The Rangers bullpen costing C.J. Wilson the win is like ten thousand spoons and all you need is a knife.  Maybe Frank-Frank didn’t like Wilson cutting into his save chances last year.  I was skeptical of Wilson moving into the rotation.  I said to myself, “Grey, you’re handsome.”  Wait, wrong conversation.  I remember it now.  “Grey, why not start Neftali Feliz?  Why they fussing with C.J. Wilson?”  I didn’t have an answer and wasn’t sure why I was using the word “fussing.”  It’s like when you get mail order bride emails.  Wouldn’t they be email order brides?  Some questions have no answers.  But I’m ready to hush that fuss.  C.J. Wilson has always rocked an impressive K-rate as a reliever and, if he can maintain that and his walks, he could be a huge surprise in the rotation.  Am I a fan of Arlington for pitchers in the summer?  Nope, but let’s get there first, shall we?  Wilson could give you a K/IP and a solid just under-4 ERA.  I’m buying!  Oh, and welcome to all the Googlers of “I’m buying” + “mail order bride.”  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Taylor Teagarden – 0-for-4, but enough about the negatives.  Saltymochachino is out for at least 15 days with back stiffness and it’s not like Salty was doing anything anyway.  Ron Washington said Salty was only the starting catcher because “his name goes to eleven.”

Frank Francisco – 2/3 IP, 3 ER as he blew the save.  As a commenter said yesterday, Frank-Frank fail-fail.

Julio Borbon – 0-for-the-season.  Will be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.  Your breath is bated.

Ian Kinsler – Was given another cortisone shot in his ankle.  Now his ankle really won’t have any wrinkles!  Wait, what?  Yeah, I’m not a doctor, but this will delay Kinsler return a few more days.  I’m guessing it’ll be at least two more weeks.

Aaron Hill – Sat out due to hamstring tightness.  He only missed 4 games last year.  His numbers last year had a lot to do with him accumulating many2 at-bats.  It’s a situation that bears watching, Timothy Treadwell.

Travis Snider – 0-for-4, 3 Ks.  With the way he’s going, he’ll be in the minors within two weeks.

Ronnie Belliard – 3-for-5 with a Double, Triple and Homer as he hit for The Hungry Man Cycle.

Chad Billingsley – 5 1/3 IP, 9 baserunners, 7 Ks.  If I wanted to emphasize the baserunners, I would’ve listed them last.  Instead, I chose to put the strikeouts last.  I’m a big fan of Bills.  A Billiever, if you will.  However, this was an ugly start.

Paul Maholm – 6 IP, 4 ER.  For those who think they’re outsmarting everyone by finding value on the Pirates staff, this start was against the Dodgers B lineup.

Hayden Penn – Why is the girl from Heroes pitching for the Pirates?

Orlando Hudson – Left the game with what appeared to be a neck injury.  Could mean Nick Punto at 2nd on Friday.  Shandler must be happy.

Jim Thome – 2-for-4, HR yesterday.  Started at DH for the 2nd straight game.  Yeah, that’s not good for Delmon Young’s playing time.

Kevin Slowey – My almost preseason Cy Young pick threw five and a third and allowed only one run.  Have much love for Slowey this year.

Carlos Beltran – Set to begin a running program.  A source told ESPN, “He’s a professional.  His body will dictate what to do.  He’s progressing great.”  Here’s what I hear, “Trite statement.  Statement that can be misconstrued to mean more than it does.  Lie.”  Then Beltran said, “Right now I don’t want to talk about when I’m going to come back if I haven’t run yet.  When I run, then that can give me an idea of where I am. Right now it’s hard for me to say.”  Here’s what I hear, “I’m not lying for the Mets.  They can suck it.”

Luis Castillo – Will sit Friday with a calf injury.  Whatever, Reyes returns Saturday!

Jeff Niemann – Was hit by a line drive in the arm, not the knee, man.  Should make his next start as he’s listed as Day-to-Day.  Where is this master Day-to-Day list?  Is there some guy in Barbados sipping coladas keeping this list?  I’d like to know.

Jon Niese – 6 IP, 3 ER, 3 Ks as he battled Nate Robertson (5 IP, 1 ER, 4 Ks).  Reminded me of the epic battles between Nies and Heather B.

Randy Wells – 6 IP, 8 baserunners, 1 K as sabermetricians shake their fist at his BABIP.

Marlon Byrd – Another homer yesterday.  All he does is hit homers!  No, really, his only two hits this year are homers.

Tyler Colvin – HR yesterday.  He’s an older rookie prospect who never played Triple-A.  He’s pretty deep on the depth charts and profiles as a 4th outfielder.  Has some pop in his bat, but no starting job unless The Mummy asks for his knees back from Soriano.

Chipper Jones – Glass Chipper left with a boo-boo.  Boo boo, indeed.  He’ll be out for 2-3 days with a strained oblique.  Chipper definitely keeps strained obliques in business.

Don Kelly – Started at 3B for Detroit today.  For some reason, he makes me think of Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, and Ian Stewart.  Then again, sometimes I have a hard time seeing L’s.

Miguel Cabrera – 4-for-5, 4 RBIs and a homer.  Another sober day in the office for Miggy, but what’s interesting is how he’s tried to steal twice already.  If he can somehow swipe 10 bags (it’s a stretch), he could be the most valuable fantasy hitter this year.

Billy Butler -1-for-2 with his third Warning Track Fly of the year.  Could lead the league in WTF’s.

Daric Barton – 3-for-4, 4 RBIs.  For what it’s Wuertz, Barton reminds me of Gaby Sanchez.  It’s neither a compliment nor an insult.

Nolan Reimold – HR yesterday.  Take that, Achilles!  Pee-ay is out with an injury and Reimold’s making the most of his time.  If the Orioles come to their senses, Reimold really should be the starter.  If he is, all bets are off.  Or maybe that’s on.  Either way, he should be owned.

