On Dancer!  On Prancer!  On Comet!  On–Oh, I didn’t hear you come in.  Welcome, reader!  Grab some egg nog and brandy it up to the fire.  The 2012 fantasy baseball rankings are not far away.  Right now, January Grey is throwing darts at a board to figure out where to place Matt Joyce.  Exciting!  In the meantime, let’s look at the players who have multiple position eligibility for this upcoming 2012 fantasy baseball season.  This took me far longer than it probably should’ve.  Can’t someone write me a program that sorts all the players by games played at a position?   Why do I need to go through every player on every roster?  It totally harshes my buzz.  I did this list of multi-position eligible players because I figured it would help for your 2012 fantasy baseball drafts.  I’m a giver, snitches!  I only listed players that have multiple position eligibility of ten games or more played outside of their primary position.  So this should cover Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, et al (not the Israeli airline).  Yes, Christmas came early this year.  (Or you actually got a (C)Hanuk(k)ah present this year, if you get your Jew on.)  Players with multiple position eligibility are listed once alphabetically under their primary position.  On a different post, I’ll make some comments about some of the players. In the mean’s while, you make comments in the comments.  Say that fast 117 times!  Anyway, here’s all the players with multiple position eligibility for the 2012 fantasy baseball season and the positions they are eligible at:


Joe Mauer C (52), 1B (18)
Mike Napoli C (61), 1B (35)
Carlos Santana C (95), 1B (66)


Jeff Baker 1B (19), 2B (18), 3B (11), OF (11)
Jorge Cantu 1B (26), 3B (10)
Mike Carp 1B (34), OF (28)
Chris Davis 1B (31), 3B (26)
Aubrey Huff 1B (120), OF (16)
Conor Jackson 1B (53), OF (52)
Adam Kennedy 1B (36), 2B (34), 3B (27)
Mitch Moreland 1B (99), OF (34)
Michael Morse 1B (85), OF (55)
Daniel Murphy 1B (52), 3B (28), 2B (24)
Xavier Nady 1B (52), OF (10)
Steve Pearce 1B (16), OF (10)
Mark Trumbo 1B (149), OF (11)


Robert Andino 2B (94), SS (30), 3B (22)
Jamey Carroll 2B (81), SS (66)
Alexi Casilla 2B (56), SS (36)
Craig Counsell 2B (25), SS (23), 3B (14)
Brian Dinkelman 2B (11), OF (10)
Jason Donald 2B (19), SS (16)
Matt Downs 2B (27), 3B (19), 1B (13)
Tyler Greene 2B (25), SS (20), OF (10)
Alberto Gonzalez 2B (41), SS (30), 3B (21)
Jonathan Herrera 2B (62), SS (21)
Luke Hughes 2B (37), 1B (36), 3B (13)
Maicer Izturis 2B (49), 3B (37), SS (16)
Howie Kendrick 2B (108), OF (23), 1B (17)
DJ LeMahieu 2B (15), 3B (11)
Aaron Miles 2B (72), 3B (61)
Chris Nelson 2B (29), 3B (24)
Ramon Santiago 2B (75), SS (27)
Skip Schumaker 2B (95), OF (40)
Ruben Tejada 2B (55), SS (41)
Matt Tolbert 2B (36), SS (31)
Justin Turner 2B (78), 3B (36)
Wilson Valdez 2B (45), SS (25), 3B (24)
Jack Wilson 2B (45), SS (13)
Danny Worth 2B (15), 3B (13)
Ben Zobrist 2B (131), OF (38)


Emilio Bonifacio SS (67), OF (60), 3B (36)
Willie Bloomquist SS (59), OF (25)
Chase D’Arnaud SS (29), 3B (12)
Mike Fontenot SS (37), 2B (23)
Jed Lowrie SS (49), 3B (33)
Mike McCoy SS (26), OF (20), 3B (16), 2B (10)
Donnie Murphy SS (18), 3B (15)
Eduardo Nunez SS (50), 3B (40), 2B (16)
Trevor Plouffe SS (45), 2B (17), OF (13)
Luis Rodriguez SS (23), 3B (11)
Sean Rodriguez SS (60), 2B (48), 3B (30)
Angel Sanchez SS (46), 2B (19), 3B (10)
Justin Sellers SS (19), 2B (12)
Eric Sogard SS (14), 3B (10)
Ryan Theriot SS (91), 2B (35)


Mike Aviles 3B (46), 2B (27), SS (14)
Miguel Cairo 3B (58), 2B (13)
Alex Cora 3B (31), SS (16)
Daniel Descalso 3B (117), 2B (18), SS (13)
Mark DeRosa 3B (16), 1B (10)
Edwin Encarnacion 3B (36), 1B (25)
Logan Forsythe 3B (26), 2B (23)
Jerry Hairston Jr. 3B (49), OF (42), 2B (30)
Jose Lopez 3B (39), 2B (20)
Michael Martinez 3B (26), 2B (19), OF (14), SS (13)
Mark Reynolds 3B (114), 1B (44)
Ryan Roberts 3B (107), 2B (28)
Kyle Seager 3B (42), SS (10)
Scott Sizemore 3B (91), 2B (18)
Mark Teahen 3B (32), 1B (18), OF (15)
Miguel Tejada 3B (44), SS (42)
Juan Uribe (59), 2B (18)
Omar Vizquel 3B (29), 2B (16)
Ty Wigginton 3B (68), 1B (36), OF (27)
Josh Wilson 3B (13), SS (11), 2B (10)
Brandon Wood 3B (61), SS (19)
Michael Young 3B (40), 1B (36), 2B (14)


