Yes, the title does sound like a Chinese R & B song.  Krispie Young (For new readers, Krispie Young is the phonetic pronunciation of Chris B. Young to help avoid confusion with Cristal Young.) has been hot as cauliflower after a good broiling.  5 homers in 4 games this week; the post-All-Star Break last year saw him go 9/9 with a respectable (for him) .278.  In 2007, he hit 19 homers and stole 18 bases in the 2nd half (ah, those were the days for Krispie).  It’s critical to have the hot hands on your team this time of the year, especially in H2H leagues.  I’d absolutely lose a cold player to take a chance on Young.  Really, what do you have to lose, besides your league.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:

Psyche!  Before we get to the Buy/Sell, just wanted to remind people that Fantasy Football has a fire going.  So, if you like, take your marshmallows over there.


Marlon Byrd – Batting over .500 for the last week.  More than that, he has 17 homers and 8 steals on the year while batting .287.  Yeah, he’s outperforming Carlos Beltran.  How’s dem apples?  Sour?  Ryght?

Seth Smith – Another guy that is outperforming Beltran on the year.  Weird game we got here, fellas (and two girl readers).  In the beginning of the year if you would’ve told me I’d be better off drafting Seth Smith than Beltran in the 2nd round, I would’ve punched you in the nose.  No apology either.  Just a nod telling you you had it coming.  Smith’s time may get bushwhacked a bit by Fowler, but with the way Smith’s hitting, I think the Rox work him in.

Carlos Gonzalez – Let’s all just own Rockies, shall we?  I like that idea.  The nice thing about CarGo (take that, Carlos Gomez!) is that even when he’s not hitting homers, he’s stealing bases.  Aim to please, that’s CarGo’s MotTo.

Ian Desmond – Scroll down to the last post to see what I had to say about him.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.  This is, after all, all about you.

Juan Gutierrez – Gutierrez is the closer.  Not officially maybe.  Or maybe officially.  What, you need a letter from the Queen of England?  He’s getting saves.  That’s all that matters.  How is he only owned in 6% of ESPN leagues?  If you give me your password, I’ll pick him up for you.

Ryan Madson – In the past, Madson hasn’t been great in the closer role, which leads me to…

Brett Myers – He can sneak in and grab a few saves.  Upwards to 4 saves.  Enticing, eh?  Almost as enticing as having your girlfriend meet a drunk Brett Myers at a bar.  I don’t think the closerousel in Philly will be nearly as clear cut as some might think, but there’s so little time left, any of these guys could run with the job for a few weeks.  How’s that for hedging bets?

Mike Gonzalez – Saves in Hotlanta could be a Mike G. Joint.

Madison Bumgarner – In keepers, you own him.  In other leagues, it’s doubtful he sees another start.

Wade Davis – The Rays decided they were better off with Davis over Sonnanstine.  Rookie nookie is alive and well in Tampa.  Our weather is as humid as our pitchers! What are you talking about?  Never you mind.  Friends of the random italicized voice will appreciate it. Wade Davis is still capable of being mollywhopped so if you can’t handle that caveat, do what you do.

Brandon Morrow – Very few starters are coming into the league right now with potential.  Mostly, you’re relying on matchups at this time of the year.  Build up complete.  Brandon Morrow’s back in the rotation.

Eric Young Jr. – I’m warning you now.  This winter will be The Winter of Eric Young Jr. (patent pending).

Michael Brantley – If you’re the kind of guy who paints a face on fruit right before you bite it just to show you’re in charge, then you know what I’m going to say, because I’m that guy too.  Brantley = SAGNOF!


Carlos Beltran – It was nice that you held onto him through his lengthy DL stint.  Loyalty!  You’ll make a good husband one day.  But just because he’s back, doesn’t mean he’s back back.  He’s still in the cavernous Metco for his home games and it could take a week or two for him to get up to speed.  You have time to wait for him?  Then throw in his knee might hinder his running game.  If you’re in a deep league, I can understand holding him and hoping for the best.  But if there’s guys on waivers, I’d lose Ricky from My So Called Life.

Brad Hawpe – I told you to sell him in June when he was still hitting.  He really hasn’t hit much since then.  You can’t play these vets who aren’t producing just because you wrote, “I Heart Hawpe,” all over your Trapper Keeper.

Joba Chamberlain – I understand you’re a fan of a descendants of much-maligned British Prime Ministers, but he’s pitching three innings at a time.  And not even pitching them very well.

B.J. Upton – Ankle flare ups are hindering his running game.  Being sucky flare ups are hindering everything else.

  1. zombie says:

    For the last three weeks, might either of Gutierrez or Gonzalez be a better Save and perhaps less risky option than either of Street or J. Johnson? & horrendous Capezio reference this AM. Embarassingly resoled a few in my day.

  2. Steve says:

    Byrd and Smith are both available in the ol H2H. Drop Beltran for one of ’em?
    From th previous post, if I grab Moyer, Huff an Manship I won’t have room for any closers. Moyer the best single choice?

