I’m here to talk about prospects. I applied for this position thinking it was a sports writing gig for the Philadelphia Inquirer, but I woke up in (possibly) Grey’s basement chained to a cot with a copy of Bill James’s handbook lying on the floor. A slot in the door opened and a voice (possibly mustached) asked, “Do you know anything about prospects?”. My reply was, “I know enough not to count on them, but I can’t help myself”. The voice on the other side of the wall chuckled. I heard the sound of a knife being sharpened. “This won’t hurt a bit,” he said.

The mystery is finally solved. That’s right…if you’ve ever been roofied…look no further than our fearless leader – the FML. He has a kidney collection that would make Hannibal blush. Here are the prospects that I might actually draft in 2019 redrafts…enjoy! And…be careful!

First of all, I wouldn’t draft anybody this March due to arrive after June. Save that slot for somebody who can help you now and try for the spec on the wire. Big thing to remember is there will be growing pains, even for the best of them. At the same time, once you jump on them, be patient and don’t be the dude who bids on a spec and drops them a week before they come up.

This season I’m going to run the prospect power rankings, an article that publishes weekly and tracks the nearly graduated top performers in the minors who might make an impact in redrafts. That way you can pick them up before your league mates can say “Who?”. For Grey’s insights on some of these guys, I’d recommend his 2019 Rookies series that publishes in the early offseason. Yeah, we been here the whole time.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR | NFBC ADP: 41

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. Big numbers are expected in both AVG and OBP leagues. The only holdup will be the service time BS. Two weeks or so in he should be up and contributing. Would I take him at his current ABP? Probably not. Could you trade him for two dollars on the dollar right before he gets promoted? I bet you could. Helium seems to always be the most heliumish right before the callup.

Eloy Jimenez, CWS | NFBC ADP: 114

Like VG2, this one is a no brainer. Yet, his ADP is a solid 70 slots lower. Here, I’m a little more inclined to take the risk. He (should) give you the power numbers and counting stats of Vlad. I’m a very unstable person, but I like the White Sox this year, and I’ll keep shouting it outside the local Dunkin’ Donuts until someone believes me.

Victor Robles. WAS | NFBC ADP: 103

Some clown named Harper left Washington for Philly. That opens the door for Robles, one of the best prospects in the game. My only concern is where they’ll bat him in the order. You probably know this already, but in fantasy it sucks to see a kid get trapped in the 7, 8, 9 hole.

Nick Senzel, CIN | NFBC ADP: 224

He’s coming off a season with an injury and taking on a new position, but the offensive potential of Senzel still appeals to redraft…draft…people. Sorry, I don’t know what to call you. Steamer is giving him ten homers, eight steals, and a .270ish average. I’d take the over on homers. Here’s your worst case scenario – he charges after a fly ball to left center and takes Jesse Winker to the chin in late April…game over.

Garrett Hampson, COL | NFBC: 199

Lol. (Lemurs on ludes). You thought I’d put a pitcher in the last slot. Not bloody likely. The Rockies are to fantasy players what catnip is to people who are strangely addicted to catnip, which honestly should be reserved for cats in my opinion. Seriously though, bad news…if you’re in an RCL, the people you play with probably read Razzball. Shocking I know. And if they read Razzball, chances are they’ve probably heard of this cat and are going to reach for him. I like him too. I just traded a $35 Kershaw for a $1 Hampson in a keeper. His only roadblock at this point is McMahon. Don’t reach, but be ready to pounce if this cat(nip) falls to you.