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Oh, hello there, likely corporate professional who’s working and definitely not wasting company resources. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Roto-Wan, like Obi-Wan, but good at fantasy stuff as opposed to good in fantasy stuff. Let’s get squared away for the day on What I enjoy most about Draft is that you get to actually roster your favorite players, like Mike Trout, as opposed to staring at their salary and wondering how many Alex Gordons it would take to fit him in. Mike Trout is good. Having him in your lineup is good. You like good things. You can also have a good pitcher and there’s three of them today (Chris Sale, for example: more on him in a bit). The rotations have turned over and aces are back in the deck. Bring on the sequels.

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Padres starters give me the feels; Mariners starters start the underneath tinglings; Dodgers starters feather enthusiasm on the undercarriage.  Reds starters?  That park is so blech.  Luis Castillo’s sexy, but, again, that park and…I trail off, thinking about whatever happened to Better Call Saul, did that show end?  When my thoughts drift back, I remember what I was thinking about, and see Tyler Mahle.  More like Tyler Mehle was my thought.  Now?  After watching him dismantle the Cubs?  Color me intrigued, with a red paintbrush.  Yesterday, Mahle went 6 IP, 0 ER, 1 hit, 2 walks, 7 Ks.  He looked shaky as all get out to start the game — walked Happ, Bryant lined out hard, hit Rizzo, then he said, “Good morning, good afternoon, and–Well, I already have two outs, so I’ll have to say good night in the next inning.”  And he did.  He settled down after that, and no one looked close to starting a rally.  He had a bit of luck at one point by getting to face the opposing Tyler after giving up a triple to Baez, but Mahle didn’t exude a whole lot of sweat beads otherwise.  I’ve seen more sweat on a girl doing a Tyler Chatwood, which is a euphemism for tying a cherry stem into a knot with your mouth while seamlessly carrying on a conversation.  I grabbed Mahle in one league for his next start vs. the Pirates, and plan on going one start at a time for now, but I’m encouraged.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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I’m not sure how the average fan watches baseball. I assume most have a team they follow, sticking to that squad on a daily basis, regardless of continual misery or delight coming as the product of the entertainment. My strong fandom with for one team tends to win out, but I often watch games particularly with a focus on starting pitchers. This is how I plan out my days and nights. Apple TV’s multi-view feature is a godsend for this and my recent realization that’s desktop version has eliminated the ability to watch multiple games at once is a travesty. But I’ll survive, especially as this will help me focus my watching to fewer games in the hopes of digesting more nuanced points of interest from starter to starter.

Balance is key! Well… not when we’re talking about Dylan Bundy’s slider.

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Yeah, this post is dedicated to all the people that told me Ohtani would never amount to nothing, to all the people who called me crazy for my enthusiasm, when I was just trying to inform my readers, and all the prospectors in the struggle. You know what I’m saying? And it’s all good Grey-be, Grey-be. It was all a Dream, I watched NPB games on the TV screen, upper-90’s velo, nasty split, mechanics clean. Worried about hanging breaking balls. Every spring training start he got mauled. I let the hype pop, until the hype dropped. Smoking weed in the draft room, laughing as lesser Perts talk. Way back when the humidor was supposed to cutback. Enough of that…

Okay, so obviously I’m excited about Ohtani, I’ve been writing about him for two years, and yesterday he made his debut. It’s was glorious, actually glorious is a little strong, it was more good. But I’ll take good. Here’s what I saw on Sunday.

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On a night where most of the teams are on the back end of their rotations and have nothing to offer but Rump Roast, we have to look at Charlie Morton as a top option. He is the center cut filet of the night, 34 years dry-aged: Morton has been a revelation the last couple years, pumping up the velocity and missing bats at a career-high rate. The World Series game 7 hero now gets the sleepiest bats in the league: the Baltimore Orioles have been horrendous to start the year. They have managed only a handful of hits in three games and have offered solid strikeout opportunities. I can see Morton racking up the strikeouts, as well as having a great chance to get the W as Chris Tillman is his counterpart.

Now let’s look at the rest of the menu….

