In last year’s top 80 outfielders post, I told you to take a flyer on Krispie Young, Delmon Young and Nick Swisher.  Like the quarter of Harrison Ford that is Jewish, not too shabby.  Then there was crap, crap, kinda crap and Jason Heyward.  That’s what you’re probably getting late at outfield again this year.  I’m no Nostradumbass, but I’m telling you there’s not going to be a whole lot of greatness coming out of this post.  We’re Cousteau deep right now.  So all the 2011 fantasy baseball rankings are found under yonder and we’re moving onto pitchers next.  That should excite you, you special person you.  Anyway, here’s the top 80 outfielders for 2011 fantasy baseball:

61. Tyler Colvin – This is a continuation of the last tier in the top 60 outfielders for 2011 fantasy baseball.  This tier ends at Boesch.  You’re looking at a guy who should get around 20 homers and a handful of steals, assuming you don’t have Alfonseca hands.  Though I’m legitimately concerned he’s going to hit just .240, have homers in the teens and be unusable.  2011 Projections:  70/25/80/.265/10

62. Coco Crisp – Seems like Coco is the du jour pick of people who think they’re, like, totally smart.  People look at him and see a guy that gave a cheap, very valuable season last year.  It’s true.  Okay, now think about his ownership last year.  He was always on and off waivers for a reason.  He was 30 years old while having his first productive season in years and he can’t stay healthy.  He’s fine if he’s healthy but you’ll be dropping him at some point.  Mark my words.  Not with a permanent marker though, they’re on your computer.  2011 Projections:  50/6/35/.260/22

63. Ryan Kalish – Kalish is a big time friend of Grey.  He’s got great upside.  I guarantee at some point he will be the hottest add off of waivers.  Just right now, as I write this in January, I have no idea where he’s playing every day.  You wanna grab him in the last few rounds as a flyer?  I’m all for it just to see if he can break camp and start.  Just know, you may be dropping him a few days into the season.  2011 Projections:  65/7/50/.270/25 in 400 ABs

64. Franklin Gutierrez – I think I’m finally ready to admit that I like Gutierrez’s nickname, The Big FraGu, more than I like him in fantasy, but not quite.  He’s a cheap 15/15 guy!  (Which does grow crazy boring over the course of the season.)  2011 Projections:  65/15/70/.260/17

65. Garrett Jones – Robot Jones didn’t make the top 20 1st basemen for 2011 fantasy baseball.  Neither the hoo!  He’s worth a flyer at a corner infidel spot if you’re desperate.  His average last year was a bit on the unlucky side, he has power and some slight speed.  What I’m basically saying is, he’s a’ight.  2011 Projections:  65/24/80/.270/7

66. Chris Carter – Could hit 30 homers, but will he ever reveal what happened to The Smoking Man?  Actually, I have no idea if that makes sense.  I never saw The X-Files.  I’m not a dork!  Anyway, back to fantasy baseball…  My Chris Carter fantasy is there.  I wrote it in pink highlighter while riding on the back of an emu.  I suggest you picture that while reading it.  2011 Projections:  35/22/55/.225/3

67. Brennan Boesch – Is he even a starter?  Not sure, but if he gets hot he might start for a couple of months.  He did show last year that when he’s hitting he can keep it going for a bit.  He’s probably more of a guy to look at in Spring Training to see what his playing time is.  2011 Projections:  60/16/70/.250/7

68. Brad Hawpe – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Ordonez.  I call this tier, “If you draft any of these guys in your last outfield slot, you deserve to lose.”  Veteran outfielders are fine to pick up once the season starts and you want to play the hot hand, but to draft one is wasting a pick.  Even if a guy like Hawpe explodes in Petco (which is highly doubtful), you’re not going to hold him when someone is sitting on waivers that is far more enticing the first week of the season.  Really you shouldn’t even be drafting hitters this late.  You should’ve already filled your hitting and be grabbing random closer handcuffs or an SP.  Oh, and I have nothing to say about Hawpe.  2011 Projections:  55/24/70/.260

69. Josh Willingham – It’s the 2nd coming of The Hammer in Oakland, only this Hammer you can touch.  Though you shouldn’t.  2011 Projections:  60/20/70/.260/4