  3. Colotov Mocktease says:

    Note also that Byrd has clobbered A’s/Angels pitching this year, in addition to already being hot.

  4. ASAOK says:

    Which 2 do you like for Sunday if you had to pick…

    Duensing (vs. Oak)
    VandenHurk (vs. Was)
    Richard (vs. Col)
    Davies (@ Cle…he’s actually been good on the road)

  5. Mr. Rickey says:

    Lose Victorino for Smith or Young or Byrd? How about CQ – hang on or replace him with a hot hand?

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zombie: Eh, they’re pretty much tomato-tomahto. Probably own Gutierrez over Johnson.

    @Steve: Go with Moyer, grab Smith over Beltran.

    @ASAOK: Richard and Davies

    @Mr. Rickey: Lose CQ for Smith.

  7. TheGreatVeto says:

    @Grey: Couple questions for your Greyness…

    1. I’m looking ahead to next week, who do you like out of these 3?
    -Morrow vs. CWS
    -Neimann @ BAL (I was surprised at how good he has been when I checked out his stats)
    -Feldman vs. OAK (This might be the obvious choice, but I’m reluctant because I’ve been burned by the A’s one too many times this year)

    2. Do you like Desmond’s upside over Stephen Drew or Elvis Andrus? Andrus has been money for me this week, but I know he is capable of going 0-4 for a week as well, and Drew hasn’t been impressive. Thanks.

    Oh, and nice Floyd reference in the last post.

  8. bobbo says:

    Fighting for my playoff life in H2H… need to grab some quick steals this weekend. Who do you like best for this weekend: E Cabrera, E Young Jr, or E Andrus (what’s with the E’s?)

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TheGreatVeto: I’ve been burned by the A’s a lot too, but I think you have to go with him.

    I’d hold on those SSs.

    @bobbo: EverCab

  10. Curly Day says:

    The day I decide to sit Drew Stubbs he finally steals some bases – 2 of them. For SS and MI spots – have Alex Gonzalez and E Velez. Do I drop one for Young? Need SB’s and R’s.

    Matt Diaz still worth holding on to?

  11. mr baseball says:

    Eugenio Velez 2b

    Jhonny Peralta ss

    Adrián Béltre 3b

    Casey McGehee 2b – 3b bench player

    those are my players in questioned that can be dropped

    topic – Ian Desmond

    Ian Desmond is he someone to look for in the future for this keeper league
    @mr baseball: Yeah, could be, depends on who you’re dropping.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Curly Day: Lose Diaz, grab Young over Gonzalez for SBs and Runs.

    @mr baseball: I’d lose Velez for him.

  13. OPSy-daisy says:

    Similarly clawing my way through the first round of the H2H playoffs. Virtual tie going into the weekend in R, HR, RBI, Avg, OPS, SB.

    Juggling H. Pence, Berkman, Diaz, R. Davis for two OF spots and UTIL

    Do I roll with them or pick up a Rockie (Young, Gonzalez, Stewart) or Krispie

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @OPSy-daisy: I’d lose Diaz for Krispie.

  15. Nick says:

    @Grey: It comes down to next week. Second round of playoffs (Bye for me this week). Team looks like this

    C-J Baker
    1B-A Gonzo
    3B-Aramis Ramirez
    SS-Alexei Ramirez
    OF-Hunter, Bourn, Pence
    U- Ibanez
    B- Pena, Upton, Peralta

    SP-Happ & Wolf
    RP-Franklin & Hoffman
    P-Wainwright, Bills, Beckett
    B- Jurrjens & Jenks

    Waivers look like this for catcher: Napoli (used to own him), Molina, Martin, Ruiz, Barajas, Kendall, Navarro.

    Byrd is available as is Rajai Davis, C Gonzalez, Borbon, Diaz, Smith, Andrus, Coghlan, Pagan

    Pitchers there is Feldman, Arroyo, Bucholz, Pettite, Floyd, Moyer

    So Grey, the question is what should my lineup be next week? I will be facing 2 RPs on defense the rest starters..any pickups to replace for next weeks lineup? THANKS!

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: I’d lose Upton for Byrd, Pena for Davis and Peralta for Andrus… Unless this is a keeper league. Then I’d lose Happ for Feldman and Wolf for Pettitte.

  17. royce! says:

    Re: Desmond- how many games do you anticipate him starting next week? I’d like to play him at IF but if he’s going to share time with Guzman or worse, I think I could find a better option.

