Once upon a time, we were uncertain how teams would handle their prospects in this the final season of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Major League Baseball and the players union. 

Today, I feel like everyone could’ve seen this coming. 

Given one last chance to squeeze their prospects for an extra year of team control, teams just can’t help themselves. Nico Hoerner will have to stay in the minors for about 37 days to grant the Cubs an extra year on his contract, so that’s that. Easy call. Let’s keep Eric Sogard and Matt Duffy instead, bumping some other more promising pieces off the roster. 

Teams act like this is just free money, but that feels like folly if we consider the 41st man and 1st man off the roster who theoretically earned a spot he can’t occupy because of Matt Duffy

And it doesn’t take into account another big question: will they even want Nico Hoerner six seasons from now? Perhaps his ultimate value is allowing the club to hold onto a promising young arm who might’ve otherwise aged off the 40-man roster. 

No time for tears, though. Lots to cover this week. 

With Hoerner off the club, Cubs 2B David Bote looks like a potent power option in the late-stages of drafts.

The Tigers optioned fantasy flop Joe Jimenez. Good news for Gregory Soto and Bryan Garcia. Soto’s the one we all want to get the gig, and I’ve gotta think Derek Holland helps. Nice to have some lefties lying around when you want to close with a southpaw. 

IF Yu Chang made the club in Cleveland. He’s been hitting well this spring and playing some first base. I think he’s already the short side platoon there for Jake Bauers, and I think Bauers is below replacement level. Bobby Bradley awaits at the training site, so even if Chang banishes Bauers, he’ll have another platoon mate soon, but the arc of history is long, and Chang is the only constant among this triumvirate. 

Baltimore optioned Jahmai Jones then dropped Yolmer Sanchez. What’s that groovy sound? Is that Ramon Urias’ music?

Boston RHP Matt Barnes has tested positive for the Covid. Hey remember when we worried about HIPAA laws with this stuff? Like early on when we thought people might melt and were watching Tom Hanks’ vlog posts with more fervor than we generated for his last fifteen movies put together? Yeah, me neither. 

News of the World for our purposes is Adam Ottavino, who’s been dominant this spring, steps into his first real closer’s gig in a long, successful career. 

This time of year, a victory lap of hype surrounds everyone in all fantasy baseball, except David Peterson. He’s a 6’6” lefty recent first round pick about to break camp in the starting rotation on a good team after an excellent debut in 2020, but you won’t find him in any sleeper articles despite an ADP in the 300s. Why not? I genuinely have no clue. I guess it’s velocity related? Trevor Rogers is all the rage because he can touch 97, but Peterson, with a similar profile and better track record, is considered a bad fastball guy, according to a notable pitching pert who frequently employs that phrase. One nice thing about statcast is its power to debunk some of our good-ole-boy aesthetic baseball myths. 

In 2020, Peterson threw 304 four-seam fastballs to major league hitters, averaging 92.1 mph on those pitches comprising 37.4 percent of his arsenal.

Batters tallied ten total hits against those fastballs: six singles, three doubles, one home run. That’s a .164 batting average and a .262 slugging percentage. 

Publicly available scouting reports grade the pitch somewhere in the 40-45 range. 

If Peterson throws a below average fastball, I don’t know how one earns a plus. 

So why does it work so well at 92 mph? 

Well, stop me if you’ve heard this, but it’s all about drop, as in, his four-seamer has almost three inches less drop (-2.8) than the typical heater. It also has almost twice as much horizontal break: 11.4 inches or +4.6 compared to a typical FF. 

If you watch him pitch, it’s easy to see why this happens despite his pedestrian spin rates. Peterson is a low-slot, plus-extension lefty in the vein of Madison Bumgarner or Andrew Heaney.

Part of the issue here is Peterson throws two fastballs, and his sinker is bad. He threw 128 of them (15.8 percent of arsenal) last year and gave up a .368 batting average and .474 slugging percentage. His changeup, which he threw 18.7 percent of the time, got hit even harder: 556 SLG. I’m not saying he should junk these pitches entirely, but I’m hoping they comprise less than 34.5 percent of his pitches this year. 

His sinker (91.8 mph) lives in the same velocity band as his four-seam fastball (92.1). 

His changeup (83.4) neighbors the velo band occupied by his slider (81.3).

While the change was his worst pitch, his slider was dominant: .119 BA, .254 SLG as a 25.9 percent offering, and his command of the pitch is impeccable. 

Pretty simple solution here, really: fewer sinkers and changeups; more fastballs and sliders. 