70. Johnny Damon – If he played 2nd base, he’d have value and be able to reach the base he’s throwing to.  2011 Projections:  85/14/45/.280/10

71. J.D. Drew – He’s in a good place to play, assuming he’s playing and not on the trainer’s table getting his quad rubbed down.  2011 Projections: 60/21/70/.270/3

72. Cody Ross – Probably will hit a few homers some random week of the season and I’ll tell you to grab him while he’s hot.  That will probably last for about two weeks then you’re going to need to drop him again.  2011 Projections:  60/17/70/.260/10

73. Jack Cust – He only has outfield eligibility in Yahoo leagues.  That’s okay, cause you’re not drafting him anyway.  Cust kayin’.  2011 Projections:  60/20/70/.235

74. Magglio Ordonez – Soul Glo Magglio of yesteryear is donezo.  Now he’s “Maybe you get 20 homers and a good average while boring the Capris off of you” Magglio or you get “Oft-injured vet that causes people to mock you when you draft him” Magglio.  Neither is very good.  2011 Projections:  65/15/75/.300

75. Luke Scott – I call this tier, “Guys that have outfield eligibility in Yahoo, but you should be playing them at different positions.”  I don’t necessarily dislike all of these guys.  They’re kinda hit or miss.  Or not really hitting and missing, as the case will probably be.  As for Luke “I am not your waiver wire fodder” Scott, it’s cute that you think you’re going to own him all year, but we both know you’re not going to.  If you want to draft him, I won’t stand in your way, but I also won’t stand in your way when you drop him before the season starts.  2011 Projections:  60/22/70/.260

76. Eric Patterson – Patterson’s projections can be found at the top 20 2nd basemen for 2011 fantasy baseball post.

77. Bill Hall – I don’t think H-A Double Hockey Sticks got mentioned in the top 20 basemen post but I guess that’s the point.  He’s not that memorable.  All kidding aside– Were we kidding? I did not know. Quiet, Random Italicized Voice.  Bill Hall’s not a terrible crazy late flyer at 2nd base.  Don’t put him in your outfield.  2011 Projections:  50/15/65/.240/7

78. Ryan Doumit – Doumit’s projections can be found at the top 20 catchers for 2011 fantasy baseball post.

79. Omar Infante – Infante’s projections can be found at the top 20 shortstops for 2011 fantasy baseball post.

80. Mark Teahen – Member when people were excited by Mark Teahen for a minute a few years ago?  That’s not an Urban Dictionary dot com “minute” either, which is actually a long time.  I have a nickname for Mark Teahen, MT Promises.  2011 Projections:  60/15/75/.275/7

After the top 80 outfielders for 2011 fantasy baseball, there’s more names than you can throw a stick at, but here’s three worth mentioning:

David Murphy – I like Murph, but you have to platoon him.  Say, grab him with your next to last round pick then Matt Diaz with your last round pick.  You’ll actually end up with decent numbers if you switch them out per matchups but you also might grow bored by April 15th and drop both.  Or have an injury to someone and need to drop one.  2011 Projections:  50/15/65/.280/12

Matt Joyce – If it wasn’t for Damon and Manny, Joyce could mollywhop homers and save kittens.  Then again, Manny and Damon, or as I like to call them Damanny, will get hurt and Joyce will see some time.  2011 Projections:  40/17/55/.250/4

Brandon Allen – I’d actually rank Allen 63rd on this list, but here he is so I can highlight him.  I like Brandon Allen probably more than I should.  The addition of Nady hurts his value, Juan Miranda hurts his value, Brandon Allen hurts his own value, but I think he finally gets his ABs in the desert.  If they play Parra over Allen, I could have a fit, or phit if you spell like a graffiti artist.  Allen will hit 25 homers with everyday at-bats and, in his last year of Triple-A, he stole 14 bases.  He might hit .230 but it’s absolutely worth the flyer.  I also already went into a seedy motel and soiled it further with my Brandon Allen fantasy.  I.e., Grey hearts Brandon Allen.  2011 Projections:  60/25/80/.245/7

  1. Steve says:

    I know you won;t stand in my way, Grey, but please don’t be standing in Luke Scott’s way. He’s likely to shoot you.