  18. Carl Spackler says:

    Grey, I’m across the pond on vacation (worst week ever to pick to go on vacation) and get going on Monday with the playoffs. 5×5 H2H league with only 3 pick ups a week. I want to pick up some this week since I have a bye and then maybe a couple next week. Been in 1st pretty much all year but my team has taken a nose dive in the last few weeks. Guy I’m playing is going to be tough. Heres the squad
    Kung Fu Panda
    Bench, ARam, Beltran(probably should drop him after reading above)
    SB’s Runs and Avg are usually my strength
    Krispie, Byrd and Cargo Beckham all on the wire. Im pretty light on players next Thursday too. Only 4 to his 7

    JJohnson,Baker, Blanton, Smoltz, Hanson, Hammels, Jimenez, Lilly, Billingsley(seriously thinking about dropping him),and Vasquez. Very little on the wire Padilla, Morrow, Dice K, like I said not much and the guy Im playing has a pretty sick staff. I think I will get 2 starts from Smoltz, Hanson, and Jimenez

    RPs are Broxton, Bell, Rodney(whats going on with this suspension??) and Brian Wilson. Morales and Madison on the wire

    Help me Obi One, youre my only hope

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Hard to say. Guzman’s supposedly moving to 2nd next year, so maybe he sees time over there? Riggleman gives Desmond time to show what he has? There’s variables. Desmond’s a flier with upside. SS (or IF, in your case) is a good spot to take a flier with upside.

    @Carl Spackler: Beltran is sitting out again tonight. I’d grab Krispie. I’d lose Rodney for Madson. Those waiver wire starters aren’t worth dropping any of your guys for. Say hello to the Queen Mum for me!

  20. Steve says:

    @Grey: Riggelman obviously didn’t get to the wire in his league in time to grab Desmond – he’s sitting.
    And I’m not sure that even the Queen can say hello to the Queen Mother these days…

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Hehe

    @royce!: See Steve’s comment. Alas re: Desmond.

  22. Mark says:

    Was there a subliminal message in there. For some reason I found myself looking at fantasy football information at one point.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: No, I have no idea what you mean. *slowly backs out the door*

  24. big o says:

    @ people , people , people :
    petitioning the commentors of this site to recognize that when you use the name “upton” , most of us immediately assume that you’re referring to the best one , and not the older one .

    to lessen the confusion , can we agree to recognize b.j.
    as brother (of) justin ??

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: If they were both good, this wouldn’t even be a problem. Grr…

  26. Sucklingduck says:

    I picked up EYJr for last week and he ended up only starting one game. More playing time for him the rest of the season or do you see the Rockies just playing the hot bat? Speaking of Rockies, thoughts on Garret Atkins?

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sucklingduck: Atkins isn’t doing anything. The Rockies have an abundance of hitters they can play, but if you need steals, Young’s not a bad flier. Depends who you can play over him.

  28. Sucklingduck says:

    @Grey: Ryan Roberts, Andy Marte. i need steals and homers. I’m thinking of losing Marte eventhough he’s probably got the most pop. Pretty much sucks ass that I have to pick between these schmohawks.

  29. Sucklingduck says:

    oh….and Pedro or Kuroda. They’re both kinda blah but I always get suckered in by aging former CY Young award winners.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sucklingduck: What’s Ryan Roberts doing that you need him?

  31. albertalbert says:

    Grey – i appreciate all the advice. However, now i’m playing for next year unfortunately.

    I get to keep 4. I’ll list the contenders in order of espn’s 2009 player ranker:


    so beltran/berk/markakis are supposed to be no brainers, right? are they though? after that, the 4th pick is a total coin toss for me now, but i’m leaning to cano. your/anyone’s thoughts?

  32. Sucklingduck says:

    @Grey: He has a double R name and his eligibility in sucking at three positions in my Yahoo league. Otherwise, I guess not much else. Thanks Grey.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @albertalbert: Hmm… I don’t see many no-brainers here. I’d probably keep Votto, Beltran, Cruz and Cano. But could be convinced otherwise on Cano for Markakis. The thing here is you have two outfielders, so I went with the 2nd baseman.

    @Sucklingduck: No problem.

  34. Steve says:

    @Sucklingduck: He’s also valuable in leagues that count Tattoo Coverage.

  35. Steve says:

    Does Utley have Figureoa on his fantasy team or something?

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You might be right. I think he’s killed two rallies now.

  37. royce! says:

    @Grey: Would you start Desmond over Pennington?

  38. Nick says:

    @Grey: no keeper league so I made those changes…leave pitching as is? and catcher for next week, baker?

  39. big o says:

    so there’s this blog-talk show that i listen to ,
    and the experts there have ranked them , for next year ,
    1/2 pujols , hanley .
    braun , they have 5th (near utley) with the note that braun has proven that he’s the complete package , and may someday compete for the top spot .

    my question is this :
    does he show a propensity for tailing off in the 2nd half ?
    or , is there some lingering injury issue ,
    or , does he mail it in ?

    braun has only been on my team for about 6 weeks .
    he’s averaged about one double /week during this stretch , and the homers are almost gone .
    is this guy the real deal ?
    or just something to pump up sausage sales , after prince leaves town .

    you should look into a weekly pod-cast , you know , go hollywood .
    many of us would listen .

  40. Bah! No S. Smith in the Rockies’ lineup tonight. That’s just Fowl(er)! Glad I’ve got CarGo too.

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: I would.

    @Nick: The catcher thing is kinda neither here nor there. If you want some extra pop, go with Napoli. I advised on what I would do with Happ and Wolf.

