We’ve gone over whether or not you should grab a starter early, Rudy’s fantasy baseball strategy says sure, why not?  My fantasy baseball strategy says not so much.  Whichever strategy you subscribe to, you’re still going to need some late round value.  The top 20, 40, 60 and 80 starters for 2009 fantasy baseball can be found under the 2009 fantasy baseball rankings.  As I used to call Cliff Notes in college, this is a companion piece.  If you click on some of the player’s names, you’ll see whole posts dedicated to these doodes with 2009 fantasy baseball projections.  Anyway, here’s some starters to target for 2009 fantasy baseball:

Manny Parra – I hesitated to put Kershaw on this list because of his walks, but the same could be said about Parra, and, in a roundabout way, I just did.  The deciding factor was Kershaw is a bit more expensive at drafts than Parra.

Aaron Heilman – If he gets the 5th starter job or the 6th starter job and then Harden gets injured, Heilman’s a guy to keep an eye on.  Why aren’t you looking at me when I talk to you? I’ve got an eye on Heilman, woman!

Wandy Rodriguez – Imagine 50 Cent in your fantasy league, “I’ll take you to the Wandy shop, his road starts will make you drop…” Yes, I heard Rodriguez strained his left intercostal muscle (isn’t that the road that runs along the Florida coast?), but it’s too early for me to jump off the Wand-wagon.

Chris Young – After he returned from having his face rearranged by a Pujols liner, he had a 2.38 ERA in September.

John Maine – I know what you’re thinking when you see Maine on this list.  You’re thinking I’m trying to get you to fall for the ol’ banana-in-the-tailpipe.  You have to ignore a lot of last season for Maine, he was pitching injured.  If healthy, he could be a strong #3 fantasy starter.

John Danks – Doesn’t seem like he’s getting the pub of some guys, but he should be.  One of the few AL starters I’m targeting late.

Randy Johnson – He’s not the maverick he once was.  He might only pitch 15 – 20 starts, but has shown he can be effective for those 15 – 20 starts.

Jeremy Guthrie – The other AL starter.  I’ve talked about JG so much, I might need a Guthrie jersey.  Someone brought up something in the comments the other day (Not sure what post or what comment it was.  We get a lot of comments, ya’ll.)  about Guthrie’s FIP and BABIP.  It’s true, Guthrie may regress a little this year.  I have him projected for 12-10/3.90/1.25/130 in 2009.  Those are not #2 starter numbers.  Again, for those reading over your shoulder, do not think you’re snagging a #2 starter in the last rounds.   I talk a lot about Guthrie, but he’s just a solid endgame guy in deep leagues.

Aaron Cook – Almost as boring as his name.  Easily the most unexciting name on this list.  Also, one of the steadiest names on the list.  Those in H2H leagues want consistent, Cook can provide it.   In a time when we seem to be losing everything, our economy, our homes, our jobs, it’s up to us to stand up and be counted, make our frustrated voices heard.  For those who want reliability and street cleaning twice a week, vote Aaron Cook.

Josh Johnson – A good K rate and his name almost sounds like the porn star, Gosh Johnson.

  1. Juice says:

    Points League alert y’all…Grey I forgot to add Billingsley to my previous question. In a points league (repeating for effect) please rank the following SPs: Billingsley, Liriano, Felix, Shields, Lester.

    Also do I want Greinke or Yovani or would I rather have to listen to a ESPN fantasy podcast, in other words will I not want to kill myself of I draft one of those two?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Juice: Bills, F-Her, Liriano, Shields then Lester. You want Yovani. Yo-Ga!

  3. Steve says:

    If you’re taking Cook late in H2H, you’ll want to have drafted plenty of strong K guys already, no?

  4. Josh says:

    any faith in Carpenter?

  5. Ross says:

    i just remembered shawn marcum from last year. what’s going on with him lately? same question for kelvim escobar? jesse litsch over jered weaver?

