Is Brian Dozier as good as what people want to believe he is? Is he better? Is it all a figment of our imaginations? The second baseman now finds himself in the nations capital, trying to resurrect his once elite reputation. Should you be buying in 2019? We discussed in our Video Draft Guide.


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  1. Galen Murray says:

    I like Dozier to rebound, not to previous levels but better than last year. Should have better protection and run / rbi opportunities than with the Twins last year. A little better luck in BABIP. Say he ends up .250, 80 R, 25 HR, 70 RBI, 10 SB.

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @Galen Murray: But better than last year isn’t saying much, at all. It was bad :(

  2. Harley Earl says:

    Ralphy is not going to be happy with me again LOL!

    Man, I don’t hate you, I swear, Ralphy! I think you do a fantastic job and I read everything over at Prospects Live because I like following your lead 95 percent of the. This, however is that 5% of the time that I’m running like hell away from your opinion!!!!

    There is no way on God’s green earth I’m banking on Brian Dozier this season or any season ever again. I don’t want any part of this guy. If what Dozier showed you last year has you excited for 2019, you’re in need of a lobotomy!!! I don’t care what his underlying numbers might suggest. He’s done, he’s finished, he’s clearly in a state of decline. His glory days are in the rear-view mirror!!

    Andy is right, it seems much more worthwhile to take a shot on Moncada or Odor or Daniel Murphy than Dozier. Here’s the deal with guys like this for me. If I drafted Dozier thinking he might have one more year left in the tank, I’d be kicking myself all season for over-analyzing the numbers.

    Sometimes, it’s just a matter of passing the eye test. And in this instance, Mr. Dozier fails the eye test miserably. Run like hell or be sorry that you didn’t!

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @Harley Earl: Harley, my man! You have a seat at my table :)

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