    @big o: I’ve thought about the podcast. Maybe in 2010. I’m slow to adapt to new technology. re: Braun, his end of the season numbers say top 10, for sure. He does seem like he has a propensity for minor injuries that hamper him for a few weeks at a time. He can be the number one guy one year if he stays healthy. Anytime a player can hit 40 HRs and steal 15 bases they can compete for the top spot. The problem is he probably won’t repeat that season so he’ll end up slightly overrated the year after he reaches his dream season.

    @VanHammersly: Bah is right.

  42. mr baseball says:

    I am a proud owner of Ian Desmond Dekker in my 20 team keeper league as per Grey – since he is right 95% of the time

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mr baseball: Considering who you had to lose for him, I think you’re going to be fine. Velez is 80lbs. short of a paperweight.

  44. Jay says:

    Gutierrez or Morales? The guy Im playin next week has some killer closers so I gotta get some waiver wire saves.

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: Gutierrez

  46. big o says:

    so , i’m thinking i should either have started bitchin’ about braun 3-4 weeks ago , or ,
    quote roseanne roseannadana .

    (tonight he has a double and a homer) .

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: There ya go.

  48. Steve says:

    I hate this stupid game.
    Picked up Norris and then dropped him for Blackburn. Toronto are terrible so have Frasor benched.
    Need I go on?

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’d thought you’d be talking about Mujica pitching well.

  50. big o says:

    no one is more in the dark about pod-cast technology , than i .
    but the sheer volume of shows , indicates that nearly the whole damn world is full of rocket scientists .

    all i’m saying is that i’d be a regular listener and a chat-room typer .
    some of these other guys , i suspect , would queue up the phone lines .

    i think i’ve heard your voice , once before .
    (something about sending your girl out for ice cream ?)
    this time , you’d get to dictate the tune .
    stop thinking , act !!
    you’re a natural , kid .

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Ha, that’s right. I forgot about sending her for ice cream.

  52. big o says:

    how sweet is this ?
    dodgers / giants on mlb tv
    and the wife has gone up to bed .
    i control the wide-screen !!

    kemp is batting 4th .
    i heard a rumor that torre has banned himself
    from the local medicinal marijuana store .

  53. David says:

    @Grey: Krispie or The Byrd Man in place of LaPorta?

  54. big o says:

    meanwhile , on the computer ,
    jair has chewed up the cardinals .

  55. Steve says:

    @Grey: If only. Don’t have him. We have SP, RP and P slots so I can’t have too starters going otherwise I can’t roster the closers I need.
    Not that I roster the right closers either.
    Oh – and how the eff does Uggla have three home runs this week?
    I’m in a dark place.

  56. Isaac says:

    @Grey (or anybody else with a strong feeling about it)

    Playoffs start next week and Im having trouble deciding between:

    M Garza 1 start
    vs Toronto (Scott Richmond)

    D Price 2 starts (if the rainout today doesnt change that)
    @Baltimore (D Hernandez)
    vs Toronto (R Romero)

    J Garland 2 starts
    vs PIT (Duke)
    vs SF (Lincecum)

    other Starting pitchers on the staff are:
    Wainwright vsFLA, [email protected], Nolasco @[email protected], Buchholz @ BAL

    and I have Rowland Smith gonna ride the pine next week with one home start vs the White Sox

    Crunch Time Baby!

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Ha, and there’s a lot of those shops now.

    @David: Krispie

    @big o: Chewed up and swallowed.

    @Steve: H2H does that to people. Just when you think you’re okay, Uggla homers three times.

    @Isaac: I’d go Price if can only choose one. If you can choose two, I’d start Garza too.

  58. big o says:

    why am i always the 1st one to crack ??

    the dodgers are wearing red caps .
    gtfooh .

  59. BSA says:

    @Grey: You say, “In the beginning of the year if you would’ve told me I’d be better off drafting Seth Smith than Beltran in the 2nd round, I would’ve punched you in the nose. No apology either. Just a nod telling you you had it coming. ”

    How about what I just did to try and get me some pitching points in the RCL dropped Hamilton for Jepsen?

    Even after looking at position and the calendar I still flinched when I hit “submit”.

    Going with no bench as I have a 19 HR lead and up by 31 RBIs but need steals, Ks, WHIP, and ERA. Friggin three of us are so tightly bound in AVG that an 0fer 12 beginning tonight cost me to drop a point and Baller’s Diamond to take three points with a 12 for 24 night.

  60. BSA says:

    Top three in the RCL Original Recipe separated by .5

  61. Tom_Emanski says:

    I HATE Sparkakis with a passion. Is there a term for a star that has a yawnstipating season? I can’t think of one but it should be named after him.

  62. SamYo says:

    Jurjens – SONVABENCHED !

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Wow, that’s crazy you guys are all that close in the RCL. Don’t flinch, just do — Yoda.

    @Tom_Emanski: Agreed, highly disappointing. He doesn’t even deserve Sparkakis anymore.

