I’m Ralph Lifshitz, and I am not on this podcast. It’s a strange phenomenon. Work pulled me away from the show for the week, so Lance returned and brought Jason Woodell on to bless us with his top notch insights. The boys talk The Mets, as well as a few of Jason’s favorite prospects coming into 2019. They then wrap up the show with some discussion of their mentalities when working on the forthcoming Top 100 list. It’s guaranteed to be a classic show so tune in to catch all that. It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Prospect Podcast powered by Prospects Live.

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  1. Dynasty leaguer says:

    Yo King

    Whats with K Maitan? He is a dead prospect at this point? Whats you’r thoughts

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      @Dynasty leaguer: ah yes, probably the biggest “halo effect” prospect i’ve ever seen (only been involved in this stuff for 5-6 years at most though). his initial grades (possibly from ONE scout to start) were so insanely good that everybody’s initial thoughts on him were so good that that report alone stuck in basically everybody’s head for 2-3 years (this is the shortened version of the guy who did LAA report at ralph’s site and had him VERY low, 27th at LAA)

  2. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    deep league stuff. (30 team 1st year player draft around pick 170th overall,40 prospect slots)

    1. best out of these MI: wenceel perez SS DET (you were pretty high in midseason 500 here), antoni flores SS BOS (very far off, but bat sounds very upsidey), osiris johnson SS MIA (highest 1st year guy left for MI for sure), arraez 2B MIN

    2. best OF out of these: canario SF, listi PHI, decker BOS, bautista CIN (i know you are high on him)

    3. adding hawlett 3B BOS, hiraldo 3B TOR, to these, who’s best 2 or 3 out of all the above hitters?

    4. best 2 or so SP out of these: javier HOU (i know you are high on), c.hernandez KC, y. del rosario KC, j.hernandez TEX, alexy TEX, ashby MIL, jennings PIT, llovera PHI. upside to SP over ETA and floor here.

    5. still high on tirso ornelas SD (was high in midseason top 500, site doesn’t have a SD list yet, in fact none of the sites that go deep have a SD team post up yet at rundown’s list). his long off tools were listed well (at least the hit/power) at last year’s fangraphs SD page.

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      @Beware the Shit Rope: fling a.hernandez OF NYM into 3 2 and 3, going over NYM now.

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