Fantasy baseball rest of season rankings are the herbal tea to the double espressos that are Hittertron and Stream-o-Nator.  Most of the post-draft fantasy baseball decisions we make – particularly in non-FAAB leagues – are of the short-term variety.  Looking for the hot schmotato to fill in while your 3rd baseman is injured.  Finding a waiver wire pitcher to stream and then dump the next day for the next streaming pitcher.  Speculating on a set-up guy that you think might take over the closing role, etc.

But caffeine alone could make one jittery (see Grey’s RCL Transaction log).  Sometimes you’ve got to relax.  Take a calm, rational look at your team.  Determine the players in which you want to stay invested and the players in which you want to dump on the waiver wire or onto an unsuspecting league member in trade (if you want to extend the tea metaphor with the unsuspecting league member bit, be my guest).

The MLB rest of season projections are free (for personal use only) and are the product of a joint partnership of Steamer Projections and Razzball:

  • Steamer projects all reported stats (except for those mentioned below)
  • Razzball is in charge of projecting playing time estimates (Games/Plate Appearances for hitters, Games/Games Started/IP for pitchers)  and projects the following stats:  Quality Starts, Saves, Holds

The MLB rest of year projections are updated every day (minus the occasional vacation day) and can be accessed via the Stats menu or directly via these links:

Our Rest of Season Player Rater – now available via the Player Rater menu – uses these projections and and, unlike the curated ‘Rest of Season Rankings’ or ‘Big Boards’ you may find on other sites, our Rest of Season Player Rater is updated every day (again, minus the occasional vacation day).  They cover all the league formats of our Season-to-Date Player Rater which includes ESPN and Yahoo roster formats as well AL and NL-only formats.

Some other goodies I failed to mention in Monday’s Fantasy Baseball Player Pages + Hitter-tron post :

  • Under the ‘Stats’ Menu, we now have the following in-season stats for Hitters and Pitchers, ranked by 12-team MLB auction values:
  • Under the ‘Tools’ Menu, we now have:
    • Platoony Tunes – This report helps highlight players with big platoon splits for RHP and LHP.  It is sorted by the players projected $ difference between RHPs and LHPs.  So Shin Soo-Choo – who is at the top of the list – has a $19 difference as he goes from a very good player ($16) against RHP to a below-rosterable player (-$3) vs LHP.  This page can help to identify which of your players are best to start/bench against LHP/RHP as well as channel your inner Billy Beane to identify players undervalued because they are only good at hitting LHP or RHP (e.g., Adam Lind, Cody Ross)
    • 2013 Best Pitching Starts – Curious to see how a great start measured up?  This chart shows the top 100 starts of the year based on projected $ value.
  1. Gareth says:

    Who to Sit 3 out of these guys for Week 9?


    Bailey: @ CLE
    Cobb: @ CLE
    Felix: @ PADRES
    Gio Gonz: BAL, @ ATL
    Lynn: KC
    Gallardo: @ PHI
    Burnett: DET

    Frieri: @ LAD, HOU
    Parnell: NYY, @MIA
    G. Holland: @ STL, @ TEX
    Betancourt: LAD, @ HOU
    Street: @ SEA, TOR

    • Cobb, Betancourt…Frieri or Holland as the 3rd

  2. Good God… it’s all incredible! All we need now is some digital Jergens for the chronic rosterbation!

    • I hear u go blind if u do too much of it

  3. MrMojoRisin says:

    There aren’t enough words of appreciation..
    Thank you!

  4. Jerry says:

    Should I buy low on Jacoby Ellsbury? Is he likely to turn it around and end up batting .285 and have 30 SB with some pop?

  5. Shake N Bacon says:

    This is awesome!!! If you are doing a multi-player trade and want a rough idea who makes out better in the trade, you can just add up the dollar values of the players that are given in the rest of season rankings chart. That’s cool. Muy bueno!

    • @Shake N Bacon: Yup, that’s one of the best ways to use it. Season to Date Player Raters (mine included) never accurately allow to gauge ‘sell high’ vs. ‘buy low’ candidates.

      • Shake N Bacon says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Damn right! In years past I would use 3-4 websites for my fantasy baseball info. I happened to find this website this winter when researching Eric Hosmer as a potential keeper. Read Grey’s article on Hosmer and I was hooked on the site. Hosmer may have ended up being a bad keeper choice, but the point of the story is that this is the only place people need to go to get ALL relevant (and not so relevant) fantasy baseball information…4 Life

        • At least Hosmer was good for something

          • Shake N Bacon says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Ha, silver lining for Hosmer…didn’t think that was possible.

  6. Shake N Bacon says:

    It appears that the ROS Playa Rata likes Cole Hamels to rebound.

    Would trading Jordan Zimmerman for Hamels be a wise move? I have Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez and Samardzija, so Zimmerman is the boring but stable ratio pitcher for me.

    • @Shake N Bacon: I do think Hamels will be > than Zimmerman rest of year as Hamels has a large in Ks (3 K per 9). Hamels’ had some control issues in there but it looks like he got it fixed over the last 2 starts. Zimmerman has shown amazing control but it’s hard to continue to pitch at that rate with a K/9 less than 6.