    @SamYo: Ouch

  64. Steve says:

    @Grey: Gotta load up on Mariners and Rangers now in the ol’ H2H now, right? Double-header on Sunday.

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, go for it.

  66. Steve says:

    @Grey: You like Porcello on Sunday?

  67. Steve says:

    @Grey: Another double-header question. I’m assuming Ibanez will only play in one game (as per Phils’ policy of not starting him in a day game that follows a night game).

    Can’t really drop him for some schmohawk that might play two (eg Da Big Fra Gu v Texas), can you?

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: It’s not an awful start for Porcello. I’d drop him if FraGu’s playing two.

  69. big o says:

    the rockies find a way .

  70. DrEasy says:

    I’m sick of Chipper. Drop him for Alex Gordon?

  71. penpen says:

    Sit Danks tomorrow?

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Chipper’s been terrible, but Gordon? Eh.

    @penpen: I would, unless you can handle the risk of a beating.

  73. big o says:

    out here on the east coast , kayem hot dogs runs an ad , showing a young girl running under a back-yard sprinkler .

    so i tell a friend at work about this ad and it’s hauntingly beautiful music , which i ask him to help me identify .
    (i wasn’t even sure if it was in english) .

    if i knew how to cut and paste , i would send you the you-tube links that he forwarded to me .
    turns out it is a group called state radio .
    the song is “right me up” … about red sox fan , manny furtado .

    also , the song “camilo” gives pause for thought .

  74. beisbol says:

    Grey, I just want to vent. What the hell does a guy have to do to buy a W?!?! I have a whooping total of 1 win so far in this first round of h2h playoffs…figures. I was so sure having Verlander, Hanson, Wandy pitching a few days ago would net me at least 1 win. Then I picked up Blanton and he pretty much ruined my life. Of course Pettitte’s W streak ends today and Johnson gets a ND against the freaking Nationals. This blows.

    I know it’s hard to predict wins, but any of these waiver options here look somewhat decent for tomorrow? Cueto vs Cubs, Moyer vs Mets, Hudson or Lohse, Padilla against Giants. Whatever gets the job done at this point right?

  75. Steve says:

    Sunday – Parra @ DBacks or Homer @ Cubs? Can’t use both and have Bills, Richard and Porcello going already.

    In case I need a 4th starter in H2H…

  76. BSA says:

    In the end – RCL OR:
    1-Doc 82
    2-Iowa and Bob’s Schmo’s 80
    3-Dogs 78
    I did and Did Not Try!

  77. Heads up to all you heads who picked up Krispie: he’s 4-12 lifetime vs. Saturday’s starter, Dave Bush, with 2 solo shots.

  78. anon says:

    Ok H2H playoff question- ERA and WHIP are both real close: I lead 4.40ERA and 1.40WHIP to 4.44ERA and 1.56WHIP and I’m currently up 2 Ks. My opponent has Clayton Richard going tomorrow at Petco -vs- Colorado.

    I am considering starting Anibal Sanchez home -vs- Nats or Kyle Lohse home -vs- Braves or possibly even both.

    Any suggestion? Go with one or the other or both? Alternatively, I could start neither and just hope that Clayton Richard gets lit by the Rockies tomorrow.

  79. vinko says:

    Cueto, Hudson, or Padilla worth a flier today? Still trying to recover from Carlos Torres’ last stand, too.

  80. Joel says:

    Very tight three-way race to the finish in my league. I’m tied in Ks and just 0.01 ahead in WHIP. Have room to gain on ERA.

    Three pitchers going today:

    Edwin vs. TOR
    Beckett vs. TB
    Sanchez vs. LAD

    Should I start/sit any of those guys? I’m currently going with all three, but I’m uneasy about it. Beckett is probably in, but wavering on the other two.

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: I’ll have to check it out.

    @beisbol: They all look like good bets for wins except Cueto. So of course Cueto will get one. I’d go for Padilla.

    @Steve: Homer

    @BSA: That really is incredible. Probably will come down to the last day.

    @VanHammersly: Thanks for the heads up!

    @anon: Do you have to win Ks? Those are your only choices? I’m leaning towards saying neither.

    @vinko: I’d start all three, in that order.

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joel: I’d start all three.

  83. Charlie says:

    Drop Josh Hamilton for Krispie Young? 12 team keeper keep 8, Hamilton not a keeper for me but could be for someone else. I’ve got a bit of a lead for this week and next but two week series you never know.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Charlie: I wouldn’t do that move.

  85. Telemachus says:

    Too bad Fox can’t play either 1B/3B and Pinella has to watch Lee and Ramirez kick the ball around. Can I start Fox next week in a weekly league or am I risking getting no AB like I did this week?

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Telemachus: There’s no indication he’s going to play at all, I wouldn’t start him.

  87. anon says:


    I think those are my best options, but maybe not. I’ll list every starter I could add for tomorrow at the end of this post. I am currently leading the matchup 6-3, but it’s very close. I’m going to lose average, steals, and runs. I’m going to win RBI, saves, and wins. ERA, donks (currently tied), WHIP, and Ks are all extremely up for grabs.