    BTW, just got home from seeing The King’s Speech. Really liked it.

  2. eltoo says:

    oh julio, where art thou?

  3. AJ says:

    If the Rockies were to finally give him 450-500 AB, where would you see S. Smith?

  4. Jake in Columbus says:

    Hey, some of us prefer Alfonseca-sized handfuls… ;)

  5. Tony says:

    i got to brad hawpe and………

  6. Ben says:

    Borbon fell so far this year that he is behind Slappy Teahen and his ability to be unimpressive in any category? Borbon is still young and could be part of a great line up that pumps up his numbers. Not saying he will be Carl Crawford, but Borbon had a tough year last year and still hit .276-60r-15sb in 438 ABs after a miserable start.

    Mark Teabag has never had more than 59 RBI in any season of his career and tough to think he will this year without a starting position.

  7. Whither goest thou, Marlon Byrd? In the Ordonez/Willingham/Hawpe pu pu platter?

  8. Mets fan says:

    Grey what’s your thoughts on will i am venable?

  9. GopherDay says:

    Would you trade Gallardo for Elvis in a 14 team 5X5 Dynasty league?

    I currently have Desmond at SS, and could shift him over to the IF slot currently manned by Howard-look-alike-Carter.

    My staff:
    De La Rosa

  10. Washington Irving says:

    You don’t think Damon will run a little more with the Rays? I could see 20 steals.

  11. TJ says:

    Completely overthinking things right now in regards to keepers.

    My current five keepers are Cargo, Votto, Hanley, Jhoulys Chacin and Gordon Beckham.

    If I make some crazy trades, I could end up with keepers of Votto, David Wright, Zack Greinke, Jhoulys Chacin and Jay Bruce.

    Which set of keepers are better?

  12. Cole says:

    I loves the Lo. Cain. I think he develops into a steady everyday CF, he’s a poor man’s Brett Gardener.

  13. Nate says:

    @Grey: Does Mclouth’s speed/power potential upside put him in the running with (or above) many of these guys for you, or is the potential downside of complete uselessness too large a possibility? Looks like he will be the starting CF, so he should get another shot…

  14. 101 MPH says:

    My cream of the crap for the 60-80 rankings? I’ll take:

    – The Big Fragu: Still young enough to sustain last season’s stolen base gains, on a team that has to rely heavily on small ball to advance base runners. There’s a best case scenario here of a .270 average, 18 homers and 25 SBs. The caveat? You’ll take a hit in runs scored, because, well…. the Mariners don’t score runs.

    – Magglio Ordonez:
    Batting 3rd in front of Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez? Check.
    Large uptick in slugging percentage over 2009? Check.
    .300+ batting average for 4 years running? Check.
    Free agent in 2012? Check.

    He could just as easily be done for the season by the middle of May, but for a modest bid or late round draft pick Ordonez could yield a considerable profit. Of course, there’s always at least one schmuck in my league who’ll stay in the bidding for a guy like Magglio Ordonez, just because it’s one of the few names he recognizes without having to read the cheat sheets of his CBS Sportsline Fantasy Baseball magazine.

    And on a related note, a question for Grey: What would your max bid be for Denard Span in a 14 team, $260 mixed league?

  15. Jim says:

    Who’s everyone break out players this year? I know last year a lot of u liked Cargo and you were right on.

  16. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    Breakout players?

    Tommy Hanson (if his arm doesn’t fall off) could take the next step to super-stardom.
    Drew Stubbs (if he can get the Ks under control)
    Pedro Alvarez
    Carlos Santana (if his knee is ok)
    Weiters (think the kid’s got serious talent and was rushed to be the savior (ala Jay Bruce) of an organization…too much pressure…he should just go play)
    Bradon Morrow

  17. Wow. Now that’s a comprehensive list. Thanks for the sum ups. I’d be willing to look at Brennan Boesch. I think he’s got more to give. Thanks!

  18. papasmurf says:

    What a disappointing career JD Drew has had considering the hype surrounding him originally.

  19. Ski says:

    I’m not up to date on the Cubs outfield situation. Is Colvin in line for 500 abs?