      • Shake N Bacon says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Trade offered. Zimmerman is the 6th rated player (including all offensive players) on the yahoo player rater. Damn! :) That should help coerce him into trading me Hamels. You think I should’ve asked for more?

        • Shake N Bacon says:

          Trade rejected… (sad trombone)

          Onto another SP that is worth significantly more than J-Zimm to see what I can get. This is fun! Love the ROS player rater.

  7. The Ghost of Mike Moustakas says:

    Are we starting Andrew Cashner @ diamondbacks tonight?

    • Eh. Only a $2 start in SON. I wouldn’t.

  8. Hank says:

    This site just gets better and better!! Thanks guys!

  9. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Grey is a lite-weight, 109 season moves.
    The Fredsies: 436 season moves.

  10. Keith

    tomscuba2004 says:

    Worth trading Ryu for Fister?

    • I think Ryu probably has better matchups being in NL west.

  11. artie says:

    Do y’all really think Kemp will be that high ROS? i’ve been thinking of dealing him but have no clue as to his value at the moment…. maybe name value.

    • He has seemed lost. His track record has been so good though so it is hard to sell him too low. I would hold Ono him unless you got at least 90 cents on the dollar.

  12. Head Down says:

    Man…you guys have really dropped the value on Choo.

    Is there a reason for this? Is Grey involved with these rankings as well? I know you both disagreed with Choo’s value before. He was awesome in April but has cooled off somewhat. I was thinking of trading him for Headley, needing a 3B, but before the past couple weeks he was my most consistent bat.

    thanks for all the great info!

    • Grey liked choo – I doubt his value has changed much since my poin.

  13. Dawnofthedread says:

    5×5 roto 10-team league. I’m looking for saves, Ks, HR R RBI. I give mccutchen to get j. Upton, bell, and Miley or Medland. What do you think?

    • J-up, medlen, bell isn’t a bad haul for dread pirate though I’d rather get SV and SP from waiver wire and keep the dread pirate

  14. KT says:

    Utley injured. Pick up Weeks, Cedeno, Bonifacio, or Punto.??? Leading in HR’s, trying to catch up in BA, R, SB, and Ob% . 6×6 12 team roto league.

  15. ferris says:

    think dee gordon is as good as demoted once hanley is back?

    • @ferris: not necessarily. the dodgers don’t have a solid 3B to bump Hanley to play SS. they’d rather him play 3B so Gordon has an opportunity. but i don’t really think he’ll have much value this year outside of NL-only.

  16. Dave the Barber says:

    Ayo Rudy,
    Should I trade Marte for Garza. My OF is McCutch, A. Jones, Bruce, Dom Brown, Moss, and of course Marte and my starters are Sale, Dickey, Lester, Gallardo, Griffin, and Estrada. It’s 14 team league, I’m in second, and the guy ahead of me has a substantially lead in QS and Ks but he is way over on the pitching limit. What the deal is?

    • Dave the Barber says:

      @Dave the Barber: Oh yeah, I just traded Rizzo for Scherzer as well.

      • Dave the Barber says:

        @Dave the Barber: OK so I will take your silence here to mean that trading Marte for Garza is a stupid idea and not worth your time or consideration.

  17. Moose Out Front says:

    So Rizzo projects top 20 and equal to Votto ROS. I can probably get a Chris Davis for him deal done in my league. Your thoughts on the Rizzo ranking?

    • Dave the Barber says:

      @Moose Out Front: Before today Rizzo was in a 1-23 slump. If you’re in a weekly league don’t trade for Rizzo.

    • Rizzo has projected very well in pre-season and it has continued through season – driven by his power. Chris Davis has been great for power as well the last 1 1/4 seasons. i would take Rizzo over Davis if i had to choose.

  18. Steven says:

    Would you trade Greinke for Hamilton if you needed help in run producers?


    • hamilton scares me. wouldn’t want to tie my team’s success to him.

      • Steven says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Would you rather have Cespedes or Beltran? because I can get them as well.


  19. BASH says:

    muppet man henderson to the dl who should I pick up at RP

    Rex Brothers, Veras, K-Rod, Peralta, League

  20. Ron says:

    Trade 1:
    Give Holliday
    Get Stanton

    Trade 2:
    Give Holliday, Fowler Beachy
    Get Stanton and Cruz

    Would you do both of these trades?

  21. Wild Thang says:

    Are people buying into the Jeff Locke hype? He’s been killing it, but I don’t think I can pick him up in a 10 team shallow league where my pitching is:

    Cole Hamels
    Gio Gonzalez
    Patrick Corbin
    Johnny Cueto
    Jake Peavy
    Yovani Gallardo
    AJ Burnett
    Kevin Gausman

    Andrew Cashner
    David Phelps Can’t drop these two b/c they are in my RP spots.

    What do you guys think?

  22. gareth says:

    In my shallow league, can I afford to drop parnell and frieri when league, veras and gregg are on the wire?

    • Wild Thang says:


      If you need saves and you are in a roto league, then i wouldnt drop them. What’s your situation like? who are you trying to pick him for them?