    And yeah, it’s a 14-teamer so pickings are slim. I already added Sanchez and Lohse so I have them rostered for today if I wanted to start them, but I could easily bench them and hope my team hangs on. The way this league works is I’d have to add pitchers for tomorrow if I wanted another start, transactions are locked for today.

    So my opponent has Clayton Richard going as his last start of the week. I’m up 2 Ks, 4.40 ERA to 4.44 ERA, 1.40 WHIP to 1.56 WHIP. I think the YAHOO tiebreaker is ERA, too. LOL. Such a close matchup!!

    Tomorrow’s available pitchers look disgusting to me: John Maine @ Phils, Rick Vandenhurk -vs- Nats, Carlos Carrasco -vs- Royals, Felipe Paulino -vs- Pirates, Doug Fister @ Texas, Jeremy Guthrie @ Yankees, Paul Maholm @ Astros, Brian Duensing -vs- As, Tim Redding @ Phills, Kyle Davies @ Indians.

    Alternatively, I could just roll with my ‘pen -vs- his Richard start and hope to win ratios and still possibly even Ks. I’ve got Morales, Jim Johnson, Nunez, Valverde, and Raffy Soriano.

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @anon: Those matchups are terrible. You don’t think there’s a chance he grabs five starters for tomorrow late tonight, right? If not, I’d hold tight. If you think he might, I’d grab Maholm and Davies and only start them if you need to.

  89. anon says:

    grey, you da man. I’ll try not to ask too many more obnoxiously long questions!! And nah, I don’t think my opponent will do that. Hopefully I get a few solid innings from my relievers and at least hold on to the ratios.

  90. anon says:

    You know what, problem solved. Looks like Lester is going to get his ass back out there tomorrow so I can start him.

  91. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Drop Cuddyer for Byrd?

  92. Steve says:

    Oh Moyer.
    And trust Beltran to wait til I dropped him. Hopefully my opponent’s Maine gets shelled too.
    On the bright side, two saves today!

  93. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    @Grey: Done, thanks. Dropped Cuddyer for Byrd. Now it’s ON YOUR HEAD.

  94. Steve says:

    @Steve: Doh. Maine tomorrow. Pelfrey needs a beating today.

  95. Martin says:

    Byrd or Beltran? Beltran hit a dinger today

  96. Tom_Emanski says:

    Every Phillies boxscore without a Ryan Howard HR is a ticker tease

  97. Carl Spackler says:

    Grey looking ahead to Monday what do you think about Gaudin at home vs Weaver?Hes been pretty solid since coming over to the Yanks

  98. Carl Spackler says:

    Sorry for the double email but whats your thoughts on Dice K starting Tuesday? Kind of an up and down rehab but the last start was solid

  99. Steve says:

    I’m not sure there are words to describe how I’m feeling about the Phillies bullpen right now.

  100. Dumbmutt says:

    Holy Blown Saves Batman —Marmol Franklin Madson

  101. Tom_Emanski says:

    I’m about to lose two pitching starts to the Sox-Rays rain delay. I hate fantasy baseball.

  102. Tom_Emanski says:

    OK I take that back immediately

  103. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Dumbmutt: Add Fuentes.

  104. Dumbmutt says:

    @Simply Fred: Sadly, I also have Fuentes.

  105. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Dumbmutt: I was looking for whom to blame. Guess I have to give you a pass given the 0 for 4.

  106. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Steve @ MLB Fantasy Prospects: @Grey: No estimate of playing time for Mr. Young in 2010 on Steve’s site. Given the crowded Rox roster, that’s kinda’ important.

  107. @Simply Fred: “C’mon, Clint Barmes is not a starting 2B. Barmes is only hitting .243 with a .291 OBP for the Rocks. Sure, he has 22 dingers. This squad, however, needs Young’s leadoff skills much more than Barmes’ bop.”

    We think he plays a lot of 2B for Col and has the flexibility to be in the rotation in the OF too. He will regular AB’s. We’ll touch back on him come Spring.

    Thanks for reading!

  108. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Steve @ MLB Fantasy Prospects: I just looked at what you said the site was about and noticed that the article didn’t seem to cover your intentions. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

    Not really fair for me to throw you under the bus. Playing time will unfold with the rest of September, winter moves, and spring training.

  109. Tom_Emanski says:

    *I’m in a daze. I just got roofied by Dade Wavis and I can’t feel my netherlands after being tied to his WHIPing post*

  110. @Simply Fred: Thought we had it covered with the Clint Barmes and Chone Figgins references. We appreciate your comments! Please keep us on your regular fantasy baseball round-up.

  111. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: Want to make sure where you are regarding Beckham for next year. Saw your post about him getting one HR every 5 games and a .250 avg. Not sure if you were projecting for end of year or for next year. The HR every five games gets 30+ which seems stellar to me. But, ???

  112. SamYo says:

    Roofied by Davis and SONVABENCHED Beckett.