A wildcard is a 74.4 mph curveball Peterson threw just 18 times last year, yielding zero hits. If he can command that pitch, he’d access three disparate velocity bands with pitches that have strong results so far. I’m guessing that curve could be a nasty strike-stealer to get ahead early in at bats. 

Off-speed command is kind of my pitching mantra around here, and Peterson is an example I really like where it’s difficult to see why he’s effective via the well-worn pitcher-evaluation paths. I’ve heard announcers say he’s trying to get to the slider—that he peppers his fastballs just outside the zone (or in the shadow zone) hoping he can get ahead and wipe guys out with his slider. That’s fine, I guess, but his four-seamer is a swing and miss pitch, especially atop the zone, and I think he found a formula as the season wore on in 2020, rounding out his year with three straight solid starts and a 2.00 ERA over those final 18 innings. 

In a world where everyone gets their moment under the hyperbolic heat lamps of fantasy baseball in the time of Twitter, Peterson’s spotlight has yet to shine. I was able to snag him at pick 338 in the 30-team, five-year dynasty best ball at Prospects Live after a whole host of players less appealing to me in that time-compressed, volume-heavy format were off the board: JT Brubaker, Shane McClanahan, Brailyn Marquez, Corbin Martin, Jackson Kowar, Tom Hatch, Spencer Turnbull, Caleb Smith, Matthew Boyd, DL Hall, Nick Lodolo, Michael Kopech, Matt Manning, Clarke Schmidt, Dane Dunning, Spencer Howard.

This draft is built from 30 of the best minds in the prospect and dynasty game, but few seem intrigued by Peterson, who’d be my favorite format-fit on this list regardless of price. 

I guess Marquez is kinda close, but there’s timeline and relief risk there. 

Can make a case for Dunning based on the enormous ballpark and lack of competition for innings, but Texas wants to use a six-man rotation, which all but eliminates the ever-important double starts required to thrive in this format. 

I’m not saying Peterson is head and shoulders above all these arms in any objective sense, but half these guys went at least 100 picks ahead of him, and that’s, well, odd to me.

Thanks for reading!

I’m @theprospectitch on Twitter.

  1. Member Berries says:

    Great breakdown, Itch. I have a few Trevor Rogers but his free value is now gone. I will likely be swapping Peterson for Rogers in drafts and it may be an upgrade according to what I just read.

    I’m a big Joc Pederson fan in drafts but he also stopped being free. As a Dodger fan, I always felt Joc would do something big as soon as he went to another club and got every day at bats – could help win you a league at .240 40hrs 7Sbs – he wrote a piece in the athletic thanking LA and had a few great anecdotes – one with Tommy Lasorda. worth the read if you havent already.

    Took over a OPS league where you keep 8 – was very pleased with my draft walking out with Kelenic, Bohm, KHayes, and Torkelson to add to my 8. Obviously there’s more but this is a prospects post – also grabbed LGilbert – he’s looked great

    I know Grey will never buy Robbie Ray and Tyler Glasnow – they’ve looked good in spring. Thoughts?

    As always, thanks for the great content!

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Member Berries!

      Glasnow could end the season as a no-doubt top tier fantasy pitcher. Actually I think that’s the most likely outcome.

      Big fan of Joc in Chicago too. I made a trade to open a spot just to grab him in the 3rd round of a 15 team dynasty FYPD this year.

      Great start in that OPS league. Hayes looking like the kind of monster who’ll be untouchable in trade a month or so into the season.

      Ray, who knows, but he was pretty cheap for a while there. I took him in that same 30 team 5-year best ball I mention in this article.

  2. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    Hey Itch! Do you think India makes the team with a full time gig? How would you prioritize snagging him vs Senzel (or both?) at the back of drafts?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hey Duda!

      Yeah I think India’s full time early this year and that puts him neck and neck w Senzel imo.

      Senzel might be the better talent, and I suppose I still lean his way, but health is a skill, and he’s already dinged up.

  3. Baggie John says:

    Good morning from Birmingham, England !

    Great, well-reasoned article, as always. I already owe you a debt of thanks for the Relief Pitchers post that came out the day before my RCL Draft. Got shares in Victor Gonzalez everywhere (endorsed by Baseball Prospectus), plus Brusdar Graterol, Demarcus Evans – and Joely Rodriguez is available across all my Leagues atm. Stashing Jonathan Hernandez where I can as well.

    Last night was my first ever Auction League Draft, a Dynasty Points league with 30 spots and 5 NAs’. I take the long view with Dynasty, so I’m hoping to be competitive 2-3 years down the line. Thanks to your posts and a few others, I went Prospect-heavy, so I’ve now filled all 5 NAs and need to look at Waivers / Free Agents.

