Do you own Trea Turner, he of a broken finger? Welcome to the chase for speed with the rest of us schlubs. So much changes in just a week this early on. Keep that in mind as the season unfolds. Too often owners look to trade a strength that can become a deficit with a single poorly gripped bunt attempt. Dig for steals and saves at every turn. It’s SAGNOF time!

  • Teams are trying to get back at Gary Sanchez for smoking dongs by running wild on his poor defense. It’s not the worst idea to make the Yankees pay for his offense any way you can.
  • Dee Gordon’s off to an early steals lead with 5. I pushed Gordon over Mallex Smith at their respective prices this spring so it’s great to see early results. The whole Mariners team is ready to run. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.
  • If you’re looking to target a weak catcher the Orioles host the Athletics for a four-game series and the Braves host the Mets for four games to end the week.
  • I’ve added a share of Craig Stammen here and there as a spec play for the week. Kirby Yates has been busy and the Padres have seven games this week against the Giants and Diamondbacks. Yates getting back to back days could open up the door for a Stammen save.
  • Adam Conley snuck on for a save over the weekend but got stung for a run yesterday. If you’re desperate he could end up with a save should the last batter in a Marlins victory be a tough LHB. I would only advise it in the deepest of leagues.

Here’s the early list of catchers being run on.

Name Team SB CS CS% Inn SB/Inn
Jonathan Lucroy LAA 6 0 0.0% 59 0.10
Josh Phegley OAK 6 1 14.3% 48 0.13
Tucker Barnhart CIN 6 0 0.0% 53 0.11
Gary Sanchez NYY 6 0 0.0% 63 0.10
Wilson Ramos NYM 5 1 16.7% 57.1 0.09
Jeff Mathis TEX 5 2 28.6% 44 0.11
Yasmani Grandal MIL 5 0 0.0% 64 0.08
Robinson Chirinos HOU 4 2 33.3% 52 0.08
Yadier Molina STL 4 1 20.0% 71 0.06
Tony Wolters COL 4 3 42.9% 42 0.10


  1. Kruk_Ain't_An_Athlete says:

    I need more SBs.

    I looked up projected steals for my guys in our 14-team OBP roto 5×5.

    Freeman-7, Dozier-11, Y.Diaz-4, Escobar-2, Adames-9, Hosmer-5, Acuna-21, Gordon-10, Jimenez-8, Renfroe-3, Trout-22, and Bauers-9.
    The top guys out there are Rajai (no team?) and some guys who are hurt like Jankowski, Michael Taylor, and others like Hernan Perez, Maybin, Kinsler, Carlos Gomez, Ellsbury, Reyes, etc.

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      I’d be careful in roto with that list. My angle would be to add Hernan and play matchups with Dozier.

  2. fake name says:

    what does sagnof stand for?

    • Donkey Dane says:

      Saves/steals ain’t go no faces

      • Donkey Dane says:


      • Roto-Wan

        Roto-Wan says:

        As in don’t worry about any number coming from this guy besides the save/steal.

  3. Zevon says:

    Shane Greene is the poster child for SAGNOF so far. The closer nobody wanted and he’s been lights out.

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