Brian Matusz – 5 IP, 2 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 BBs.  This kinda blew my mind.  When I was doing the Buy/Sell that’s coming later today, I was looking at the percentage owned at the major sites.  Matusz is owned in 98% of ESPN leagues.  I think Matusz is talented, so don’t take this wrong way, but he will roofie you.  98% seems way too confident and tells me people could be overrating him for this year.  But the mind blowing part is coming in the next blurb, follow me…

Justin Masterson – 5 IP, 6 baserunners, 1 ER, 5 Ks.  Here’s what I said in my rankings, “He induces groundballs and gets strikeouts, that’s not a combo that should be scoffed at.  Even if the only people that scoff at something are in Merchant-Ivory films.”  And that’s me quoting me!  Oh, and Masterson’s owned in 2% of ESPN leagues.  That’s two.  Wha…?

Kerry Wood – Will throw from 110 feet on Friday.  So he’s now pitching from 2nd base?  Oh-kay.  Still not returning until the end of May.

Brad Penny – 7 IP, 1 ER, 4 Ks.  Put a straitjacket on a pitcher and throw him in a milk can and Dave Duncan will get him out.  Don’t try and figure it out, just know that Penny can now be a reliable 4th fantasy starter.

Bronson Arroyo – 8 IP, 1 ER, 6 Ks.  Maybe he won’t wait until the 2nd half this year to be good, but I’m not risking it.  Also, Arroyo was hit by a comebacker and might miss his next start.  Too bad, so sad.

Mike Sweeney – 1-for-4, 1 RBI.  Dave Eggers’ favorite hitter got his first start as Seattle’s DH.  He’s only DH-eligible in most leagues now and probably won’t have 1B-eligibility until end of May at the earliest.  So unless you’re in a 14-team AL-only league, he’s not going to give you any value.

Doug Fister – 4 IP, 2 ER.  Has there ever been a pitcher/catcher combo that warranted the ‘battery’ name more than today’s Mariner tandem of Fister-Moore?

Ichiro Suzuki/Franklin Gutierrez/Milton Bradley – It’s like having two Gold Glove outfielders and one Golden Glove outfielder.

  1. herschel says:

    @Grey: for those of us playing a russian roulette game at catcher with both napoli and ianetta (is there a brangelina type name for this tandem yet? napantta? ianapoli??), is it worth dropping one of them for someone who at least gets regular abs? y. molina? aj? thanks.

  2. Marqo says:

    Talking about yesterday… where ist the CJ Wilson part???

  3. Grimlock says:

    I understand you were making a comparison to Masterson with that business about Matusz, but you seem to be missing your own point by wagging your finger about his ownership rate. Even in a small league, at the end of the draft taking a shot on a guy with the upside of Matusz is the right thing to do. At this point in the season he should be owned in almost all leagues because there is a small though distinct chance that he breaks out in a big way and pitches like an ace this season. Agree that Masterson is criminally underowned, though.

  4. Marqo says:

    Hell, I always do not read the introduction :-D

  5. DrEasy says:

    Another hilarious yet insightful post, thanks Grey&Rudy!

    – we had donkey-corns, and now we have a donkey with a couple of hockey sticks?

    – a McSweeney’s reference in the same column as a sophomoric joke on Doug Fister! This blog covers it all. Speaking of the latter, can’t believe you didn’t ask the Seattle blogger (2010 Mariners Baseball Preview): “F-Her or Fister?” (sorry)

  6. pjtres says:

    so, does frank frank, fail fail mean i should bail?
    hes one of my closers…

    not that i would drop him, just didnt know if he was someone i should trade away.

  7. Eric says:

    I found this site looking for mail-order brides, but I have an old-timer baseball question. In a draft I got Raul Ibanez and Brian Roberts in lower-than-anticipated rounds, so I picked them up (in the 7th and 3rd rounds, respectively, of a 20-team league). Roberts hit well yesterday, but a friend told me he got up from his SB like the lady who had fallen and couldn’t get up. Is there any hope for either? I’ve got other OF and Kelly Johnson is still on the WW at 2B.

  8. Brian says:

    However what is good for Delmon is coming off the bench and hitting his 2nd HR of the series.

  9. Steve says:

    According to Trembley today, the platoon is all about getting Reimold fit, rather than Pie having won the job.

    Whatevs. Let’s hope Reimold doesn’t aggravate the achilles circling the bases.

  10. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Morneau for Reyes + Adam Jones?

  11. Eric says:

    Um. I forgot to ask: you trusting Price against the Yankees? He seemed to pitch well against them last year, and he was much better at home. But he IS still David Price, and this is the Yankees.

    And back to 2B: Do you prefer Callaspo or K. Johnson?

  12. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Eric: Yesterday Grey said nada to Price. Could of missed it going through over 400 commenters. That seems like a Razzball record…

    Reyes was day to day last year. Right now, it has been something like 300 consecutive days to days. Having an RCL infield of Reyes, Kinsler and Chipped Glass hasn’t worked out for me so far. I lead the league in infield schmohawks. At first, Tex is 0 for the season. No Tex-messages recently. BTW, Niese is probably the Mets #2 starter. Thats sad.

    Picking up Brad Penny in any league would be a true step in faith. Grey is telling us to walk on fantasy water.

    Another reason for Matusz’ high ownership are Keeper Leagues. Masterson doesn’t have charisma. Maybe if we nicknamed him “Bat” that would pick up ownership.

    Kerry Wood is emulating Old Hoss Radbourn, whose warm-up routine before games was to start tossing underhand at 10′ to the catcher, and progress until he was throwing bullets from Center Field. Then again, Old Hoss pitched in almost every game, winning 59 in ’94.

    Grey – is Mike Leake worth a flyer? Starting his first game this week.

    Thanks again for a great column.

  13. Steve says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Started Penny in my 14-team H2H yesterday. A boring veteran to balance a couple of fliers in my rotation (picked him a while back up after due consultation of course).

    Needless to say, pleased with the result. Long may it continue!

  14. Ben says:

    @Eric: Trembley said Roberts is fine, he took a knee to the neck and the ball hit him in the back of the head during that steal. Do I buy it? No , not totally, on a DP ball he ranged left and looked awkward, off balance and had trouble getting the ball out of his mitt (Just got the runner at second). Dude has a herniated disc.

