Did you know they’re remaking Magnum P.I. with the title character sans mustache? That’s some bunk, right there. Unlike that fake, Magneuris Sierra could be a real deal smooth operator. Steal a couple roto points these last few weeks by employing a heavy speed approach. Base swipers like Sierra are popping up with September call-ups and certain teams throwing in the towel. Keep grinding speed chasers.

  • SAGNOF poster child, Mallex Smith, is back at it with 3 steals this week. Get him back in your lineup or check for his availability if your leaguemates aren’t paying close attention.
  • Harrison Bader has started all but one game for the Cardinals this week. Speed is his main tool. He offers a little pop, too, with 10 HRs in 356 PAs.
  • The Marlins face the Mets for four games and the Phillies for three this week. Those are two of the top teams to run on. Guessing at the Miami lineup is difficult at this point in their lost season. They’ve trotted Magneuris Sierra out in left-field lately. If he gets at-bats, as a guy with 70-grade speed he should swipe a couple bags despite batting eighth.
  • Not that you were likely to bench him, but Jonathan Villar has two great series on tap this week at home against both Oakland and the White Sox’s. The last 30 he’s tied for the league lead with 11 SBs. Expect that to continue.
  • With seven games this week, three hosting the White Sox and four hosting the Twins, Adalberto Mondesi looks like a good bet for a few bags. Per Smada Adams, Mondesi has been consistent in SB rate for two months now.
  • Saves chase: Brad Boxberger took another loss yesterday. The thin ice he was on is likely cracking. Archie Bradley is probably owned in your league, so take a shot on Yoshihisa Hirano. He doesn’t offer too much in the strikeout department, but the peripherals are great with his splitter offering. Also, have we been calling him Yoshi? We need to be.

Below is a table of the top ten catchers to run on.

Name Team SB CS
Jonathan Lucroy OAK 63 25
Russell Martin TOR 58 16
Omar Narvaez CHW 58 19
Jorge Alfaro PHI 56 20
Robinson Chirinos TEX 49 6
Mitch Garver MIN 49 11
Tucker Barnhart CIN 47 17
Yasmani Grandal LAD 46 16
Kevin Plawecki NYM 45 10
Willson Contreras CHC 44 23
James McCann DET 43 22


  1. Tee Not Air Jags says:

    NL only, have a bye this week. holds and saves sold separately. have sera anthony, minter, boxy, hand. after having TOO many saves too few holds for a while now it’s going the other way with boxy demoted, the viz back saving shortly probably. hand gets both. sera anthony gets both. drop anybody (clearly boxy at least) for: steck, neshek, venters (TONS of holds), p.baez, lugo, j.miller (but doolittle back so he’s 7th inning now, holland sticks the 8th).

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      @Tee Not Air Jags: How badly do you need to chase? Not sure if Arizona is a temporary situation. Box could be back after a rest.

      • Tee Not Air Jags says:

        @Roto-Wan: it’s h2h so each week i would like to get saves and holds, starting monday. IF box is back (and i doubt it unless hirano or bradley fail repeatedly while boxy ALSO looks good for 2-3 min times in a row, something that i’d doubt happens this year with how much time isn’t left). for now i added venters over boxy, add steckenrider/neshek over anybody else? venters got an accidental save today, but i nabbed him for holds.

        • Roto-Wan

          Roto-Wan says:

          @Tee Not Air Jags: Welp, Hirano just blew one. I think you’re waiting to see where they use Box next.

          • Tee Not Air Jags says:

            @Roto-Wan: box used in a non leverage spot today too

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