It’s the holiday special edition of the prospect podcast, and Halp and I are full of cheer. There’s talk of Jelly Donuts, Egg Nog, the need for a craft rum movement, and so much more. We also lay it on you heavy for your naughty behavior, with a big olde lump of coal. Genuine and from a mine! We talk three of the most wretched systems in baseball, the Miami Marlins, Kansas City Royals, and Los Angeles Angels. Each system has only a few players to offer so we packed it into one. If you’re on the fence about whether you should tune into something I’m openly deeming awful or not, three words. Stabby the Cat. She’s back, but not really. Believe me, no one can make the Angels, Royals, and Marlins more fun than Halph! I mean come on Kansas City Royals Prospects!! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Festivus, it’s the latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Prospect Podcast.

  1. Big Odio says:

    Small batch rum is craft rum…I think. I get some amazing rums that make a killer egg nog.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Big Odio: Any truth to the rumor that you also have many leather bound books, and that your home smells of rich mohagany?

      • Big Odio says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz: I have lots of things leather bound but they are not necessarily books.

    • Halp

      Halp says:

      @Big Odio: Rum has been my favorite liquor for a little while now. Decided I have to start getting into some of the better/more expensive ones. Any recommendations?

      • Big Odio says:

        @Halp: I would start with Zaya. You can usually get a bottle for around 25 bucks and it’s pretty smooth for that price point. My buddy gets one that runs about 50 per bottle and is really nice but my cheap ass won’t pay that or at least hasn’t yet. I’ll ask him what it’s called. But Zaya for sure is a great bargain rum you can sip

        • Halp

          Halp says:

          @Big Odio: thanks. Will definitely give that a shot

  2. goodfold2 says:

    30 man league. holds/OPS added 6X6.
    C (1) d’arnaud .4 mil (league minimum, ending in 2017)
    CI (2) beltre 10.5 mil (2017)
    MI (2) segura
    OF (3) altherr .4 (19)
    – e.rosario .4 (18)
    util (1) b.drury .4 (19) could count as OF/MI/CI
    SP (3 SP/3 RP/3 P slots, and about 6 starters optimal including bench)
    – sale 12 mil (franchise tagged, pay real life money for this year)
    – quintana
    – z.davies .4 (19)
    – reynaldo lopez .4 (20, barely too many innings has to be up now)
    RP – m.cabrera .4 (20)
    – n.jones 5.348 mil (18)
    minors (all these guys are free till at least 2020, when called up cost league min .4 mil)
    C o’connor TB
    CI – denton STL
    – l.encarnacion PHI
    – kubitza ATL
    – lavalley CIN
    -padlo TB (the 2nd biggest loser of the c-dick trade)
    MI – rondon TB
    – demeritte ATL
    – p. gonzalez COL
    – salcedo ATL
    OF – cozens PHI
    – tocci PHI
    – sierra STL
    -vj reyes ARI
    -d.alvarez BAL
    – whitley TB
    – dj davis TOR
    SP – heredia PIT
    – kilome PHI
    – b.martin TEX
    – a.smith SD
    -v.alcantara DET
    – yarbrough SEA
    RP – sherfy ARI
    – m.ynoa WSOX (has to come up soon, could be set up soonish)
    – staumont KC (could start or be whippy closer type, skyrocketed up prospect rankings in a year though)
    1. should i franchise tag quintana for 7.175 or segura for 2.6? the other would be restricted and i’d either get picks (better picks the more money the bid) if i didn’t match or would match. beltre was matched last year at this time for his 10.5 for 2 years. gotta think segura gets overbid compared to value, but quintana could see bids of 15 or so himself. since a restricted tag could result in somebody bidding multiple years on somebody that’s a main stipulation on which i tag franchise vs restricted. franchise tags last only one year. grey goes with segura, probably more valuable to be able to possibly keep quintana for more years and/or the overall savings is the idea.
    2. what about this trade: my nate jones for 4.12 this year and a 2nd rounder in 2018 from a midpack team?
    finally caught up on the posts, got my top 55 (including the internationals, and i know otani will get drafted, if he doesn’t sign by opening day that team gets a redo pick next year, there’s about 2 of them per 1st 3 rounds last year), now gotta get caught up on the podcasts, got work to do there. draft starts soon but with that list i should be set for the first two rounds (i have picks at 1.19 and 2.19, but with compensatories (determined by jan 3rd) for non matched restricted FA and for internationals that didn’t sign which would make my 2nd rounder roughly pick 59). very useful stuff. you have the internationals much more involved in these lists than previous prospectors.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @goodfold2: Thanks for the read and the kind words. I’d restrict Quintana, and franchise Segura. I’d want to lock in that contract. $2.6 is great value on a player capable of a strong offensive season. Quintana might fetch you more on the market too.

      I’d do the trade if you have bullpen depth.

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz: for this year i only would have cabrera ATL, likely m.ynoa (used to be a big name back when i joined this league and took this team over years ago he was i think a midround pick in my first draft) WSOX, and likely sherfy ARI if i move n.jones. j.urena MIA also if he’s used in relief but i doubt if so he gets any holds. he’s pretty shit. pretty sure he was a 5th round pick years back with upside as a 5th starter.