  15. Ben says:

    Reimold is expecting to be at 80% all year, so they will be nursing him along. Could still hit 20HR but if he can get healthy, next year should be the breakout. He had some injuries in the minors too, so hopefully he doesn’t stay prone. (to getting injured, but for that matter it isn’t easy to hit HRs while laying down)

  16. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Steve: You have convinced me to pick up Penny in my own 14 team H2H. Thanks for your confidence!

  17. rafi says:

    The reason I want Brad Penny this year is because I already have Ian Desmond and he longs for his constant. I emailed the Penny owner in my league telling him that but he has yet to reply. He’s trying to keep Desmond and Penny apart. He’s being a major Widmore.

    As for Miggy, he is 0 for 2 on those steal attempts. At this rate to get 10 sb’s it will take him [divide by 0 error]

  18. sean says:

    A Brett Anderson blurb was noticeably absent from today’s roundup. Got the win yesterday with a line of: 6IP, 0 ER, 3Hs, 4Ks, 1BB. Granted, it was the Ms, but he seemed to pick right up where he left off in the second half…

  19. Tony says:

    Pick one to throw today, DLR or Dirty Sanchez.

  20. Howard says:

    I was very encouraged by Slowey yesterday but he did have seven hits, two walks and only three K’s in 5IP. His WHIP was 1.69 but I’ll take the ERA and the W anyday.
    Now if only Kyle Blanks would start hitting the ball! Hopefully the rarified air of Coors will help. Trouble is, he has to make contact (6K/12AB). We like our sluggers takin a good cut!

  21. Jarrad says:

    @rafi: “He’s being a major Widmore.”


  22. Dingo says:

    Be still my beating heart! Did you really say that Miggy Cabrera could swipe his way to being the best hitter in fantasy this year? You meant just in the AL, right? Take that, guy who drafted Pujols first instead of Cabrera!

  23. sean says:

    Grey, I’m thinking about platooning my U between Headley and Vlad, starting primarily Vlad at home (.407/.481/.716 in 204 ABs in Arlington) and Headley on the road (.303/.369/.438 road career v. .218/.309/.400 home). Overthinkin it?

  24. Terrence Mann says:

    I already pulled a Clooney and Solaris’d Reimold into outer space because I didn’t trust him. Now, I want him back. Hopefully, all is forgiven.

    Also, since this is the internets and assuming things is what we do, I don’t think it’s too early to look at Vernon’s numbers and label him HGH Wells.

  25. RGP says:

    I own Don Kelley. I know, I am embarrassed by this.

    But I’ll never look at him again without thinking “Donkey”

    Thank you for cracking me up. again.

  26. Howard says:

    Morning Grey! Vlad for Stewart? I find that UTIL ain’t that UTIL even though he’s my best hitter.

    p.s. would like more info about the email-order brides? Must put up with stat crazy spouse who spends 24/7 on the computer or in front of the TV.

  27. Tom Reale says:

    @Eric: B Roberts definitely looked like he could use a “Life Alert” after that steal.

  28. Tom Reale says:

    Niese and the Mets(or anyone from QueensBridge) couldn’t touch Heather B and the BDP crew…The Bridge is over biddy bye-bye…
    Don Kelly Spanish translation “Don Keyy”

  29. Back to Minors says:

    @Tony: you should be throwing both!!

  30. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @sean: i think that’s a pretty good play. i might end up sticking with vlad almost full-time though if he stays healthy. but for now you can platoon it to see how vlad does on the road.

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: accept accept accept

  31. AL KOHOLIC says:

    bought c.j wilson im my auction/keeper league,but got beat to him in the rcl,was targetting him,i dont trust arroyo either

  32. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I hope you’re referring to the epic RAP battle between Nies and Heather B, where Eric managed to freestyle rhyme “party” with “Bacardi”… genius! For a classic old-school RW rivalry, I prefer the battles between Julie’s chest and her dance class workout top.

  33. Tony says:

    @Back to Minors: my bad 32 inning min, i ONLY need 10 more innings and i’m winning most of the cats, 10×10 league…. so i really need to pick one and im throwing haren vs. PIT/robot tomm to solidify my week (hopefully).

    NOT ROTO, h2h….

  34. Tony says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: just read at roto times Arroyo has had the BEST era in all of baseball since July 10th last year of any pitcher with 100+ innings (2.01), thats pretty sick…..

  35. Sos says:

    Grey, yesterday you suggested I punt Masterson for Kennedy in a 12 team. I thought Masterson looked pretty good last night. Still feel the same or hold tight?

  36. mauledbypandas says:

    Bills wasn’t that bad yesterday. A few too many walks, but he was in the strike zone early and often for the most part. He only gave up one run if i remember correctly. Not sure how that equates to an ugly start. Maybe the world looks different when you see in shades of Grey. heyoooo!

  37. charlie batch says:

    grey, whatre your thoughts on starting Price vs the Yankees today (@TB)?

  38. Cain Fan says:

    Grey, with Masterson and Wilson available on the wire would you grab either for one of W. Davis or Hughes? I will prob stand pat but am curious how you rate them being that they are in the AL East and all.

  39. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tony: any chance you are worried that whoever you pick between dlr and dirty, they could get lit up and pulled in ~2 innings, then haren gives you 7 good innings sunday and you end up an inning short? i mean, unlikely, but there’s a chance.

  40. p0rk burn says:

    Grey, love what you did with the place.

    I picked up CJ yesterday while watching the game – I mean working – because his stuff was sexy. I almost stopped myself what with it being the first week and all, but in the end I was only dropping Chris Young for him anyways. A 6th or 7th pitcher should be about upside, not broken faces.

    Will Wieters play today, in your expert opinion? Its an early afternoon game and he’s been in the last three games.

  41. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Cain Fan: i’m not as high on davis (whip issues, AL east) as some people. they are all gambles though, with good upside potential. unless you just have a personal preference might as well stay put and see what happens in the next few weeks.

  42. B.J. says:

    Grey in a bubble would you trade Johan Santana for Carl Crawford?

    5×5 10 Team Yahoo H2H League

    My other SP are: Greinke, Billingsley, Oswalt, Slowey, Liriano, Niemann, Hughes

    And my current starting OF is Braun, Hamilton and CarGo with Soriano on the bench.

