Sometimes all you need in life is a second chance. For Max Muncy, he’s making the most of it. Cast aside by the Oakland A’s, the burly utility guy has found a home in Los Angeles. His power display lasted the entire season, and propelled him onto the leaderboard for home runs. Was it enough to make you believe it can last? Prospect Jesus and I put him under the microscope in our latest addition to the 2019 Fantasy Baseball Video Draft Guide.


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  1. jose H. says:

    i will keep muncy in two of my teams, but I expect that he will play 1B against righties and some weak lefties, Bellinger will play OF against righties and 1B against the tough lefties.

    I also that believe that Taylor will play 2B, with Pallack playing CF.

    I like your idea better, if he could play 2B everyday.

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @jose H.: Should be noted that my comments were prior to the Pollock signing, with Taylor manning CF leaving 2B open. I think Taylor and Muncy provide a lot of line up options and should see over 500 ABs each.

  2. Daniel W Silver says:

    I have two open keeper slots in my league where I keep 7 guys, the first five are Rizzo, Benintendi, Story, Scherzer, and Cole

    With my two remaining spots I have the following options:

    Cruz at $15 (final year of contract)
    Muncy at $6 (would have to sign him to three year deal)
    Aguilar at $6 (would have to sign him to three year deal)
    Carrasco around $30 (would have to sign him to three year deal)

    Which two of those four would you go with? Thanks!

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @Daniel W Silver: Cheaper, and not just to be frugal. I will never trust Cookie to stay healthy, so $30 is a lot for me. Aguilar and Muncy can equal Cruz at this point, and offer more positional freedom… Muncy especially.

  3. Harley Earl says:

    Good stuff.

    I grabbed Muncy early on last year, had him on two different teams, including my dynasty. His numbers don’t lie. I think he’s for real. Hopefully, he gets a full-time shot at 2B. That kind of power at 2B would be fantastic.

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @Harley Earl: Indeed!

  4. the tone ranger says:

    Hey guys, I want to believe in muncy SO BAD! but I don’t know who to keep out of this group given their keeper costs/age/playing time.

    Can keep 3 of these 4.
    Jose Altuve (1st round)
    Max Muncy (27th round)
    Travis Shaw (27th round)
    Conforto (27th round)

    • LenFuego says:

      @the tone ranger: Pretty easy choice. Altuve is no longer a first rounder, and each of the other three project to hit 30+ HRs and are well above 27th round values. Not to mention that both Shaw and Muncy are both eligible at two infield positions and will probably add a third infield position early in 2019.

      If you like Altuve, you have a good chance of picking him up in the second round. Let him go for now.

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @the tone ranger: Might be a slight overpay for Altuve, but at 28 he’s still in his prime, and still at the top of the position. Muncy gives a little more than Shaw, and Conforto is primed to take the league by storm. I’d leave out Shaw.

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