The battle for best fantasy baseballer in Razzball Nation has begun! Actually, it began with opening day but I’ve finally got around to creating the master standings (also available by clicking the ‘RCL Master Standings’ link on the homepage).

There are 108 competitors across 9 leagues. We created a league index based on the strength of each league. It takes all 10 categories into account and considers the average of all 9 leagues to be at 100. So if a league averages 1% better across all categories than the 9-league average, the league index is 101 and we multiply the point total for everyone in that league by 1.01. This helps to neutralize the playing field across all the leagues.

So who’s #1 at the two week mark? ThirdandKing’s ‘L’Atelier de Joël Piñero’ is crushing the field right now with an 106.5 point score in the toughest league (A Latin 9). Here’s a glance at his Active Stats if you’re curious how he’s managed it.

A couple of notes on the standings:

  1. We’ll start with fortnightly updates (that’s fancy talk for every 2 weeks!). We’ll consider weekly updates as we get deeper into the season.
  2. We prefer to have your commenter handle in the Standings next to your team name. If you want to claim your team, please add a comment to this post and I’ll add it in going forward.
  3. For those in the Fantasy Razzball League (aka the league where you purposely have your team suck), this will be up next Sunday night.

Good luck and may the trash-talking begin…

  1. Bob says:

    That’s great Rudy. It’s going to be a blast watching this as the year progresses. Well done!!

  2. sean says:

    @rudy: i’m the mutt’s nuts

  3. Cookie's Monsters says:

    gunnin for #1!!!

  4. p0rk burn says:

    #33 represent!

  5. NoonTime says:

    GM of the Bushwood Varmint Cong in the RCL Big Blue Marble. 48 moves and counting but IT’S NOT A PROBLEM, I can stop whenever I want to…. really.

  6. Rudy, this is fantastic. Looking forward to the biweekly updates.

  7. NoonTime says:

    Heh.. the price of fame: “This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota” – Our little website is all growns up!

  8. Chase says:

    What an awful team. I’m already preparing my Razzball post for when I win this shiotzu. I’m Dr. Strangleglove. Just havin a bit of a slow start that’s all.

  9. Chase says:

    oh BTW, just checked out that league. It looks like a bunch of rookies. Do you think the league strength index is playing enough role in this?

  10. NoonTime says:

    League Strength Index usually has to do with the total Active Stats accumulated by the league… so rookies or not, if they have the stats they have the strength. The fact that he is #1 despite drafting Rollins and Lincecum with his first 2 picks is testament to the hot start of his players… He’ll keep the saves points but I’d be betting on a decline in some on the other pitching categories and his hitting can’t keep it up (except for the players we have in common of course)

  11. @Chase: Noontime nailed it. I didn’t add any subjectivity. I just look at each team’s point total and then the stat totals for their league to create the index. My guess is some leagues might take a temporary lead in Wins and K’s based on streaming starts but that will even out if/when they hit the GS limit.

    I figure the fun part is that all the leagues/teams are public so you can see behind the curtain. If someone is having a great year, I might be tempted to keep tabs on his player moves :)

  12. NoonTime says:

    @Rudy Gamble: It would be cool if there was an easy way to pull out all the trades that have happened in the RCLs. Then keep them viewable and with their own comments section for reference (and trash talking hindsight) on a page much like the master standings.

  13. @NoonTime: That’s an awesome idea. Let me talk with Grey on it. Maybe we’ll create a link off the standings that shows all the trades.

    BTW, not to call out my boy IowaCubs but trading Ludwick for the Rally Monkey? What are you thinking? Defend yourself good man!

    dog traded Chone Figgins, LAA 3B to Tavern
    IOWA traded Ryan Ludwick, StL OF to Dog

  14. Boo ya for me, in the top 25 right now.

  15. ThirdandKing says:

    L’Atelier de Joel Pinero here. I am surprised and thrilled to be at the top of the heap in my own league, let alone the RCL in general. I’d like to thank the Academy, my agent, and all the little people.
    You like me! You really like me!
    What? This is only the first update of the season? Do I get to keep my tro- no, I guess not.

    @Chase- How exactly do you define rookies, and why would it have any bearing on our fantasy acumen?
    @NoonTime- Zig when they zag! Everyone was ignoring pitchers as long as possible, so I stocked up. But yes, I’ve lucked into a sizzling hot start. If you check my draft analysis in the RCL forums, you’ll see I predicted a 4th-place finish barring surprises.

  16. Doc says:

    My team is Team Huckleberry

  17. AL KOHOLIC says:

    rudy and grey,great job awesome stuff,hope to be moving on up,and no im not driving grey but there wasnt a submit comment area a while ago,again keep up the great stuff

  18. Original Recipe for the win

    my team will hit 2,389 home runs this season

  19. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @ThirdandKing – a collective 2.269 ERA. I hate to see how you do once Lincecum starts rolling! It’s nice to know that you represent our league, which is currently strongest, despite some grumblings from the peanut gallery that we are filled with a bunch of rooks. These nattering nabobs need to get their act together before they engage in criticism.

    Despite all of that, we are gunning for ya!

  20. madx34 says:

    @ Chase

    rookies…..yea ok buddy. There is no crying in fantasy baseball…oh wait, nevermind—-there always is!

  21. vanwill9 says:

    Team name is Miggy is my Constant. Patiently waiting for Price to be called up.

  22. royce! says:

    I am Veeck Yo’self. I’ll post some self-deprecating comment once I can think of it. Right now I’m just terribly, terribly ashamed.

  23. JR says:

    As a foodie, I have to say that L’Atelier de Joel Pinero is a fantastic team name. It opens a world of possibilities: Violin d’Inge? The Fat Duque?

  24. BSA says:

    @Rudy Gamble:
    From my humble checking in at #96, there is only way but up.

    Sounds like my one trade was a good one. If I could just come up with a way to get me up to the top 50. hmmmm!

    I get the feeling that my only way of not falling off the deep end is to continue taking my ADD meds because Alexei and Iannetta are killing me.

  25. Just Another Steve says:

    Aw man, I’m Dirty 30 in the rankings. Come on down to the Wild Katz Salon, dudez!

  26. BigFatHippo says:

    @Just Another Steve: You cut hair in the Wild Katz Salon? Cool, I could use a trim. Kazaam, trash has begun.

  27. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: hippo,your 48 im 55,lets hope zimm helps us both,hey i need a hair cut too

  28. Emporers Monkey says:

    My team is God Doumit.

    Sitting at #27, which isnt at all satisfactory. I need saves like a MF’er.

  29. Mowses says:

    Home Plate Security sitting at 13

  30. ZK says:

    Bah, meant to post this here. I’m in 102 in this one, but is there a Razz league update coming? I’ve gotta be top-5 there.

  31. Thanks all for making this such a competitive league. I updated the standings with everyone’s handle who posted. We still have some blank spots but we’re getting there…

  32. Sos says:

    Sultans of Swing at 78. ugh

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