  20. Jay says:

    Grey, not an OF question but here goes:

    Super Two status is the big determining factor these days for top prospects’ callups, as seen recently with Strasburg, Posey, Stanton, etc. Who do you think are the most likely guys this year that will (1) be kept in the minors until May/June and (2) be called up early enough to (3) have the biggest fantasy impact?

    I’m wondering who (if anyone) would be worth dropping $1 on at the end of the auction and holding for 8-10 weeks. Guys like J.Montero, Hosmer, Belt, Moustakas, Ackley, Pineda, Teheran, Parker, etc.

    I don’t like to have wasted roster space for 2 months, but in a keeper league sometimes it’s worth it…

  21. birrrdy says:

    Grey, why all the man-love for Cain and Fowler (and E.Young), but nothing for C.Gomez and Maybin? Aren’t they all the same player, but Gomez and Maybin have already had a chance in the bigs to show they can’t hit the breaking ball or a heater high and away?

  22. 101 MPH says:

    At Smokey’s suggestion I just had a look at the expert draft results from the Sirius/XM fantasy channel. That’s some crazy shizz.

    How is it that Zack Greinke could get drafted in the 3rd round, and Matt Garza stays on the board until the 12th?

  23. DrEasy says:

    Luke “I am not your waiver wire fodder” Scott, that’s classic!

  24. 101 MPH says:

    Grey: Carlos Santana in the 5th? Alexei Ramirez in the 6th? Geovanny Soto in the 7th? Grady Sizemore in the 8th?

    Stop the insanity!!!

    I look at those picks, and I find myself wishing that some of the so called “experts” were owners in my league.

    Why is it that you and Rudy don’t get invited to that draft? Razzball’s as credible as any fantasy baseball service on the web or in print!

  25. pogotheostrich says:

    I kept expecting Lucwick to show up.

  26. Jack says:

    Kalish over Drew? We counting Pawtucket stats, or are these keeper rankings? :)

    Really, with Crawford-Ellsbury-Drew + Cameron, I don’t see anywhere close to 400 AB’s happening…

  27. Steve says:

    Wow – looks like Napoli to the Rangers with Frank-Frank going the other way.

  28. tom thumb says:

    In a slow draft with Ops, obp, runs, homers, rbis, steals and cs do you take Howard, Tex, utley, heyward, Kemp or jupton assuming you already have a 1b?

  29. polczek5 says:

    The Sciosciapath probably orchestrated the double-swap with Napoli, not only to mess with Napoli’s head, but to make sure Grey has to keep updating his Catchers post.

  30. Steve says:

    I’m sure the Texas climate will be more agreeable to Napoli’s mother as well.

  31. birrrdy says:

    @101 MPH: even the first round where Cano goes before Votto had me spit out my morning coffee. Really, CBS.. really?

    Even non-‘perts like me know how NOT to screw up the first round, and you gotta wake up tomorrow with Robinson Cano as your first round pick (and Posey in the third, Ellsbury in the fourth, and David Price in the fifth).


  32. cashmoney says:


    keepers for this year (league has offensive K’s)

    Uggla or Beltre and Hamels or Kershaw

  33. Steve says:

    And the Napoli thing is not all I learned at MLB Trade Rumors (sorry Grey) today.

    Craig Breslow has a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale.

  34. Wilsonian says:

    Diggin’ the Napoli news…he’s gotta go up the catcher ladder now, eh? Or should I not use “eh” because he’s actually leaving Canada?

  35. herschel says:

    @Grey: Keeper question. We are only allowed two keepers, so Tulo in the 7th, Kemp in the 10th or CarGo in the 18th? Which two of those 3? I know youre all shmohawk on CarGo, but assuming CarGo is worth the value here?

  36. yankees2010 says:

    @Eddy: Ah Eddy, you beat me to that question. What kind of league has that talent at those draft positions?

    @Grey: Welcome to another season Grey. I know you are just doing your job, but I could’ve probably done without seeing the drek on the 61 to 80 Outfielders. Yikes! I am really looking forward to seeing the pitchers rankings. Since my J E T S Jets Jets Jets are sitting at home watching football, these articles couldn’t have come at a better time. Keep it up!

