Derek Holland is not officially a rookie, but that doesn’t mean he might not roofie you.  Pitching in and out of the rotation last year, he had some real ulcer-inducing starts.   I know, I have the internal scars to prove it.  Oh, Mylanta!  Though his xFIP was better than his actual ERA.  I know, too bad your league isn’t all fussy with an xFIP category.  Holland’s a plus-plus strikeout guy.  In the hitter-friendly PCL, he had a 37:7 K:BB rate and a 0.93 ERA.  He’s homer-prone and in Arlington that is a recipe for turd nuggets.  I’m much more aggressive about grabbing young hitters than young pitchers.  Hitters give you an 0-for-34 and you punt.  A pitcher gives you a 2 IP, 7 ER start and that causes you to punch a random stranger and then next thing you know some guy named Bubba is fitting you for a teardrop tattoo.  See how quickly that spiral spun downward?  Ask Lawrence Taylor, he’ll tell you.  So I didn’t grab Holland anywhere, but I would in the right circumstances, as long as you monitor where you start him.  His first two outings are set for the A’s and Angels.  That’s a “Yes, please” and “Don’t mind if I do.”  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Johnny Cueto – 9 IP, 1 hit shutout with 8 Ks as he dropped his ERA to 4.07 on the season.  And there’s why I liked him so much in the preseason.  If he’s out there in your league, own him, in the non-biblical sense.

Chris Heisey – Got his first major league hit and homer.  He’s a 15/15 type that needs to have everyday at-bats to have mixed league value.  I think he’s better than Drew Stubbs, but WWDD?  My guess is Dusty will continue to play Stubbs.

J.J. Hardy – Headed for the DL with a bruised left wrist.  If you don’t have DL room, move on/look elsewhere.  Brendan Harris should see most of the time at short.  Harris is good… To avoid.  Twins also called up Matt Tolbert.  And that’s The Tolbert Report.

Kevin Slowey – 4 2/3 IP, 5 ER.  Yeah, Charlie Morton pitched better than Slowey last night.  I’m not dropping Slowey, but that’s only because I don’t own him in 12 team leagues or shallower.  If I did, he’d be done-zo.  In deeper leagues, I’m holding him but I’m not starting him next time out.  I’m kinda just hoping for a trip to the Disgraceful List.  How dare you betray my trust, Slowey?  You’re about to get filed away with 2009 James Shields, which might be the best thing for your career.

Bobby Jenks – Got the save yesterday, but Ozzie said they could go to a closer by situation, which is closer by committee for those who have used all of their blanks and M tiles.

Franklin Morales – To the DL.  Manny Corpas and/or Rafael Betancourt should get the saves, in that order.  I’d own both, if I had the room.  Unfortunately, I had a big meal of Blown Save Suckage recently, so no room.

Neftali Feliz – Blew a save.  You ever own the setup man and hope the closer doesn’t blow it because you don’t trust the setup man?  That’s how I feel with Frank Francisco.  I own him, but am petrified of him getting save opportunities.  Sorta how I feel about Juan Gutierrez too.

Mark DeRosa – Called offseason wrist surgery a total failure and he may need another procedure.  The doctor who operated called DeRosa the worst patient ever and said he wants his lollipop back.

Gordon Beckham – 0-for-3 as he hit 8th in the lineup because, well, he sucks.  I did have some concerns about him in the preseason.  Click it, you know you wanna.

Fred Lewis – 2-for-4, now batting .309 on the year with two homers and 3 steals.  Not flashy like my dookie fat gold chain that is just below the frame of my user photo, but Lewis will tortoise you to a 10/17 year.

Russell Branyan – 2 homers yesterday.  Could be the start of something if you need power.  He did hit 22 homers pre-All-Star Break last year.

Carlos Beltran – Ricky from My So Called Life was cleared to jog and do some baseball activities.  You know, like spitting and grabbing his junk.  Considering Beltran was only supposed to miss a few games last June, I’ll believe he’s playing baseball again when I see it in Metco.

Scott Olsen – 5 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 10 baserunners, 2 Ks.  Only one of those baserunners was a walk and a few of those singles were of the “Excuse me” variety.  So hold S.O. (<–not a palindrome)

Gaby Sanchez – 1-for-4 with a homer.  Yo Gaby Gaby!  Yeah, he’s been yawnstipating as all get out.

Randy Wells – 8 IP, 3 ER, 5 baserunners, 8 Ks.  Without doing the complex math, I’m going to say he was unlucky here too since he only had 5 baserunners and 3 earned.  I’m buying into Wells getting, um, well.

Tim Hudson – 6 IP, 12 baserunners (6 BBs), 1 K.  Read Wells’ blurb in a mirror.

Troy Glaus – 17 for his last 38 with two homers in two straight games.  Should be owned in all leagues while he’s hot.

Tim Stauffer – Added DL to his RP/SP eligibility as he’s out for 6 weeks with an appendectomy.

Brad Lidge – Said he didn’t like how his arm felt when he threw yesterday.  That’s usually not a good sign.  The Latin 38, Jose Contreras, is the pickup for saves.  Everyone seems fine with grabbing Contreras and maybe he’ll be okay, but he seems to be pitching so far over his head I’m surprised he hasn’t been bringing a ladder out to the mound.

Jimmy Rollins – Expects to be back by next week.  Maybe he can close.

John Ely – 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Said I’d look at him in NL-Only leagues before this start.  Now I’d start to look at him in mixed leagues.  In his division and park, he should get some decent matchups.

Josh Beckett – Will miss Friday’s start because of back spasms that were a result of taking swings in the batting cage.  What, was he reading Rick Ankiel’s Wikipedia page?

Daisuke Matsuzaka – 7 IP, 1 ER, 3 baserunners, 9 Ks.  That’s nice, I’m not buying it.

Jason Varitek – You might want to stay away from sharp objects as you read the next two sentences.  Varitek hit his 6th homer on the year yesterday.  Victor Martinez has 3 homers.

Ben Zobrist – 1-for-3 as he bats .268 on the year.  He still hasn’t hit a homer.  Wha’ happened?  The ‘brist have his power circumcised?  It’s not completely surprising to me.  As I said in the rankings, “(Zobrist) was a utility man coming into 2009 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he left 2010 back in that role.”  And that’s me quoting me!

Brad Penny – 7 IP, 0 ER, 7 baserunners, 3 Ks as his defense let him down with 4 unearned runs.  Penny has a 1.70 ERA on the year.  You know when you have one guy who is carrying your whole staff and you just know the bottom is going to fall out but you want to believe so bad.  Yeah, Penny’s that guy for me on multiple teams.

Brett Myers – 6 IP, 2 ER, 10 baserunners, 3 Ks.  So far this year, he’s been consistently better than average.  He seems like a safe bet to get some Ks, keep his team close and at some point beat up a girl.

Hunter Pence – 2-for-4 as he hit his 2nd homer in as many games.  Instead of fireworks, the Astros showcased their new way to celebrate a home run.  A giant dummy in the outfield that bears a striking resemblance to Ed Wade has its eyes pop out and toupee shoots off its head after a homer.

Eric Chavez – Hit his first homer of the year.  It was a called shot.  He called it, “I can’t believe I’m not on the DL.”

  1. ThePensive says:

    Braun/Ubaldo vs. Werth/Haren/Baker?

    I feel like it depends on how much you like Haren vs. Ubaldo, but I’m not 100% sure what to think. Help me Obi Wan Greynobi, you’re my only hope!

  2. Adam says:

    Pick two to own…Slowey, Marcum, Cecil, Kennedy, Leake, Holland, Thornton?

  3. Adam says:

    @ThePensive: I’d take Braun/Ubaldo

  4. Adam says:

    @Adam: add Medlen to that posse

  5. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Would you lose Slowey for Masterson or Wells?

  6. Terrence Mann says:

    Grey, please rank these starters:

    Cueto, Leake, Medlen, Latos, Slowey, Sheets.

    Who should I add to my staff in a 12 team league?

    Sorry, I have no jokes this morning.

  7. Tony says:

    START hammy for one game vs. LHP Gio Gonzalez or Start Cargo coming back who has a DH’er today but faces Halladay one game?

  8. Buge Hoobs says:

    Napoli or Suzuki

  9. TomatoBasil says:

    — Coglan on the wire, looks as though he could be heating up but to what ceiling I’m not sure… drop Rowand, Rajai, Kearns, Willingham for him? (if any at all, I’m not set on the pickup unless its an upgrade… OPS 5 keeper league)

    I’d love to pickup Glaus but my 1b/3B/CI/Util is clogged with morneau zimmerman morales and vladdy.

    — Finally, is SF safe for Latos or strictly petco only w/ him? Sitting on the wire and my era/whip is jacked up from Slowey already. Would have to drop slowey, joba, frank frank, or Leblanc .

  10. TomatoBasil says:

    Just out of curiosity does anyone use the android app? I can’t tell why anyone would use it over the browser or an RSS feed reader to view this site on their mobile device…anything I’m missing?

  11. TomatoBasil says:

    @TerrenceMann its alright buddy, we gotchoo…

    Cueto was Medlin and started to Leake on the Sheets, very Slowey.

  12. Bob from Germany says:

    yeah, right, i ignored your warnings about Kazmir….

    so, now i lost my patience with him.

    can you rank these guys:

    Holland, Cecil, Chacin, Sheets.