  113. danimal35 says:

    Marmol, Franklin, Rodney and Madson combined in one day to take down an entire season of fantasy baseball…I have been in 1st place since the end of May and today marks the end of my run.

  114. Jareth Cutestory says:

    Not quite understanding the Beltran hate. You sort of suggest Seth Smith has been better even though Beltran missed almost 3 months. Beltran couldn’t have played much better before he got hurt, he was killing it.

    And then there is his 3-5, hr, 2 r, 3 rbi effort tonight….

    He’s Carlos Beltran, there is no sell.

  115. Eric C. says:

    Kinda drastic, but drop Beltran for Jim Johnson?

  116. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Jareth Cutestory:
    Jones and Smith bring equivalent at less cost?

  117. Eric C. says:

    one more question. Stephen Drew, Beckham, or Asdrub-Cab the rest of the way?

  118. Sos says:

    Start or sit:
    Duensing (Oak)
    Jobacum (Mil)
    Penny (LAD)
    I’m ahead by 1 win and ERA and Whip are close. He’s starting Marquis @ SD and I’m starting Vazquez @ StL. Thinking Jobacum but not Penny and Duensing.

  119. john says:

    Alex Gonzalez or Elvis Andrus for the double headers tomorrow?

    ..I need HR, RBI, and SB more than R.

  120. bwass says:

    Rob Tejada in the rotation for the next two weeks? Do you recommend? Any faith in Freddy Garcia?

  121. bwass says:

    Pick two

  122. Steve says:

    @Grey: What’s your thinking on Scherzer? Sit or start? I’m already benching Shields.

  123. big o says:

    kershaw’s shoulder was down-graded from bruised to separated ??
    wtf … it was batting practice !

  124. Jareth Cutestory says:

    @Simply Fred

    Those are some interesting stat lines to compare, but the reality is that Beltran has a much better track record, and is much more likely to top those players in rbi and runs scored under ordinary circumstances. He doesn’t have to play in CO to do it either.

    Jones and Smith will be much more expensive next season, but if your point is that sometimes you can fish a player out of free agency that produces like a star, well, I already knew that.

    Still doesn’t make Beltran a sell. It is kind of funny though, I have all three of the players you listed on my team.

  125. matthole says:

    @Grey: anyway to determine the 2-start pitchers for the last week of the season? Noticed the season ends on a sunday….

    Thoughts on using freddy garcia down the stretch? 2K’s and 2HR’s, 1 Win separates first from second….ERA and WHIP tight too


  126. jerkstore says:

    H2H (12 category) playoffs this week. Going into today I’m up 6-5. Offensive categories all are up for grabs. I’m down in strikeouts (by 5) and up in Losses (4-2). My opponent benched his pitchers to protect his lead in ERA and WHIP. I picked up some guys last night for strikeouts: Marquis at San Diego (4 pm start), Guthrie at Yankees (1 pm start), Bailey at Cubs (2 pm start), and Duensing v. Oakland (2 pm start). Those guys should get me more than enough Ks, but I don’t want to lose my lead in Losses. Any suggestions on which of these starters I should go with?

  127. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bwass: Don’t trust either, but it’s the time of year where you may need to take some risks. Could look at them for matchups.

    @bwass: Hammel, Garcia…

    @Steve: I’d start him in most cases.

    @big o: Thanks for the heads up!

    @matthole: re: Garcia… Eh, if you must. Pitchers are skipped and clubs prepare for the playoffs, even if you find something, it won’t be accurate.

    @jerkstore: Losses are a crapshoot… I’d bench Guthrie and Bailey.

  128. vinko says:

    what about Richard, Davies, and Buehrle in a 14 team? Also, are you likely to pick up and stream players when they have double headers this late in the season? just wondering- thanks.

  129. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Yeah, I’d grab doubleheader guys. I’d own Richard, Buehrle and Davies, depending on the match up.

  130. Martin says:

    rank beltran, byrd, chris davis por favor

  131. Jacob says:

    @Grey: I own J.P howell and Frank Francisco and both of them have been giving up runs like they want to lose their jobs. Franklin Morales, leo Nunez, juan guiterrez even phil hughes and brandon lyon are on the FA list and seem like better options. Am I being hasty (as treebeard would say), or should i grab one of those guys on the FA list?

  132. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Byrd, Beltran…

    @Jacob: I’d lose Howell for Gutierrez.

  133. anon says:


    Grey, I just have to commend you on your 2 picks. You chose two schmohawks out of an absolute pile of crap they combined for 14IP, 0ER, 5Ks, and 2 wins. Amazing work, thanks again

  134. Grey

    Grey says:

    @anon: No problem, glad it worked.

  135. Telemachus says:

    Uribe or Kaz-Mat this week?

    Start Shields against Toronto?

    Sit one:
    Rajai Davis
    Carlos Lee
    Hidekei Matsui

    5 OF spots and 1 DH, I can’t play one of these guys, which one? McLouth was benched this week and I missed a big week, Matsui is on fire again, and those are the two best candidates to bench.

