpenter.

    What is he doing with five SPs in the first 7 rounds? It would be nice if they would take this a little more seriously, or at least fake it better.

  48. Wake Up says:

    @jim: I like Dunn moving to ChiSox since it is the #1 HR park and his OPS is nice too.

  49. Steelers Can't Lose says:

    @BayFilmsSuck: are you interviewee? no. clearly ‘casm.

  50. Jay says:

    @Grey: Last second keeper question:

    (12-team, 5×5 OPS)

    Travis Snider at $4 or Zobrist at $11?

  51. Abe says:

    12 teams.

  52. Frank Rizzo says:

    Color me confused here. What I read here about Latos was not consistent to what was written about him in the top 20 SP post. Is Latos a safe grab or not?

    Also, looks like Braun’s weak intercostals are hurt again. I’m not sure what intercostals are but I know Braun’s are weaker than most.

  53. Steve says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Grey only asks the questions.

  54. Jay says:

    @Steve: Grey said he was worried about Latos’ IP.

  55. Steve says:

    @Jay: I know that. What I’m saying is that what is being said here is different from what’s in the Top 20 because they are the views of two different people. Obviously Padre blogger guy is more optimistic about Latos than Grey is.

  56. royce! says:

    Turns out that being a Padres fan and playing FBB won’t have to conflict this year, because I intend to stay away from any draftable Padres (ie, Latos-injury risk, Bell- SAGNOF, and Ludwick- uh… he’d be better off on someone else’s team). Could be some good waiver wire material, though.

    As a fan of real baseball (ie, not fantasy), I’m guardedly optimistic about the Padres this year. Last year I hoped for .500 baseball, and was very happily surprised. After they traded Adrian (which was like a week after I bought a full season of tickets, hoping to sell most of them to pay for the games I did attend- IDIOT!), they made a bunch of good small moves, slowly bettering the team. They’re betting on sorta-veterans having bounce back years (Harang, Cantu, Hudson, Bartlett and Hawpe). They could all blow, which would make for a long summer. But if, say, three of the five had some sort of resurgence, the games will at least be fun. And when they bring up their top prospects later in the summer, it will be even more fun.

    After rereading this comment, I realize that I sound like a little league coach. Winning isn’t everything! Just have fun! But I think this is the only way one can enjoy small market baseball. Personally, I prefer it to what it might feel like to be a large market team right now, where one expects nothing short of a championship. Which reminds me of a good friend whom I once, in our teens, asked, “why aren’t there any girls you’re into?” “Because you either break up or get married- either way you lose.” Took me about a year after that comment to figure out he was gay.

    Which I suppose in the context of this comment means that I’m gay for the Padres! Now that’s a phrase to screen on a shirt for opening day!

  57. Padres will be in a fierce fight with the Dbacks for last place.

  58. Jay says:

    @Steve: My bad, Steve. You might as well call me Andy Pettitte because I misremembered. I seem to recall that Grey is rightly dubious about the “Verducci Effect” so I automatically thought he wasn’t worried about the Latos innings jump, forgetting what he wrote in the Top 20 SP.

  59. royce! says:

    @Elijah: Okay now how is that helpful???

  60. royce! says:

    @Elijah: Joshing, you’re probably right. I’m just hoping that it won’t be like the early 2000s teams, battling for second to last in the entire MLB.

  61. Timmy Jim says:

    16 team h2h (5×5 categories) dynasty (keep full roster):

    Send: Kinsler
    Get: Jay Bruce
    If you have any other ideas for this team, please tell me!

    My Team:

    C Matt Wieters, Bal
    1B Adrian Gonzalez, Bos
    2B Chase Utley, Phi
    3B Mark Reynolds, Bal
    SS Troy Tulowitzki, Col
    IF Ian Kinsler, Tex
    LF Ryan Braun, Mil
    CF Matt Kemp, LAD
    RF Justin Upton, Ari
    OF Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos
    UTIL Carlos Quentin, CWS
    UTIL Jose Tabata, Pit
    Bench Dexter Fowler, Col
    Bench Kila Ka’aihue, KC
    Bench Mike Aviles, KC
    Bench Peter Bourjos, LAA
    Bench Edwin Encarnacion, Tor
    Bench Reid Brignac, TB

    P Drew Storen, Was
    P Neftali Feliz, Tex
    SP Clayton Kershaw, LAD
    SP Edinson Volquez, Cin
    SP Jordan Zimmermann, Was
    SP Clay Buchholz, Bos SP
    SP Brett Anderson, Oak SP
    RP Brian Wilson, SF RP
    RP John Axford, Mil RP
    Bench Brandon Morrow, Tor SP
    Bench C.J. Wilson, Tex SP
    Bench Jaime Garcia, StL SP
    Bench Mike Pelfrey, NYM SP

  62. Tom says:

    Grey Just had my draft today would love your input

    first 5 are in in order

    Justin upton
    aaron hill
    chris young
    jed lowrie
    ian desmond
    cam maybin
    howie kendrick
    sean rod
    jose tabata
    Chacin, Jhoulys
    gio gonz
    dan hudson
    ed volq
    joel hanran

  63. chata says:

    @Timmy Jim:

    you obviously have a “thing” for outfielders .

    recommend you look into acquiring d.espinosa ,
    for when your 2b position disintegrates through
    trade (kinsler) and injury (utley) .

    though i often embrace a minority view .