    I don’t trust Sheets, but neither do I young pitchers. There are simply no more options.

  13. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @ThePensive: Braun side by a landslide. There are five players in this deal and the two best are Braun and Ubaldo. Why do we doubt the Ubaldo? He’s breaking out like a teen’s chin on the day before prom.

    Jay Bruce: 3/5, 3 ribbies, a steal. When he can be useful without hitting a solo shot, you know you’re on to something. That’s downright Bruceful.

    For what it’s worth, I’m also wishing on the Bad Penny. At this point, I believe that Dave Duncan could rescuscitate Oil Can Boyd’s career.

  14. @Grey: I guess I’m deluding myself with this Jete for Bartlett and Gardner deal? I’m really considering it.

    I really think Gardner is breaking out. He’s better off at the bottom of the lineup as far as steals, but he’s for real. I think he could end the year at .300. Bartlett’s got an unusually low BABIP and he’ll score a ton in his sleep at the top of that lineup.

    Watching almost every Jete AB, I notice he’s been much more aggressive than in the past. The OBP that he gives me over other SS is what I really needed.

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePensive: braun/ubaldo

    baker is garbage tossed in to try to get you to agree to trade braun toughly for werth. braun is a top 3 fantasy player, and could be challenging pooholes now that braun controlled his Ks and upped his BBs.

    ubaldo for haren are fairly even. depends on how much regression you expect from ubaldo.

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Adam: marcum and kennedy for now

  17. ThePoonTycoon says:

    in defense of neftali, the rangers started the 9th with darren oliver who obviously put the tying run on and then they brought in neftali. why didn’t just start the 9th with neftali? it was a 1-run game. they obviously had him warming up since he came in after oliver put the guy on base? it wasn’t like they didn’t want to use him and ended up having to.

    just doesn’t make sense.

  18. steamer says:

    Hey guys, I’m trying to sell on A. Jones while I can get something. I’m trying to be patient, but he’s not showing signs of turning it around. Would you trade him for Berkman in a H2H re-draft league? Or should I just be patient?

  19. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @steamer: don’t see why berkman is anymore intriguing. i mean, he’s sucking right now too, and he doesn’t have the upside, and has already been on the DL this season. you’d just be moving from one frustrating player to another imo.

  20. Howard says:

    Morning Grey, a replacement for Slowey: Leake, Masterson, Jhoulys, Olson?

  21. BSA says:

    Thank you for the warning before reading the Tek line as the proud owner of that other catcher. Though I now need a new monitor as I pulled an “Elvis”.
    Martinez is a catcher, leave catchers alone.

  22. Kevin says:

    Come on Grey, you can’t honestly sit here and tell us you weren’t pimping Gordon Beckham in the pre-season! Its nice that you have the link thingy there to show your “concerns”, but your concerns were about his manager and playing time, not Gordo’s overall ability. I can’t believe you are trying to claim that you knew to stay away this pre-season!

  23. Talk about a deep league! In my 20-teamer, I couldn’t even pick up Jason #%^&! Vargas because I was beat out by a team with a higher waiver priority.

    Grey (and anyone else) — in a league that deep, I assume Ely’s worth a flyer, no? His next matchup, whether @Petco Sunday or at home against HOU looks good.

    Same super-deep league: Who here would start Latos @SF and Chaucin at home vs. WASH?

  24. Back to Minors says:

    Good start for Cueto last night with no walks vs the pitiful Pirates, but his next start is against the Brewers.

  25. Dom says:

    In a 4×4 AL Only league I was offered Dice-K for Alex Gonzalez, do I pull the trigger?

  26. Tony says:

    @Back to Minors: haha ya the brew crew will be a “little bit” more of a challenge…. i snatched up cueto in my one league, i think i’ll sit him for that start and “monitor”.

  27. Donnie Baseball says:

    I know everybody is giving Duncan all the credit, but doesnt Penny always dominate for the first 2 months or so, and then completely fall apart?

  28. ThePoonTycoon says:

    anyone else waiving vazquez after today if he doesn’t at show some serious improvement @ det?

  29. Maitland says:

    @TomatoBasil: just downloaded the android app. Can you pull up comments and stuff? I click on comments and it just goes to some dude named “my avatar” that says “I get to comment first, yeah!!”

  30. William says:

    @Grey – Here are the guys on my team that I am losing patience with. This is for my 12 team Standard 5×5 Roto H2H League –

    Carlos Quentin, Wandy Rodriguez, Kevin Slowey…

    If Wandy sucks versus the Cardinals today, is it time to cut bait?

    Here is the list of potential replacements –

    Gavin Floyd, Johnny Cueto, Max Scherzer, Joe Blanton, Brandon Morrow, Kevin Millwood, Carlos Zambrano

    How would you rank those pickups?

  31. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @William: floyd and cueto are the only 2 guys on that list i would even consider. guys like scherzer and morrow are gonna be frustrating as all hell all season. blanton is blah. millwood is old. who knows with Z.

  32. Ryan Beariot says:

    Grey, thoughts on Jason Bay for Aramis Ramirez?

  33. Jackie says:

    Please rank Kearns, Cody Ross, Travis Snider from here on out.

  34. ron mexico's papi says:

    I just traded Alex Rios for Elvis Andrus. Andrus will replace Theriot in my lineup and Pence/Damon, who have been splitting time in my OF, will now both be everyday players until Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton gets that call.


  35. Jackie says:

    @Ryan Beariot:

    Something is off on Aramis. Huge injury risk too. I would keep Bay.

  36. timSTi says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’m seriously considering it if this start isn’t the least bit optimistic. If he can’t throw strikes he has zero fantasy value.

  37. majortommy says:

    Aramis just went on waivers in one of my leagues, I have number 2 priority, do you guys think i should use it on him? H2H and I have Haiku Panda at 3rd already and Vlad as my Utility.

  38. Howie says:

    @Grey- My elite pitching staff has been underachieving thus far…do I dare float a trade offer involving a Haren or Santana for the likes of Cueto?

  39. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @timSTi: yeah, if he has a 1.7+ WHIP and 4 or 5 BBs he’s dunzo. he’s had plenty of time to work on his mechanics on the side and get things straightened out. if he keeps the BBs and WHIP down but gives up some runs, i might let him fester a little longer and see if maybe it was just bad luck.

  40. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Howie: only if you are in one of my leagues and i own cueto

  41. chrisB says:

    I can’t bring myself to pick up Brett Meyers. Horrible team, medicore stuff, ‘cept of course for that ++ wifebeatdown.

  42. timSTi says:

    Glaus or Branyan for a Util spot currently filled by Ad LaRoche?

  43. shibboleth says:

    Hey Grey, thanks much for this blog – starts my morning off right every day. In a competitive 10-team league with QS, would you rather Floyd or Slowey?

  44. timSTi says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Exactly what I was thinking. As long as he has a K per inning and a mangeable whip i’ll keep him simmering on my bench.

    @Howie: Wow… Short answer No. Long answer no flippin way unless you’re getting a nice bat along with Cueto.

  45. MightyThor says:

    Colby Lewis – Crickets. You going to change your mind on this guy or what?

  46. Wilsonian says:

    @Anybody: Prado or Kubel? In a 16 Team H2H league bubble, of course. I just dropped Prado last week for E. Santana and Kubel is really leaving something to be seriously desired and I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on to him. Prado is still out there and seems to be providing a little more promise. Or would Glaus be a better pickup for Kubel? Those look like the two best options who are actually being productive.

  47. majortommy says:

    @Wilsonian: I would go with Glaus, he seems to be getting hot. But I am no expert

  48. timSTi says:

    Rank the top 3 of these pitchers. Some are FA’s and some are on my team. 10 teamer.

    Masterson, Correia, Vazquez, Lewis, Morrow, Floyd, Wells, & Cueto.

    My staff needs some serious ERA & WHIP help. Looking good on K’s & Wins.

  49. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    I’d be giving Adam Lind and Jonathan Sanchez for Justin Upton. Good deal?

  50. Frank Rizzo says:

    Um, yeah. Screw you Slowey. 10 team league…..ur dropped. Picking up Chacin instead. I’ll take my chances on the wire.

  51. Bodymore says:

    Hey guys, I am really frustrated about something so I am hoping others will learn from my mistake. Don’t forget to think for yourselves. I asked Grey earlier in the season if I should drop Rios for Willingham. I’m not blaming him, I’m the one who let him make the decision for me. I was hoping for a sanity check like ‘hey dont drop guys so soon’ which meant I knew better in the first place.

    I think he said yeah just out of frustration, and now I have to watch Rios boost someone else’s team while I’m looking for OF fill ins. Don’t assume you are set with anything in the season…and don’t drop guys out of frustration either! I’m blowing my league away in transactions and feel like a tranny whore.

  52. bobbo says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Slowey’s gotta go… who do you like out of Latos, Cueto, Gio, Floyd, Cecil, Gorzelanny?

  53. I have been offered Brad Hawpe and Matt Capps for Manny- Is this a good deal? I could really use a closer but would this make sense? Hawpes stats are more than serviceable and I have plenty of power on my team already and I get 1 of the best closers (really?) going so far. With Manny being just this side of 40 is this the time to let him go? I would miss the Rainman of hitting but it fills a huge hole with Saves that I have. Again- does this make sense?