    I’d almost have to take this deal, no?

  43. Commish Cauda says:

    fister-moore…..too funny

  44. p0rk burn says:

    @charlie batch: I wouldn’t. He could pitch a nice game, or he could get shelled.

    @Cain Fan: I like Wilson’s upside (see #41) but Masterson might be the safer play. I’d personally run with either of them over Wade Davis.

  45. Tony says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: i have 5-6 closers…. i’ll get my innings.

  46. Tom Reale says:

    @Tony: I still say start both…why draft those 2 to skip their first start? I’d give the slight edge to The Roses(but don’t tell Grey I said that).

  47. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @pjtres: Shopping a closer right after they blow a save is like trying to sell your car with the hood open and the engine smoking.

    Wait till he nails a few, then shop him. If you feel you must shop him. He’s not a terrible shop-early candidate, given his health issues.

    That said, here’s a good rule, via Grey: ABtC. Always Be Trading Closers.

    If someone will give you something you need for Frank-Frank or any other closer, trade him. If not, don’t. But don’t look to trade him because he blew a save. Not the best sales pitch.

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Are you giving Morneau and getting Reyes/Mr. Jones? Yes, I’d do that. Also: yes. In a related story: yes.

    @Eric: I might look to quietly shop them both. Age is a bitch. Both should be solid players if they stay healthy, but I’ll bet both are going to go for much cheaper next spring than they did this spring.

    @Marqo: What, did you not read the introduction?

    Sorry, I never read the comment.

    @Grey: The real question is, CJ or Penny? I like CJs Ks. I dislike Arlington in the summer. I like Dave Duncan’s track record. Is there a dislike for Penny, other than lower K rate?

  48. Tony says:

    @Tom Reale: cool as of now i have DLR in and Dirty benched. Its kinda hard to explain but my league is 10×10. We count LOSSES, BB, HR’s…. the other guy is close to streaming, so basically i’m taking the majority of cats, and by pitching too many guys i risk certain categories…. if your pitching is solid in my league you can bench once you’ve reached the innings and win MOST of the categories.

  49. Tom Reale says:

    @DrEasy: “F-Her of Fister” Nice!

  50. Tom Reale says:

    @Tony: I follow but don’t know what cats are close. Both have very similar HR and BB #’s.

  51. AdamH says:

    “Has some pop in his bat, but no starting job unless The Mummy asks for his knees back from Soriano.”

    HA. I almost spit my coffee out.

  52. Tony says:

    @Tom Reale: we count wins, losses, BB, K’s, HR’s, ERA, WHIP, QS’s, RUNS, and SAVES. So you can see with a 32 inning limit how it might play differently than other H2H leagues.

  53. jj says:

    What to do with Napoli?

    Drop him for Baker?

  54. Tom Reale says:

    @Tony: DLR @ SD would make it easier, eh.

  55. Tony says:

    @Tom Reale: ya i saw SD and was like sweet, then realized its @ COL…… haha

  56. Nathan says:

    Dear Cleveland,

    Perez is pitching very well in the closers roll. Kerry Wood sucks. Do the right thing at the end of May.

    hugs and kisses,

  57. Roman says:

    hahaha, that Hayden Penn comment made me through up my coffee. Good stuff Grey.

  58. Dingo says:

    @Commish Cauda: Don’t forget that F-Her Moore is another possible combo on that team.

  59. Tony says:

    @Nathan: i agree…. maybe wood will do us a favor and just stay down….

  60. KeeblerMN says:

    10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. Interesting “Ironic” reference. Did you ever notice that there is abolutely nothing “ironic” in that song? It’s all just shizzy…. the song should be retitle “Shizzy”
    CJ Wilson having his win blown.. now THAT’s Ironic. Dying after winning the lottery? That’s shizzy.

  61. charlie batch says:

    Dear faithful razzballer: Reyes, or Ellsbury?

  62. Penguin says:

    I love watching Hayden Panettiere pitch… Hayden Penn? Not so much.

    Great post, Grey.

  63. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Eric: I’m sitting Price tonight. Might as well wait and see which Price we’re getting in Week 1.

  64. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tony: i’d probably go dlr then since atl offense > sd offense

    but it could go either way. you are basically flipping a coin.

  65. Tom Reale says:

    I’ve heard all the Borbon chatter…anyone else waiting for Bruce to check in? I’m bout ready to send up the bat signal!

  66. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @charlie batch: Sort of depends, no? Who’s the replacement SS or replacement OF?

    If Reyes stays healthy all year, I’d take him over Ellsbury, especially because you can pair him at SS with even an average OF, you’ll get better overall stats than the combo of Ellsbury and, say, Alcides Escobar.

    However, Reyes has health issues. Do you feel lucky?

  67. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    CJ Wilson for F. Gutierrez? I have Wilson (as of yesterday).

    Current OF = Cruz, Crawford, Hunter, Fowler/Stubbs, Beltran (DL)
    Current SP = Gallardo, J. Johnson, Garza, Liriano, C. Young, Matsuz, Zito

  68. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tom Reale: bruce, teixeira, pence, soto, napoli (though more of a function of mike scoscia)…

  69. dingers says:

    fonz soriano or nol reimold?
    and how long til d span gets on base?

  70. Eddy says:

    Drop Bradley or Snider for Brad Hawpe?

    Or is Hawpe’s playing time too big of a risk? Gaston said he plans to stick with Snider…

  71. Charlie says:

    8 Team AL Only w/2 Catchers

    Own Salty, Adam Moore, and C Santana (in minors). 13 dollars left for the season.

    1)Trade Matt Guerrier for Lou Marson
    2)Bid 1 dollar on Jeff Mathis
    3)Bid 1 dollar on Jason Kendall
    4)Wait it out for Salty

  72. infamy707 says:

    I’m pretty deep in outfielders and looking to trade but not sure what kinda value to expect back. Currently I am starting: Kemp,Granderson,G.JOnes, Lind, and Quentin(Two ULIT Spots). On my bench I got Soriano and Span. What Kind of 3B or pitcher would be equivalent.