  64. aj says:

    would you keep Brandon Phillips or josh Hamilton in 5×5 roto

  65. Blinkuldhc says:

    Glad you guys posted a Pads preview that thoroughly undresses their lineup.

    Now the rest of the baseball world can see what we Padre fans have had to endure for the last 12 years or so (even the early Petco playoff teams sucked).

    At least most other small market teams (Florida, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, etc. basically every other team not in Pittsburgh) had exciting young talent that they acquired via the draft, the DR, or big trades.

    The Padres went through a self-imposed dry spell in the farm system because of the Sandy Alderson/Paul DePodesta MoneyBall crap drafts year after year that produced scores of un-athletic versions of Matt Stairs. And you know what you get? A LINE UP FULL OF 7-HOLE HITTERS!

  66. Michael Bourne says:

    @Timmy Jim: I would try to get an upgrade at SP. And plan on Utley out for the season. Hope he gets DL so you can hold him if you have that.

  67. Benny says:

    Grey – in follow up to my question about Mart Cains injury, would u trade him straight up for Scherzer? Or should I be equally worried about Max’s max-effort throwing motion and potential for future injury? It is a dynasty league if that changes your thought process.

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: Snider

    @Abe: $25

    @royce!: You sound like you’re trying to convince yourself.

    @Timmy Jim: How is Kinsler for Bruce fixing anything?

    @Tom: A listing of names means very little.

    @aj: Hamilton

    @Blinkuldhc: Yup

    @Benny: Sure

  69. Tom says:

    Ok lets try again

    12 team mixed H2H

    first 5 are in in order

    Justin upton
    Mark reynolds
    aaron hill
    jay bruce
    chris young
    jed lowrie
    ian desmond
    cam maybin
    howie kendrick
    adam lind
    sean rod
    jose tabata
    Chacin, Jhoulys
    gio gonz
    dan hudson
    ed volq
    joel hanran

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Too heavy on speed, light on power, pitching looks fine.

  71. KF says:

    Quick question:

    5×5 mixed roto, keeper league (8 total keepers on a 26 man roster).

    I am keeping Votto, Wright, Dunn, Kemp, McCutchen, Linececum and Marmol, trying to decide between MadBum and Aroldis for my last spot.



  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @KF: Bumgarner

  73. KF says:

    Thx Grey

  74. mr baseball says:

    Report: Santana might not pitch at all in ’11

    The Bergen Record reports that Johan Santana (shoulder) has not been progressing as hoped and internally the Mets believe they’ll be “lucky” if he pitches at all in 2011.

  75. chata says:


    haven’t done a real draft yet .
    got 4 going … starting the week of the 22nd .

    still , it feels like baseball .

    big screen has :
    sawx/pirates on nesn ,
    yanks/twins on yes ,

    and mlb pkg(computer) has 4 other offerings … (currently watching
    wash/marlins) .

    you watching anything ?

  76. cruisinkc says:

    How soon is too soon to draft utley right now?

  77. chata says:

    nolasco throws 1 inning of batting practice , hits 2 guys … including
    a two strike beaning of espinosa … and gives up 2 runs .

  78. Curse of the Goat says:


    I have to submit my list of keepers tonight and am debating between some remaining options

    I am definitely keeping CC Sabathia, Cole Hamels, Francisco Liriano and Max Scherzer.

    Please rank the remaining SP I am considering, remembering that this is a keeper league:

    Jordan Zimmerman, Ryan Dempster, Johnny Cueto, Ricky Nolasco.

    Thanks for your help.

  79. Ol' Wes says:


    First time caller, long time listener. Love the show.

    Thoughts on this draft? 10 team H2H. (R, H, 3B, HR, SB, AVG, OBP – W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP) Max of 30 roster moves. I’m a little nervous about WHIP.