    My OF is loaded – Eloy, Robles, Adell, Kyle Lewis, Julio Rodriguez, Clint Frazier (with Carroll and Marsh in reserve) so I don’t really need anyone there

    SS is Ketel Marte, Correa and Luciano in reserve, and I’m happy with that

    2B is Albies and Dylan Moore (covers other Positions too), so I’m thinking to add Brujan there

    1B is Matt Olson – maybe take a chance with Sabato ? or Bryce Ball ?

    Pitching is weaker, but I don’t really trust prospect arms (I have Hancock, Lacy and Corbin Martin already) – Brailyn Marquez is your highest ranked SP available

    The others I’m considering are Jung, Riley Greene, Greg Jones (from your write-up)Pena, Larnach, Luis Matos and Hedbert Perez. I like Roansy Contreras and Woods Richardson as arms.

    If I can only add 5, then Brujan and which 4 would you go with ?

    Thanks for your time!

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Good morning, Baggie John!

      I’d try to fit Matos and Hedbert along w Brujan for sure.

      Then probably Riley Greene and maybe Larnach, Marquez or a veteran.

      Would consider Jones but he just tweaked a hammy and can’t really move his stick for the next couple months or so.

      • Baggie John says:

        Thanks – I guess you can never have too much OF talent!

  4. dill says:

    Great article Itch. In the bold prediction article, you mention in the comments that you gave 4 cheap closers good for 30 saves. I was wondering who were they, on top of Bass.
    Thanks as always !

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, dill!

      The three were Amir Garrett, Jake McGee and Tanner Scott.

      All are rising in price pretty quickly, but McGee and Garrett especially look like top ten options to me. Scott still has competition from Shaun Anderson, who’s pitched well this spring.

  5. big league choo says:

    12 team dynasty pts league

    My pitching staff is Darvish, Gausman, Urias, Sale, Syndergaard, Ohtani, Brailyn Marquez, Espino, and Ryan Pressly. A few teams dropped out so we have a bunch of talent available. Should I grab one of luzardo, Gallen, burnes, plesac or grab a bat gleyber, Kelenic, rendon?

    1B Olson
    2B Lowe
    3B Chapman
    SS Bichette
    MI Hampson
    CI Walker
    OF Soto
    OF Happ
    Util Stanton
    Util Ohtani

    BN JD Davis

    Jeter Downs, Brujan, ONeil Cruz, Alek Thomas, Bracho, Michael Busch, Orelvis, Brennen Davis, Puason

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      I’d be dropping Puason and Espino for a shot at these juicy free agents.

      I’d get whoever you can from the group, really: Rendon a pretty distant 1st priority for me.

      I’d be okay dropping JD Davis too if it landed me a Plesac or a Gleyber or Luzardo.

  6. Racehorse says:

    It’d be kinda ironic if Ramon Urias becomes an everyday player at 2B Orioles — while his younger bro, the once highly touted Luis Urias, still trying to establish an everyday role with the Milwaukee Brewers.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Yeah I’m 100 percent here for that.

      Baltimore playing Rio Ruiz at 2B today, which is bumming out tbh

  7. toolshed says:

    Do you think jt brubaker takes a step forward and is a decent add in dynasty to fill some innings this year in the back end of a rotation? I have a few pitchers who are on the IL and I need innings. Thanks

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      I like Brubaker to do exactly that this year: eat them innings.

  8. Racehorse says:

    Akil Baddoo (aka Killer Baddass) made the Tigers opening day roster …

    I immediately snapped him up in my 16 team keep-forever dynasty league.

    Looking at MLB Pipeline’s 2019 scouting report on Baddoo, when he was a Twins prospect, there’s allot to like.

    He’s a Rule 5 guy — but A.J. Hinch said that they’re going to play him, versus just sitting around to carry him on the roster …

    The Tigers are not all that good now, but Baddoo could be there in CF when the Tigers become good again.

    What do you think?

      • Racehorse says:


        Very HAPPY you are way ahead of me ;-)

        And I should have looked around Razzball before wondering aloud about Addoo …

        But still, in my deep 16 team dynasty format, bring on on Addoo!

        ***makes muscle-y arm***

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:

          agreed: give us all the Baddoo, please

          gonna be a fun ride, I think

  9. Sal says:

    Do you expect ottavino to hold onto the gig?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Lotta ins lotta outs lotta whathaveyous involved here, but yes, I do, if he stays healthy and gets any kind of chance to hold it, he will.

      Better than Barnes and makes more money. Can’t really inflate his cost with saves, unless I’m missing some incentives in his original Yankees contract.