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Telemachus: Kaz, sit Davis if you don’t need steals… If you do, sit Hideki, his schedule’s kinda tough this week.

  137. Telemachus says:

    I’m tight in all 5 categories. HR, R, and BA are the ones to focus on.

    i was leaning toward Uribe thinking I might get 1 HR out of 2B this week?

    So go with either Kaz/Matsui or Rajai/Uribe?

  138. Telemachus says:

    James Shields against Toronto, thumbs up or down?

  139. Tom_Emanski says:

    Grey, should I just drop Markakis for (random OF)? At this point Borbon/Reimold/Jones/etc. are just as likely to homer as Schmarkakis plus they provide in other categories, especially Borbon. Plus I HATE HATE looking at Schmarkakis on my team. I’m leaning toward Borbon.

    Hold me

  140. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Telemachus: Up on Shields. Davis/Uribe

    @Tom_Emanski: Go with Borbon as long as it’s not a keeper.

  141. penpen says:

    drop Schmokakis for Chris Young?

  142. Colotov Mocktease says:


    For non-keeper, McCutchen, Pods, or Borbon?

  143. big o says:


  144. penpen says:

    nevermind, ESPN still has Sporkakis as undroppable (!)

    that sadly makes the decision easier

  145. Tom_Emanski says:

    @penpen: This is why I make sure that my league doesn’t have a can’t cut list/undroppables; it does more bad than good. Schmokakis (love that name) deserves to be dropped in all leagues unless you’re in a Beltway Teams Only league.

  146. matthole says:

    @Grey: re:re:freddy garcia:
    Like garcia @SEA, Maholm vs. SD? or Pat Misch 2 starts? (I dont trust Hudson @ PHI)


  147. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Colotov Mocktease: Borbon for homers and steals upside, Pods for steals with less upside or downside.

    @big o: Hehe

    @matthole: Garcia and Maholm.

  148. matthole says:

    @Grey: better start, maholm or garcia?

  149. Matt says:

    I’m dyin’ here trying to decide my last 2 SP, H2H categories league.

    Pedro @ATL, Penny @LA, Shields vs TOR, Arroyo vs HOU vs FLA. Leaning Pedro and Penny.

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt: I’d go with those two.

  151. penpen says:

    If I drop Billingsley or Shields is it such a big loss at this point?

    In my H2H playoff I’m not gonna start a pitcher for the rest of this two week round (way behind in K and W and playing it safe with my large ERA and WHIP leads and would like to bolster SV with another closer), but will I be kicking myself if I make it to the next round of the playoffs without either one of them? I feel like they’ve been operating at virtually replacement level fantasy-wise for a while now.

  152. matthole says:

    @Grey: madson or lidge? or both not worth starting? very close in wins with multiple teams and only close with one team in saves….

    also, cant afford era/whip blowups

    Thanks again!

  153. john says:

    I was getting beat bad as of Thursday in my H2H playoffs, down 10-3. I made some, if I may say so, outstanding moves..picking up players and playing matchups…and clawed my way back. Watching stattracker stream all day on my computer today, at one point I was up 9-4. But, then the tide turned and the score started to slide the other way. By the end of the night, it was a 6-6 tie. By a Yahoo playoff tie-breaking technicality, I will lose this week’s battle because my ERA was 3.24 for the week but his was lower with a 2.94.

    So after my managerial awesomeness, getting myself back into contention, I will fall short because of a flippin’ technicality. Now I have to try not to feel like a loser as I play for 5th place, even though my team should be advancing purely because of effort.

    …..I apologize. I had to rant.

  154. Steve says:

    @john: I’m hearin’ ya. I was beaten by a guy who started Kyle Davies and Tommy Hunter.

    What’s more, I loaded up on double-header guys for today. The seven of ’em combined to go a combined 5-41.


  155. Grey

    Grey says:

    @penpen: You can lose either. I’d lose Shields first.

    @matthole: If you can’t afford ERA/WHIP blow ups, I wouldn’t start either.

    @john: Sorry, that sucks.

    @Steve: Damn you, Tommy Hunter!

  156. Steve says:

    @Grey: If we’re damning everyone in his team, we’ll be here all night.

  157. john says:

    @Steve: That sucks, man. And yea, I picked up Andrus and Byrd but only ended up starting Byrd cuz I was afraid of the rain. His freakin 0-8 performance didn’t really factor into my tie..err I mean “loss.”

  158. john says:

    @Grey: Thanks, your pity provides me some comfort, Grey.

  159. Tom_Emanski says:

    Grey help me out dude. I gotta decide between Andrus and EverCab. I’ll need steals for this week but Andrus is also hotter at the plate right now and gets runs. He hits great at home and he’s home all week. EverCab has home and away and not as good a hitter.

  160. Tom_Emanski says:

    Also, Hammel has two away starts against SF and Ari this week. You like?

  161. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom_Emanski: EverCab for steals, Andrus for everything else. I like Hammel away.

  162. DrEasy says:

    Cool, Hammel does look like a good stream! Thanks!

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