        • goodfold2 says:

          @goodfold2: possibly rj alvarez if he ever gets anything together as well at RP (and he’d have to come up in 22 innings regardless)

          • goodfold2 says:

            @goodfold2: as far as me having or able to get bullpen depth without n.jones if i trade him, and assuming quintana gets a bid of about 12ish million (a good assumption, could be higher) that i match, and i use one of sherfy/m.ynoa/rj alvarez at all times in my starting bullpen (i prefer using all 6 slots daily for those guys) this leaves me with 63.777 for 12 spots (5. 315 million average). all of these would be available to bid on:harris/bearclaw/watson/melancon/bush/kelley/hand/buchter
            o’day/clippard/f-rod/aj ramos/siegrist/ottavino/vincent/k-rob/givens/neris
            cecil/scribner and others.

  3. goodfold2 says:

    got a trade offer of
    my b.drury MI/CI/OF .4 mil per year till end of 2019
    b.hernandez OF SEA (you haven’t done SEA yet but he was Mike’s 2nd long shot last year there and has a not good 45/40/60 on the hit/power/speed ratings at mlb’s top 30 lists)
    -ricardo sanchez SP/RP ATL (8th on your long shots for ATL and gets a 55/55/50/45 fastball/curve/changeup/control rating)
    – naylor CI SD (this guy i really wanted to draft, but missed him after going g.whitley TB OF in 1st round last year and then grabbing denton/lavalley later, gets a tasty 50/60/20 rating)

    this would make me drop some crap from minors and have one less useful MLB player of course. CI is currently my only position of some power with currently in minors (denton/padlo/lavalley), i’m more in need of power at OF (cozens really only OF with power ratings or showings in minors) than anywhere else.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: nix that trade offer, that owner moved naylor elsewhere. this owner is trading all future assets for now values, he’s a new owner. it’s the same guy from the n.jones for 2017 4.12 and 2018 2nd rounder.

  4. goodfold2 says:

    got the top 55 1st year guys list, got through the LAD team lists made up by the tiers, about 2/3 of the way through the podcasts. i saw a list you gave somebody back in your BOS podcast, (3 of them taken out since they were already in the top 55 another owned in my league, i’ve added the teams, and if possible ratings lines/ETA’s from MLB’s lists):

    -Austin Hays OF BAL 50/50/45 (19)
    -Ronnie Dawson OF HOU 45/55/50 (19)
    -Cody Thomas OF LAD (7th on your long shots)
    -Colton Welker CI COL 50/50/40 (20)
    -Taylor Hearn RP/SP PIT (bullpen risk) 65 (fast)/55 (slide)/40 (change)/45 (control) (19)
    -Eguy Rosario CI SD
    -Steven Duggar OF SF 50/40/70 (18)
    -Garret Stubbs C HOU 50/30/50 (18)
    – Kevin Gadea RP/SP TB (rule 5 so HAS to be on roster this year right away in bullpen, unknown too can probably draft VERY late)
    Sixto Sanchez SP/RP PHI 60 (fast)/50 (curve)/50 (change)/50 (control) (20)
    Thyago Vieira SP/RP SEA
    Melvin Adon SP/RP SF
    1. would these be guys you’d have just outside your top 1st year 55 guys? (seems so maybe since the list started with guys you had at bottom of that list (arrozarena (THAT’s why i couldn’t find him in fantrax, 2 R’s at first) bolanos, dj peters)
    2. could you give me something similar to those prospect grades for the ones i can’t find info on (thomas/rosario/gadea/vieira/adon)
    i’ll be making makeshift lists similar to yours since draft starts the 3rd and it appears you’ll have about 4 more teams ((MIA/MIL/MIN/NYM) done by the time my other picks come up at roughly 97th, 101th, 122nd, 175th, 186th, and if i do that trade 120th so i’ll go backwards from WAS backward asking you about those, only resources i’m going off of are’s top 30’s and minor league ball’s top 20’s (they do have 6 of the 12 remaining teams finished)

  5. Donks says:

    I am compiling a list for my first year player draft. In addition to players drafted/J2 this year there are some players who were not previously drafted. Could you tell me where you would slot the following players amongst your first year player rankings?

    Travis Demeritte
    Mike Soroka
    Josh Ockimey
    Jahmai Jones
    Mauricio Dubon
    Dylan Cozens
    Rhys Hoskins
    Mitch Keller
    Harrison Bader

    Appreciate the write-ups/podcasts!

  6. El Famous Burrito says:

    King Prospect Ralph,

    I need an expert opinion, and my leaguemates definitely read the Razzball, so I’m burying this question here, in hopes of some incognito advice…

    16-team dynasty, head-to-head categories league, very savvy opponents.

    Offer Lucas Giolito for Rafael Devers and Manuel Margot?

    I have more pitching than hitting, but not enough that trading Giolito is not a significant loss to the farm. On the other hand, Devers and Margot’s skill sets combined cover a lot of categories each week.

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