  37. Mike from Jersey says:

    Are the top 20 starter rankings 2nite? i am tingling with excitement, it would make me a happy camper to see all 3 of my keepers in the top 20

  38. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey Need your help on some early keepers.

    Need two from round 1-5
    Two from round 6-10
    Four from round 11- 24/FA

    If you don’t fill those slots, the spots carry back into whatever you want.

    Víctor Martínez (Bos – C,1B) – Round 7
    Billy Butler (KC – 1B)- Round 6
    Robinson Canó (NYY – 2B)- 2nd Round
    José Bautista (Tor – 3B,OF) – Free Agent
    Alexei Ramírez (CWS – SS) – Round 20
    Corey Hart (Mil – OF) – Free Agent
    Juan Pierre (CWS – OF) – Round 16
    Chris Young (Ari – OF) – Free Agent
    Josh Hamilton(Tex – OF) – Round 9
    Travis Snider (Tor – OF) – Round 20
    Omar Infante (Atl – 2B,3B,SS,OF) – Free Agent

    Jon Lester (Bos – SP) – 3rd Round
    Jorge De La Rosa (Col – SP) – Round 17
    Joakim Soria (KC – RP) – Round 10
    Neftali Feliz (Tex – RP) – Free Agent
    Juan Gutiérrez (Ari – RP) – Free Agent
    Brad Lidge (Phi – RP) – Round 14
    Clay Hensley (Fla – RP) – Free Agent
    Chris Capuano (Mil – SP,RP) – Free Agent
    Jaime García (StL – SP,RP) – Free Agent
    R.A. Dickey (NYM – SP,RP) – Free Agent
    Hiroki Kuroda (LAD – SP) – Round 16
    Roy Halladay (Phi – SP) -1st Round
    Justin Masterson (Cle – SP,RP) – Round 19

    Thanks for your help!

  39. cubbies299 says:


    Would you trade 4 years of Tommy Hanson @ $20 and 3 years of $20 Greinke for 3 years of $35 Texeira in a dynasty? $300/team 14 team mixed

  40. Tom says:

    Sup all this is a question for Grey but anyone can jump in.

    Any suggestions on when to start picking up pitching in a 12 team mix draft?
    Last year i didnt pick a SP till the 5th round this year i was thinking about waiting till the 10th – suggestions please

  41. Eddy says:

    Anyone else going to watch the top 50 prospects unveiling? I say Harper ends up being #1.

    I actually just found out I had the MLB Network (emoticon).

  42. Wilsonian says:

    Almost my pick again in my 16 Team draft. Here’s my team so far:

    Hamilton, Heyward, Wright, Dunn, Andrus, Lester, Marcum.

    Assuming these following guys are available, can you rank them for me in the order of who I should take?

    Napoli, A. Hill, Dom Brown, Grady, K. Johnson, Morrow, Floyd, Kennedy.

    Much obliged…kinda leaning Nap or Hill.

  43. Napoli is Free! says:

    What’s the word Grey? 12 Team.. Picked from the 4 hole. Thanks!

    OF Ryan Braun MIL R1 P4
    3B Ryan Zimmerman WAS R2 P9
    1B Prince Fielder MIL R3 P4
    OF Andrew McCutchen PIT R4 P9
    SP Justin Verlander DET R5 P4
    SS Alexei Ramirez CHW R6 P9
    RP Brian Wilson SF R7 P4
    2B Kelly Johnson ARI R8 P9
    SP Max Scherzer DET R9 P4
    OF Delmon Young MIN R10 P9
    SP Brandon Morrow TOR R11 P4
    C Michael Napoli TEX R12 P9
    OF Drew Stubbs CIN R13 P4
    RP John Axford MIL R14 P9
    SP Brett Anderson OAK R15 P4
    SP James Shields TB R16 P9
    RP Joel Hanrahan PIT R17 P4
    OF Angel Pagan NYM R18 P9
    OF Ryan Raburn DET R19 P4
    OF Dexter Fowler COL R20 P9
    SP Kevin Slowey MIN R21 P4
    RP Brandon Lyon HOU R22 P9
    1B Derrek Lee BAL R23 P4

  44. Tom says:

    Hey Grey – where would you rank Neftali Feliz if he becomes a SP?

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