When it comes down to it at the end of the days, teals are steals and saves are saves.  Doesn’t matter how coyly they are obtained or if you are stealing from the waiver wire one day to only dump and chase the next.  The big wheel of accumulation keeps turning.  My near-the-end of the year strategy for closers is: I would rather chase on winning teams as the saves and chances are greater.  Steals… not so much, it is the exact opposite almost as the “look what I can do” type players come more from them, especially with September call-ups and such.  So to recap, saves for winners, stealing is for losers.  I sound like an after-school special starring Judith Light.  So now on to another loser, of the Philadelphia denomination… let us take a peek at the goodies that César Hernández is doing, and doing it fairly unnoticed.  He is owned in less then 40% of the four-letter word leagues and has been tuning up most opponents lately.  He is batting .379 with 10 runs scored and 6 steals in the last 15 games.  He also has a 12-game hitting streak and a poodle that can walk on it’s front paws.  Why do I bring attention to César ?  Because the middle infidel spot is always a good spot to find free-range steals.  It turned Merrifield into a household name and it’s the same place that Villar is still rostered in 70% of leagues.  I can’t ever explain everything, but I throw some deadly darts sometimes.  Have at this week’s SAGNOF do’s and doh’s…

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Alex Bregman – Who had him penciled in for a 20/20 pace type season?  Not many, and I am way too lazy to go check, it’s all about the honor system with projections. Three steals in his last eight games and they are making everyone forget about that Carlos what’s his face.

Jarrod Dyson – Thanks for padding your stats at the end or near the end of the year.  Has 4 steals in his last five games to run his total to 27 on the year.  The late round SAGNOF specialist has finally eclipsed 350 plate appearances for the first time on the year. Only bad thing is his SB pace is the same when he got 299. Womp womp.

Carlos Gomez – Once a month he has a spurt of about eight games of usefulness.  Too late, it just passed.  He had 3 steals over a span of nine games and did a little bit of everything else.  On pace for 18/18 on the year which is a far cry from what a Car-Go should be capable of.

Billy Hamilton – Hey William, Buster Posey has the same number of steals as you over the past 15 games.

Byron Buxton – I have finally figured out what Byron is.  He is that peanut that has three nuts in it, but two of them are all shriveled and inedible.  The other part that has a use isn’t as good as it would have been to have all three.

Junichi Tazawa – The likelihood of Zig-Zag going three days in a row are slim so Tazawa is the cuff to own there for over-worked B-Rad.

David Phelps – He was numbah 2, now he numbah DL.  Nick Vincent takes the first chair behind Edwin.

Bud Norris – Days are numbers.  ERA over 18 in his last six appearances, with three blown saves.  Parker and Baby Bedrock are waiting for the vulture job take over.

Matt Belisle – Still the favorite name in a committe of them.  On a team with one save to it’s total in the last 15 games, I think you can do better then a maybe save.

  1. lwomack58 says:

    To early to drop Norris and pickup one of the two you mentioned?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @lwomack58: I wouldn’t chase but I would speculate on one of them getting the gig. Go Parker, but it could be either really

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