  6. Tom says:

    I know he’s considered just a flyer, but Andrew Miller gets taken late in EVERY draft I see. Every year I want to pick up an underrated young Marlins pitcher (Olsen, Johnson, Sanchez, Nolasco, Miller) and obviously, they sometimes bomb but occasionally pan out. If he doesn’t get injured, he could put up great K numbers if nothing else, right? How early is too early? (since this guy is always getting picked RIGHT before I’m about to pull the trigger, and I really don’t want to use anything other than my third to last pick on him)

  7. Mowses says:

    One could also make a case for drafting Clay Buchholz with your last pick. Smoltz will not be ready and Penny won’t be either, i seriously doubt that Penny will contribute much at all. That would leave Buchholz with the fifth spot and he has looked good so far.

  8. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    As Rorschach would say, “Hrm.”

    None of these guys, save Parra and Josh Johnson, get my Baron-O-Meter twitching. Not to say they won’t break out. I’m terrible at predicting breakout starters. All last season I was like, “What’s a John Danks?” Sounds like a dirty latrine! Thank you!

    @Mowses: I also like Bucky the Wonder Post-Hype Sleeper as an endgame play, but I think there’s an argument to be made for not wasting late-draft speculative picks on starters, but grabbing a few sleeper hitters instead. Here’s why.

    Unless Bucky comes out and fires back-to-back shutouts, it’s probably going to take about a month to evaluate whether he’s worth carrying or not. That whole time, he’s clogging up a spot on your staff. You also run the risk of him having a great outing while he sits, then you start him, and he gets plastered — which is not a risk that comes with carrying offensive prospects.

    And there are way too many starters to make hoarding sensible. You might — might — profit from hoarding Dukes and Milledge and Cruz, in hopes one pans out. But for starters, I’d rather wait and watch and then grab him from waivers, and in the meantime have a ratio-enhancing MR on my staff.*

    *Not Grey-approved advice. May not apply to H2H or deep keeper leagues. Results may vary. Not applicable in AL-Only or NL-Onlly formats, or AZ, NV and VT. Use as directed. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, dementia, crankiness, blood in stool, and bitterness at the Baron for having missed on Rick Porcello, who you totally had a good feeling about.

  9. Mowses says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: That makes sense. He probably wouldn’t be drafted at all so why waste a pick on someone you can have from waivers. ok.
    I always end up picking my last starter with my last pick. That’s probably not a good thing, but half of the time Scott Baker is still available and I’m fine with that.
    2 questions: What would be the latest that one should have the starting staff together?
    Well it’s three actually. Who would some performance-enhancing MR be? Does this mean they have to be able to slot in as a starter?

  10. sean says:

    I agree with Baron that breakout SPs are much harder to gauge than breakout hitters. That said, some guys on this list aren’t really breakout candidates. Cook, Danks, Wandy, and Guthrie more or less are what they are — and they are valuable fifth starters that can be had late in drafts. Instead of taking a flier on Buchholz, who absolutely destroyed me last year before getting sent down, I’d much rather draft Cameron Maybin or Elijah Dukes and hope that they get hot.

  11. sean says:

    @grey: the point on tUnit is very well taken. Looking at him like the Glass Chipper (start numbers for 120 games and replacement for 40), a replacement arm (maybe even another guy on this list) for ten starts plus the Unit for 20 starts could end up giving you top-20 numbers out of a waiver wire pickup and an 18th round pick.

  12. Kevin says:

    Aaron Harang has dropped like a rock. He was so steady prior to last year. Sounds like he never recovered last season following that ill advised relief appearance. I wonder if that carries over to this year.

  13. cleaver596 says:

    @Ross: Last I heard he had surgery and is going to miss this season, with a slight chance of making it back by the end of the year. It sucks cuz marcum was a major pickup of my team last year and one of the major reasons why I was in first or 2nd all year last year. (that is until I slid from 2nd to 4th in the last 3 days……those bastards!)

