On Dancer!  On Prancer!  On–Oh, I didn’t hear you come in.  Welcome, reader!  Grab some egg nog and brandy it up to the fire.  You look festive.  I love that Rudolph tongue ring.  That’s the great thing about Christmas, no matter what your interpretation is, it’s all about commercialism.  That’s unless you light the Munenori Kawasaki. The 2019 fantasy baseball rankings are not far away.  Right now, January Grey is throwing darts at a board to figure out where to rank Matt Davidson, the hitter vs. Matt Davidson, the pitcher.  Two can play this game, Shohei!   In the meantime, let’s look at the players who have multiple position eligibility for this upcoming 2019 fantasy baseball season.  I did this list of multi-position eligible players because I figured it would help for your 2019 fantasy baseball drafts.  I’m a giver, snitches!  Happy Holidays!  I only listed players that have multiple position eligibility of five games or more started outside of their primary position.  Not four games at a position, not three, definitely not two.  Five games started.  If they played eight games somewhere but only started one, they are not listed.  5, the Road Runner of numbers.  So this should cover Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, et al (not the Israeli airline).  Players with multiple position eligibility are listed once alphabetically under their primary position.  Games started are in parenthesis.  This is the only time a year I do anything alphabetically, so I might’ve confused some letters.  Is G or H first?  Who knows, and, better yet, who cares!  Wow, someone’s got the Grinchies, must be the spiked egg nog talking.  Anyway, here’s all the players with multiple position eligibility for the 2019 fantasy baseball season and the positions they are eligible at:

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