  73. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @infamy707: I sell HIGH on G. Jones but I know I’m in the minority on this site.

  74. Cain Fan says:

    @infamy707: I am always a fan of maximizing value. With Span on the bench I would try and flip him into your lineup and deal a starter. Currently G. Jones prob has the most surplus return (current value – expected value) followed closely by Granderson. I would shop whoever gets you the best value back. In my league Span (and maybe not Jones) would return someone like Garza, Peavy, Baker. Granderson would get you Youk, Ubaldo, Lee.

    I would try dealing Jones first for a SP unless you feel like Youk would be a better upgrade. Just my 2 cents.

  75. Cain Fan says:

    *and maybe Jones (omit the not)

  76. Brian says:

    Who would get the better end:

    Wainwright and kubel for Wandy and Adam Jones

  77. FlyinHawaiianPizzaLover says:

    I’m last place for WHIP in my league with a nice lofty 1.5. ERA’s not so hot either at 3.8. Should I start the Dirty Jonathan Sanchez?

  78. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Cain Fan: If Span got you Garza, I’d take it and run.

  79. sean says:

    @Tony: I like JOS today.
    1. The Braves had a tough game last night all the way across the country;
    2. ATL couldn’t get anything going offensively against Randy Wells and the Cubs’ bullpen;
    3. Looks like Chipper is going to be out of the lineup too;
    4. Braves’ only big bats (McCann and Heyward) are both lefty;
    5. There is no 5 unless you are going to join me in the JOS sleeper cell

  80. Ian says:

    Great stuff guys. Took me a while to get the Donkey joke. Hilarious!

    Do you like any of these schmo’s more than the other for a spot start this weekend:
    Lohse v. MIL, Millwood v. TOR, Kawakami @ SF, Clayton Richard @ COL

  81. p0rk burn says:

    @Brian: I like Wandy and Jones

  82. Brian says:

    Thanks Pork

  83. royce! says:

    It’s way too early for 70+ comments…

    That Don Kelly joke was hilarious.

    Separate owners in my league dropped Kubel and McClouth. I anticipate needing steals, so I’m going to put in a waiver claim for the latter. Is there any reason I should avoid him? Anything I don’t know?

  84. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Eddy: i’d probably drop snider. if hawpe is on the wire, your league probably isn’t extremely deep, so you could rop snider, watch his stats and grab him back if he puts together a nice game or 2. i mean, i guess he could come out and hit 4 bombs in a game and get everyone’s attention, but most likely he’ll do something more unassuming like for 2-4 a few games without Ks and maybe pick up some BBs, whcih will fly under the radar now that he’s been a whiff machine in week 1 and hasn’t had any/much MLB success yet.

  85. sean says:

    Anyone see that Carlos Santana had four hits (TWO BOMBS) in his AAA opener? Keeperific

  86. gleeksquad says:

    No love for Hanson? I watched him pitch and he has some filthy stuff. I have mancrush on him this year.

  87. Tom Reale says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I know, what happened to that hot spring for Pence? Tex just likes to take April off every year to be fair to the rest of the league.

  88. Tom Reale says:

    @Tony: I too picked up the Robot and have been trying to SELL for 2 days now.

  89. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Frank Frank is one of my closers. Neftali is available…do I handcuff him and drop either Escobar, Blanks or Juan Pierre? Or do I stay put?

  90. Cain Fan says:

    @RollieFingersMyAsh: I’m just saying in my league I drafted both at the wrap so I consider their value pretty equal (again depends on your league stats and needs). I agree at the end of the year Garza will prob be more valuable but my league has OBP and Ks so Spans pretty solid.

  91. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Depending on your starting SS and starting OF, but I’d say yes.

  92. infamy707 says:

    @Cain: Thanks for the feedback. Currently my pitching staff is Wainwright,Bills,Wandy, Ubaldo, and Slowey. It’s a 10 team league so the only position where I’m kinda weak is 3B, my starter is Ian Stewart. If you had to choose who would you go after Youk or Zimmerman?

  93. Howard says:

    Vmart for J. Upton? I have Vmart with Montero as backup.

  94. Cain Fan says:

    @infamy707: Zimmerman but I think he might be harder to pull. You should look at both of the squads and see who needs OF help and what kind (Speed/Power). Then work around that. Hopefully the zimmerman guy needs some speed help in a thin OF. Granderson would look good to him and I think the upgrade would work well for you.

  95. Eddy says:

    I’m caught between picking up Oliver Perez against Nationals or Brandon Morrow against Orioles for tomorrow.


    Thanks for the input, if anything I may drop Morrow or Homer Bailey depending on their next starts today or tomorrow. I don’t want to be the guy who drops Snider only because of a bad first 4 days only to see him put it together down the road.

  96. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Starting Black Elvis at short and Holliday/Kemp/Heyward in OF.

  97. cockyphoenix says:

    I didn’t see the O’s game here out of market, but I did keep an eye on it for the first few innings.

    Matusz had gone two scoreless with I think one hit no walks and a strikeout, where the one baserunner had been tagged or forced out at some point so he was facing 789 in the 3rd. He walked 7, walked 8, and walked 9, then gave up a single and a sac fly. At that point I stopped following the game.

    His BB/9 was 2.5 in the minors, so who knows…

    Oh, and Grey or somebody, the forums link isn’t working for me right now on firefox. It just blanks the body frame of the blog site.

  98. Dingo says:

    @FlyinHawaiianPizzaLover: Correction: You’re in ITDOESN’TMATTERth place in your league with a WHIP of TOOEARLYTOMEANANYTHING. Start Sanchez or not, depending on how you feel about his chances against the Braves. But I’d say that it’s way too early to start making decisions based on your current standings.

    Me? I’ve got an ERA of 4.96 with a WHIP of 1.81. But I’m still starting Javy Vazquez against the Rays because I think he’s going to eat all of their babies.

  99. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @infamy707: zimm, but i might take a wait and see approach to stewart. i doubt he bats ~.300 but he could match or beat zimm in the other offensive cats.