    C – Wieters
    1B – Miggy
    2B – Phillips
    SS – Desmond
    3B – Zimmerman
    OF – Heyward
    OF – Rasmus
    OF – Tabata
    UTIL – Fielder

    SP – Scherzer
    SP – Cain
    SP – Brett Anderson
    RP – Valverde
    RP – Cordero
    RP – Lyon
    RP – Farnsworth
    BN – Volquez
    BN – Gio
    BN- Chacin
    BN – Kennedy
    BN – Minor

  80. cubbies299 says:

    I am looking at a trade of $35 Howard for 3 years for a $25 Zimmerman for 3 years. I have Miggy/Fielder at 1B and McGehee at 3B. I don’t realllly need a 3B, but I’m currently clogging my utils with elite 1B and have no flex. I figure Zimmerman is a good dynasty value at $25 ($300 league). Though if Howard has 3 good years left in him, I’m screwed. Your thoughts on Howard moving forward?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @KF: No problem.

    @mr baseball: Wouldn’t shock me.

    @chata: The Other Guys on Netflix.

    @cruisinkc: 5th round thereabouts, but I’d let someone else take him.

    @Curse of the Goat: Cueto, Zimmermann, Nolasco…

    @Ol’ Wes: You should be nervous, but since it’s an H2H league I wouldn’t be too nervous. I like the hitting though it’s pretty power heavy.

    @cubbies299: If he fails this year, he’s going to be less than Dunn. I do think he’ll be fine, but that’s the problem with fat-bellied sluggers.

  82. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    How far does utley fall before you take a risk on him?

  83. Captain Yesterday says:

    Thinking of taking moustakas in the late keeper rounds of my 14 team league this year. If I do this I will sacrifice a 12th round pick in 2012 and a 6th rd pick in 2013, with the option to use a 1st rounder to protect him in 2014. Does razzball nation think his progress will be quick enough to make these values? If he spends most of this year in the minors I don’t know if he’s worth the roster spot, but 3b is a position desperately in need of a talent infusion… and in my league these late round picks are the only keepers available to us, so there isn’t a lot of them overall.

  84. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    kinsler at pick 35 or phillips two rounds later?

  85. royce! says:

    @Grey: Nah, man, winning is for losers.

    I just blew your mind.

    In all seriousness, you are right to an extent. I do like the fact that I can afford tickets to small market teams’ games. Living in NY w/o much money was a drag in that respect.

  86. Only done a handful of mocks this year. This was the best team I assembled so far. Yahoo 12 team Head to Head, 5×5 draft.

    C Mike Napoli 11
    1B Albert Pujols 1
    2B Ryan Raburn 19
    SS José Reyes 3
    3B Mark Reynolds 4
    OF Matt Kemp 2
    OF B.J. Upton 7
    OF Colby Rasmus 8
    UTIL Manny Ramírez 17
    BN Jose Tabata 18

    SP Jon Lester 5
    SP Francisco Liriano 6
    SP Shaun Marcum 9
    SP Gio González 10
    SP Brett Anderson 12
    SP Edinson Vólquez 15
    SP Johnny Cueto 21
    SP Carlos Zambrano 23

    RP Jonathan Broxton 13
    RP Craig Kimbrel 14
    RP Joel Hanrahan 16
    RP Frank Francisco 20
    RP Brandon League 22

    Any comments would be helpful. Would you have went Tabata or Morrison at 18?

  87. A.J.K says:

    not on topic, but would you draft utley at pick 100? keeper league

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Just answered three comments ago.

    @Captain Yesterday: Yup

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Kinsler

    @royce!: Is it me or did Charlie Sheen quotes get dated quicker than any other zeitgeist in recent memory?

    @chicago mike: Tabata is good there, but he’d be trade fodder on this team. Upton and Reyes is more than enough speed. I wouldn’t take a #1 in the 5th and 6th. Choose one.

    @A.J.K: Yeah…

  89. little bunny foofoo says:

    Hey Grey. You pumped for the NCAA tourney?

    On baseball:
    5×5 12man keeper league
    Traded Cruz (keepable rd 3) for Pence (keepable rd 5)

    Seems like a coinflip deal really, but I went with Pence because it’s a h2h league

  90. royce! says:

    @Grey: Took about two days, really. I think it got old very fast for a few reasons: 1. Everyone knew about it, and everyone knew that it was hilarious, in a way; 2. It’s not a character; and, 3. It’s simultaneously really depressing. Now, if 2 is not true, and this is actually some sort of art project, he is, without a doubt, winning.

    Fortunately, I only have one league with a Sheen joke team name. I’m only in two leagues this year, though.

  91. Mark says:

    Grey….keeper help. Keeping 10. Already sold on Pujols, Hamilton, Holliday, Halladay, Lincecum. 2 catcher league, need 5 more out of Latos, J. Sanchez, Hellboy, Morneau, V. Martinez, Phillips, BJ Upton, Stanton, Wieters. Thanks.