  54. timSTi says:

    @Bodymore: There’s nothing wrong with being a tranny whore! Most of us all are. It’s how you win leagues.

    Just remember to always take Grey’s advice as just that, advice. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but often times it will.

  55. BryanK says:

    Should I trust Carlos Villanueva to bounce back from last night’s flop? I love having an everyday RP in an SP spot.

  56. KarlJ. says:

    Grey, Still hating on Niemann? Looked real good last night and has been one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball this season.

  57. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @bobbo: fwiw i am holding slowey in 2 12 team leagues. i may not start him for a few starts, but i’m holding. i think the only guy i could see having a good shot at being an upgrade over the course of an entire season out of that group is cueto. keep in mind, slowey has a .352 babip. he’s not gonna give you a 3.00 era, but i drafted him wanting something like high-3.00 era, 1.20 WHIP, 15 Ws, and 160 Ks. he’s not that far off pace, the whip and era could easily correct themselves with a little luck and a dropping about 1 BB/9 IP.

  58. Bodymore says:

    @timSTI thanks, good call buddy.

    I just need to show a little less impulsiveness, but thanks for making me proud of being a tran whore.

    I got Furcal coming off the DL this week and MI is stocked with Ian Stewart, Tejada and Kel Jo. Is Pence a good buy low target? I’m intrigued by him , or Gavin Floyd (both owned by someone who needs MI)

  59. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Bodymore: yeah, i think the moral of the story is that you have to weigh things like ceilings and potential production when you drop a guy. sure it sounds hardcore to say sizemore sucks now and you are dropping him, but what are you picking up? chances are whoever you pick up is nothing more than a fringe roster player anyway, who will be the first guy you cut for the next guy that gets hot for a few weeks. at least with sizemore (or whoever you awful starting vet is) has proven to be have a much higher ceiling. for instance, i’m still holding vazquez cause even if he doesn’t right the ship, if leblanc really gonna be valuable to my team as a 8th SP?

    obviously, the older/more injured a guy is the more droppable he becomes.

    like when you dropped rios, i bet you had someone like snider or maybin or blanks you drafted in the last few rounds, but were wanting to hang onto right? those are your expendable guys, not a late 20s vet guy like rios, who could go for 20-20 and doesn’t have injury issues who might be off to a bad start but you spent a 10th round pick on him.

  60. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Bodymore: send him tejada or johnson for pence

  61. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Bodymore: or keep some depth since stewart is unproven over a full year, and furcal is injury prone. depends on your OF situation, and sounds like you might need pence.

  62. Bodymore says:

    @poon my OF currently consists of… Kearns, Rowand, Rajai Davis, Willingham, Jason Bay, and Granderson) Just picked up Adam Jones in a trade but I don’t have a lot of faith in his resurrection (And I’m an O’s fan)

    So, I’m getting watered down with mediocre OF…hesitant to acquire more, but obviously still could use an upgrade.

    The depth idea isn’t bad, and unless I can make a good trade it is what I’m going to go for..but with that said, if the consensus is that Pence is a good option I’ll take a swing at it and worry about MI later if someone goes down.

  63. The Cow says:

    Jose Lopez has been pretty consistent throughout the years; however, this early-season funk is very distrubing for me as the entire Seattle offense lacks punch. I am in a 16-team H2H league, so waiver-wire pickings can be slim. Do I get rid of Lopez (Callapso is my current 2B) or do I go George Michael and gotta have faith?

  64. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    I just wanted to be clear, if any of my friends are reading, I’m not the Howie asking this question.

    @Buge Hoobs:

    I am wondering the same thing, not only for just today (where I might keep Napoli in) but for long term (where I’m pretty sure it’s Suzuki).

  65. Infamy707 says:

    Drop Slowey for any of the following: Vasquez,Harden,Blanton,Olsen,Kennedy,Cueto, or Chacin? Thanks

  66. Mike D. says:


    Should I accept Luke Scott or Daric Burton for Nick “Ouch” Johnson in my AL 5×5 Roto – or just sit tight?

    Also – Aviles, JJ Hardy, or Pennington off the wire?

    Thank you – Mike D.

  67. Eddy says:

    Grey who do you prefer:

    Mike Leake, Ian Kennedy, Jason Vargas or Johnny Cueto?

  68. Eric C. says:

    Mike Leake or Cueto?

  69. timSTi says:

    10 Team 7 Keepers

    My Youk + Javy Vazquez

    His CC

    I have MMD to replace Youk at 3B. I need a big SP badly. My staff is Nolasco, Kershaw, … too embarrassed to continue.

    Is that a lowball, fair, too much?

  70. BSA says:

    The reality is Grey gives good advice and information for everyone to make decisions for our own team.
    I think about this as I have jumped the gun on Grey’s word and said both “YESSS” and also said “Crappp”.

    Eric C.’s question re: Leake or Cueto?
    I just look at the numbers in FA I need, think about what Grey has said, and jumped on Leake last week. I got him knowing the rookie issues and will keep an eye on him but ride him while he is hot.

    As to Rios – he was very annoying last year. So there was a strong possibility that the early going was a continuation. May still happen as it is a long season. Sucks for you right now that is all.
    C’est La Vie

  71. Dingo says:

    @Everyone: What do people think of Gorzellany so far this year? His peripherals are solid — 9.26 K/9, 2.83 BB/9, 3.34 xFIP — and nothing in his performance so far absolutely screams fluke. His swinging strike rate is the highest of his career, at 11.6% (vs. league avg. of 8.3%), but it’s not too different from the rate he put up in limited time last year (10.5%). Am I being fooled by the quality of opponents he’s faced so far (2x HOU, WAS, NYM)?

  72. steamer says:

    Does anyone think Jamie Garcia is a sell high right now? Could his value be any higher? Considering he’s probably on a innings limit it could be a good time to move him. Any potential buy low SPs he could get?

  73. Erock says:

    Morning RZZ BLLRZ (who else has that tattooed across their knuckles?) —

    Need some input on a trade: Zimmerman/Sanchez for CarGo/Greinke. Which side?

    Thanks as always.

  74. What to do with Mr. Lee?! Derek Lee, that is! finally done, or just slow to get it going?

  75. Buge Hoobs says:

    @ Howie: For me, Suzuki is a FA. I had Montero then picked up Napoli. I’m interested in seeing if Grey still ranks Napoli 6 and Suzuki 12. How much does the rib injury on Suz affect his future projections? I’m even toying with the idea of hot Pudge.

  76. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    I currently employing Jose Lopez as my 2B in a deep league. Gordon Beckham has just been dropped, so I’m wondering if he represents an upgrade. Thoughts?

  77. Eddy says:

    @Donnie Baseball:

    There is some truth to that. Penny’s career 1st half ERA is 3.86 as opposed to a 4.41 in the 2nd half.

    In addition, in every single month starting from May, he does not have a career ERA lower than 3.93.

    I think this year is going to be a bit different though. It’s highly possibly we see a mid 3’s guy at the end of the year. With the likes of Jaime and Penny this year as well as Pineiro last year, I’m really starting to buy into this Dave Duncan hype.

  78. Donnie Baseball says:


    Ha! where would the z be on my thumb?

    I would want the Greinke side.

  79. William says:

    @thepoontycoon – Cueto is like that girlfriend you can’t shake… you are with her and she sucks your soul, so you leave her and realize how great she was… then you get back together and it’s the same vicious cycle…

    I just know that if I pick up Cueto for his next start he’ll go 5 innings, give up 4 runs, 3 walks and 3 Ks.

  80. Bodymore says:

    @BSA I agree with your points, yeah it works both ways sometimes, whether you are taking someone else’s advice or following your own. This one stings, but thats how it goes sometimes. It does not suck to be me though… I got enough talent on my team to work with and can only hope Granderson comes back from the DL and lights it up.

  81. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @steamer: maybe you could swing him for ted lilly or gavin floyd or that type of guy, but no guarantees they are gonna be an upgrade. no reasonably intelligent owner is gonna deal you beckett for him. if your league is minimally savvy they can smell a ‘sell high/buy low’ situation from a mile away. i’m in a new league this year with a bunch of guys who have been in the league forever, and i can’t tell you how many insulting ‘buy low’ offers i’ve gotten for the likes of prince, lester, and wright.

  82. Donnie Baseball says:

    Yeah thanks for looking up the numbers. It was too early in the morning for me.

    I just always remember him dominating then falling off. He is a totally different pitcher now, with all of the sinkers.

    But I think his conditioning has to be a big part of it.

    I still don’t know how that dude pulls the chicks he does.

  83. William says:

    @Grey – Would it be smarter for me to drop Frank Francisco than Slowey, WandyWagon, or Ervin Santana and picking up another starter?

    Frank Francisco seems to have known you were back on his wagon cause he’s sucked since you told people to get him.

  84. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    @Eric C.: I like Cueto more than Leake

    @steamer: Garcia is definitely a sell high candidate. Without knowledge of your leaguemates, it’s hard to provide you with trade targets. I say just go through the rankings and target a few SP’s who have underperformed…Baker, Hamels?

  85. dsimon says:

    Open question for anyone/everyone.

    I’m in a league 6×6 league with K/9 instead of strikeouts and QS as the 6th cat.

