It’s never too late to start talking about next year, is it?  Well, that is the direction I am heading.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but second base, and for that matter middle infield, is going to be an interesting position come draft time or even for some keepers.  This is the first time in a few years that there will be a dearth of players with a value at the position, so I am personally sorta excited, about as excited as getting a onion ring in my french fry order.  The middle rounds for these second base eligible guys is going to be an interesting pecking order of who covets who more, and what we have seen this year steers them.  Now, this is a steals post and most of the guys I am talking about are going to have value there and in some ancillary stat contributions, I am not talking about the over-drafting of Brian Dozier, and to some extent, Robbie Cano.  Steals only guys, they in this case, have faces until at least your draft or keepers are pot committed. So this week, I am looking at some second sackers that will shine for you next year based on the second half stats.  For giggles afterwards, since the season isn’t over, some two-week guys that will help you down the stretch and of course some save stealers…

After the big three gets drafted, they being Brian Dozier, Robinson Cano, and Rougned Odor, how does the remaining names fall in order?  Here is my take on what we have seen lately on the position that usually is filled by fodder…

Trea Turner – He is easily number four after those three next year, and stat-wise he checks all the columns, not just the SAGNOF ones.  He has 27 SB and 11 HRs in the second half, plus batting over .350.  I mean, those numbers alone are good for a year for second baseman, let alone doing it on 260 at-bats.

Jean Segura – When a second baseman goes 11-for-15 in half a season, when he grabs 50-plus in a season, it is even sexier.  His place in the order is safe and his runs should only get better with a full season of Pollock. Now, the SB numbers will get him drafted somewhere in the top-75, anywhere after that, and it is a good thing for you.

Hernan Perez – The man is a bonus, as he qualifies next year at three positions and that is awesome.  Sort of looked at as an after thought because, who is Hernan Perez?  Well, he is younger than Jean Segura and my next guy Dee Gordon.  Milwaukee is rebuilding still, but next year and he should have a place after boasting 15/40 type stuff this year had he been given full time at-bats earlier.

Dee Gordon – He has to date 23 steals.  How much do we trust him for next year, better yet how well do others trust him around you?  17 of those steals are post All Star break when he returned from suspension.  He is the guy who will be not totally forgotten about, but a round forgotten here or there.  When the Marlins are healthy and he hits at the top of the lineup its an easy 100 runs and 40 steals.

Ian Kinsler – How far does he get pushed down the list?  He has 26 Hr’s and 14 steals, and is probably under-rated.

Jose Peraza – Do the Reds let him be him next year, he has hit .360 with 9 steals since the All Star break.  Phillips is still there, and until that happens, he is a man without a 15 million dollar player in front of him. If trade happens, he has draft climber all over him just like Segura did this year.

Steals for now…

Jarrod Dyson – At-bats are starting to get sporadic, and if you are banking on anything, you should just ditch to a more full-time guy.  Only got 12 at-bats in the past week, look at this guy instead.  Dynamite segue.

Abraham Almonte – He seems to have the green light, and I don’t actually or completely know why.  Three steals in the past week for the starting pitching scuffled Indians.  When you can’t pitch, I guess you steal.

Kevin Keirmaier – Next year, he will get some draft love instead of some waiver wire love.  The 12/20 that he has posted is nice, and you know he is going to get regular at-bats because he loves the leather.  Will still only be 27 next year, which seems crazy to me as he seems like a guy who has been around awhile.

Noah Syndergaard – Gets two starts this week to expand on his MLB total SB against of at 46.  Faces the Braves and Phillies… stream Jace Peterson, Roman Quinn, and any other guys with leg type capabilities against the Mets.

Ryan Dull – Got the save on Sunday for the A’s Madson, looks like he is being followed by vultures walking through the desert.  There is no sayin’ that Dull gets the next off day one but this late in the year speculating is all about speculating.

Derek Law – With SF giants bullpen sputtering, it could be a good battle of eeney-meeny-miny-moe to see who gets it.  Law looks to be the guy now that Strickland fell on his face,  also don’t rule out seeing Joe Nathan for a save… yeah that Joe Nathan.



  1. kendall jackson says:

    Looks like I will finally need to drop Marte. In the finals of a 12 team redraft league this month – do I pick up Perez to hopefully make up the steals (I also have Trea Turner) or forget about SB and grab David Dahl?

  2. Goldschmidt says:

    Is Altuve playing next year?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Goldschmidt: altuve is a top pick next year, not even in the discussion of the tiered guys I am talking about

  3. jb says:

    Thanks for the great work this season, Smokey! I made 8 out of 8 playoffs and still in 6 out of 8 leagues with Championship week next week. I grabbed Dyson or Kiermaier in a few leagues and will KEO Almonte, Dull and Law.

  4. Rufus Xavier Sasparilla says:

    Hey Smokey-
    Thanks for the insights this season. Unfortunately, all my hitting and pitching disappeared in the first week of the playoffs, so now I am looking toward next year in my 16-team dynasty, which counts both holds and saves. I know it’s a lot of guesswork here, but I was wondering if you could comment on how likely you think any of these RPs will be in the conversation for either holds/saves next year (barring any organizational changes): Carl Edwards, Derek Law, Brandon Maurer, Edubray Ramos, Yohander Mendez, Chris Devenski.
    I would think that Edwards stands a chance of gaining the closer job with Aroldis a free agent. Law I have no idea just now. I can’t see Maurer remaining at closer next year for some reason. What about Ramos/Mendez? Any chance Devenski moves to rotation?

    Thanks for your prognostication.

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