  23. 2 Cups 1 Braun says:

    Should I grab KRod or Axman to fill in for my boy Henderson? I see KRod being a better fir but then I see the brew crew putting in Axman to pump up his value and sell him off before the deadline. Any help is appreciated

    • yes. pick either of them up if still avsilable

  24. jef says:

    Wow. Amazing. I hope you and Grey are millionaires from your work here.

    • @jef: from your fingertips to some millionaire’s….ears? stop poking me in the ear. fine, i’ll give grey and rudy a million dollars each. yeesh.

  25. Frank White says:

    Morning buddy… So I was looking for long term on your hitter tron, which is awesome, and I was looking at K’s, QS’s, W n L and era.. I saw Estrada n Arroyo and they both have good stats for the rest of the year.. Before I make any moves I was wondering if you can take a glance and tell me if I’m looking at the right stuff please?? Thanks

    • Frank White says:

      Like Estrada looks great coming forward. Even with money. Does that mean I should grab him while he has good stats or does it mean to use it to glance at everyday cause stats change?

    • @Frank White: You’re looking at it right but remember that $ reflect the balance of the 5 stats. Estrada is at $13.6 for ROS which is way higher than Arroyo at $2.1. I’m not sure what your league stat categories are b/c, unless L and QS are categories, those are irrelevant.

      • Frank White says:

        Thanks!! Yeah I don’t play categories. It’s a 10 team h2h points mixed league?

  26. sange-da-man says:

    Got offered my Carlos Gomez and Matt Moore for Kemp and Cliff Lee….CargoLite can be an 8th rd keeper next year… I crazy for hesitating or do I snatch up this deal and not even look back?

    • @sange-da-man: I wouldn’t do it. You’re selling low on two top 4-round picks for two sell-high guys in later rounds. But I’m fortunate enough to not be living through Kempageddon (and it’s not b/c I didn’t like him – just didn’t have a draft pick where he was the best available)

  27. Dave the Barber says:

    Should I trade Marte for Garza?

  28. Oscar says:

    Melky Cabrera was dropped in my league and comes off waivers tomorrow. Should I drop Morse for him?

  29. Matt says:

    I have Matt Moore and Madison Bumgarner in a 10 team H2H category league. Which one shoul di trade for freddie freeman? Or should i trade neither?

  30. Wudaben says:

    What’s up with the ROS ranking for Alcides Escobar? This has to be a mistake right? I know we’ve all though Escobar would break out one of these years but his preseason ranking wasn’t this high, his current ranking isn’t this high, he hasn’t been in any “buy” articles suggesting that he is undervalued although his babip k% are under his career norms… What gives?

    • Is there a specific part of his projection you have an issue with? He has shown power improvements, maintained speed, and is due for avg improvement. We just introduced this so it takes a while to get it fully leveraged into our editorial.

  31. John says:

    I have a jackson, should i drop micheal saunders for dirks?

    • No. Saunders has better power and speed

  32. 2 Cups 1 Braun says:

    Looks like this week is closerapolois. What order would you rank your waiver wire pickups between : O’Day, KRod and JSmith?

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Rudy Gamble:i’m assuming this was before the manager (i’m mr.manager) said pestano was getting this job, even though he’s been worse than smith and 2 other guys this year?

        • Yeah, the Indians clearly prefer their closer to have ethnicity (Perez, Pestano) than something vanilla like Smith.

  33. NK says:

    In my 25 man, eight team keeper league should I offer to trade for Miguel Cabrera or keep Manny Machado next year and drop Brett Lawrie? Also, should I keep Pujols or Goldschmidt next year? So far it seems like a no brainer, but what about over the next three years or so?

    • @NK: I’d prefer Machado over Lawrie. And Goldschmidt DEFINITELY over Pujols.

  34. John says:

    Looks like your link to Rest of Season Player Rater is now using hitter stats to rate pitchers (they are thus all rated at 0).

  35. TheNewGuy says:

    A mid-tier starter you’ve more confidence in that I can dump YoGa for in a trade? Getting sick of watching the guy pitch. Yoga?! Could there ever be more of an oxymoron lol (probably wrong term).

  36. Razztastic says:

    All opinions welcome

    15 team weekly roto 5×5 league…..can only start 3 of these lower 6 options at SP for this week. Which 3 would you choose?

    Maholm @ TOR & vs WAS
    Griffin @ SF
    Nolasco vs TB
    Colon vs CWS
    Nicasio vs HOU
    Quintana vs CHC, @ OAK

    Trying to avoid ERA/WHIP whammies. My ratios have been taking a beating lately. Thanks!

    • @Razztastic: I’d check Streamonator ( Nobody jumps off the lis as a must start or must sit although i know SoN is wary of Maholm’s starts this week…

  37. Razztastic says:

    And Rudy, I really appreciate all the work you (and Grey) have put into Razzball this year. Fantastic additions, it almost boggles the mind.

  38. Matt K says:

    Hey i saw you had P. Corbin very low, i have him in a 14 team 6×6 yahoo league(+QS). I had been thinking of selling high but he’s just been so good. I might be able to deal him for M. Trumbo, your thoughts?

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