    The mid to bottom of my staff is Scott Baker, Gio Gonzalez, Ervin Santana, and Clay Buchholz. I’ve been toying with picking up Masterson because of his K/9 and even more so with the xFip data from yesterday.

    How do you rank those guys? Who to drop for him? I could also drop JJ Putz.

  86. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Donnie Baseball: “I still don’t know how that dude pulls the chicks he does.”

    he’s a professional athlete worth millions of dollars. looks need not apply.

  87. Donnie Baseball says:

    I’d drop Putz if I dropped anyone.

  88. steamer says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: yeah, i think i’d rather hold Garcia then someone like that. I agree no ones giving Beckett. I put a note on the message board saying I’m looking to move him, can’t hurt to see what the interest is. My league is a combo of smart owners & some sketchy ones, so who knows. My worry is that he’s been so good so far, one bad outing & his value drops big time. Thanks for the feedback.

  89. Donnie Baseball says:

    Yeah, but they’re all pro athletes worth millions, but he gets the top quality ones.

  90. Erock says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Ha, yeah it’s not perfect. Unfortunately, some of the best Razzball consonant knuckle tats are 7 letters: RZZ BLLR, DNKY CRN, SCHM HWK.

  91. dsimon says:

    @Donnie Baseball: You know, as soon as I submitted that I felt dumb for asking. Putz is a goner.

  92. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so CBS is probably the worst of the major fantasy news sites imo, but i think their updated rankings for the rest of the season are mind-blowing. some of my favs:

    soto as the 18th best C
    teixeira as the 13th best 1B
    brian roberts as the 6th best 2B
    ellsbury, ajax, and inchiro ranked 3-5 in OFs, pods 10th, bourn 13, holliday 14, nyjer 15, j-up 21…so many in the OFs rankings to even go further
    marcum 8th, hughes 11th, garcia 12th, leake 18th, lilly 19th, garza 23rd, lester 25th

    who the fudge did these rankings?!?! if you can find someone to trade you lester for marcum straight up, don’t follow CBS and do the deal.

  93. Tom Emanski says:

    Start Gio at Texas and Hughes at Detroit today? I sonavabenched Hughes last time. Now watch me start him and bake me a Poop Cake.

  94. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: cole hamels 69th behind the likes of russ olendorf.

    who are these people?!?!

    i hope some of my leaguemates take these rankings to heart.

  95. Tony says:

    ANYONE: start cargo for a DH’er today vs. HALLADAY in gm1 or start Hammy tonight……?

    H2H, get the more AB’s from cargo?

    i could also bench Bruce, Bay, pence or mags (also has a DH’er)

  96. Matt K says:

    Grey, you need to update an SP ranking to answer all this middle of the road pitching questions. Much easier than answering every one in the comments.

  97. keith says:

    @Tom Emanski:

    I think Hughes is must start. He’s been dominant

  98. Professor Chaos says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I am in one CBS league and every year there are ridiculous values available in the draft because of their crazy pre-draft rankings. I used to listen to their podcasts to kill time at work and they would say the most asinine stuff. The one guy’s favorite saying is that “sluggers notoriously do 50% of their damage in 25% of the season.” WTF? Are there stats to back this up? Seems like the most arbitrary numbers.

  99. dingers says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: hilarious rankings…thx, i shall avoid seeking info via cbs and will recommend my league mates to visit more often..

  100. Kazmere says:

    Pick 3 for today:

    JUpton v Kuroda (2-8 career)
    Bruce @ Duke (1-8)
    Pence @ Lohse (tasty 10-28!)
    Markakis v Rowland-Smith (2-4)

  101. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Matt K: really there is so much nitpicking between SPs it’s ridiculous. the reality is that come september you are gonna have a lot of these guys looking very similar stat-wise. high-3.00/low-4.00 era, 1.25-1.35 WHIP, 150-175 Ks, 12 or 13 Ws. just pick a couple and go with them or stream. your call.

    if you drop randy wells after 1 bad start for cueto then next week cueto belly flops your ratios and you miss out on wells having a nice game, then you re-pick up wells and he goes for 5 IP 4 ER 3 BB so you drop him for latos who looked good in petco, but then after he gets lit on the road you end up scrambling to grab …. etc etc etc

  102. Bodymore says:

    @poon CBS Fantasy is indeed laughable. After 2 days in the season they had a post saying that Garret Jones “proved” last season wasn’t a fluke. I really want to know how anyone in the fantasy business could be dumb enough to say 2 days proves anything.

    They do post relevant updates quickly though, so I still check the site, but usually ignore the ‘advice’.

  103. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Kazmere: sit sparkakis until further notice

  104. artie says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    hey Baron. Poon too. did you guys see what i was offered for Pujols yesterday? lemme know your thoughts as I know we view our teams similarly…. Pujols/Andrus for Tulo/Cruz/Rivera.

    some serious risk, but maple syrupy upside….. and Senor FrankFrank is/was/could be my closer.

  105. Too funny Grey! Huevos Rancheros is delicious and especially spicy in Texas, but substitute Holland A’s and it might be o.k. But I think you’re right, it’s a recipe for an ulcer and Mylanta will not cure your ERA. After the Slowey disaster (can’t drop’em yet, but he’s also lost my trust), do we dare start Marcum in Boston shortly? AND if Marcum pitches poorly, carrying both would be tough! Which would you release?

  106. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: Kennedy, Holland

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Wells

    @Terrence Mann: Cueto, Latos…

    @Tony: Hamilton

    @Buge Hoobs: Napoli

    @TomatoBasil: Rowand… Eh, on Latos.

    @Bob from Germany: That order looks okay, they’re all matchups though.

    @3FingersBrown: Not a fan of Bartlett and Gardner’s a dime a dozen.

    @Howard: Olsen

    @Kevin: I liked him, but had concerns about playing time. You don’t lose playing time if you’re hitting.

    @Enrique: I’d start all three if the league were that deep.

    @Dom: Depends on need.

    @Ryan Beariot: I’d want Bay.

    @Jackie: Snider, Kearns…

    @ron mexico’s papi: Sounds good.

    @majortommy: Yup

    @timSTi: Glaus

    @shibboleth: No problem, Floyd at home, Slowey anywhere, Floyd away…

    @MightyThor: If he’s out there, you should grab him.

    @timSTi: Wells, Cueto, Lewis…

    @Cheese: It’s okay.

    @Al your PAL: Sounds okay.

    @BryanK: At some point, I guess.

    @KarlJ.: Yeah, he looked fine. I’m not a fan.

    @The Cow: Gotta hold there.

    @Infamy707: Kennedy

    @Mike D.: Aviles… Take Barton.

    @Eddy: Kennedy

    @Eric C.: Cueto

    @timSTi: Sounds fine.

    @Dingo: Yeah, doesn’t appear fluky.

    @steamer: I wouldn’t trade a starter who is pitching well for a starter who isn’t.

    @Erock: Ha! Zimmerman side.

    @Arthur O: He started slow last year too, but last year he had a fluky HR/FB rate. I don’t think much of him.

    @Ron Washington’s Stache: Nope

    @William: Sure if you don’t need saves.

  107. Potus says:

    @ whoever can help

    Soriano/Shields FOR Ludwick/Street + $18 salary savings? in a 4×4 20 team $300 cap league…….quick thoughts please? Need saves big time.

  108. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @artie: keep pooholes. all 3 dudes are good players, but none of them can give you what pooholes does. i mean, pooholes worst season of his entire career is like tulo’s and cruz’s ceiling. and you’ll be able to trade for a lesser name closer or scoop sagnofs to give you some saves.

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Potus: Rafael Soriano?

  110. Potus says:

    @ Grey—sorry Alfonso

  111. Tony says:

    any games look like they’re going to get PPD today, especially these early games?

  112. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: So you agree with @keith? Start Hughes but not Gio?

  113. artie says:

    yup. kind of what i decided after sleeping on it. i was trying to flip branyan/lind/+ for Howard. I figured if he bit, i would do the deal – then it’s Howard/Tulo/Cruz/Rivera for Pujols/Andrus/Lind/Branyan…. i like that better, but i don’t figure I’m getting Howard

  114. Potus says:

    @ Grey: Alfonso Soriano–biggest worry is Ludwick batting in the 2 spot limiting his RBI’s IMO

  115. Griff says:

    Vazquez just hit waivers in my ten teamer. Worth it? I’d be dumping Slowey or Gio.

  116. timSTi says:

    @Griff: I’d wait and see how he does tonight to make that decision. Right now I’d rather Gio or Slowey over Vazquez, in that order. If Vazquez show’s some signs of life tonight then maybe throw a claim at him.

  117. Suck My Wieters says:


    Asdrubal Cabrera is now being labeled a Schmohawk in my opinion. I dropped him in one league. I own him in 1 more, should I get rid of him and accept Starlin Castro for Johnathan Sanchez?

  118. @steamer: You can sell high on Garcia, but trade offers that are basically “Here’s an unproven guy who’s doing well for your proven guy who’s struggling” aren’t the most savvy, as Mr. Moustache pointed out.

    Basically, it’s like saying “I don’t believe in this guy but I think you’ll believe in him, even as I’m essentially telling you I don’t believe in him by offering him to you.” Or, in shorter words: “Hello. I am smart and I think you are dumb.”

    Better to sell him for some other non-pitcher part that you need.