  14. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Mowses: If you’re in a regular Roto league, I’d aim to have four starters picked by the end of Round 14 or so. (My plan this year is to target Greinke or Slowey as my 4th starter. So whatever round they look like they’ll go in.)

    However, one guy in my league last year only drafted 3 SPs. He drafted Peavy and Webb in the first 4 rounds, then Fausto in the 9th, then nothing. I think his plan was to just wait and grab whatever starter (or two) came out hot in April. It was a good plan, Fausto not withstanding. Stockpiling sleeper starters in the draft is like stockpiling scratch ‘n’ win lottery cards.

    As for useful MRs — you know, the usual Zeigler/Marmol ’09 types. Aim for high, high K/9. Grey did a post on this.

  15. Nick says:

    @Grey: Last season I was in a rotisserie yahoo setting while this year I’m in a H2H league. How should my strategy differ?

    The biggest difference I see is that nobody is out till the end because each week the matchups reset and you start over whereas if your in a rotisserie and ur in dead last in a category say SB, then you would just drop it and move on to the other ones.

  16. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: **Side effects include anal leakage and a four hour erection.

    I’m with you man… maybe Grey can clear this up, but last year damn if I didn’t pick a shitty Franklin Morales in the 21st round followed by that “sleeper” Curt Schilling. Wouldn’t it have made sense in 2008 to boost my team with a super utility guy like DeRosa, or hell, take a flier on Carlos Quentin or Ryan Ludwick?

    **(Ludwick by the way, had a great-great-great-grandfather who was known as the Baron von Ludwick, who claimed fame as the often injured, late-blooming, Quad-A prospect of the House of Hapsburg).

    Please defend taking Parra over the next Quentin and I’ll love you forever. Okay, that was creepy, but at least I’ll read your blog.

  17. Tony says:

    Ijust read on another blog about a guy who dealt CHRIS DAVIS for Harden and thinks he bent the other guy over? He was saying how HARDEN is CY YOUNG material, LOL well sure but howmany full seasons has the guy put together? way overvalueing

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: If you’re taking Cook late than, yeah you’ll need to have strong K guys before.

    @Josh: If you can get him at the right draft spot (think way late), then sure. He’s looked good in spring training so far. He could easily go out with an injury in, say, April. So he’s pretty risky.

    @Ross: Forget Marcum until August, Kelvim might be back by May, but he’s oft-injured, so I wouldn’t bet too much on his speedy return, Weaver over Litsch.

    @Tom: If you keep getting scooped on him, then pick him one round earlier than you wanted to. I wouldn’t draft him. He walks way too many people.

    @Mowses: Whoever is the 5th starter for the Sox would be worth a late round selection in some leagues, just because the Sox provide lots of run support.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Bunch of the guys on this list aren’t or, at least, shouldn’t be on wiavers when the drafting ends. Also, Milledge, Dukes and Cruz are going way before the end game guys. If you can stash, say, Cruz in the last rounds, then your league is A) shallow B) not that competitive C) Hmm… Why isn’t there ever a C?

    @sean: Agreed with your first part about these guys not being fliers, so to speak. Second part about grabbing Maybin and Dukes late, I don’t think they’re going to be there in most leagues.

    @Kevin: I like Harang to bounce back to usable starter.

    @IowaCubs: Ludwick or Quentin went drafted in 98% of leagues too. Why do I feel like I have to pull you and the Baron from class to speak to you in the hallway?

    @IowaCubs: @Baron Von Vulturewins: Who on this starter list do you guys feel like is that deep? These starters are between the top 40 and 80. Heilman is probably the deepest name and he’s putting on a show in spring training and vying for the 5th starter spot on a team that could win 90 games. Maybe you don’t draft Parra, but someone is going to. Randy Johnson’s off your boards? John Maine? Danks? Young? Guthrie? I don’t understand how you guys are seeing the names on this list and coming to the conclusion that they’ll all be on waivers anyway. Are these 8 team leagues? In the end, you guys know who will and won’t be drafted in your leagues, but I think most people will look at this list and say, “Hey, here’s some pitchers to look at in the 2nd half of the draft that could out produce their draft spot.” Okay, back in class!