  92. Michael Bourne says:

    Yahoo! H2H 10 team league 7th pick 6×6 with OPS and Holds

    C Saltalamacchia (23)
    1b Ryan Howard (1)
    2b Aaron Hill (12)
    3b A Rod(2)
    SS Jhonny Peralta (22)
    OF Nelson Cruz (3)
    OF Ellsbury (8)
    OF Brett Gardner (11)
    OF Travis Snider (17)
    U Morneau (5)
    U Ike Davis (21)

    SP Kershaw (4)
    SP Hamels (6)
    SP Haren (7)
    RP Thorton (13)
    RP Nathan (14)
    P Hanrahan (19)
    P Chapman (18)
    P Ryan Madson (20)

    BN Carpenter (9)
    BN Marcum (10)
    BN Dan Hudson(15)
    BN Hiroki Kuroda (16)
    BN Will Venable (24)

    What am I missing and where could I upgrade?

  93. Steve says:

    @Grey: @royce!: Have to say, Two And A Half Men is a bit of a guilty pleasure. That said, while Sheen do what he do, it’s Berta I fiond myself laughing at most.

  94. Grey

    Grey says:

    @little bunny foofoo: I don’t know basketball.

    @royce!: Yeah, by day three it was annoying.

    @Mark: Morneau, V. Martinez, Phillips, BJ Upton, Stanton…

    @Michael Bourne: Missing power, way too much speed. Your pitching is a bit too strong too.

    @Steve: Never watched it.

  95. @Grey: What do you think of Mike Morse. Jack Clark Jr. has been crushing the ball this spring (for what that’s worth) and he was given the Nats LF job the other day.

  96. mauledbypandas says:

    I call this team “well, you had fun winning the league last year”
    C- Weiters 1B Votto 2B Kinsler 3B Alvarez SS Furcal
    OF McCutchen, Stanton, Span, Borbon, Tabata
    Util- Adrian Gonzalez
    CI- Reynolds
    MI- Asdrubal Cabrera

    Bench- Jed Lowrie 2B/SS

    SP- Hamels, Jackson, Anderson, Zimmerman, Vazquez, Josh Johnson, Webb

    RP- Marmol, Kuo, Feliz, Kimbrel

    12 team league almost the same rules as the RCL leagues except QS instead of wins.

    I dont know where it went wrong. Probably when Votto fell to me at 11 and Wright was stolen on the wrap around and I panic picked Gonzalez.

    seems a tad light on power, some injury risk with my SP… ugh :frown face:

  97. Eddy says:

    Never name your team after a meme.

    Team slogan and/or smack talk (in H2H) is about as far as I go with those.

  98. mauledbypandas says:

    @Eddy: wasn’t an actual name. More of a self admonishment for what I think is a poor draft.

  99. Kyle says:

    SO just finished a draft 10team, here it is. Please tell me what you think I would appreciate it.
    7×7 WIth Hits and K and K/9 and QS
    C- Mike Napoli
    1B – Miguel Cabrera
    2B – Ben Zobrist
    3B – Adrian Beltre
    SS – Elvis Andrus
    OF – Shin Soo-Choo
    OF – Jay Bruce
    OF – Alex Rios
    UTIL – Pedro Alvarez
    UTIL – Jose Tabata
    BN – Mark Reynolds
    BN – Vernon Wells
    BN – Andres Torres

    SP – Roy Halladay
    SP – Tim Lincecum
    SP – Shaun Marcum
    SP – Clay Bucholz
    SP – Jordan Zimmerman
    RP – Huston Street
    RP – Brandon Lyon
    BN – Ervin Santana

  100. Eddy says:


    I was actually indirectly commenting on the back and forth between Grey and royce. They were saying how the Sheen jokes got old fast, and royce mentioned that he only has one team named after the Sheen debacle.

    If you name your team after a meme, come September you’re not going to have a clue what it even means.

  101. mr baseball says:

    where is Ike Davis love here – his numbers were pretty much the same as Justin Upton’s numbers last year – what do you think he will produce this year grey

  102. mauledbypandas says:

    @Eddy: ahh, that would make more sense then :)

  103. royce! says:

    @Grey: @Eddy: Just to be clear, I meant I only have one league it which a team’s name is a Sheen joke, but that team is not mine. My team in that league is called Misguided Sweaters. Menacing!

  104. JoeC says:

    @mr baseball:

    Ike Davis and Justin Upton did have remarkably similar seasons last year except when it came to steals (JUpside steals, Ike doesn’t).

    However, I think beyond the difference in steals, Ike D’s production isn’t seen as valuable as JUpside’s because it comes at first base. 19/71 is pretty blah-tastic for a first baseman, whereas that might be pretty good for an OF.

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