Visualize a game of Pong on the original Atari. For you millenials, here you go. Now imagine that your head is the ball. Pong. Ouch! Pong. Ouch! Thanks MLB and the MLBPA, because that’s how it has felt following the negotiations to start the season. But, but, but….Can I get an amen? Amen! Thanks to the old lady in the back. Baseball is back! At least on paper. Hopefully the Rona and his/her compatriots let us measly humans have some homeruns and strikeouts back into our lives. With that said, when Scott White at CBS Fantasy sent out the bat signal for a 12-team mock draft, I equipped my scouts with enough provisions so that they may get a detailed lay of the landscape. Before I unveil the map, I want to thank Scott for allowing me to participate. Now, for your viewing pleasure…

Here’s a LINK for the roster grid.


  1. Scott White
  2. Nate Atkins
  3. Michael Waterloo
  4. Son
  5. B_Don
  6. Frank Stampfl
  7. Nicholas Mimikos
  8. Mike Gianella
  9. Jesse Roche
  10. Garrett Atkins
  11. RJ White
  12. Phil Ponebshek

Hmmm, I smell schenanigans with that number one pick.



Mike Trout scares me. He could conceivably miss a quarter of the season if his child is born during the season and he goes back home to be with her. I was happy to grab Bellinger with the fourth pick. What’s not to like? Power, speed, average, and the first base position isn’t deep. In addition, he does allow for some versatility during the draft due to his outfield eligibility.


So many pitchers. I just can’t do it, though. Sensei Grey would be most proud. How does the short season affect pitching? I don’t know. I understand both sides and each has merit, so I’m not changing anything. My guess would be that middle relievers would see an increase in value, at least in the beginning, as starters won’t come out of the gate full throttle. I wanted to get speed here, but it was too early to grab Mondesi. I did think about Marte, but I ended up going with Devers because first base and third base are the shallowest positions in my opinion.


I thought about Mondesi here, but couldn’t pass up Marte or Albies. I wanted someone who would provide both power and speed. Also, was hoping that I could get Mondesi in the next round. I ended up choosing Marte here for many reasons. One, I have so many Albies shares that I wanted to change it up. Two, the dual eligibility gave me options for later in the draft.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! B_Don!! How could you? So, I missed Mondesi by a pick. I thought about Giolito here, but pitching schmiching. I wanted power/speed guys. Now, I’m not a fan of Merrifield, but 15/20 with good plate discipline numbers and batting average got a thumbs up and click of the button from me. Villar entered my mind for two seconds then I came to my senses.


In the chat, Scott was not happy about the run on steals. They are not plentiful, which is why I try to get as many power/speed guys as I can. The next power/speed guy I was looking at was Ramon Laureano, but it’s too early to take him here. I wanted power, and Olson is my guy for that. A lot of power guys went this round: Stanton, Soler, and Gallo.


I was eyeing Cruz, Moncada, and Jimenez this round, but they all went before my selection. My next target, Laureano, was still a round or two away. I guess I’m going pitching. I have to take one at some time, right? I have no issues with Paddack being my ace.


There are plenty of pitchers on my list who I feel comfortable with, so I’m looking at outfielders here, especially since five are needed in the starting lineup. I should’ve went with Laureano here, but I thought it was round too early. I ended up selecting Castellanos because of the batting average, power, and new home he calls Great American Ball Park.


I’m a dummy. Should’ve grabbed Laureano in round seven. Just get your guys! Guess it’s time to bolster that starting pitching. Woodruff throws mid-90s and should strike out close to 10 per nine innings. That walk rate should be a palatable 3 per nine.


I love Gallen, for both redraft and dynasty. He’s not a flamethrower like Woodruff, but he should contribute similar K/9 and BB/9 numbers. His arsenal is diverse, as there are four legitimate pitchers in the bag.


This is the area when I usually select my first closer. I have tons of Hendriks shares, but I also have a ton of Rogers as well. I’m good with both. I know that we advocate SAGNOF here at Razzball, but I can’t go complete bag-over-head. That’s gross. The price on Carrasco is fair, but he’s a cancer survivor and would be at the highest risk of contracting the Rona.