  19. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I was speaking of my draft last season, kicking myself for not taking more chances on guys like Quentin and Ludwick instead of drafting Schilling and Franklin Morales. What I’m saying is, what’s stopping Adam Lind or Travis Snider or Jason Kubel or random guy yet to be named, etc. from becoming that next Quentin or Ludwick?

    A few weeks ago in your draft strategy post, you talked about never drafting hitters to fill your bench, opting for a deeper pitching bench. I think what Baron and I are challenging is that there’s gotta be a reason to see the next McClouth or Victorino in Cameron Maybin or Chris Dickerson and stash them on our bench just in case that happens.

    And as a Cubs fan, I would love it if Heilman succeeds, but right now Lou’s talking about using Marshall as the 5th starter. There’s something very appealing as a fan about the bullpen of Heilman/Gregg/Marmol. That said, if/when Harden gets hurt, I’m all about picking up Heilman in a deep league.

  20. JPH says:

    I was offered Howard and Morneau for CC and Zambrano. I currently have Doumit and Fielder with Reynolds as my utility. But i was thinking bench doumit, move fielder to util and hang onto reynolds.
    I wanted to wait for a trade involving some OFs especially Beltran, McLouth, Markakis….in fact someone offered Markakis for Beckett straight up???If I dump Cc and Zambrano I would still have Haren, Beckett, Liriano and Volquez on my roster…should i pull the trigger?

  21. James says:

    @Grey – I heard the DRs believe Maine’s shoulder shows signs of probably being a problem for him going forward – I wouldn’t touch him.

    I have always been a proponent of starting Heilman. He has shown great ability in previous spring starts with the Mets. The main reason he never got the chance was because Peterson thought he wasn’t a starter.

  22. Nick says:

    offered bj upton/devine/weaver for lee & qualls…doubt it will go through b/c the team im trading to is already SB heavy but so am i so i gotta start somewhere

  23. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: I don’t mean these guys will go undrafted. (Also, I doubt Clay B would go undrafted this year as well.) I just mean I’d rather draft a few flyer hitters in rounds 20 and 21 than flyer-starting-pitchers. (In my 12-team short-roster roto league, neither Ludwick or Quentin were drafted last year.)

    I agree that over the course of the season, I don’t carry many extra hitters because, well, why? (I like to have two bench guys with multi-position eligibility, to plug in on off days, or in case of injuries.)

    But in the first month it seems the major breakout hitters reveal themselves early and go quickly (McLouth, Quentin). While starters are harder to gauge. I’m sure every guy on this list will be drafted, but next year’s John Danks won’t be. But can I guess who that will be? No, I cannot.

    p.s. My Rorschachian “Hrm” was not meant to diss the list. In fact, it was more to acknowledge that even the sleepers this year will probably all get snatched up. And I do like Chris “Not That Chris Young” Young a lot too.

    I would add, though, that in all but the deepest leagues, yawnstipators like Cook and even Guthrie are available on the wires. (It’s true! They are!) I want max upside in my final four picks.

    @IowaCubs: Ah, Von Ludwick. Our war never ended.

  24. Tony says:

    I’m really like Travis Snider late. Not to get off topic. But I dont like any of these pitchers, but maybe Parra….

  25. James says:

    Plus, Heilman has a huge chip on his shoulder – a strong sleeper pick!

  26. Tony says:

    liking travis snider, not “I’m like travis snider” I dont even know travis snider, jeeeesh….

