Draft season is almost done. I hope Grey’s voluminous rankings/advice posts, my advice/projections (w/ Steamer), and the rest of the teams’ work has set you up with some solid rosters.

(Or, if you just play DFS, I hope March basketball kept you entertained.)

We’ve been hard at work improving the Razzball MLB tools for 2016 to help manage your team(s) in-season and in the top Daily Fantasy Sports sites. We have updated FAQs on our streaming pitcher (Streamonator), hitter (Hittertron), and DFS (DFSBot) tools. There are even videos for Streamonator and Hittertron if you cannot process screenshots and text.

If you are unfamiliar with our tools and play season-long or daily fantasy baseball, I IMPLORE you to go to our Subscriptions page and read up on them. The tools are easy-to-use (no math skills required) and will help you make quicker and more effective player decisions no matter what format you play. We even have options where you can try it out by the day. You will not find a site out there that delivers a better bang-for-the-buck subscription or is more transparent/accountable than ours.

Click here to see our subscription options. Starts at $4.99/month or $19.99/season. Free or discounted with new account + deposit on select DFS sites.

Below are the kick-ass improvements for 2016:

Season-Long and DFS

  • We now have projected pitcher split data (vs RH/LH bats) from Steamer in addition to projected hitter split data. This data is not publicly available – we have access because of our long-standing partnership with Steamer. This should lead to accuracy improvements for both hitters and pitchers since we will be better able to project the results of hitter/pitcher matchups
    • For example, two RHP might be projected as league-average pitchers (say, 4.00 ERA) but one might be a side-armer who gets toasted by LHP (think peak Justin Masterson) while the other has no pronounced splits. Their daily projections may swing dramatically depending on the left/right/switch mix for the opposing lineup.

Season-Long Leagues

  • Hittertron now has ‘Points-league’ versions for today, tomorrow, and ‘next calendar week’


  • We now support Yahoo! and FantasyDraft.com (in addition to DraftKings, FanDuel, and FantasyFeud). New accounts for FantasyDraft.com (as well as FanDuel) will get a free season’s worth of DFS Premium ($49.99 value) while new accounts on Yahoo will get 3 month’s free ($29.99 value). New accounts on DraftKings will get 2 months free ($19.99 value).
  • Through our partner LineupLab, we will offer unlimited lineup optimization for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo for an additional $9.99/month ($49.99/year) on our site. Our projections can also be purchased on DraftCrunch (which supports 9 DFS sites!) and RotoQL.
  • We have a new tool called Stackonator that lets you review the top 1,000 stacks based on various combinations (the below screenshot shows a DraftKings 4 bat (Team 1) + 2 bat (Team 2) stacks)ScreenHunter_108 Mar. 28 10.04
  1. Twice on Muesday says:

    get me paid!

  2. Jimmy Bond says:

    what is the best way we can support the site – is your net take the same whether a direct subscribe or through one of the DFS site bonuses?

    i.e. if I have $20 in my pocket and can spend it straight with Razz or can deposit it to one of the DFS sites and get access to Razz tools for ‘free’, do you as Razzball make the same $20 or do you make less if there is a DFS as an intermediary? I am a bad DFS player so I assume my $20 is fully spent regardless of the option selected. :)

    asking this specifically about subscribing to to gain access to regular features of Roto Deluxe 2016, not the DFS Premium content. Thanks!

    • @Jimmy Bond: Signing/deposting at FanDuel or FantasyDraft provides the best bang for the buck of that $20. But appreciate however you contribute!

  3. Warren says:

    Woooop! So these go live Friday?

    • should be live by then. depends on when probable pitchers are available.

  4. mauledbypandas says:

    take my $20 bucks! I can’t do DK since I live in New York, but I wanted to support you guys!

  5. ERad says:

    I’m just trying to play DFS in NY State – any tips?

    • No idea. Seems like all the sites have pulled out for now.

    • mauledbypandas says:

      @ERad: pretty sure we can do Draft Day

      • @mauledbypandas: I don’t support DraftDay on Razzball but our pals at DraftCrunch do. I’m giving them DraftDay projections for their lineup optimizer.

    • FrankGrimes says:

      fake address and a vpn

  6. Pine Tar Incident says:

    Just re-upped (only roto, I’m not a DFS guy). It’s easily the most important day-to-day and week-to-week investment a person can make in a six-month long season. I love it. Thanks for providing it!