Jose Bautista OF (116), 3B (25)
Brandon Belt OF (32), 1B (31)
Lance Berkman OF (126), 1B (21)
Brian Bixler OF (34), 3B (14)
Kyle Blanks OF (37), 1B (13)
Michael Cuddyer OF (77), 1B (46), 2B (17)
Blake DeWitt OF (23), 2B (18), 3B (14)
Lucas Duda OF (46), 1B (43)
Willie Harris OF (44), 2B (10)
Eric Hinske OF (46), 1B (13)
Garrett Jones OF (90), 1B (34)
Don Kelly OF (58), 3B (45), 1B (15)
Mark Kotsay OF (54), 1B (11)
Carlos Lee OF (80), 1B (79)
Brent Lillibridge OF (59), 1B (22)
John Mayberry OF (61), 1B (18)
Eric Patterson OF (16), 2B (10)
Martin Prado OF (100), 3B (41)
Ryan Raburn OF (72), 2B (56)
Juan Rivera OF (73), 1B (38)
Luke Scott OF (45), 1B (12)
Nick Swisher OF (141), 1B (11)

  1. chata says:

    you must love us .

    (i had no idea that DJ LeMahieu had dual eligibility) .

  2. Mike Stark says:

    So will Gio benefit more from moving to NL than he loses from moving out of Oakland? Does Peacock’s move to Oakland earn him a spot on more of your teams?

  3. Pochucker says:

    Ah someday the entire fantasy community will wake up to the fact that there are nine positions on the diamond and incorporate specififc of pos into their leagues.

    Brings drafting and managing your roster to whole new level. Anyone who I know that have tried it love it.

  4. Wake Up says:

    I didn’t realize Mike McCoy played any 3B. Also, didn’t realize there was anyone in MLB named Mike McCoy. Twice as likely that he goes by Mic?

    May your Black Candle burn bright.

  5. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    ESPN rules require: “Positional Eligibility for Batters
    Additional positional eligibility for Batters occurs when one of the following conditions is met:

    Games played at a position during last season: 20
    Games played at a position during current season: 10 (The eligibility will take place on the 11th day, even if no game is played that day).”

    (Occasionally, they will asign eligibility with fewer if they determine it to be a player’s primary position.) So, a lot of this guys will NOT have eligibility (10 to 19 GP) in RCL leagues.

  6. Terrence Mann says:

    Probably the sneakiest play going into the season will be Bonifacio at SS. You know there’s no way in hell Boneface will get any play at short this year and Ozzie will be sending him every chance he gets. Probably will be a steal (hehe) coming off the board after guys like Andrus…..

  7. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Just watched Moneyball this morning. Aaron Sorkin is an extremely talented writer… of fiction. The story he made up for The Social Network was pretty good, and so is the story he made up for this movie.

  8. charlie batch says:

    damn, no one plays SP and 2B?!?

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: Possible, hoping he gets at least 10 games started at catcher in season.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Agreed, but Lewis glossed over their pitching aces too. What did you think about as a pier of fiction? I was surprising less than entertained.

  10. NV Chris says:

    Grey, this may be a dumb question. I’m keeping Cargo and planning on drafting Tulo. CBS H2H weekly points league. Tulo usually goes for a few more bucks than any hitter other than Pujols.

    I’ve been racking my (small) brain to figure out if there’s any advantage to having two studs from the same team. The points from those two do come in bunches, but should I bid on Tulo, or save a few bucks and draft someone like Miggy?

  11. mic says:

    @Pochucker: My keeper league just went to LF, CF, RF this season, should be a lot of fun…

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @NV Chris: Save a few bucks and take Miggy.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @simply fred: Guillen will run everyone, I’m not worried about it.

  14. Wake Up says:

    Montero was only 21 and not that good of a catcher yet and his bat is too good to be a long term catcher.

    Grandy’s 41 HR’s didn’t hurt his runs scored either.

  15. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Happy Festivus, everyone. You’re lucky I’m not in the mood for The Airing of Grievances. Consider it a Festivus miracle.

  16. Schmohawks Bob says:

    Happy Holidays Grey. And everybody else at Razzball.

    Xmas is an important holiday to me. It’s means FBB is just around the corner. Love the off-season updates in the meantime.

    Peace on Earth.

  17. Kevin says:

    Hilarious intro. Thank you for all the laughs this year.

  18. Steve says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. My dash is almost done here (just finished the dishes), but y’all make sure you have a great day.

    And what Bob said. We need more of that.

  19. Wake Up says:

    For the rest of us!

  20. Terrence Mann says:

    Merry Christmas, snitches.

  21. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Merry Christmas to all,eggnog for all

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wake Up: Festivus!

    @Terrance Mann: Back at cha!

    @AL KOHOLIC: Merry Christmas!

  23. TheNewGuy says:

    Merry Christmas all!

    Seeing as it’s not technically Xmas day here anymore I won’t feel bad about asking a fantasy question ha. Looking at some guys who could make the jump to ‘acedom’ next year and so provide value which we all crave. Who do you think is the most likely out’ve these bunch: Latos, Romero, Gallardo, Grienke.

    Enjoy the holidays and take your time to respond Grey! Thanks for all your work this year.

  24. Steve says:

    @Grey: Google Waiheke Island. 35 minute ferry ride from the city. Great beaches, vineyards, laid-back vibe etc. Should be real nice.

  25. Slappy says:


    I think I already know the wretched answer, but can you name a worthy RP eligible to slot in at SP? Holds are in play. Thanks.

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