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Andrelton Simmons (48.9% owned – increase of 12.2%) is the No. 12 shortstop in Razzball’s Player Rater. Addison Russell (63.5% owned – decrease of 9.2%) is the No. 31 shortstop. It’s as if the names should be swapped. Russell should be 48.9% owned and Simmons should be 63.5% owned. I have the sudden urge to listen to some jams from Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Records…

Russell plays for the Cubs. Woohoo…He’s 23 years old. Yipee…He hit 21 home runs last season. Woo saaaa…Can you feel the excitement? I’m about to open up an incognito window on my computer. Hold up. Give me like 20 seconds….Sarcasm alert. Not about the incognito window thing, though. Now, I like Russell in dynasty. As mentioned above, he is young and could be a monster in a few years. But we trying to win rings like Kevin Durant now!!! Nothing has really changed with Russell in regards to batted ball profile and plate discipline. He pretty much is who he is right now. .240-ish hitter with 10-15 home runs. He also hits seventh, in front of the pitcher. As for Simmons, he’s always been a low strikeout/high contact batter. He has some pop and will probably end up with around 10- 12 home runs, but with a batting average closer to .275. The surprising thing with Simmons this season is the number of steals. So far, he’s pilfered 10 bags, after ending up with that total in 124 games last season. Stealing bases is one of the few stats that a player has more direct control over, so that’s a nice trend. In this week’s Razzball Baseball podcast, Grey touched on the value that power/speed guys have. Go listen to the pod and…LEAVE A REVIEW!!! Special things will happen. Anyways, back to Simmons. Actually, it’s more a rant against the Sociopath. Simmons is batting .180 against LHP and .305 against RHP this season. His career numbers are .268 vs RHP and .244 vs LHP. So, what does the Sociopath do? He bats Simmons 6th against righties and 2nd against lefties. To bring everything full circle, I guess it makes sense that Simmons is owned in 48.9% of leagues and Russell in 63.5%. What a world. TRASH for Russell. TREASURE for Simmons.

Here are a few others that stood out to me in this week’s add/drop list:

Mallex Smith (22.1% owned – increase of 21.6%)

The speed is legit. Damn, now I got MC Hammer in my head.

80/80. He had a high of 64 stolen bases in the minor leagues. Granted, that was in Single-A, but last year in Triple-A, Smith stole 16 bases in 140 plate appearances. The 10.6% walk rate and 17% strikeout rate are fantastic. Here’s where things get a little yucky. The .357 batting average is buoyed by an unsustainable .424 BABIP. Now, he’s a speedster so he will probably have a higher BABIP than average. With that said, the swinging strike rate is 13.6% and he chases 32.4% of pitches outside the strikezone. The contact rates are a little above average: 82.8% in the zone and 71.7% in general. I’d expect some negative regression to come. In 2016 with the Braves, Smith batted .238 with 16 stolen bases in 215 plate appearances. The projection systems are all over the place on him rest of season. ZiPS has him down for .240 with 18 stolen bases in 213 plate appearances, while Depth Charts is at .251 with 31 stolen bases in 369 plate appearances. Steamer is at .261 with 27 stolen bases in 326 plate appearances. The Rays are notorious for platooning, so as of now, it looks like Smith will bat leadoff against righties and sit against lefties. TAINTED TREASURE

Keon Broxton (23.5% owned – decrease of 11.4%)

It was nice knowing you Keon. The Brewers should just stop acquiring players with the Broxton last name. The outfield in Milwaukee got real crowded after the Brewers called up Lewis Brinson. Ryan Braun could also be coming back shortly. I just don’t see how Broxton is going to get enough playing time to be fantasy relevant. In fact, I’m actually shocked he was able to contribute for fantasy at all with the 39.1% strikeout rate, 16.9% swinging strike rate, and .235 average “buoyed” by a .364 BABIP. The only shocking thing to me is that he’s still owned in 23.5% of leagues. So June is when a quarter of owners throw in the towel? TRASH

  1. shuttayomouth says:

    neither… tim beckham baby

    • Son

      Son says:

      @shuttayomouth: Ha! I’d rather have Simmons.

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