    @artie: You are giving up Pujols? Usually, any trade that starts with “I give Pujols…” is an automatic no. This offer is reasonable, but I wouldn’t do it. You’re giving up the best player (not just in the trade, but in the game) and a very usefull SS for an SS upgrade (in Tulo), a talented but gimpy OF, and a closer (albeit a very good closer).

    I bet if you dangle Pujols to the other teams in your league you can get a better offer than this. For me to ever consider moving Pujols (who I don’t, and have never, owned) I’d need at least a top-5 SP in return, plus an exceptionally good offensive player. Like Halladay/Werth kind of pairing.

  119. Tony says:

    @Tom Emanski: i’m throwing both, hughes in H2H and gio in my RCL/roto

  120. artie says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Thanks man. We’re pretty much on the same page. I’ve never owned him either and to be honest, there’s a little pressure when you do :)

    And hell, Andrus has been my most valuable player of late!

  121. uncdrew says:

    Some days it must be tough waking up as Grey. It’s like getting to work with 85 emails to respond to. I picture him with dual monitors, this site on one screen and a Word doc in the other.

    I bought him a dacquiri a few months ago — I’ll bet he’s thirsty again.

  122. tHe ShiT says:

    Assuming no particular needs, which side in these 2 trades: Krispie 4 Jaime Garcia and Grady/Reyes 4 Zobrist/Butler?

  123. Eddy says:

    @tHe ShiT:

    Krispie side.

    Reyes side.

  124. William says:

    @Grey – Gavin Floyd or Johnny Cueto?

  125. nick m. says:

    i have lidge. drop slowey for contreras, lilly, or niemann, or floyd? my other starters are bills, nolasco, marcum, baker, dempster, burnett. my other relievers are qualls, nunez, gregg, and cordero.

  126. LincolnT says:

    Would you drop Kazmir at this point for Cueto? Or maybe Olsen, Volstad or Kennedy?

  127. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @nick m.: i guess i just don’t see the point in dropping slowey for other guys putting up similar stats, but that’s just me. if you liked slowey more in march, then lilly, floyd, and co. haven’t done anything to change your mind. slowey has a babip over .350 and his walk rate is a little high. he could easily be back to being a high-3.00 era soon enough, which is about where you should have capped your expectations for him anyway.

    if you were dropping him for cj wilson or jaime garcia, then by all means, those guys have been great thus far.

  128. William says:

    @Grey – Are you still optimistic about Carlos Quentin, or is it time to let him be someone else’s problem?

  129. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Yet another pitcher Q:

    I have Romero, Correia, Slowey, Fister

    FA’s: Latos, Lyon, Wells, Chacin, Leake, Olsen, Cecil, Gio, Kennedy, Duchschrrr, Cueto, Silva

    Should I drop any or all of my 4 for 4 of those FA’s?

    Just looking for the best pitchers for these 4 slots.

  130. Tony says:

    i think Juan Pierre is back.

    might be just sagnof to alot of you, but in a 10×10 where we count singles, doubles, etc….. he could be money in the bank.

  131. Eddy says:

    Is it me or does it seem like EVERY SINGLE TIME you have a monstrous week in H2H, your following week abysmal? It’s the most ridiculous thing. By the end of Wednesday of last week I had 7 HRs. I still haven’t hit one this week with guys like Miggy, Werth, Wright, MMD, Holliday, and Bruce on my squad. I think the worst part is that I’m going against the one guy I really wanna beat. So far it looks like that’s not going to happen.

    Am I the only one who experiences this phenomena?

  132. Mike says:

    Throw out Latos tomorrow at SF?

  133. tHe ShiT says:

    Zobrist/Gallardo or Kinsler/Ethier?

  134. Dingo says:

    Attention all Vazquez owners — he’s in the middle of what could be a beautiful sonovabench.

  135. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dingo: shhh…don’t jinx it

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @William: Depends what you’re getting for him. I’m not dropping him.

    @TheEvilEmpire: Slowey for Kennedy

    @Eddy: Yeah, cause guys don’t stay hot week after week.

    @Mike: In some leagues.

    @tHe ShiT: Take Ethier’s side.

  137. Dingo says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Sorry – I couldn’t contain my excitement.

  138. Tony says:

    very glad with my bruce bench and insertation of Cargo so far…. and cargo hasn’t even batted lol

  139. sean says:

    @MightyThor: I guess I just don’t see anything special about what Lewis brings to the table to be racking up the strikeout numbers that he is. Let’s see how he does once he starts seeing teams for a second and third time before we anoint him anything…

  140. Back to Minors says:

    just a note of interest…Homer Bailey is pitching a gem against the same AAA Pirates squad that made Cueto look superb yesterday.

  141. MKEeast says:

    In my shallow league, I am starting pitching rich (Cliffly, Ubaldo, Josh Johnson, Phil Hughes, Kershaw, Sanchez, Zito with de la Rosa and Strassburg safely tucked away) and hr, rbi, avg poor. Is Cliffly for Hamilton reasonable?

  142. Tony says:

    @Grey: reyes is batting .228? i’m a little worried, you?

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MKEeast: Sure

    @Tony: Not especially… Though obviously it would be nice if he were hitting better.

  144. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    The time table for Mike Stanton is late May. Are there specific dates that teams will benefit from when they called him up? If so, is there a specific date that Florida should be calling up Stanton?

  145. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Hey, im curious since we both get up round the same time, wut city on the left coast do u live in?

  146. Nathan says:

    Vazquez was dropped in my 12 team league weeks ago and no one had the balls to grab him. Might be time to grab him now and see what he can do going forward.

    Sorry Homer Bailey. But thanks for today’s gem!

  147. Nathan says:

    @Back to Minors: Not only is Bailey pitching a gem, but he’s averaging 10 pitches an inning. He is at 70 pitches through 7.

    Pride. Power. Pirates.

  148. Bodymore says:

    Drop Joba or Franc Franc for Corpas?

  149. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Nice, me 2… no other place I’d rather live than here. Although Vegas is a very fun and entertaining place…

  150. Bodymore says:

    Yeah I was vulching in case the old man Rivera fell apart but reports say he’s fine. Aardsma and Gregg have been doing fine but not getting that many saves lately, so I figure an extra few saves over the next week might help out, and there’s always the slim chance Corpas somehow ends up with the job longer than projected.


  151. nick m. says:

    @Grey: might the skipped start be what vazquez needed? or is this just a good blip on an otherwise bad season? i could drop hudson, rasmus, or andruw jones for him…

  152. nick m. says:

    @Grey: sorry, yeah i was referring to tim.

  153. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Must have been my twin, seriously! : )

  154. BSA says:

    Anyone watching Yankee game notice that thread hanging off Vazquez?
    Looks like he is unraveling…..
    Lucky it is only 2.

  155. tHe ShiT says:

    Another double 4 Snider… i just noticed Starlin is batting 2nd 2day… implosion 4 Javy…

  156. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Yeah, I always confuse you two.

    @BSA: I was watching it, he got lucky to get out of it.

  157. Donnie Baseball says:

    I’ve never seen a worse defensive team than the Marlins.

    Everybody stinks, Cantu, Hanley, oh my God Uggla, Sanchez, Coghlan.

    They are brutal.

  158. Nathan says:

    @nick m.: Well he likely gets the Red Sox at Yankee stadium next, and then the Mets at Metco for interleague play.

    My plan is to grab him now, and will probably sit him against the Sox to see if he can get it going. Can’t hurt. Drop Jones for him.

  159. Eddy says:

    Start Wandy vs STL? Already got Pelfrey screwing me over.

  160. Nathan says:

    Oh god, Dotel in for another mop-up job. This could get ugly.

  161. stanley says:

    Pick up Ely for Medlen or Hart? Hart is the only hitter on my bench? Thanks

  162. Donnie Baseball says:

    Now I’m starting to think the Cueto complete game was a fluke. Now Bailey with 79 pitches through 8. I think it’s just the Pirates.

  163. Nathan says:

    Wow, Dotel got through it. Quickly and uneventfully too. Phew!

  164. tHe ShiT says:

    Freakin Brewers gotta pick up Gallardo. Lowe cant b this good 2day…Lets go Prince!

  165. Nathan says:

    And now Bailey has a legit shot to pitch a complete game shutout in fewer than 90 pitches. This is unreal.

  166. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, do you trade 2 years of Pedro Alvarez/2 years of Scherzer for 2 years of Carlos Santana?

  167. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: U been 2 any Dodger games this season?

  168. B.J. says:

    Better C option from here on out: Russell Martin or Ryan Doumit?

    H2H league

  169. mrbaseball says:

    He is here – Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reports that Nolan Reimold will be sent to Triple-A Norfolk to make room for Corey Patterson.

  170. Wiley says:

    @Grey. After owning him last year and again this year is it time to let go of Lidge? Currently have Nefalti, Okajima, Ryan Perry, Mike Adams and Rodney. League counts both saves and holds. Which is the most expendable of the 6 as I can only trot out 5 per day anyway in the head to head format?

  171. herschel says:

    @mrbaseball: will patterson get regular AB’s?

  172. mrbaseball says:

    Corey Patterson if only Corey could steal 1st base

  173. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Does Chipper Jones have any value in a shallow mixed league?