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: i’d lose pierre. if i am gonna have a sagnof, i want it to be at SS or maybe 2B where 20 HRs is considered excellent power. there are too many guys in the OF that can give you more than SBs that if you eat up an OF space with a sagnof, imo you are putting yourself in a hole. now there are exceptions, like tulo could matchup well with a sagnof OF because tulo gives you OF stats, while a safnof OF gives you SS stats. i guess my point is that if you are forced into starting a sagnof, i’d rather start the one at SS than the one in the OF, therefore i’d drop pierre for netfali if you’d like.

  101. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’d hold onto Escobar with Elvis struggling out the gate. You currently have depth at closer? I dont think Pierre is droppable at this point and I love Blanks too much to consider it right now. Tough call.

  102. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Howard: J Upton easily

  103. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: Napantta – ha. Depends what your team needs. Napantta’s power, no Runs little average, but power. Molina the opposite.

    @Grimlock: Masterson has upside too.

    @DrEasy: That’s hilarious.

    @pjtres: He’s a closer, you trade him if you can for your team’s sake. Otherwise, you ride the storm.

    @Eric: re: how you got here –Ha! re: Roberts and Ibanez — What are you going to do with them? Trade them? Okay, for what? You’re obviously not dropping them in a 20 team league after 4 days.

    @Brian: I guess, but there’s too many men in that platoon right now.

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: I’d take the Reyes side.

    @Eric: No re: Price. Johnson.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Sure, Leake’s worth a grab, but he’s very risky.

    @rafi: re: Penny and Desmond – Ha!

    @sean: Yup

    @Tony: Not sure why we can’t have both, but Sanchez.

    @sean: Ha

    @Terrence Mann: HGH Wells – That’s funny.

    @RGP: No problem.

    @Howard: I’d take Stewart.

    @Tom Reale: Ha

    @Awesomus Maximus: Ha!

    @Sos: Kennedy looked good too and he’s in the NL. They’re the same difference. You can’t have both, so you gotta choose one.

    @charlie batch: Nope

    @Cain Fan: Stand pat.

    @p0rk burn: Ha! I wouldn’t think so.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Penny’s safer, but I’m assuming this is your last starter on your team so go with upside.

    @B.J.: I’d take Crawford. Though I don’t like him as much in H2H.

    @AdamH: Nice.

    @jj: I wouldn’t.

    @KeeblerMN: Yeah, I was being ironic by using a song about irony that wasn’t ironic.

    @Roman: Hehe

    @Penguin: Thanks!

    @Tom Reale: Do send it.

    @RollieFingersMyAsh: Wilson

    @dingers: Soriano

    @Eddy: I’d go Hawpe.

    @Charlie: 2

    @FlyinHawaiianPizzaLover: I would.

    @Ian: Thanks! Don’t like them, but if forced I’d go with Kawakami.

    @royce!: Thanks and nope.

    @gleeksquad: I can’t cover everyone.

    @Howard: Upton

    @Eddy: Never own Perez.

    @cockyphoenix: Thanks for the heads up! Should work now.

  104. Howard says:

    @RollieFingersMyAsh Ok if it’s easy then it’s probably wishful thinking on my part. What can you reasonably expect for Vmart who is imho the #2 C in either league and will give you close to 100 ribbies (or Ellsburys as they’re called in Boston). I tried for Matt Holliday and that didn’t fly either.

  105. Josh says:

    Vernon Wells must’ve hung out with Chris Shelton this off-season. Killing me in my H2H league.

  106. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: @RollieFingersMyAsh:

    I agree with both of you that holding onto Alcides seems smart while Andrus is sucking it up. I don’t necessarily have “depth” at closers (Broxton/Jenks/Frank Francisco) and there are none available on the wire.

  107. Tony says:

    Is reyes playing tomorrow? does anyone know for sure? in order to activate him I’ll need to drop someone and do it TODAY….

  108. Tom Emanski says:

    Daric isn’t as perty as Gaby.

  109. Doot Doot says:

    Hi Grey
    I has Starting Pitcher question for you, want to know what ya think.
    At back end of my rotation are Harang,Penny,Matsuzaka(dl), R.Romero.

    On the free agent list: Zito, C.J Wilson, Duchsherer, Hochevar, Pavano, Snell, Masterson.

    Would you make any changes?

  110. Tony says:

    im seeing yahoo saying “YES” that reyes is with the mets today and should be in the line up tomm…. anyone else got anything other than that?

  111. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Howard: I agree with the 100 rbi and think he will be top 2-3 catcher all year long. Maybe you can move him for a Granderson type if you’re dying to get rid of him? I’d probably just plug him in everyday at C and let the good times roll. Montero is no sure thing IMO.

  112. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Tony: Big Met fan here – he’ll be starting tomorrow and batting leadoff. Hopefully, the first step in the right direction for the Mets! (Although – our rotation might be the worst in baseball)

  113. Tony says:

    @anon: @RollieFingersMyAsh: AWESOME, i’ll have to drop my fill in JUAN URIBE or somethin and activate Mr. Reyes.


  114. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    Speaking of, I have to take Reyes off the DL today too. Who should I drop?

    A. Escobar / Kelly Johnson / Madson / Blanks?

    KJ is curerntly starting at 2b for me until Beckham gets eligibility. Leaning towards Madson. Current closers are Jenks, Francisco, Rauch, Madson.

  115. The Dude says:

    @Tony: I pulled him from the DL and he’s in my Saturday lineup – se la vie Matt LaPorta!

  116. Tony says:

    @Grey: i could throw both DLR and Sanchez, i’m dominating him in ERA/WHIP and i’m winning RUNS and BB’s, SVS, etc…. where i might get screwed is DLR and Sanchez both go today, early, and i dont have my innings in, HE DOES…. so he’s got two guys slated to go tonight, morton and rodrigo lopez vs. each other? i guess he’s thinking he’ll get a win maybe out of one of them and a no decision for the other? WHO KNOWS…. BUT he could see what my two guys do, if they get blown up, it could F me hard and he could bench them and FLOP all the pitching cats…..

  117. Tony says:

    the strategery of our league is wild with all the categories…..

  118. GTS says:

    I was about to add Wilson and drop Correia when someone else picked up Wilson. Now I need a pitcher… I-Kennedy, Gio, Masterson, Hochevar… pick up Correia again?

