What is up party people? The calendar has moved to June and I guess that means the season is in full swing. Some guys have separated themselves, such as Josh Jung, who may not be available in your league (94% on CBS, 54% on ESPN). That’s a pretty big difference and would indicate that in savvy he is long gone. However, he has been on a roll and merits a mention here just in case he slipped through the cracks. Jung has good power and can keep his batting average up. That’s a winner.

Matt McLain sure looks like the real deal in his brief time with the Reds and the window to pick him up is slamming shut. Seriously, stop reading right now and see if he’s available. Then come right back here afterward. He has big-time potential with his power, speed, and contact trifecta. I am also keeping a close eye on his fellow prospect Elly De La Cruz. No one knows exactly when he will get the call but with the way he’s playing at AAA it seems more and more likely it will be sooner rather than later. When he debuts he will be a must-add on upside alone even if his strikeout rate is cause for concern. We could be looking at a double helping of Skyline Chili in short order.

Akil Baddoo is about to surpass last season’s numbers and we’re barely into June. Ok, he’s not about to better every stat but he is looking much better for fantasy. Power isn’t something to count on, but he does have the speed for doubles. He may be a bit streaky but if you’re in need of a fifth outfielder or just some depth, he could be your man. Did I mention that he’s so hot right now? Yabba dabba Baddoo!

J.D. Davis started strong and has kept it up. Also, he has found regular playing time at third for the Giants. Power has been there along with a batting average that’s nothing to sneeze at. So far he seems pretty locked into an everyday spot in the lineup which is shocking but also great news if you roster him. Davis has always been a player I liked but didn’t have the full opportunity to show off. If he can maintain his spot there is a ton of value here. One caveat, the Giants are attempting to reinvent themselves with a youth movement so we don’t know what future playing time will look like, for Davis, or anyone. His defense at the hot corner has improved so he should have a spot there or maybe at DH just to change things up.

Rougned Odor might be real fresh. Or maybe that’s some Axe body spray to cover up the stench. The last couple weeks have been pretty darn nice but I just can’t buy in. I’ve been lured too many times before. In a deep league, he might make sense but everywhere else, I am staying far away.

Owen Miller qualifies at multiple positions and that’s really the nicest thing I can say about him. You can slot him in at first, second, or third and so far he has been way better than expected. He’s playing regularly and oh boy has he been hitting, batting over .320 for the season. That’s all well and good, great even but there is nothing in his past to suggest that’s sustainable. He is still young so it’s not shocking that he can get better but the average is way out of whack with what we’ve seen from him. Deeper leagues take note because he does have value but at some point, the other shoe will drop.

Romy Gonzalez has come out of nowhere to be fantasy relevant. I’m really not quite sure what to make of him, especially the recent power surge. He’s strictly a deep league guy or maybe even AL only because no one knows what his playing time will look like.

Christopher Morel might look like he’s fallen off a cliff and that’s because he has. I’m not out on him but he strikes out way too much to be a consistent contributor, His power will be in play all season but he will be a streaky player. Think of him as a hot pocket. When he’s on he can be molten lava hot but he can also be frozen in the middle. He’s got great talent and there will be more hot streaks, you just have to be patient with him.



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