  10. Ryan says:

    Excellent… for my bench which starter pitcher do you prefer Peterson or Alzolay?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Man that’s close. More of a toss-up than anything I’m confident about, but I think Alzolay has quite a bit more value to other owners in the league as of now, so I’d break the almost-tie in his favor. Peterson might sit in free agency a bit, too, whereas I think the news of Alzolay winning a spot will make him a target.

  11. Joe Shmoe says:

    Really like reading your articles on prospects and prospecting.

    Ottavino is a “cuddle boy” for sure.

    I’m in a 15 team dynasty with QS and OBP. I have hoskins, N. Lowe and Candelario as my CI’s and I wanted to trade for a pitcher. I am trying to move on from Hoskins (he seems to be staying in one place rather than living up to his potential) I am terrible at pitching trades and could use QS. I might have the chance to trade him for one of the following pitchers: D. German, Montas or Peterson. Any of these an pitchers worthy of his value? Or is this a hold?

    Thanks for your time.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Joe Shmoe!

      I still remember our first convo about the show Joe Shmoe : )

      Of the three, Montas has the most value, and he’s a nice match because his perceived value is, like Hoskins’, a lot lower today than it was a year ago.

      I also think Rhys is more likely to struggle than succeed, but it’s an OBP league, which makes him kind of monster in waiting if he can get back.

      Probably a hold for now.

      I’m guessing Hoskins will retain good trade value for a long time.

      You might be better off making a run at the Logans: Webb and Allen. In a 15, you should be able to find some arms just via hustle. Probably a few on the wire right now. Tyler Anderson? Jake Arrieta? Great names, I know, but they’re worth a flier.

      As is Julio Teheran, I think. QS leagues are a pretty different game, in my experience, in that streamer-level arms have a bit more value. RPs can’t participate in the category. Throws the math off enough to keep it fresh.

      Anthony DesClafani available?

      Jose De Leon?

      Aaron Sanchez just got dropped in my own 15-team dynasty.

  12. Prawn Lord says:

    Interesting Peterson analysis! Thanks!
    Maybe similar to Peterson, do you have any thoughts on Logan Allen? With some prospect track record, Cleveland’s recent history developing pitchers, and his performance this spring is it wrong to think he could be a decent target and is being overlooked?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Allen is finally in good shape this spring after a long while being, well, lazy with that.

      He found his ceiling as a lazy dude and is trying to break through it by working his butt off over the winter and into the spring.

      And hey, it’s Cleveland. He’s always had a nice split-change, a pitch they like, and I’m guessing he’ll have success this time around.

  13. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    see what yr take is here:

    16 teamer shallow yahoo rosters (2 utils though), h2h. 6 keepers at no cost these options (these keepers getting old after all my years in this league as no worse than 5th or something, 3rd last year): other than ozuna not sure if any of these is an easy yes anymore (probably lynn too).

    torenado, goldy, l.gurriel, ozuna, lynn, karinchak (generally here go 7-8 SP, 6-7 RP, QS/holds/OPS/total bases added), hayes, gallo, mountcastle, cronenworth, gausman, otani (hitter only).

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      I’d keep Hayes, Karinchak, Lynn, Ozuna, Gurriel, Arenado

  14. Junior 56 says:

    Nice write up on Peterson. Hail the Junk throwin’ Lefties! True statement about the state of baseball it’s all about the money on both sides.
    I’m in a 12 team 6×6 Dynasty league. Pedro Pineda is available trouble is finding space would you drop Aaron Brachio or Blake Walston to pick up Pineda?


    • The Itch

      The Itch says:


      Nah I’d hold Bracho and Walston.

      I want Pineda soon, but maybe wait a while because he probably won’t play until July in a short season league. Fairly stagnant stock until then.

  15. TualatinTwoStep says:

    Peterson is almost guaranteed to be a top 50 pitcher now, as I traded him away in my dynasty league today just before reading this article. Lmao!

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:


      would not surprise me at all, I’m sorry to say

  16. thehombre says:

    Thank you.

    Thank you for telling me about CJ Abrams. I own him in all of my dynasty leagues, BUT

    I also own 69 of his various 2019 Bowman Chromes including 2 autos. I bought in December and even now that is looking like a crazy smart investment. We will see how it goes, but for right now…. thank you.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, thehombre!

      Wish I’d gotten a few more myself. Nicely done!

  17. Rick Brown says:

    Hey Itch,
    Great read. I want to pick up Peterson in a 16 team H2H league. Is he worth dropping Sheffield for?

    • Nitemare 2 says:

      Great info. !! Love the Peterson piece
      You like Peterson over Rodon , who has looked healthy ?!
      Appreciate your insight !!