  119. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so given the 3B situation, in my weekly lineup h2h keeper league i ended up drafting glass chipper. depending on the news out of atl over the weekend, i may have to pick up another 3B for next week. guys i am looking at: glaus, encarnacion, mcgehee, freese. i am thinking mcgehee, but wanted to get feedback.

  120. Tony says:

    @Grey: or i throw ONE guy, see what he does, and see if i need haren on sat….. LOL

  121. nick m. says:

    thoughts on magglio? is he more intriguing than swisher (side note, i already have enough yankees on my team in H2H with Posada, ARod, and Cano)?

  122. RollieFingersMyAsh says:


    Nolan Reimold will be the designated hitter for a second straight day on Friday.

    With Felix Pie sidelined due to a strained left rotator cuff and Reimold’s surgically-repaired Achilles not yet 100 percent, Luke Scott will play left field. Reimold, a popular fantasy sleeper, hit his first home run of the season during Thursday’s game against the Rays.

  123. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Dingo: Gold star.

  124. Tony says:

    @nick m.: any other guys you’re questioning dropping along with swisher?

  125. madballs says:

    Grey, pick a combination of 2b/3b for me…

    Ian Stewart/Chipper
    Weeks/Ian Stewart

    Roster might be too tight to work with the glass Chipper, thanks.

  126. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Eddy: Never, never, ever pick up Ollie.

    @RollieFingersMyAsh: As a fellow Met fan, change “might” to “is” the worst rotation in baseball. Santana, not Maine, pray for four days of rain.

  127. The Dude says:

    @Grey: What’s your take on Ryan Raburn?

    He’s got OF/1B eligibility in Yahoo already, he got a start at 2B yesterday and looks like he might gain 3B eligibility at some point as well.

    That and he jacked 16 HR in only 261 AB last season. Hidden eligibility gem or dud?

  128. matthole says:

    @Grey: masterson a spot starter only? Looks like his new few opponents are: TEX, @MIN, @ OAK….do you start him vs TEX or wait till OAK to start him (if hes pitching well)

    Delmon young hit another HR last night. At what point do you throw him in the lineup? Maybins starting to look good (could be a product of facing mets pitchers other than johan)…..still like maybin better than dyoung and reimold if he starts getting regular PT?

    finally, im not on the wright power resurrection till he hits a few more… 2 more by end of next weekend would make me somewhat a believer; that first AB HR couldve been a huge tease; im hoping that when reyes and beltran come back more RBI and R opportunities will come…

  129. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @matthole: Wright also hit a HR at the home opener last year. I’m still skeptical as well.

    I agree on Maybin, but I’d go Reimold, Maybin, D Young.

  130. nick m. says:

    @Tony: i’ve got pierre and bruce as well (holliday and cruz are my top 2), so i could see myself dropping pierre and just punting sb’s for the most part, but i’d rather hang on to bruce and see if he puts it together at some point.

  131. Anyone else particularly excited about seeing if Colby Lewis is legit tonight? I can’t decide if he’s worth a preemptive pickup pregame just in case he’s awesome. I’d have to drop Ziegler…hmm, I might do that.

  132. Tony says:

    @nick m.: ya if you’re gonna drop someone drop swisher then…. can’t drop pierre if he’s your sbs.

  133. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Wilson over Correia, Cueto, G.Gonzalez, E.Santana, or DeLaRosa?

    Fowler over Snider, Laporta or Sean Rodriguez for a Utility spot?

    10 team 7 keeper. 5 OF 2 UT.

  134. CT Old School says:

    Jeff Clement…do his extra at-bats at 1B make him a more attractive catcher-eligible player?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

  135. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: McGehee’s fine.

    @nick m.: I don’t think intriguing’s the word you’re looking for.

    @RollieFingersMyAsh: Thanks for the update!

    @madballs: Weeks/Stewart

    @The Dude: He’s not a starter. If you have room to platoon him in and out, definitely.

    @Mark Geoffriau: I’ll be watching.

    @timSTi: Over Correia in away games, but you already have a lot of upside/risk.

  136. nick m. says:

    @Tony: well holiday and cruz should get me some, and i have reyes coming of the DL tomorrow, so i might be able to lose pierre. the rest of my team is pretty sluggish though.

  137. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @timSTi: yes, no, yes, no, no

  138. matthole says:

    @Grey: any thoughts on my above question? on all facets…..masterson/OF/wright?

  139. ILoveRajai says:

    Andrus and Theriot just waived. Thoughts on picking up one of these 2 and dropping Alexei Ramirez. Would this be an upgrade? I could use Elvis’ speed.

  140. Doot Doot says:

    I needs to drop one of these guys (E.Encarnacion, C.Hart, Willingham, Milledge.), who’s your choices Grey?
    thx for your inputs.

    I’m picking up a pitcher(C.J), but here some of FA bats, probably nothing better than what I’m dropping.(Dye,O-Dog,F.Lopez,S.Hairston,Ellis,Thome)

  141. I guess my debate over whether to pick up masterson or CJ Wilson wasnt so bad as Grey seems OK for both as fliers.

  142. Kazmere says:

    Which two more likely to see a save opp today?
    Frank2 v SEA
    Gonzalez v TOR
    Morales v SD
    Frasor v BAL

  143. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Your boy Josh “chasin the dragon” Hamilton striking out 5 times in a row…….eeefffff. Hope he gets it together.

  144. BSA says:

    A couple of quick points (if these points were dealt with somewhere is the previous 143 posts I apologize).

    I made that Wilson over Romero choice and will enjoy watching how my plan worked out. Last year Romero did wonderful but pitched to groundball outs – keep the ball up and he got crushed.

    Wilson’s numbers and motivations make it interesting – what could make it more interesting is if I get some wins and the closer situation in Texas requires CJ to miss a a couple of starts at the All-Star break and turn into a second half closer. I know I know……

    As to Masterson – He was great in Boston and was very versatile and Theo begrudgingly gave him up in a trade. If I had room he would have been on my team.

    Eh, Maybe I’ll get him lets go take a look.

  145. Nathan says:

    @Kazmere:I’d say Morales and Frank.

