It seems like the last week has lasted all year, things have taken quite a turn.  This time last year I was blissfully writing about Razzball Commenter Leagues ADP and wondering how I was going to manage all these drafts coming up.  Now, we’re not really sure what the future holds for our silly little game. The only thing we do know is that we have at least two weeks and likely much longer to wait until MLB Opening Day.  In the meantime, while we’re all being home-bodies we’ll do the only thing we can do until we hear “Play Ball” and that’s draft and talk about drafts. We’ve already taken a handful of leagues that hadn’t filled and moved their drafts into the two week window MLB has given us.  We’re drafting into the first weeks of April now, so sign up for another league or two to give yourself something to do the next few weeks. Just make sure to Lysol the laptop in between uses and stay safe out there friends. Remember, this is about keeping those most vulnerable safe, so do your part people.  Now, let’s dive into another week’s worth of draft data and see what info we can glean.


This week we’re going to look at Razzball’s favorite SAGNOF specialists and where you can draft some late steals and saves.  For steals, we’ll take a look at every player that Grey has projected for more than 20 SBs. For Saves, I’ll just grab as many closers and potential closers as I can think of.  If I miss a name, feel free to open up the RCL ADP SPREADSHEET that I maintain for all of your viewing pleasure.  I’ve seen plenty of anonymous animals with that spreadsheet open and I’d consider it a great resource during your RCL drafts.  You can also just copy out the data to your own Excel sheet and use it in your own War Room if that tickles your fancy. Enjoy and deity of choice speed.


We’ve got RCL ADP!  Here’s a list from our 28 league sample of some players whose ADPs I was curious about and some general notes.

Ronald Acuna Jr. 1.11 1 2 1
Francisco Lindor 7.57 5 12 7
Trea Turner 12 7 16 9
Jose Ramirez 17.11 13 24 11
Fernando Tatis Jr. 17.39 8 31 23
Starling Marte 34.96 27 47 20
Adalberto Mondesi 38.57 23 57 34
Bo Bichette 60.61 42 84 42
Jonathan Villar 61.25 39 87 48
Luis Robert 76.18 37 104 67
Victor Robles 77.32 37 100 63
Tommy Pham 103.21 71 123 52
Tim Anderson 104.25 75 129 54
Cavan Biggio 122.79 86 144 58
Oscar Mercado 126.54 83 167 84
Amed Rosario 147.61 103 176 73
Tommy Edman 148.79 121 170 49
Elvis Andrus 163.39 115 254 139
Scott Kingery 167.82 136 197 61
Mallex Smith 178.54 84 233 149
Jon Berti 241.36 132 300 168
Nick Madrigal 274.89 193 300 107
Manuel Margot N/A N/A N/A N/A
Jarrod Dyson N/A N/A N/A N/A
Delino DeShields N/A N/A N/A N/A

You’ve got five shots to draft some decent speed in the first two rounds.  After that I’m looking to snag either a speedy middle infielder in Mondesi or Bichette or trying to grab a swift outfielder in Robert or Robles.  If you’ve really messed things up from pick 100-200 you have nine more chances to grab some steals. I’ve been targeting Mercado in this range if I have a need, but with the start of the season delayed Oscar could see his ADP rising since he’ll presumably be healthy by then.  This will be something I cover next week as we look into some Pre/Post COVID ADPs. Tommy Edman and Elvis Andrus are a couple more middle infielders I’m looking to grab in the later rounds for a speed boost. Edman especially has found his way onto a few of my teams so far. If you really punt steals, Margot, Dyson and DeShields haven’t even been drafted in an RCL yet, which means there’s plenty of speed on the wire if needed.