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I hear what you’re saying, but what I’m saying is Victorino and McLouth were owned in 10 team leagues last year, or they should’ve been. I believe I drafted Victorino around 150 last year. I wrote at least 3 posts about Victorino last year in the preseason, because I was crazy about him (and still am). Rudy drafted McLouth in our 10 team league last year as his 4th or 5th OF. So I hear what you’re saying what about Maybin or Dickerson, and I’m saying, they’re great and should be owned prior to the Parra’s of the world. They’re your 4th or 5th OF.

    re: Heilman — If he’s nothing but the 7th inning man, I’ll be the first to tell you to drop him and wait until Harden gets hurt to pick him back up. I’m just saying what I see right now is Heilman pitching well.

    @JPH: Pull the trigger.

    @James: Yeah, I’ve heard similar things as rumors. Did you hear from the Mets? Cause he’s too risky if he’s not healthy, but I haven’t heard yet from the Mets or him that it is definitely unhealthy.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Guthrie and Cook are usually available, which is incredible when looking at their last year’s numbers, but people just don’t like pitchers who can’t K a lot of guys.

    re: the rest — I hear what you’re saying but you’re going to be holding Dukes (insert whatever player) in the first two weeks of the season on your bench, he doesn’t start off well and then you’re left with dropping him for this year’s Ludwick anyway. It’s six of one. I still think you’re going to need to scramble for certain hitters off waivers early on so why not at least take a few MRs or SPs.

    @Tony: You’ll wish you liked Danks, Wandy and Young… Mark my words!!! Or not. Ya know, this is your decision in the end.

    @James: Agreed.

    @Tony: I like Snider too.

  29. Johnny says:

    Not a big fan of Heilman. Doesn’t seem to have the stuff necessary for the 2nd or 3rd time through the lineup. He’s the type of guy that will look good early in spring, wait until he has to throw 6IP before putting any weight into his spring.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Johnny: FYI, you should contact akismet.com because, for some reason, your comments continue to be marked as spam.

  31. James says:

    @Grey – No, this was during last year – I have heard nothing about him being hurt right now. It was more of educated guess by DRs that arthroscopic surgery to remove a lesion is a sign that more shoulder problems are coming.

  32. James says:

    Johnny – he can start (15-0 1.74 in his last year in college). I understand that was only college, but he does have a starting pedigree.

  33. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I see Heilman as potentially filling the shoes of Ryan Dempster as the “holy shit… I actually have a shot at starting again? better get my shit together” player. You can look at their careers and see many similarities.

  34. Tony says:

    @Grey: chris young if he stays healthy sure, so i guess late late late i’d take him. Wandy i’ve picked up, dropped, picked up, dropped, he was a little more impressive last year, but still I dont know if I am seeing the light. Danks has a chance. For some reason i see some donkeys in my league that had some of these guys last year taking them again earlier than late just for that reason, they redraft their old teams! LOSERS!

  35. vinko says:

    @Grey: Disabled List Informer posted your article on Hamilton. Had to laugh!

    ” Josh Hamilton is overrated : Rudy over at Razzball gives his opinion.”

  36. James says:

    @Tony – Chris Young has made 30 starts in 3 out of 4 seasons since he obtained a starting job. The lone year he didn’t make 30 starts was when he got nailed in the face by Pupu. I know he misses a start here and there, but he has been pretty consistant. Why wouldn’t you want him in the 12th or 13th round? There is no reason he can’t put up his ’07 number, which were good enough to be ranked 54th in Yahoo!

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: Yeah, I can see that too.

    @Tony: Young could give you #3 starter value. Remember last year was a fluky injury.

    @vinko: Rudy posted a huge thing in the comments on that Hamilton post. I think that might have been what the DL Informer was talking about. Not sure though.

    @James: Agreed.

    EDIT: For clarification.

  38. Nick says:

    My BJ Upton/Devine/Weaver for their Carlos Lee/Qualls? Need more power on my team…leave Weaver in this deal or take him out? Any chance this gets accepted?