    I had the chance to watch Gonzalez pitch last night on my free Comcast Extra Innings trial and he is a train wreck waiting to happen. I think Toronto’s offense will win by more than 3 tonight.

    Little more than random guesses, but that’s really all you’re asking for anyway.

  146. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    I asked before and got Grey’s opinion but interested in others’ as well:

    CJ Wilson for F. Gutierrez? I have Wilson (as of yesterday).

    Current OF (start 4) = Cruz, Crawford, Hunter, Fowler/Stubbs, Beltran (DL)
    Current SP = Gallardo, J. Johnson, Garza, Liriano, C. Young, Matsuz, Zito, Hughes

  147. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: re: Masterson — Depends on team. re: Young — When he plays. re: Maybin: Depends what you need. Him and Reimold are not the same type of player. re: Wright — There’s a question there? I’m missing it.

    @ILoveRajai: Andrus

    @Doot Doot: Edwin, but he seems like your only different eligibility so Milledge. Wilson

    @Kazmere: Morales and Frasor

  148. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @matthole: Maybin may hit, but he looks hapless in Center Field. He consistently breaks the wrong way for fly balls. I wouldn’t judge his hitting against Mets pitching, outside of Santana.

  149. Dingo says:

    Most droppable bench player(s) out of the following?

    Rafael Furcal
    Justin Masterson
    Ervin Santana
    Nolan Reimold
    Ben Sheets
    Ian Desmond

    I’ve got them ranked in terms of most droppable to least, as my initial guesses.

  150. Dingo says:

    @Dingo: Should note that I’ve got Reyes coming off the DL — that’s why Furcal’s so expendable.

  151. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Dingo: I woulda said Desmond

  152. Robert says:

    @Grey: I have C. Davis in Util spot and Reimold is in the FA pool. Let Davis swim with the fishes and reel in Reimold?

  153. Kazmere says:

    @Nathan: As much of a gamble as trying to predict wins. I was thinking those too as FF needs to get back in the saddle after yesterday’s bomb, Frasor will prob rest, and COL offense should do well vs SD possibly giving Morales a shot. Thx for your input!

    Grey, can I still get ur thoughts? Thx!

  154. matthole says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: whats your expectations out of reyes when he returns.

  155. Any reason I wouldnt want Raul Ibanez? I know he started slowly but cmon, why drop him so soon?

  156. Euroalien says:

    @charlie batch: I’ve got Price on the bench today….. have Sanchez going instead. No sense in having Price Vs Yankess if you have a decent option

  157. @Grey:

    I just put in the waiver order. See ya later CoJack, we’ll call ya.

  158. Kazmere says:

    @Grey: Oops. Sorry bout that. Delay on my end.

  159. mc serch says:

    @Grey: hey, great post today, fluved your response to the guy who doesnt read the intros….am I starting Pence ag. Happ or Adam Jones ag. Morrow? Leaning towards Pence cause I figure he’s due to bust out in a big way. Then again the Astros appear to be the A’s of the NL and this could put a damper on our boy’s season.

  160. Sal says:

    Who would you rather take a flier on in H2H? Gio, Masterson or Luke Hoch? I have Gio right now but thinking about adding one of the other.

  161. Dingo says:

    @RollieFingersMyAsh: @Grey: Thanks. So Desmond at the top, but the rest of the list is more or less correct?

  162. BSA says:

    LaPorta situation intrigues me as I look at my outfield and corner infield positions.
    I have Choo, Ethier, CoJack, Morgan, and Byrd in the outfield
    ALaRoche and Davis @ first

    Yawntastic I know. Doing what I can for research – does Laporta bring anything to the table that these others can’t? He looks like he might have more power upside. Am I wrong and, if you had this crew in your outfield would anyone be shown the door for LaPorta?

  163. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @Dingo: For me it goes…


  164. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    10-Team, H2H, 5×5

    Currently own…
    SP: Greinke, Johnson, Nolasco, Kershaw, Scherzer, Price
    RP: Bell, Marmol, Wilson, Frasor, Dotel, Nunez, Frank2,

    I’m in the middle of discussions with a few owners that involve moving 1-2 closers, but if nothing pans out, I’m considering dropping one of them for an SP flier. Tonight seems like it could be a good time to do that, since Latos and Garcia are two of my targets, and they’re both starting tomorrow.

    So Razzhands and Grey, of those RPs, who would you drop (not going to get him back, there are a number of closer deficient owners) and which matchup do you like better (Latos @ Col or Garcia @ Mil) keeping in mind that it’ll be a “rent with option to buy” pickup?

  165. @Awesomus Maximus:

    Are we still talking about you and you closer hoarding obsession? Heh

  166. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: No worries.

    @mc serch: Hehe… Yeah, it’s tought to not go with the lefty-righty matchup.

    @Sal: Let’s see what Gio does in his first start.

    @BSA: I’d own LaPorta over Byrd.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Garcia, lose Nunez.


  167. Howard says:

    Oh Greyt one, I’m last in my roto league in K’s (hopefully De La Rosa will change that tonight). Whodda thunk that Beckett would have only one K! Maybe I should look at the pitching rotation of Beckett/DeLaRosa/Floyd/Jurjens/Slowey/Anderson?

  168. BSA says:

    So reading through Rotoworld for some light rainy day research and thought – “Would Grey rather write about Salty or Ka’aihue?”

  169. mc serch says:

    @Grey: thank you good sir

  170. RollieFingersMyAsh says:

    @whoever thinks they know what they’re talking about: Bruce/Garza or A. Escobar/Billingsley/Madson

    Got Reyes at SS anyway

  171. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Elijah: Heh… no, I don’t hoard in H2H. I ended up with that many specifically to keep a closer away from an owner, not to get him for myself. That owner no longer has top waiver priority, so I don’t mind dropping a closer as much (I’d still rather trade, but I can’t carry six closers forever in H2H).

    @Grey: Much obliged.

  172. pwire says:

    Would you trade Oswalt and Morrow for Masterson and Kennedy?

  173. pwire says:

    Follow up to post #178: Rank these four- Masterson, Kennedy, Zito, Oswalt

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