The Janish-Renteria tandem isn’t just the name of a Center for Disease Control in Sweden; it’s also what was standing in Zack Cozart‘s way going into 2011.  That was an easy combo to beat out for the shortstop job.  But Dusty looks at rookies and laughs maniacally while daintily pushing his toothpick to the side of his mouth.  Then Cozart had to have Tommy John surgery on his non-throwing arm.  Tough break (or is it tough tendon?) because even Dusty was about ready to let Cozart do his thing in the majors.  In his brief stint in the majors (11 games), he hit 2 homers and batted .324. In the minors, he was known to do a little damage.  He did the Triple-A thing for two years.  In 2010, 17 homers and 30 steals in 610 plate appearances; in 2011, 7 homers, 9 steals and a .310 average in only 350 plate appearances.  It’s no Renteria, but what is without some serious scratching?  So what can we expect from Zack Cozart in 2012 fantasy baseball?

He literally didn’t walk once in the 11 games he played with the Reds.  And nothing places emphasis like a trite adverb!  Totally!  The no walks thing is not a small sample size problem, and while that won’t be a problem for Dusty, it will be a problem for Cozart’s average.  His speed might help him beat out some dribblers, but he’s going to struggle to hit .250.  His speed is there for 15-20 steals and low-teen power.  You know who that reminds me of?  No, not you in high school.  Let it go, man.  It reminds me of Danny Espinosa.  Danny has a bit more power and a bit less speed, but tomato-tomato with a different emphasis.  Also, Espinosa and Cozart sounds like a promising TNT drama starring Freddy Prinze Jr. and Stifler.  Cozart should have the everyday job in 2012 and I’ll give him the line of 55/14/70/.245/20.  In real baseball (which is played with more crotch scratching, but less crotch grabbing), Cozart’s just okay.  A potential 15/20 guy at shortstop in fantasy baseball is a yes, please and thank you.  You’re welcome.

  1. Tony says:

    i owned this doode for a brief stint last yr, he has potential… worth a flyer, just depends where he goes, if he has a hot spring, he’ll rise big time in drafts.

    B-Phillips did sign with the reds right?

  2. royce! says:

    I literally don’t understand why no walks would be a problem for Cozart’s average.

    Also, it’s crazy that he ended up with such a high average, considering that he hit 9% line drives, and 58% ground balls. If he keeps that up, I could see his average suffering.

  3. royce! says:

    Broxton to the Royals?

  4. John says:

    Where the effe are my American Apparel ads!? Am I supposed to just come (he he) here for the content!?

  5. Kyle says:

    Just dealt Cano and Haren for Fielder and Mauer in a keeper league. 7×7 with XBH, OBP and IP,holds as the extra categories. 15 keepers. I had excess MI and needed a CI.

    I know I am taking a risk getting Mauer vs Haren. Thoughts on if he will bounce back?

  6. Kyle says:

    Also I had some extra pitching depth. Still have Lee, Beckett, A. Sanchez, and Marcum. 16 team league.

  7. Sir Larry says:

    Much like Cozart, speed has helped me beat out some dribblers.

    Good start on your first few rookie outlooks this off-season, Grey.

  8. crane game dispair says:


  9. Eddy says:

    Looking like Iannetta is going to head to the Angels. Poor guy. He doesn’t know that’s like a catcher’s purgatory.

  10. royce! says:

    I’m not sure if it’s that I dislike people with more money than me or if it’s just par for the course for Bravo, who seem to be the go to source for reasons to dislike wealthy people. What a weird niche.

  11. RealMcCoy says:

    I was Offered a Trade (I have been trying to get rid of Bourn ever since I drafted him)

    I give: Werth (OF), Bourn (OF), and Andrus (SS)
    I get: Morse (OF), Aybar (SS), and Santos (CL)

    This is a 12 team, h2h league starting 5 OF’ers (standard scoring)

    My Other OF are: BJ Upton, Bruce, Rios, Bourjos
    My Current CL are: Madson, Jansen, Myers

    Should I accept it?

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