  174. Terrence Mann says:


    What happened to our Razzball stud, Porcello? Shutting out the Yankees through seven? Yeah, I saw that coming….

  175. ThePoonTycoon says:

    i think the window to grab snider in any reasonably attentive league is closing very very fast

  176. herschel says:

    @Grey: thoughts on snider? any chance of him putting together an aaron hill 2009 type season this season?

  177. mrbaseball says:

    @ herschel – Corey Patterson – is he hits yes if he does not no
    last time I draft Corey I got addicted to alka seltzer

  178. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @mrbaseball: Nothing like having a draft pick sent to the minors.

    I now have 5 pending moves for this week

    Drop Will Venable for Michael Stanton
    Drop Reimold for Fred Lewis
    Drop Slowey for Kennedy
    Drop Olivo for Ruiz
    Drop JJ Hardy for Aviles

  179. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @herschel: snider has more way pure talent than hill. he’s a top prospect, and is only 22 years old. i think this is more of a case of him ‘getting’ it. the first month his babip was incredibly low, but overall his BB rate has improved, and against lefties he is much better this year than last year. finally a lot of those balls in play are finding holes, and it’s starting to come easier to him.

    but yeah, i think he could put up something like .280-30-90 this year if this break through is legit. and if he keeps raking he’ll keep moving up the lineup (up to 7th now from 9th for most of the first month).

  180. Nathan says:

    Time to pick up Gorzellany for Friday’s game against Pit?

  181. @ThePoonTycoon: @herschel: I’m also curious. I’m tempted to grab him, but in my shallow league, I’m already trying to find playing time for 5 OFs in 4 spots.

    Snider is definitely a stud in the making, but he’s buried in the 7th spot (and, looking at the batting order, he seems unlikely to move higher than 6th, assuming Overbay gets bumped down). Seems like his runs/RBIs are limited, no matter what.

    That said, Brett Wallace is tearing up the minors (leading AAA in homers, I do believe), and the prospect of a Lind-Snider-Wallace middle of the order for the next five years (not to mention a Marcum/Romero/Cecil/Drabek rotation) gives this crusty old Jays fan some hope.

    Now if only we could get moved to the AL Central. Toronto is closer to Detroit than New York.

  182. anon says:


    Hahaha, I just went to check how my teams were doing… First I noticed the score, then I noticed that Dotel pitched… Then I was fully expecting to see that he got absolutely lit up. PHEW!!! Maybe he’s done sucking for the time being.

  183. tHe ShiT says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’m sold on Snider, I like him 2 have an Adam Lind lite breakout yr. Your line is a pretty much what I think he produces. Maybe could have more rbi’s if he eventually moves up to 5th.

  184. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Grey: snider is only K’ing 25% of the time. granted i use ‘only’ loosely, but 25% isn’t incredibly high for a lot of younger sluggers in the game.

  185. Dingo says:

    Since somebody mentioned Lind – would you trade Sizemore for him if you had too many SBs and too few HRs and Rs?

  186. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dingo: yeah, i feel better about lind reaching his preseason projections than i do about sizemore.

  187. @Grey: I’m really regretting passing on Snider to draft Tony Luke. Damn that guy.

  188. B.J. says:

    @Grey: I just traded Niemann and Ian Stewart for King Felix, you like?

    My other SP are: Greinke, Johan, Liriano, Billingsley, Oswalt and J. Sanchez with Bedard on the DL.

    Stewart was expendable after I dropped Slowey to pick up Figgins (Stewart was my backup behind Brandon Phillips) and I felt like this was a perfect sell high, buy low opportunity.

  189. Wilsonian says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I’m really regretting dropping Snider while he was sucking after I had drafted him in a 16 Team H2H keeper, only to hang on to Kubel, who’s about as useful as a razzhole on your elbow, and then dropping Prado to pickup E.Santana instead of dropping him or Kubel for Snider, and then FINALLY dropping Kubel for Glaus, and in the meantime…Snider got picked up only to drive in 3 for someone else’s bench today.

    I feel better just getting my feelings out. Thanks for listening.

  190. ThePoonTycoon says:

    from this point forward: glass chipper or glaus?

    leaning glaus, but wanted others take. i like having at least a somewhat productive vet bench bat, and i could use a solid 3B backup in case the fairy dust wears off of mcgehee.

  191. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: I just got offered A-Rod and either Jay Bruce or Colby Rasmus for Cano and Alex Rios…I’d be dumb not to accept, right?? And which one of Bruce or Rasmus would you prefer?

  192. GopherDay says:

    @Wilsonian: I’m feeling pretty good because I picked up Snider after some dude dropped him in my keeper league…16th round keeper for next year, 14th round the year after that, 12th, 10th….I could own him for a LOOOOONG time.

  193. NukeLaDouche says:

    Would you guys drop Damon for Snider in a H2H league where K’s, hits and OPS count? I know he’s gonna whiff a lot but do you think he’ll make up for it elsewhere. Could drop Hawpe or Headley too but Hawpe is playing pretty well and I figure Headley could burn me later.

  194. Kazmere says:

    Update: Mora injured, Eric Young Jr comes in to play 2B…

  195. More action in the crazy Rockies battle for playtime: looks like Melvin Mora is hurt.

  196. GopherDay says:

    @Kazmere: Good news for my Fantasy team….

  197. B.J. says:

    @B.J.: By the way this is a 10 team Yahoo H2H league.

  198. @GopherDay: Who drops Snider in a keeper league? He was, like, the 4th overall pick when he was drafted.

    That would be like dropping Longoria in the spring of ’08. “But I just had to pick up Bronson Arroyo!”

  199. Kazmere says:

    Strategy question in my 12tm 5×5 roto. Bruce, Pence, Upton as OFs, and Pierre, Markakis, Quentin on the bench. I’m last in SB, no one wants to trade, and I need to pick up the pace in SBs before it gets out of hand.

    Would you bench anyone for Pierre for a few weeks? Just seems wrong to sit those guys, but after seeing Bruce go 0-4 today as Pierre goes 2-4 w/ 2SBs… Ouch.

  200. dsimon says:

    So I’m taking a look at Snider and liking what I’m seeing.

    Drop Corey Hart for Snider in an OPS league? Is Hart still splitting time?

  201. Infamy707 says:

    Drop Headley,G.jones, or span for Snider or Bruce?

  202. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: Sure, bench guys on matchups. Bench Bruce vs. lefties. Pence vs. tough righties.

    @dsimon: Go with Snider.

  203. Jay says:

    Pierre, Gardener or Bourn? The way I see it:

    Pierre – I like him and his up-side but him and his team are struggling as he’s batting under .250 and has just 3 rbis.

    Gardener – Batting well and on a good team but doesn’t get too many AB’s. I gotta feeling that when c-gran comes back he will be assigned a lesser role. I was thinking of picking him up and then dropping him later but Pierre and Bourn may not stay in FA until next sunday (once a week pick-ups). Plus he’s been putting up great numbers

    Bourn – He is good. Great base-stealer, but then again so are Pierre and Gardener. He is on a bad team, but at the same time hewill be given a more important role. This was the guy I was going to pick-up, but I’m not 100% on it.

    I need speed and a outfielder I can feel confident putting him in the line-up for atleast the next four-five weeks. Who would you add?

    (It’s a 5×5 rotis. league)

    P.S. Sorry for the novel.

    P.S.S. Did anyone notice SAGNOF is a double negative (ain’t and no). So you mean to say if Joe Blow is rakin’ in steals/saves get him?

  204. FrodoBoBo says:

    Who to cut for Cueto? out of Slowey, Romero, Joba, Jose Contreras, Alfredo Simon

    Also contemplating cutting Beckham from my UTIL in favor of Snider. This is a 6 keeper, 12 team h2h. Thoughts?

  205. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey…would you flip Youk for Pedrioa to fill in at second? If I kept Youk, I’d have to bench Billy Butler.

  206. Nathan says:

    Was anyone else as thouroughly and utterly dissapointed as I was by last night’s Lost! episode?

    No need to spoil anything, I’m just curious of the overall sentiment.

  207. Wilsonian says:

    Snider or the Fragu?

  208. Mann of Sandd says:

    Just on to make my semi-daily Porcello plug. Grey, you said you were watching the game earlier….were the Yankees making solid contact and just hitting them at folks, or was it a legitmately well pitched game? (and yes, I know, only 2 k’s, but I’ll settle for 7 shutout innings today)

  209. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: or the Freese who has gone…er…cold?

  210. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: It’s the anomaly to the double negative rule, check your dictionary. I’d own Pierre.

    @FrodoBoBo: Ugh… That’s not easy. Wait to see, Rivera close a game then Joba.

    @GopherDay: Sure

    @Nathan: Acronym and three words — wtf, were they thinking?

    @Wilsonian: FraGu

    @Mann of Sandd: Yeah, one smashed off Swisher’s bat into Porcello’s shoulder and was caught by the shortstop.

  211. Mann of Sandd says:


    I was totally underwhelmed. Most disappointing episode of the season for me.


    I’m in a 14 team keeper league and I’ve been building towards next year. Out of the following players, who would you look to move now for an established bat? (I’ve got tons of young, high upside guys but at this point I’ll be light on established talent): Ubaldo, Matusz, Brett Anderson, Kershaw, Porcello, Montero, T. Snider, J. Upton, C. Gonzalez, and in the minors P. Alvarez and C. Carter

  212. Eddy says:


    Is Quentin producing like you expect him to?

