Back in late March, when the season was just about to get underway, Rudy and I decided to hold a contest where you, the Razzball reader, were given an opportunity to challenge the mighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-everything ‘perts, Rudy and Grey. The contest was simple in its design. Choose the winners of the postseason awards, the pennants and the World Series. The chads have been checked and the votes tallied. The results show you won, quite easily I might add. All of you. Rudy and I got none right out of all of our picks. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Less than 1. To be honest, I’m not even sure how one goes about not getting one single one correct. Actually, I think that’s a feat in itself. Now only if we tried to get them all wrong… But then we prolly would’ve got them all right.

The Padres did not win the World Series as I predicted. They finished with the third worst record in baseball. The lowly Nats and Mariners were the only ones to best worst them.

Verlander did not win the AL Cy Young as Rudy predicted. If there was an award for the opposite of the Cy Young, Verlander had a shot at that.  My Bedard pick doesn’t look much better in retrospect.

You, the Razzball reader, were not immune to ludicrous selections either. Someone foresaw a Mariners/Padres series and an AL MVP of Adrian Beltre. Presumably, they are (were?) a Mariners fan.  Someone else thought Peavy would win the AL Cy Young. If Peavy were traded in the middle of 2008 and this came true, I would’ve shaved my mustache.  Finally, someone thought Andruw Jones would win the NL MVP. Again, we got none right, so who am I to judge?

So who did the best at beating us out of all of youse? Drumroll…

Out of twenty-two possible questions….

With a whopping three correct answers….


Woot-woot, Bobster! Woot-woot, Bobster! Woot– Okay, before you get too full of yourself, you also put an ineligible Edinson Volquez down for NL ROY… Then again, some members of the BBWAA did the same. (BTW, don’t look at that BBWAA Geocities-ish site too long. It’ll burn your computer screen and retinas.)

Congratulations, Bob. I’ll be contacting you about where I should send the $50 Amazon gift certificate. Or comment below, you big winner you.

  1. Eric W says:

    wow that site is ugly. and congrats bob

    i am currently watching a show about parallel universes on the history channel i almost started to believe all this crazy stuff these guys were talking about until the one said that in 1 of these universes the cubs won the world series that guy should probably lose his P.hd

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric W: That’s obviously the parallel universe where the world exploded right after the World Series.

    @Doug Ault: Always coming through with the best, and most appropriate videos.

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