    Also what would you reccommend for strategies in a H2H league opposed to a rotisserie league (which i was in last season)?

  39. @Grey: @Baron Von Vulturewins: @IowaCubs: I agree with Grey on this one. I’ve done the ‘stash a prospect’ move in 3 player bench leagues and always find I have to drop him (two years ago: Krispie Young) because I need to fill roster spots.

    If I have 3 bench slots, I like having 2 extra relievers because I can rotate them in when SPs are off. Get a few vulture wins and bump Ks that way.

    If I have 5 bench slots, I can see using one for stashing.

    Will be interesting to see if shallow bench leagues stash Wieters if he doesn’t start with the club. Tough decision…

  40. James Legade says:


    I am in a TEN (10!) team mixed league fer big money (well… big fer me anywho) and the other GM’s resist expanding the rosters. Currently we have no CI/MI, one catcher and only THREE OF’s (though we do make them qualify at LF/CF/RF) and one utl.

    In a TEN TEAM MIXED LEAGUE! I have been lobbying for CI/MI and an extra UTL OF… am meeting resistence. I figure i could own the championship for years but the short rosters make it more of a crap shoot.

    Arm me with some reasons why a our current set up is sissified and CI/MI 4+ OF’s are for manly men. I will hold off on the 2 Catchers… these boyz are not ready fer that yet.

  41. Tony says:

    @James: I guess for some reason he’s on my “injury prone” list in my head, yet he has made 30 starts each year. Too bad he’s never collected more than 12 wins. I dont think 2007 was anything great 9-8 with a 3.12? 167K’s? Nice K/9 and good ERA and I know wins/losses are out of an SP’s control, but stil… i guess ijust got that weird feeling about the guy. I dont know if he’s there later maybe, but not round 12 or 13….

  42. Johnny says:

    @Grey:yeah, I have contacted them and even tried comments on their site. I followed up with them and hope they fix it soon.

    @James: he can start and has in the past. I just don’t believe his stuff holds up starting in MLB. A RHP fastball/changeup pitcher generally doesn’t workout too well, especially when they can’t get lefties out.

  43. 101 M.P.H. says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:

    “I think there’s an argument to be made for not wasting late-draft speculative picks on starters, but grabbing a few sleeper hitters instead.”

    Muchos gracias, Baron. Your advice has allowed me the perspective to identify (and hopefully correct) an error I’ve made during my auctions in past years. To be specific, I’ve been way too speculative with my end-game $1 picks (mining for upside potential) when there are still players on the board, with a proven track record, who would be much more reliable options.

    Where fantasy baseball is concerned, I sometimes over-analyze to the point where I can’t see the forest for the trees.

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: I like that trade for you

    re: strategies — Try and get more consistent guys over guys that go very hot and very cold. For instance, go with Utley or Howard.

    @James Legade: You say the reason yourself. There’s too many guys on waivers. It’s no fun when the draft means nothing. You can turn over your whole team every third week and be fine, that’s lame. I also don’t think a league should be too deep where there’s no one on waivers. That takes away fun too and people get disinterested. 5 OFs with no CF/RF/LF and one CI and one MI and One UT works for me.

  45. 101 M.P.H. says:

    To further illustrate my point, I took Kevin Correira last year during the end game for a buck. I was, as Ron Shandler described it, “drafting skills”.

    Those are the sort of picks that wind up being dropped within the first three weeks.

  46. Ashley says:

    I’ve promoted your site on Busersports.com. It’s a basketball site and a lot of the commentors were looking for a good baseball site. The people who have checked yours out said they’re hooked.. And think your glossary is hilarious.

    You’re welcome!!

    So since you left Kershaw off the list, does that mean you’re avoiding him? If they only let him go 5 or 6 innings again, then yeah he won’t be that special because when you leave the game with a 1 or 2 run lead in the 6th inning, odds are the bullpen won’t hold it.