      • The Itch

        The Itch says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Nitemare 2!

        Dang, another very close one. Can I fit them both?

        Both teams are pretty close to ideal for pitching leaps. Chicago because we’ve seen it over and over again, and New York because it’s just a great place to pitch in front of a good team, and we’ve seen a lot of types succeed there. (R.A. Dickey comes to mind for some reason).

        I’ll take Peterson today because Rodon just hasn’t had fastball command or the third pitch he’d need, but I would be totally unsurprised if it all came together this year for him.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hey Rick,


      Kind of a coin flip, but because it’s head to head and Sheffield is in a six-man rotation, I think that makes sense.

  18. Lucky Dog says:

    Excellent article, Itch!

    Do you like David Peterson more than Skubal for 2021, non-keeper purpsoses in a 6×6?

    Also, do you like Robbie Ray with his increased velo more than one, the other, or both?

    I have Ray & Peterson, but I’ve got a twinkle in my eye fir Skubal.


    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Lucky Dog!

      I’ll take Skubal, Peterson, Ray in that order.

      Little gap between Skubal and Peterson too.

      I really like Skubal.

  19. Moon Shots says:

    Hi Ho Itch!

    Good tidings.

    I have someone all hot and bothered for my Joe Adell in 30-team dynasty, where i have a rich collection of prospects on my rebuilding team. First they offered Lux, which i declined. Now more recently they offered Lux, Ed Howard, and a middling 1st round pick for this year. That’s not a bad package methinks, but if Adell is as good as he’s hyped to be i’m still probably holding. So i’m curious for your read: is Adell a hold no matter what guy? He’s not specifically someone i love and i ended up with him because i did a bit of drunken bidding war during our auction. I’m more partial to my Luciano, Vaughn, Abrams, etc. Still some say he’s a generational type talent. A penny for your thoughts!

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi ho hi ho, Moon Shots!

      I’d take that Lux, Howard, 1st round pick deal.

      And I agree with the assessment entirely. Not a bad package. Not something you sprint to the accept button for but certainly a fair offer, and I tend to take pretty much every fair offer that comes my way. I feel like the benefits outweigh the costs by far in the long game. Relatively painless trade negotiations are remembered. I’d rather have a league full of people who like trading with me than one big deal I feel 100 percent I’m getting the better side of.

      Sorry I slipped into article mode there for a second.

      Lux is close enough to Adell, topside wise, that his proximity to playing time and great organization make this a pretty easy yes for me because I like Ed Howard and like the roster-extender of buying a 2022 1st rounder at their lowest point in value–when the league doesn’t know or care much yet about the incoming crop.

      Plus, the more picks you have, the better shot you get at Rocker or Leiter, imo, but you don’t want to accumulate them by going out of your way or overpaying. Really smart offer by that other team to try and get his guy; really smart offer to take now as I think your side has three significant assets with near-term growth likely.

      • Moon Shots says:

        A mighty thanks for your thoughtful and thorough message. Happy to have been the recipient of article mode.

        Fool that i am, i botched my description: first it was on offer of Lux for Adell, now its an offer of Alex Thomas (not lux!) plus Howard and a pick that would be—checks notes–18th. My guess is that this changes the math for you and that Thomas doesnt move the needle enough, but i usually make an ass of myself when guessing so by all means tell me im wrong if im wrong!

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:

          Your instinct is spot on here, though.

          Doesn’t move the needle with Thomas.

          Sorry for the delayed response. (Which goes to out anyone reading this, too, if I was slow to reply this week.)

  20. JB says:

    Itch….. 10 team dynasty. 6×6 w/obp……… I have to cut A Rosario due to roster size, but have space in my minor slots. Cant really ask for India because he too will take up a major lg roster spot, but anyone else on this list make sense?

    2B Xavier Edwards 2B | TB
    3B Jonathan India 3B | CIN
    SS Orelvis Martinez SS | TOR
    SS Ronny Mauricio SS | NYM
    OF Jordyn Adams OF | LAA
    OF Hunter Bishop OF | SF
    OF Luis Matos OF | SF
    Mick Abel P | PHI
    P Josiah Gray

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:


      lil gap


  21. 183414 says:

    Drafted last night.
    My starters:

    Shorted myself with 8 starters. Then after the draft I read how McKensie won’t be starting anytime soon, and will be severely babied. Sure hope Urias can get 150 innings.
    Starters available as free agents:
    M. Kelly

    Definitely need another starter, if not 2.

    Was worried about speed, and drafted Madrigal and Wendle, whom I really don’t plan on starting .

    How would you rank the starters who you would put in bids for ?


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