Alex Rodriguez will probably go number one (why Hanley Ramirez should not go number one, click here) in most 2008 fantasy baseball drafts, but who will go #2? There’s lots of worthy candidates for you to choose from, so which one will it be?

A) Jose Reyes — As long as Major League Baseball doesn’t start testing for Red Bull, you’re getting 70 steals and possibly 15 home runs.
B) Hanley Ramirez — 50 steals and 25 home runs and hopefully the Marlins bat him 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
C) David Wright — Easily 30/30 and he’s got a squeaky clean image like O.J. Simpson in the 70s.
D) Albert Pujols — With a name like poo-holes, do you even have to ask?
E) As Sloth from The Goonies would say, “Baby Ruth?”

  1. rudygamble says:

    I think there’s three other players I’d consider: Matt Holliday, Jake Peavy, and Johan Santana.

    As of today, I’m debating b/w Holliday, Peavy, and Pujols.

    While I like Wright, Hanley and Reyes, I think they have too much of their value tied up in SBs – too much risk they go down to 20, 30 and 50 SBs, respectively, to use a 2nd pick on them.

    Holliday in Coors w/ a solid lineup is a great bet for top 10 average and RBI. Peavy is the best best among starters with Santana and Webb a rung lower. Pujols is so bankable but his surrounding lineup is worrisome…

    i’d give you my Razzball #1 but it’s still too early to know who’ll be getting enough ABs to put up the bad stats…

  2. Who We Are says:

    Personally, I don’t like Holliday inability to lay off a high fastball, but I did draft him last year in the league I beat you in, so obviously I like him.

    I would never take a pitcher number #2, like you took Santana last year at number #2 and lost to me.

    Pujols is an option, fer sure.

  3. rudygamble says:

    The only thing wrong with my Santana pick was that I didn’t factor in that A-Rod would blow up during a contract year. Santana was the 4th most valuable player last year…

    Count your lucky stars w/ last year’s win. You played well and overcame some injuries but you would’ve been fucked if your pal didn’t bypass Peavy by drafting Carpenter and Webb.

  4. Who We Are says:

    At least you’re not bitter.

  5. rudygamble says:

    just stating the truth for the good folk(s) who read these comments:

    1) picking santana #2 last year proved to be a smart choice BUT A-Rod would have been a better choice.

    2) #2 this year is a tough call but you got to be careful who you write off. Holliday isn’t flawless but his 2007 value was slightly higher than Hanley (whom you considered) and I think he’s a better bet to repeat. Peavy was #1 in Player Rater last year and is as excellent a bet for top 5 2008 rating as Santana was in 2007.

    3) your victory last year had many factors but getting Peavy in the 3rd round was #1. (holliday in 4th round and picking up ryan braun were other top factors)

  6. Who We Are says:

    Taking a pitcher #2 put you at such a disadvantage on offense, I beat you in all five offensive categories. Now go get your shinebox!

  7. Lad Madrigal says:

    i dont really like baseball, but im staring to like it now, espcially now that my brother has become a school player for it.

    :D have a nice day! thanks for the visits!

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