    And who is more expendable, Quentin or Adam Jones?

  213. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: what aboot Snider or Freese?

  214. Official word on Melvin Mora seems to be “strained glut”

  215. NukeLaDouche says:

    @Nathan: After that I have officially entered the “writers have no real clue how to end this thing” camp.

  216. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mann of Sandd: Porcello

    @Eddy: No, of course not. Either one, flip a coin. I’d go with Quentin if healthy.

    @Wilsonian: Snider

    @Elijah: Thanks for the heads up!

  217. Doc’s human after all, I think they left him in too long.

  218. Dingo says:

    @Nathan: @Grey: @Mann of Sandd: @NukeLaDouche: Well crap. Thanks for not spoiling it, though you have spoiled my optimism. At least I won’t be disappointed when I watch it tonight. I’ve been keeping the faith in the writers this whole time just to have them fail when it counts?

  219. All Corpas owners, hide your eyes…

  220. Jay says:

    Grey, I meant no offence. I totally agree with SAGNOF I was just confusded as to what it was……..

  221. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Oh, God, no!

    @Jay: I know, I was just playin’.

  222. penpen says:

    The good news: I know where Slowey’s real 2010 season went!
    The bad news: Pavano took it and he doesn’t want to give it back.

  223. dsimon says:

    @Nathan: I turned to my wife near the middle and said “is it me, or does this feel like something that should have been in season 3?”

    I know why they did it, but… Not really a great THIRD TO LAST EPISODE.

  224. So much for Iannetta coming back.

  225. Johnson is not in the lineup for Wednesday’s matchup against the Dodgers, the Diamondbacks’ official site reports.

  226. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, the Gods don’t like Iannetta.

  227. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

  228. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Gosh I know!!! And I didn’t get my stinkin win out of Halladay! Anyone watch the game? Did he look alright to y’all?

  229. mrbaseball says:

    Adam Jones for Gordon Beckham – should I take this trade – yes I still own Gordon Beckham

  230. @GopherDay:

    Roy’s a stud, his defense failed him. He didnt have a good day but…2 ER 10 baserunners is his sort of offday.

  231. GopherDay says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, I know…I have him in my fairly shallow H2H league…Been really nice with my periphials and his lack of incredible K numbers don’t really affect me…

  232. @GopherDay:

    K’s both my teams have plenty of. Its WHIP that’s killing me.

  233. penpen says:

    JD Drew or Robot?

  234. Kinda ironic Melvin Mora has a strained glut, that’s excactly what he’s been to EY2 fans.

  235. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Adam Lind for Swisher and BJ Upton

    Which side do you like?

  236. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Cheese: Sorry, meant Lind/J Sanchez for Swisher/Haren

  237. Bartlett finally a steal.

  238. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Start or sit Clayton Richard tonight vs SF? Or is he droppable?

  239. Doot Doot says:

    do I stash Reimold in a 12 team roto league?
    I could try trading for Snider. Snider/billingsley for my R.Romero/Al.Ramirez

  240. BigFatHippo says:

    @BigFatHippo: wait a minute, forget I asked. Forgot, we’re not supposed to seek the Guru…………..Doc whispering in crowded movie theater…………….”do not seek the guru”………………

  241. penpen says:

    also ya’ll think Furcal is worth a waiver claim?

  242. BEASTDOG says:

    @grey …CDM points league where ratios DO NOT count against you. Picking up Price with 2 starts next week. Only guy I have worth dropping is Slowey, who also has 2 starts. Hate to drop a double starter but I can’t really drop Ubaldo, Nolasco, Kershaw,Hanson, Doc,Lester, Lince, JSanchez, or YoGa. Thought about Ricky and save Slowey for Strasburg, but I guess it looks a little obvious what to do now that I’m typing it out.

  243. BigFatHippo says:


    See the little arrow thingy to the right of the timeline?

    Do this……………[email protected]BEASTDOG: Just a little pointer from the Hippo, carry on.

  244. Tony says:

    Daric Barton, Bautista or Schierholtz? which one……

  245. BEASTDOG says:

    @BigFatHippo: Thx for the technical advice Hippo.

  246. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: He looked fine, considering it was Coors and one of the best offenses.

    @mrbaseball: I’d take Jones.

    @penpen: Robot

    @Cheese: I’d take Haren.

    @BigFatHippo: Sit, but I wouldn’t drop him unless there’s something else out there.

    @Doot Doot: I wouldn’t stash Reimold. I’d take Snider’s side there.

    @penpen: Yup

    @BEASTDOG: Yeah, lose him for Price.

    @Tony: Schierholtz

  247. BigFatHippo says:

    @BEASTDOG: No prob, it’s what i do……………..

    You shoulda been here from the beginning when I was @grey-ing a lot!

  248. cubbies299 says:

    Okey doke, do you take Jhoulys for just this year or Scherzer for 2?

  249. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Thanks, but I’m gonna start him since I accidentally asked your advice. You can laugh at me later……………

  250. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: BTW, you should just ask for my advice using an alias for your alias like others do.

  251. BigDrunkenMonk says:

    @Grey: Should I quit fantasy baseball and join a Monastery?????……………….

  252. Eddy says:

    Haha, I remember when I found this site in December I had the need to ask you a second question after I had asked you a first one but I didn’t wanna seem like a bother so I decided to use “JohnnyBoy” for that question.

    It was only later that my gf told me you could see my email. Boy did I feel crunchy.

  253. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigDrunkenMonk: Who are you, Grant Desme? BTW, you should try to make your alias a little more disguised.

    @Eddy: Ha… Yeah, you’d be surprised how many people ask questions under different alias. My favorite ones are when someone says something like I’m stupid then they ask another question using a different name.

  254. Dan says:


    Josh Hamilton and Oswalt for Jimmy Rollins?

  255. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dan: Hamilton side.

  256. Steve says:

    @Grey: Is it just me, or does Joba have a little bit of Herc about him?

  257. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Ha!

    Aperantally I’m not real bright. (:

  258. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: What do you mean?

  259. Eddy says:

    That’s pretty funny. I bet they take satisfaction out of sitting there all greasy-handed, pushing back the glasses up the bridge of their nose, thinking they’ve duped you.

    And anyways, thanks for convincing me to play Wandy! I would have been kicking myself if I hadn’t. Do you think,however, that this is just one of those starts where the Ks just aren’t going to come (such as Nolasco’s last start), or is this a trend for the rest of the season?

  260. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I think Wandy will get his Ks if he stays healthy.

  261. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sorry – more of an Anglo turn of phrase there.

    Means he (Joba) looks a bit like him (Herc).

    @BigFatHippo: Clearly not smart enpough to know that you can’t pull that s*** and not have it found out ;-)

  262. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey what do you think about Blalock?

    Where’s a possible destination for him?

    Seattle, Angels?

  263. Donnie Baseball says:

    About Blalock would you drop either Overbay, Kotchman, Fox for him?

    Deep league. Anybody with ABs is valuable.

  264. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: @Steve: Hey, I caught myself first, gimme a break. I’m workin 72 hour weeks for eternity!

  265. PW says:

    Kelly Johnson and Randy Wells for Roy Oswalt. Which side would you rather be on?

  266. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: @Grey: @BigFatHippo: i knew people ask you questions and changed thier name,as long as it isnt a trade question hippo,i would ask grey

  267. Steve says:

    I am not going better with Coke.

  268. Vince says:

    12 teams, H2H, Non Keeper

    Hamels & Adam Jones or Billinglsey & Nelson Cruz? Is it close?

  269. steamer says:

    Need a SP off the WW: Duch, Cueto, Cecil, Pineiro, Kennedy. Which one? Or are these all match up guys?

  270. Terrence Mann says:

    @Grey: First, you say Hochevar is a premier razz pitcher. So I draft him for my razz team. Then he throws a shutout and you tell me he’s ownable. So I cut him from my razz team and add him to my “real” team. Hochevar proceeds to give up nine runs in less than three innings in his next start. Thanks, Grey. You’re an idiot.

  271. Terrence Mann says:

    @Grey: Now that Cruz is off the DL, who should I drop in a holds league? Corpas, Gutierrez, or Coffey?

  272. Terrence Mann says:

    Damn. I need another handle just to insult Grey.

  273. Vince says:

    @Vince: And in that same league, would you use a #4 waiver priority to pick up Cueto (dropped before his last start) ? My SP staff is J. Santana, J. Johnson, Hamels, Weaver, Nolasco, Hughes, Penny, Kennedy and Buchholz… Drop Buchholz for him?

  274. Carl Spackler says:

    Grey…….do you think that Holland sticks with the rotation the rest of the year? Do you like him or Sheets for the rest of the way?

  275. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Not yet.

    @PW: Johnson side.

    @Vince: Bills side, it’s close.

    @steamer: Yup, matchups. Kennedy…

    @Terrence Mann: You should try Terrance Man, one N. Gutierrez…

    @Vince: I’d hold Buchholz.

    @Carl Spackler: I think he hangs around for a while assuming he doesn’t get rocked. Him over Sheets.

  276. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks !

  277. Bodymore says:

    Vince, for reference I just traded Billingsley for Adam jones straight up.