  7. MattTruss

    MattTruss says:

    Ha, well you could have just told me to wait a couple hours I guess! Stack-o-nator looks amazeballs! Kick ass job Rudy!

  8. Amazing Spider A's says:

    which side-

    brett gardner and keuchel for Nelson Cruz & Wie Yen Chen


    • @Amazing Spider A’s: That’s an even trade. If you need the power, I like that trade b/c I’m high on Chen this year. I think Keuchel will be better but Chen may pull a poor man’s Keuchel.

  9. Dude says:

    What would you expect to receive for Trout

    • Dude says:

      @Dude: would you take votto and cabrera?

      • @Dude: Yes, Votto + Cabrera > Trout assuming your waiver wire 1Bs (and current cornerman) aren’t any good. But you are taking on more injury risk.

  10. Johnny Wishbone says:

    Awesome. Already paid last week.

    I used for pts league last year (won league – thx, Razz) but cool about pts league upgrade.

    • @Johnny Wishbone: Great. Yeah, I think that points tool should be helpful. Wish I could’ve figured out how to let users set their own categories but it feels like that’d be a pain to do every day. If my points formula doesn’t work for your league, so easy to cut/paste into a spreadsheet and review there.

  11. Pouss-Pouss says:

    Hey, Rudy. I’m in a janky 7×7 league with R, HR, RBI, AVG, NSB, OPS, and FPCT (I know, I know…) and IP, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS, NSV, and HLD. Is there an way this season to customize your player rater and other tools to reflect these settings?

    • @Pouss-Pouss: For pitching, the Streamonator is focused on daily starting pitching. So while the $ value is 5×5, I do break out a QS projection in that tool. It probably has minor impact but maybe if there’s a big difference in the QS vs Win projection, that might help you choose b/w two equally ranked pitchers. For hitting, the Hittertron does provide all those hitting categories (SB vs NSB) except for FPCT. The 5×5 $ value would not include the OPS but that also has minor impact – i’d just use the OPS projection as a tiebreaker of sorts.

      If you’re hesitant, just try it for a month. If it doesn’t work, you’re only out $4.99.

  12. That pitch wasn’t half bad Rudy, keep polishing it up and you can move to Bel-Air.

    • @Elijah: Nice – can help Will Smith with his knee rehab.

  13. Charles says:


    Thanks for continuing to provide and improve these tools.

  14. ithrowplastic says:

    Hey…..my paypal just got charged twice for the 19.99 option. Can you fix that for me please??

    • @ithrowplastic: Being taken care of. You’re included in the e-mail to CoinTent support.

  15. Greg C says:

    Will the DFSBOT now provide projections for Fantasy Draft and Yahoo? I am hoping so..

    • @Greg C: Yes. And they are in Stackonator too. Yahoo is available in the LineupLab optimizer but FantasyDraft is not. You can get FantasyDraft lineup optimization through DraftCrunch but will cost extra to get Razzball projections in there.

  16. FrankGrimes says:


  17. True and Correct says:

    Re-signed and ready when you are. Like the addition of points rankings, if I read correctly.

  18. True and Correct says:

    What do you recommend for season long leagues, NFBC and CDM (Roto and Points) ? No DFS for me. Would rather play slots at a casino.

  19. Charles says:

    If I first buy Roto for $20, can I later “upgrade” for $30 more? Or would that cost $50?

  20. Buge Hoobs says:


    A couple of days ago I purchased the Deluxe Roto to support my weekly h2h league.
    With the season starting Sunday, I’m trying to set my lineups, but I can’t find a login link. Just me or not up and running … yet?

    • @Buge Hoobs: See note at the top of all the tool pages. Trying to get it all loaded in this afternoon. Will provide updates in that note section.

  21. Dick Pole says:

    I signed up for FantasyDraft.com through the referral link and deposited the required amount of money. I sent an email to Rudy with my FantasyDraft username.

    I’m not able to log in to any of the tools.

    Is there something else I need to do?

    • knucks says:

      @Dick Pole: See response above your comment.

  22. Alex Norton says:

    I just play Yahoo H2H. Is it on the roadmap (or maybe it is already possible) that , via Yahoo API, the Streamanator can remember my roster and see available Free Agents?

    If not is there any way the “save” may existing roster?

    • @Alex Norton: it’s on the super secret roadmap. one of those projects i’m working on w/ someone that i can’t commit to but will shout if we complete.

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