I need outfielders and still want power/speed guys. Benintendi should provide a little something something of both. Plus, he’s slated to bat leadoff and…..if you read Grey’s strategy for 60-game season, batting order is going to be huge.


Closer run! Rounds 10-12 is where you should be getting at least one. I was eyeing Mercado here, but he went two picks before me. I’m always looking for speed. Such a slut I am. Anyways, time to build up the pitching and outfield in this area of the draft. The Dodgers could keep babying Urias, but this is the perfect time to start unleashing him. That’s just my opinion. He’s got the talent.


I need outfielders and Calhoun is slated to bat third for the Rangers. Yummy. I was sad to see Rosario go here, as I hadn’t filled my SS or MI slots yet, hoping to grab him and get some speed.


Grabbing my second closer here. I used to go with one very good one then dumpster diving, but I’m old now with two kids. My stomach can’t take it anymore. I like to get two dependable ones then reassess the landscape.


Have to start grabbing my SS and MI, as other teams will be competing for the remaining few. Shortstop is so freaking deep, that I eschew the position at the top and am more than happy to grab the guys at the bottom. Andrus hits atop the batting order and will give me some steals.


Love the Stroman pick here in the 16th round. Juicy, but I need to grab my MI because Scott White would probably double-tap the position here. Plus, I did just write this on Swanson.


I need pitchers and there are so many down in this area that I feel comfortable selecting. Odorizzi is a favorite at Razzball so…..


I had Choo and Musgrove queued up, but they were selected before. I need pitching and outfielders, so I’m good with Peralta here. So undervalued, as he’s hitting in the heart of the lineup and should provide a decent batting average with good counting stats.


The batting average is a concern for DeJong, but he’s hitting cleanup for the Cardinals and could club over 30 homers. See, shortstop is super duper deep.


Yes, I’m a sucker for speed and believe in the velocity increase for Kikuchi. I wrote a little thing on him earlier in the offseason.


I wrote this about Lopez.


I really like the Knebel pick here. He could be ready for the shortened season and be in the closer mix. I need catchers so Suzuki it is. CAGNOF – Catcher’s Ain’t Got No Face. I did want Posey….Geez, I just vomited in my mouth. He gets at-bats and will hit for a decent average. That’s all I really care about. Anyways, I was bamboozled in this mock, though, as when I checked the settings, it said 1 C, but then I later found out (one round later) that I needed two. No biggie, as I don’t draft catchers till the very end anyway.


I wanted to grab Wade Davis here, so that I’d have three closers. That was my plan, but the whole two-catcher thing foiled my plans. If I wouldv’e known about the two catchers, I would’ve selected Kiner-Falefa earlier, as I’m high on him due to the swing change and fact that he could be the Rangers starting third baseman. Seth Lugo is the kind of middle reliever who could feast in this shortened season.



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LG Baseball
LG Baseball
2 years ago

Son -great draft! Really like your team.

In a dynasty wanted to know if you would take Tatis or Wander? It’s an OBP league and I have Mondesi that could play SS until Wander emerges.


Reply to  LG Baseball
2 years ago

Thx, LG!

As for Tatis vs Wander. I like both so it comes down to personal preference. I am just so enamored with Wander that I go that route.

2 years ago

Excellent 1-2-3. Good young staff, tad light on speed (Merrifield/Andrus) perhaps Belly will swipe more. Interesting selections, Stampfl and Ponebshek look strong, good luck Son, hope you get something out of your C’s. Good writeup!

Reply to  Smitty
2 years ago

Thx. Smitty! Yeah, missing Mondesi and Laureano left me light in steals. Catchers schmatchers

2 years ago

Nice team but I think you have a typo. In round six you say that you took pitching and that you are OK with paddack being your ace. However, in the listing, you show yourself as taking Josh Hader.

Reply to  TK
2 years ago

Good eye. I did take Paddack that round, but for some reason it didn’t show. Maybe I accidentally erased him. If you count, there are only 11 players typed in that round instead of 12