Josh Hader 62.36 50 75 25
Kirby Yates 80.11 63 94 31
Aroldis Chapman 85.04 57 100 43
Roberto Osuna 96 64 117 53
Liam Hendriks 112.64 89 125 36
Kenley Jansen 115.71 100 143 43
Taylor Rogers 119.39 99 146 47
Brad Hand 124.68 98 139 41
Edwin Diaz 127.68 108 152 44
Ken Giles 137.75 101 163 62
Craig Kimbrel 145.75 124 165 41
Raisel Iglesias 146.57 119 169 50
Hector Neris 153.14 131 183 52
Nick Anderson 157.14 125 200 75
Brandon Workman 157.54 123 199 76
Alex Colome 166.82 134 191 57
Archie Bradley 173.75 135 207 72
Will Smith 177.61 149 207 58
Hansel Robles 181.54 149 202 53
Jose Leclerc 182.57 152 216 64
Giovanny Gallegos 184.79 156 234 78
Sean Doolittle 192.43 158 223 65
Ian Kennedy 209.75 167 248 81
Keone Kela 211.29 173 245 72
Joe Jimenez 220.54 179 259 80
Mark Melancon 223.75 190 261 71
Brandon Kintzler 262.68 171 300 129
Mychal Givens 270.29 219 300 81
Tony Watson 285.46 211 300 89
Wade Davis 286.64 231 300 69

Mr. Hader is the cream of the crop, but everyone in the top 100 is fine and dandy.  They are also, not really SAGNOF. Should you miss or skip one of these closers, I’m loving the trio of Kenley, Hand and Rogers.  I’m not really welcoming Edwin Diaz back with open arms this year like some of you. I’ll pass thanks. Raisel Iglesias and Nick Anderson are frequent targets of mine, as are Alex Colome and Archie Bradley.  Beyond those four, it’s a bit of a mess, but Giovanny Gallegos seems to be worth grabbing for a few saves and some likely strikeouts. Kintzler, Givens, Watson and Davis aren’t even drafted in some leagues, so check your wire for some possible free saves out there, if you think your ratios can handle it.


Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) for the time you want and YOU’RE IN.  Damn, that’s too easy. Oh, I guess I should also mention make sure you’re joining a league for free or for money, depending on your preference.  If you want a league for money, then 1) Click the link. 2) Pay the money. That’s it! No pesky third requirement! Again, Fantrax and Razzball take no money.  You can join as many free or paid leagues as you like. To quit a league, go to OTHER –> All Options –> Quit League (located at the bottom). Now go join some leagues!

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  1. bangin on a trash can says:

    I’ll post with the link to the PLive best ball discord channels.

  2. MattTruss

    MattTruss says:

    Sounds good! Feel free to post the link to the article for other sign-ups too. People may need the drafting therapy right now.

  3. bangin on a trash can says:

    Dona and done posted the link to your article

  4. FrankGrimes says:

    There are four spots left Saturday vs Grimey.
    Let’s go snitches!

  5. John O'Brien says:

    Hi Matt! Hope you and yours are well! Looks like we had someone drop out of the 10pm slot this evening. So I think we are one short…though it doesn’t say so on your RCL list.

  6. I’m in league 58 against Joey and would like to play against Matt in league 61. I am expecting our work to shut down due to Coronavirus but won’t know for sure until Thursday. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to play against Matt nor do I want to have to withdraw after entry as I may be denying someone else of the opportunity. I’m from the UK so obviously the time difference is the problem due to work the next day. Please advise.

    • To avoid confusion. I intend to play both leagues and I can legally play for cash on fantrax and DraftKings though not on most other sites.

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      I mean, I would say play in both, but clearly I’m biased. I’d say go ahead and hold a spot for yourself and bail if needed. We’ve had good luck filling spots via Twitter.

      • Thanks Matt. Just joined. Looking forward to playing in both.

  7. LennyDykstraIsJustMisunderstood says:

    what is sagnof anyway?

      • LennyDykstraIsJustMisunderstood says:

        THanks……. i saw that but what does ain’t got no face mean?

        • MattTruss

          MattTruss says:

          Oh! That just means that saves and steals can be somewhat easily replaced. It’s the old theory of not drafting top closers or top speed guys and simply finding these stats via the waiver wire or late in drafts.

          • LennyDykstraIsJustMisunderstood says:

            Thanks got it

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