    Which reminds me.. Hudson had a term for that. When the bullpen (Wickman) stole a win from the starting pitcher. Maybe you could come up with your own term for that to add to your glossary.

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: Thanks! Mucho appreciado.

    re: Kershaw — No, I like him and mentioned him above in a roundabout way. But he does walk a lot of people and he will probably, as you point out, get pulled earlier from games than most.

    re: Reliever stealing wins — That’s a vulture win.

  48. Ashley says:

    Also, I’ve been offered Sizemore and Prince Fielder for Adrian Gonzalez, Markakis, Halladay, and Scherzer. When I saw the offer in my e-mail I was like, “Wow I have to accept.” But then when I looked at it, I saw that Adrian’s numbers were actually better in 4/5 categories than Fielder’s last year. But I guess you would call that a wash, because they’ll probably put up similar numbers to each other this year.

    So I guess it comes down to whether or not Sizemore is worth Markakis, Halladay, and Scherzer.

    I don’t know if you watch “Lost” but there’s this fat guy named Hurley, and everyone wonders why he never lost any weight despite being stranded on an island. That’s kinda how I feel about Prince.. How is he still 275 lbs despite being a vegetarian for over a year now?? I know he’s still young, but I feel like fat players are pretty risky.

    So what do you think of the offer?

    I offered Markakis, Halladay, Scherzer, and Wang for Kemp and Billingsley and would rather have that trade happen.

    I would add Parra and then the 2nd pitcher would either be Meche, Sanchez, or Pettitte(?)

    Thanks for the help =)

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: I don’t like that offer. Markakis and Halladay > Sizemore Then Kemp and Bills > Markakis and Halladay but it’s really close and I could be persuaded to go the other way, it’s not a slam dunk.

  50. 101 M.P.H. says:


    “When the bullpen (Wickman) stole a win from the starting pitcher. Maybe you could come up with your own term for that to add to your glossary.”

    As I understand it, Rollie Fingers shares the MLB lead for blown saves in a single season with 14.

    If your pitcher loses a win due to a blown save, you might say that you’ve been “fingered”.

  51. Ashley says:

    @Grey: You don’t like both offers? Or just the Sizemore one?

    I thought it’d be easier to trade Halladay, the top ranked pitcher last year. But no one seems to care about his #4 ranking. But I guess everyone knows he most likely won’t get 20 wins or 200K’s again this year. I like Scherzer, but I’m beginning to think his shoulder won’t hold up so I’d like to get some value for him. And even though Wang could win 15-19 games this year, he’ll probably only end up with 110 K’s if he pitches 200 innings. So I don’t have a problem trading those guys.

    If one of those trades happen and I need 2 pitchers, do you like Meche? I had him for a lot of last year and he was pretty good at times.

    @101 M.P.H.: LOL, don’t think that’s what Hudson called them.. but that’s funny.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: I don’t like the Sizemore offer. I do like the other one, but it’s not a slam dunk. I do agree that Scherzer and Wang are replaceable. Meche is a decent replacement.

  53. Mowses says:

    @Grey: @Baron Von Vulturewins: Ok i get your point of not stashing prospects, but i have 6 bench spots. i guess using 2 or three for stashing could be worthwhile.

  54. James says:

    I like to read each team previews (lineups, pen, additions etc..) before the season to make sure I haven’t missed anything in the off season. Does anyone really like a particular site for this type of information?

  55. Steve says:

    @Grey: As you can see, if I’m planning to draft Aaron Cook, my vow to not take my H2H too seriously this year is clearly bullshit.

    BTW, this the leauge my sister plays in. She can’t make the draft so like a good brother I said I’d rank her top 100 for her Razzball-style. I’m going to scoop myself!

  56. James says:

    @Kevin – Harang, let’s not forget this guy has only pitched 5 full season. He may be 30, which isn’t that old, but he hardly pitched in ’02 and ’03.