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There’s nothing better than an April Fools’ prank that is so sly it’s barely perceptible as a prank.  You don’t even know if it’s a gag.  One year, I had a sound engineer friend make a recording that said, “This call is being recorded.  A copy of that recording is available automatically to the police and the prosecutors.”  Then used that to call my mom and tell her I was in jail for accidentally running down a family of four.  “But mom the light was yellow!”  Apparently, I overestimated how funny she’d find that phone call, and twelve years later, she still calls me the night before April Fools’ to remind me not to pull any pranks on her.  This year the best prank I saw was one done by Major League Baseball.  It was so slight, if you blinked you’d miss it.  For their prank, they scheduled a half day on a Sunday.  Since 1908, MLB has played a full schedule of games on Sunday.  What a great joke!  Well done, MLB.  But, seriously, this is a joke, right?  Any hoo!  Know what’s not a joke, the love Trevor Williams has for Razzball, apparently:

Yesterday, Williams wasted no time to prove to me that his love for us is as strong as my love for him.  He went 6 IP, 0 ER with zero hits, but he failed to locate as well, and walked five guys, while racking up only one strikeout.  I believe his love for Razzball is only growing so this is just the beginning of great things to come.  Notice spelling of ‘come,’ you sickos.  On the reals, I like Williams for this year, and wrote a Trevor Williams sleeper for him this preseason.  Anyway, here’s what I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

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FINALLY baseball has come back to our televisions! This year on top of my weekly injury article I’ll be bringing you the top 100 hitters for each week. I’ll be honest — this first week is just going to be a boring baseline. Nothing too outlandish on this list. I’m not one to overreact too much to spring stats or three days of games. However, from here on out you never know who is going to be showing up, moving up or sliding down this list.

  • These rankings are based on a 12 team roto league because if you’re reading this — you’re most likely in one of our fun, free and fantastic Fantrax RCL’s. I’m in RCL #80 — the fighting 80th! And I’m coming for that $100,00 grand prize!
  • Short-term injured players will still make the list, but long-term injured guys will probably fall off.
  • Use this rankings as a way to base your trade offers — these are the rankings from this point going forward. If you’ve got a league-specific trade question — leave it in the comments!
  • Looking for your favorite player? Hit CTRL+F or COMMAND+F (on a Mac) to search for him.
  • If you take umbrage with my rankings — leave a comment at the bottom! And while you’re there — tell me what umbrage means?
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Welcome to Perception Vs. Reality, PVR for short. Not POV, you’re on the wrong type of website right now if that is what you’re looking for. Wait! Don’t leave! You have fantasy baseball teams, don’t you? The good news is that you won’t need to delete your browsing history after reading this. Now that I have your attention here is a little background. One of our DFS writers, VictoriaB, wrote this last season and Grey liked it. So, Grey emailed me and asked if I could ruin the concept this season. I, of course, obliged.

I’m going to be looking at the player rater and tossing out some names that you might have overlooked. This could help with your waiver wire and trade value decisions. Quick plug for one of our in-house geniuses, Rudy Gamble. Check out his trade analyzer creation. Not anal laser, again, wrong website. I got the chance to play around with it a little bit (the analyzer not the laser) and it is very easy to understand and use. It will be very useful to you if you like to make in season moves with your league mates. Teams have only played 1-3 games a piece so this will just a be a test run this week. Even though it will still be small, by next Sunday, we will have a bigger sample size. Samples! I love samples.

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Ah, I remember the hazy days of last Thursday, when it was all aces all the time on the mound. Now we’re deeper into the rotation and life is a little more interesting, pitching wise. If you’re DFS-ing it on today (and if you’re reading this, you probably are!), you might want to grab a pitcher relatively early, just to get it out of the way (depending on the size of the draft you’re embarking upon: the smaller the draft, the safer it is to wait with pitchers, obviously). You have 4 solid-ish options and then the ground gives way and you’re in danger of falling off the fantasy baseball pitching cliff. I’d look to nail down Jose Quintana along with some big hitters.

Let’s take a look at who’s out there on the board for today.

New to Draft? Scared of feeling like a small fish in a big pond? Well, be sure to read our content and subscribe to the DFSBot for your daily baseball plays. Just remember to sign up through us before you do. It’s how we know you care!

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The Jays approach 2018 as a bit of a wild card. A wild card that could be a Wild Card, if ye catch me drift. They’re unlikely to take down the AL East with the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox flexing full powerhouse mode, yet their roster is far from a disaster. All they really lost from 2017 was Jose Bautista, and one could consider that addition by subtraction. They brought in Aledmys Diaz, Danny Espinosa, and Yangervis Solarte to bolster their infield depth behind the injury-prone Devon Travis. They didn’t want to have to rely on youngsters Teoscar Hernandez and Anthony Alford in the outfield, so they traded for Randal Gritchuk and signed Curtis Granderson. They even reinforced their pitching staff with cheap options Jaime Garcia and Seung-hwan Oh. It’s been an unheralded offseason for Toronto, but considering what they accomplished without spending a lot of money, it’s been an impressive one. With better seasons from Aaron Sanchez and Marco Estrada, this could be a team that improves quite a bit from their 76 win 2017. I spoke with Tom Dakers from Blue Bird Banter about some of the fantasy situations surrounding the Jays in 2018.

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