    3/4 from Adam tonight…on my bench but one can only hope its the boost he needs to get back on track, successfully making me look like that smart guy that bought low.

  278. Bodymore says:

    Vlad seriously loves him Texas BBQ

  279. Terrence Mann says:


    Apparently, the fictional Terence is spelled with one R. Now I really do need to get a new handle. Guess that’s my karma for the blatant insult. Damn you, Grey.

  280. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @Grey: Medlen or Masterson or should I simply stay with The White. Only problem is it is weekly.

    Dropped Slowman in 12 team for Kennedy? Alright move, lateral move?

    Thanks. Oh and I hate lind and reyes and agonz wandy and cole. I just had to get that off my chest.

  281. Bostonbeerman says:


    I can’t bring myself to dropping Slowey in my 12 team mixed. I have an arse load of pitching right now. Kind of hoarding it right now but I have to pick up a middle reliever or two for holds.

    I have
    Wandy Rodriguez

    Please knock some sense into me.

  282. Eddy says:

    Two more starts in the OF until Vlad gets OF-eligibility…

  283. Eddy says:

    Your most expendable seem to be Harden, Cueto, and Pavano in that order. Although two bad starts from Leake or Kennedy make Pavano seem better than them.

  284. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Halfway into Week 6 and I’m starting to realize three things about the H2H format:

    1.) Having a truly well balanced team is a detriment
    2.) Being one of the “better” owners makes you just as good as 80% of your league
    3.) I have little-to-no interest in playing anything but roto from here on out

    My main league is 5×5, H2H, and I’ve decided to keep track of all stats to see how things would shake out if it were roto (and also to see where my needs/surpluses might be). What I’ve found is that:

    A.) Roto – I’ve been in 1st every week, H2H – I’ve been in 1st once (currently 2nd)
    B.) I have 77.5 pts, balanced between R-8 HR-8.5 RBI-6 SB-8 AVG-7, K-10 W-6 S-9 ERA-7 WHIP-8
    C.) I’ve lost my “worst” cats (RBI/W) only 4 total times, and never both in the same matchup
    D.) I’ve lost a cat I’m “better” in (WHIP) 4 TOTAL times
    E.) I’ve lost to the team in roto-4th (52.5 pts) and I’m currently losing to the team in roto-6th (56.5 pts)

    What does this prove? Nothing. How can this help you? It probably can’t. Then why in the Hell am I bringing it up? I’m annoyed and I’m venting. Seriously… I spend 2 months preparing for a draft… I research day after day, bother Grey, make smart trades… I hawk the waiver wire, I know matchups, I know BABIPs… and none of it amounts to shizz when the trash-talkin’ist D-bag in the league gets to tell me how awesome HE is for getting 3 RBI from Hawpe against my Halladay. Blargh…

  285. Doug Heffernan says:

    Drop Matusz for Cueto? I know Cueto will not pitch as well as last outing and Matusz will pitch better so pondering standing pat.

  286. GTS says:

    Start Baker @ NYY vs Pettite?

  287. Steve says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: All you say is true. It is dispiriting to lose a matchup just because somebody’s Casey Blake or David DeJesus had a good week.

    BUT, sticking to the principles you outlined above, does give you the best chance to win, even if it doesn’t always feel like that!

  288. William says:

    WandyWagon needs to call AAA because the wheels are off and it crashed into a ditch.

    I’m off the WandyWagon and hopping on the Cueto Cruise.

  289. Steve says:

    Another donk for Branyan. Just grabbed him in a couple of leagues.

    RCL Originals – Starlin Castro is back in the pond…

  290. @Awesomus Maximus: H2H fills the need for immediate gratification. How’s this brutality: I entered my week 8 games under 500 but the only team to win 4 out of 5 weeks. Won 4 close ones and got blown out in another. It’s definitely more of a crap shoot – schedule plays so much of a role in determining a winner. I love it though. It’s the gambler in me.

    I play both but I get sick satisfaction from the extreme highs and lows of H2H. Not to mention beating people that I’ve played with for years and talking tremendous amounts of shit.

  291. NukeLaDouche says:

    Gavin Floyd just hit the waivers. My SPs are Gallardo, Garcia, Chacin, Romero, Zito, Wilson, and Kershaw. Who do you get rid of. I’m thinking I’ll dump Romero. What say Razzball?

  292. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: @3FingersBrown: I’m not a fan of H2H, but I will say that it’s nice to lose your starters lousy weeks after a few days. Slowey craps the bed? Whatever, Monday’s a new week.

    @Steve: Hey, I just grabbed him too. You stalking me?

  293. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: I hear ya. I have good ERA and WHIP, and near the top in total HRs, but I’m pretty average in all the other stats, yet I’m 4-1 and in second place.
    I’m currently hitting .186 for the week and leading HRs 4-1 and RBI 18-5. That’s H2H for ya.

    @Grey: I know where you live. Now go clean your room!

  294. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Maybe I should go under a different name….PossumDay, HERE I COME!!!!

  295. PossumDay says:

    @Grey: Would you drop H. Matsui for Branyan?

    By the way, I am have no affiliation with this other commenter…GopherDay.

  296. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Why can’t the Dbacks management swallow their pride and fire that douche of a coach?

  297. @Rick Dempsey:

    Isn’t the managers fault the bullpen doesnt have a single reliable guy. What are you supposed to do?

  298. Bodymore says:

    What the Shiz, yahoo is all jacked up. Was going to see if I could make room for Branyan. Is there still any shot of Vlad getting OF eligibility in yahoo? Thats really the only way I could make room for another CI in my lineup… Branyan isnt trustworthy enough to ship out morales or Morneau for another piece and to make room for him, is he? Well, hopefully yahoo fixes its intertubes by the time I get up.

  299. bobbo says:

    @Grey: Someone in my 10team roto just dropped Rajai Davis. I’m weak on steals… do you use your #1 waiver on him in hopes he figures things out?

  300. GopherDay says:

    @Bodymore: I just checked…with this last start in the OF, he needs just one more to get OF elig. That should be fairly soon…

  301. Eddy says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    With that comment you captured EXACTLY how I’m feeling right about now in my match up.

    I know for a damn fact that I have the most knowledge in my league and spent more than 2 months preparing than the next guy. Yet JUST until this past week I was in 9th place. I jumped to 5th now thanks to a blow out. Yet at this time last week I had 7 HRs. I have ZERO now and it’s against the dude that I want to beat the most.

    Oh yea, and the guy who’s building a lead a 1st place? He’s a streamer.

  302. GopherDay says:

    Anyone know why Krispie came out of the game? Is he injured or is it a standard double switch?

  303. Gareth says:

    Razzballers, ceteris paribus (that’s latin for Hoover) which side are you taking from here on in? Ethier/Rasmus or Braun?

  304. NukeLaDouche says:

    @Gareth: Braun. He gives equal to both basically. Consolidation and whatnot.

  305. Gareth says:

    @NukeLaDouche: Thanks dude. That’s my thinking too.

    On another note, I have Borbon and Nyjer has been dropped. I didn’t make the switch because it seems like a whole lot of po-tay-to/po-tah-to, but should I reconsider?

  306. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    16-team H2H-Points Keeper League

    Trade Chacin for Starlin Castro?

  307. NukeLaDouche says:

    @Gareth: Yeah kind of hard to see a big difference between the two for me.

  308. Eddy says:

    That’s a bit tough. It’s hard to simply deny Borbon’s playing environment and the guys that would hit behind him if he got on base. But the fact of the matter is that Borbon just isn’t getting on base. At all. Scary thing is that he’s not getting TERRIBLY unlucky. His BABIP is at .250. The way he’s playing you’d expect something below .170.

    Morgan on the other hand has been stealing bases b/c he gets on base more and don’t look now, but the Nationals are 19-15, in 2nd place, and 1.5 games behind the Phillies. Yes, they have a lineup 10x worse than Texas, but they’re doing SOMETHING right, might as well go with it. Morgan is on pace for more steals so far and he will even give you better average than Borbon.

    Short answer: Yea, drop Borbon for Morgan

  309. Gareth says:

    @Eddy: Good analysis man, thanks. I’m leery of Morgan for the reason you state: he plays for the frickin’ Nationals. I reckon in theory Borbon makes more sense given the line-up etc you cite, but as Homer pointed out on the Simpsons, in theory Communism works.


  310. EL BURRO says:

    @grey / razz friends — Im prospecting a bit for my last UTIL spot in my 14 team mixed, 30 man roster, H2H, non-keeper league. Currently rostering:

    Cameron Maybin
    Mike Stanton

    Would you stay put with either of those 2 or pick up any of these available FA (with anticipation of contributing the most in 2010):

    Jeremy Hermida
    Hank Blalock
    Kila Ka’aihue
    Chris Davis
    Brett Wallace
    Pedro Alvarez

    Thanks for the opinions in advance..

  311. and1mcgee says:

    thoughts on Beckham? is he droppable at this point? or at least until he pulls hit head out of his ass?

  312. Brian says:

    @and1mcgee: Regardless of whether or not he is droppable, I doubt anyone else would pick him up. So it’s worth dropping him to take a flier, knowing that you could pick him up later anyway.

  313. albertalbert says:

    Right now, Pence is highest drafted guy who is a FA in our league. Anyone have a sense for how he’ll do from here on out? I’d have to drop Fukodome for him…

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