  57. Pops says:

    @Grey – What do you think about either Homer Bailey or Micah Owings as a fifth starter in Cincinnati? Both of them have been lights out this spring and with Brandon Morrow experiencing arm troubles I’m beginning to look for some insurance.

  58. Colin says:

    What happened to my Myers comment? Anyway Grey, after losing 35 pounds in the offseason and being in a contract year I could easily see him getting 15 wins with a bunch of K’s. Thoughts?

  59. JamesLLeGade says:

    @grey Yes… I have tried reasoned arguements and they have failed. now I want full blown taunting and challenge to their manhood Razzball style. If I can make the undecideds laugh at the girlishness of 10 team mixed league w/o CI/MI I can fix this “t” to the “ravesty”

    It is embarrassing to bring this league up online!

  60. BigFatHippo says:

    @JamesLLeGade: Try this dude.

    A 10 team league with no MI/CI is akin to playing Texas Hold’em with Dueces, one-eyed Jacks, Suicide Kings and Scepter Queens wild. In a sense, everybody can win!

    Which is what you’re playing. Please tell me it’s at least a roto league.

  61. JamesLLeGade says:

    GOOD! Most of them are poker players… a fine analogy.

  62. James says:

    @Grey – Ha, I was worried I offended you because you didn’t respond last night. Nah, I like your previews, but I am looking for less of a fantasy perspective and more of the nuts & bolts of each team.

  63. PV says:

    I had a guy offer to give me Parra for Gonzalez (RP). What do you guys think of this trade?

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PV: Sounds like this is a pretty deep league and this trade sounds like a needs trade. Do you need a 4th to 5th starter? Are you okay with saves? I probably wouldn’t do the trade, but I don’t know your situation fully.

  65. PV says:

    @Grey: Well I have Papelbon, Cordero, Fuentes, Gonzales and Street. I’m “weak” with SP: 1. Santana 2. Cain 3. Young 4. Weaver 5. Litsch I’m working on a deal right now to get Billingsly which would help. Yes it is a very deep keeper league. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

  66. Cheez Whit says:

    How about David Purcey as a sleeper SP. Good K potential.

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PV: After seeing your staff, I like the deal for you. Unless this Bills deal can be pulled off, then I’d hold off on Parra.

    @Cheez Whit: He does have good K potential, but his WHIP could be a nightmare, which usually leads to a bad ERA and no Wins. He’s in a very tough division and he’s risky at best.

  68. CMiY says:

    Hi Grey / everyone

    Great site – been reading via RSS (wonderful invention) after finding you about a month ago).

    Quick question: I’m in 12 team, 10 player keeper H2H league with 5 OF, 2IF + usual and 6 bench spots along with 9P. We’re into round 22/23 of draft with my picks at turn shortly.

    I’ve filled all my hitting spots, but pitching I probably could do with a couple of guys as my staff is full of injury / upside risks! (Haren, Harden, Wainwright, Bedard, Johnson + Rivera, Hanrahan).

    Guys still available: Motte (for a possible closer), then Cook, Guthrie, Floyd, Kawakami, Volstad, Heilman.

    Or should I go down the prospect route and pick up someone like Tommy Hanson and Colby Rasmus?

    Other hitters available include Kubel, Yunel Escobar (although I have Hanley) but my IF spots are filled by Kouz and Mora…

    Man, so many directions, which to take?!!

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CMiY: Thanks! Grab Guthrie and Motte.

  70. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Are you still high on Maine?

    He’s really getting ” chowed” on,I’m looking for a reason not to cut him loose in my 10 team league

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Unless there’s a much better option or there’s an injury, I’m not a big fan of basing so much on spring training, especially with pitchers. People are working on things. So, I guess the question is, are there other better options?

  72. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I don’t see him starting in my lineup, and he’s probably not enticing trade bait,but I’m hesitant to cut him….. he reminds me of a girlfriend I once had

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