The BFG movie is coming out, based on Roald Dahl’s book; I remember back in junior high every girl and a few guys reading all his books, and if you were really cool, you knew how to pronounce his name.  I was not cool and didn’t read his books, but did enjoy Willy Wonka. Back in those days though, BFG to me was a gun in DOOM, which they said stood for Big Fragging Gun, but we all knew better.  Wow, I feel like I have pimples and am wearing flannel all over again.

Anyway, BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant in the book; but shouldn’t it stand for Big F***king Guy?  I can’t think of a better description right now for Steven Moya.  Moya measures at 6’7, 260 pounds (making him just taller than Roald Dahl at 6’6; I get the sneaking suspicion that at least some of the BFG is about Dahl himself; furthermore Dahl was a pilot all over the world in his youth.  My question: how did he fit into the cockpit?  Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen a tall pilot which makes sense since that cockpit is small – that’s what she said!)

Moya is 24 years old, signed back in 2008 out of Puerto Rico.  He’s one of those hitters that’s had Tommy John surgery in 2012.  It didn’t affect his power though.  In 2014 he hit 35 homers at AA; in 2015 he only hit 20 bombs but did hit 30 doubles and had an ISO of a respectable .180.  Big Steve (well that’s just a terrible nickname, I take no credit for it; can’t we just call him BFG?) already has four homers and four doubles in 18 games for the Tigers thus far this season; wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit 20 more the rest of the way.  The rest of the way?  Man, we’re only at the All-Star break?  This season doesn’t feel half over.  Anyway you know who else likes the All-Star Break?  Steven Moya, who was MVP of the futures game back in 2014.  The more you know.

On to the poo poo part of Moya; he has a BABIP of .372, which is real high; however in no recent minor league season he’s had a BABIP less than .312 and that was his power lacking 2015.  Along with just about every other young power hitter he has a K rate consistently around (or above) 25%; in AAA this year his K% was 21.4%; in the bigs it’s 28.2%.  But who cares, as long as he hits home runs.  The power should also help in a home stadium like Detroit; leading to more doubles, and thus a better OPS (An aside: I love using the word thus.  If I could work in thusly I would, but that’s tougher).

Moya’s already had a cup of coffee in the majors earlier this year and he’s playing now until JD Martinez returns from the DL; he should even play if he continues to do well and if/when Victor Martinez gets hurt.  JD comes back in 2-4 weeks; so that’s at least three weeks of Moya-time at minimum assuming a rehab stint for JD.  Moya himself is having some knee soreness and has been resting; he’s a BFG and needs his rest!  Owned in only 9% of Yahoo leagues and 13% of ESPN, Moya and the Tigers head to Tampa then Cleveland then Toronto this week.  Scoop him up if he’s out there in your leagues.

Truth be told (and I always tell the truth, so believe it!) I started writing this about two BFGs, the other being Aaron Judge but Grey led with him in his Friday Buy/Sell so I’m just going to say I mentioned him a couple weeks ago as a speculative add.  He wasn’t doing spectacular at the time but in the past 30 days he has nine homers and four steals to go with an OPS of 1.098.  Not sure what the Yankees are waiting for but now is the time Brian Cashman!  I can’t watch another Joe Girardi interview where he tries to explain why his team stinks.  Let him gush over Judge instead.

Mark Reynolds had a great week at home (funny, didn’t someone say to add that last week?  Oh yeah, it was me! and the week before too!)  with two homers, seven runs, six RBIs and an OPS over one.  He goes on the road with the Rockies this week to Los Angeles and San Francisco, but then he returns home to face the Phillies.  He’s only 32 years old!  And he plays home games in Colorado!  And he’s multi-position eligible!  Why isn’t he at least 85% owned?  (As I review this post I noticed I’ve used a lot exclamation points.  I guess I’m just excited about fireworks!  The exclamation point being my firework!)

Josh Reddick is back off the DL and has started cold; I assume (and I’m not an ass thank you very much so I won’t make an ass out of you either) that combination of recently being on the DL and starting cold is not helping his ownership numbers jump; he’s only 59% owned in Yahoo and 49% in ESPN.  Even with the slump in 155 ABs this year he has an .828 OPS with five homers and four steals.  His BB% and K% are some of the best of his career; the power should be coming and he should be looked at for 12-15 homers the rest of the way.  He’s a solid #3 OF in OPS Leagues.  Reddick also has a good slate of games this coming week; home for a weekend series against the Pirates then off to Minnesota and Houston.  Don’t let him go unowned until he has a two homer game and that guy in your league you just don’t like but you don’t really know why grabs him up.  I guess if that guy does that you have a better reason not to like him, but c’mon, don’t let him get Reddick.

I’m going to end by wishing a Happy Fourth to all; I hope your holiday is filled with good barbecue and fireworks and lots of traffic going to see said fireworks (well I don’t really mean that, I just hate sitting in traffic to see fireworks is all and I want you to share my pain) and beer and sparklers and hot dogs and hot dog breath (click here for an explanation).  Stay safe, but not too safe, out there people; you got to live your life!  I’ll be around to answer questions, or talk trades, or tell you who you should drop for Moya.  I’m cool like that.  You cool like that?  We cool like that!